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The first image of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been released.

We’ve seen Batman in his new suit and the new Batmobile, but we’ve yet to see Henry Cavill as Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Today we get our first shot of Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent, in Man of Steel’s sequel. Check out the first shot of Clark on the set of Dawn of Justice below:

It’s exciting that we’re finally getting our first looks at Batman v Superman. We can’t wait to see Batman standing next to Superman, that should be one epic shot from the film.

This first look isn’t anything special, but it’s the first time we’re seeing Henry Cavill as Clark Kent since the ending of Man of Steel revealed the actor wearing his alter ego’s attire.

In recent Batman v Superman news, Oscar Award winning actress Holly Hunter has joined the cast in an unknown role, as well as a fairly unknown actor Ray Fisher who has been cast as Cyborg.

Snyder has continued to surprise fans, as he cast Jesse Eisenberg as the film’s villain Lex Luthor and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Director Zack Snyder has jammed his movie with talented actors and new characters, so we’ll be curious to see what ends up being the focus of the film. Let us know what you think of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in the comments below.

Batman v Superman’s release date is set for May 6, 2016. Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill will return along with Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

  • Jeff

    In other words: “Here’s Henry Cavill in normal clothes.”

  • Victoria Palumbo

    But, but… where’s the glasses?!

    • Rick Bastardly

      He probably takes them off when they aren’t filming.

  • Tony Dela Cruz

    Snyder is going to blow this the way he blew Watchmen

    • The King of KINGS

      Oh Tony! Watchmen was great! I hate to disagree with someone with a great name :) (My name is Tony)

      • Ender

        I was sort of disappointed for some reason. He was going for that “epic movie of a lifetime” vibe and fell just short. It was a good movie, don’t get me wrong, but it had really high aspirations and didn’t live up to its expectations.

    • JohnnyRock30

      What? Watchmen was awesome!

  • US Centrist

    Looks like a mishmash of clothing from several of the recent doctors on Doctor Who.

  • Brianna Lofton

    That was substantially underwelming.

  • 7Starrchasers

    Love it! :D He’s going to make an amazing Clark!

  • Edward

    This is not a sequel to Man of Steel. Man of Steel 2 comes out in 2016 or 17

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