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Game of Thrones just aired and we’re still trying to pick up our jaws. Again. Check out our reactions to this week’s episode!

A lot happened this week on Game of Thrones, like always. You can tell us to let it go, but we can’t hold it back any more. So check out our reactions to Game of Thrones season 4, episode 4, “Oathkeeper,” and tell us if they match yours in the comments below!

Missandei telling her story

Daenerys freeing another city’s slaves

Then answering injustice with justice (via 163 nailed men)

and seeing the Targaryen flag on the pole

Littlefinger confessing to the crime of Joffrey’s murder

Margaery’s grandma admitting to knowing about the plans to kill Joffrey

Cersei asking Jaime to find and kill Sansa

Margaery sneaking into Tommen’s room.

Jaime giving Brienne the Valeryian steel sword

And also telling her to find Sansa to keep her safe

Basically the entire scene between Jaime and Brienne

Jon knowing about Bran

Bran getting caught by Karl

The Whitewalker taking the baby and turning it into …a whitewalker?!

Did you agree with our reactions from the ‘Game of Thrones’ episode?

Let us know what you thought of the GIF reactions, and if you have any specific moments that made you feel particularly upset, happy, sad, or enraged.

All of these GIFs are sourced from Tumblr and are from this writer’s personal collection from over 3 years. If you find a GIF you’ve made, email him and we’ll credit appropriately.

  • Katie

    I think Olenna had more to do with Joffery’s murder than just knowing about the plans…

    • Caroline J.

      yeah, i was given the impression that Baelish knew about it, maybe aided, but Olenna more or less carried it out.

      • CliveRogan

        Never mind more or less, you can pretty much see her do it if you look close. First when she’s talking to Sansa you see her pull a stone from the necklace, then she’s sat right next to the cup when Joffrey puts it down.

        Baelish also did more than just know, he planned it with Olenna in advance, arranged for the poison to arrive at the wedding and have Sansa taken to him after, all as part of his ultimate plan to have “everything”.

        • Katie

          And they also referenced it when she moved Margery’s necklace back into place when they were talking.

    • Harry Langdof


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      3. all top events

  • https://www.tumblr.com/blog/lvailoiltehta somegirl91

    Haha the Margaery/Tommen GIF is so accurate.
    Also, I SHIP IT LIKE FEDEX… yes!!

  • Gavin Walsh

    This is crazy accurate

  • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

    The hilarity on Twitter last night between Michal and me when canon starting going out the window was epic

    • Gary65

      You were featured on Winteriscoming.net’s Twitter Recap btw :)

      • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

        Yeah I woke up to a tweet telling me that today. LOL

      • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

        Yeah I woke up to a tweet telling me that today. LOL

      • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

        Yeah I woke up to a tweet telling me that today. LOL

  • WhatTheGrace

    Bran crossed paths with Sam (and Gilly) at the end of season 3, so wouldn’t it be natural that he’d tell Jon that he’d seen him or am i missing something?

    • Elphaba Thropp

      It didn’t happen in the book. I’m halfway through the fifth book and Jon doesn’t know, so it was kind of surprising that all of the sudden he knows now. (Not to mention him finding out happened OFFSCREEN, even though it would have been a great scene to watch. I feel cheated out of that scene)

      • WhatTheGrace

        Oh i see, wow thanks!

      • Galinda Upland

        Firstly, fantastic name, Miss Elphaba.
        Secondly, JON SNOW KNOWS NOTHING.
        Thirdly, Agree on the whole not knowing how he found out. Would have been such a good scene to watch!

  • Sierra

    I haven’t even seen the episode yet and this was spot on (as usual)! I think my favorite was the Jeremy Renner gif for Jaime giving Brienne the sword. So true!

  • Gaby

    No credit for Grey Worm instigating the revolt? Come on, guys! That was some great motivating. Also machetes.

  • Lauren Chapin

    Pretty much the only difference was the Margery/Tommen gif… though I think that was mostly because my friend was yelling “Bad touch! Bad touch! Lots of bad touches! — Child molester!”…. Cause isn’t he supposed to be like 7?

    • Guest

      They have aged up all the kids in the show.

      • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

        not enough to make it not creepy.

  • まきんたいや白浪

    the britney spears one is totally inaccurate for me. didn’t little finger basically confess to having a hand in it last episode, without actually saying it? why is it such a shock? its exactly something he would do.

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