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He really knows how to shut down the haters…

Son, just don't.
Via just-laugh-it-0ff.tumblr.com

…And always finds golden opportunities for sass.

Barbershop quartet
Via captainamerica-in-middle-earth.tumblr.com

Heck, he can even go AWOL and still come up with a pretty sassy excuse.

Knocked out Hitler
Via tumblr.com

However, Captain America will not tolerate being sassed.

Captain America and Iron Man
Via thorki-hiddlesworth.tumblr.com

He keeps his orders short, succinct, and sassy.

Hulk smash
Via copperbadge.tumblr.com

Sometimes, he doesn’t even have to say anything and his sass still comes through…

Via gemini-dragon-gifs.tumblr.com

…If not through his facial expressions, then through body language.

Via dreamsleepfangirl.tumblr.com

Basically, Captain America does whatever the hell he wants, when he wants.

Via wingsstarsandatardis.tumblr.com

So there you have it. Those were all of our favorite sassy Captain America moments (although after seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier we wish we could just throw that movie as a whole on this list). We hope our visual guide helped you learn the art of the sass so that you can apply it in your own life.

No need to thank us. Keep the change.

Steve Rogers tipping Nick Fury
Via ohyeahchrisevansgifs.tumblr.com

What has been your favorite sassy Captain America line or moment so far?

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  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    I love all of these! Its why he’s probably my favorite. Though I love Tony Stark too.

  • Superman

    *prepare for a rant*

    Suddenly Captain America is a “genius” of something… meanwhile everyone seems to forget how dumb the character is:

    First off, anytime “he makes fun of his own lack of pop culture knowledge,” it does not come across as him “sassing” anything…it genuinely sounds like he is just an idiot who feels compelled to talk on subjects he has no knowledge of (this could just be how Chris Evans portrays him); like the “there’s only one God” line…Black Widow said that “they’re basically gods”…she was referring to: Thor and Loki being gods in Norse mythology and just saying how invulnerable Asgardians are…and Cap takes it as a attack on his religious belief (he’s never seen an Asgardian, so why does he even need to say anything?).

    Perhaps the dumbest thing the character has done is at the end of the first movie, where there are plane/bombs (that he has already flown in) at the back of the plane…and he continues to just go down with the plane because it’s “noble.”

    What really irritates me about Cap. is that he is such a hypocrite: during “The Avengers” Tony and Bruce are searching for the tessaract and he interrupts them to tell them to follow orders (which they are doing)…he then proceeds to break into a secured area and open classified cases.

    Perhaps the most annoying thing about this character is that if someone says that they don’t like the character, they get accused of being unpatriotic (it has happened to me multiple times).

    • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

      Will you please piss off. Captain America is not stupid… He’s a man out of time, obviously he’s not going to have a lot of pop culture knowledge.. And I’ve actually met people that would take talking about ancient gods (like Greek, Norse, Roman, Egyptian) as a personal offense to their religion. So that’s not that odd.

      And Steve sacrificing himself so the bombs don’t destroy populated areas is stupid? How? He saved lives at the expense of his own (so to speak since he didn’t actually die.) In ‘The Avengers’ when he told Bruce and Tony to follow orders, he meant they should be focusing on finding the Tessaract and not investigating S.H.I.E.L.D. He didn’t have anything specific to do at the time so he took it upon himself to look.

      You’re hating on his character but I wouldn’t call you unpatriotic. I’m sure there are a lot of people that love him that aren’t even American. I’m American and I’m not patriotic in the slightest but I love Captain America. He’s one of my favorites.

      • Superman

        …ok…typical Marvel fan resorting to insults when all I did was point out character flaws and inaccuracies in an article…

        I understand that he is a “man out of time”, but he still replies to things that do not need a reply (the flying monkeys bit in “The Avengers”…that wasn’t even directed at him and he just feels compelled to just blurt out whatever he was thinking). As for the mythology bit…that is merely a belief that is associated with history (because people used to believe this)…so i doubt anyone that finds that offensive (just because you don’t agree with mythology does not change the history of people believing in it)

        He unnecessarily sacrificed himself … for starters, the plane/bombs were not even on a timer to explode, they were just cargo in the flying wing … (it was already established that Cap can fly a plane (he crashed one of those plane/bombs into the back of the flying wing mid-air)) he could’ve easily turned the plane around, landed on the ice, or (if he had to crash the plane) he could’ve aimed the plane at the water and gotten out through one of the plane/bombs.

        Bruce and Tony were searching for the tessaract…there’s only so much you can do when you’re waiting on results from all the spectrometers across the world … and Jarvis was investigating S.H.I.E.L.D., since Tony was busy (and if he’s so worried about them being distracted, why does he burst into the room and talk to them about being distracted) … regardless of him being preoccupied or not, he still broke into a secure area and opened restricted cases … last time I checked, that would be disobeying orders.

        I’m not hating on this character, I respect what the character should be…I see that they’re trying, but I just don’t get why everyone raves about him.

        • Kadma Sixx

          The fact that you “don’t get” it doesn’t mean you have to come and “rant” about it.

          You are taking a lot ofthings out of context, you forget that while this characters are based on comic books, the MCU is targetting a wider audience.

          So… typical DC fan, don’t hate on Marvel just because you don’t understand it.

          • Superman

            So…you attack me because I am simply expressing my frustrations with the character, that everyone else seems to love when all I am trying to do is understand how anyone can like this character…so trying to understand different fandoms is what makes a DC fan, I can live with that (which is why I commented on a hypable article…because people obviously care).

            All I’ve done is use the movies as evidence, how can that be “out of context”?

          • Kadma Sixx

            Darling, I never “attacked” you, I just pointed out something you said yourself and laughed at the fact that you used the words “typical Marvel fan” while you actually did something a lot of Marvel fans do… forget that Marvel and now Disney are working on a wider audience from small children to long time comic fans.

            So, yeah, I don’t see the attack there.

          • Superman

            To use your words: “So… typical DC fan, don’t hate on Marvel just because you don’t understand it.”… Implying that I don’t understand something is questioning my intelligence … when all I’ve done is use things from the movies to express my own frustrations with the character, in hopes of widening my perspective on the character…and I’m treated with hostility.

          • Kadma Sixx

            You said yourself: “I just don’t get why everyone raves about him”

            I still see no attack… you’re just expecting/assuming you are being treated with hostility.

            Is the internet man, don’t take everything too seriously.

          • Superman

            I am referring to not understanding why I am the only one who sees these faults in the character . which is the entire reason I commented in the first place:to hear other’s opinions.

            All that’s happened is people telling me to “piss off” and being told that I don’t know facts … because it is obvious that Disney wants to have mass approval (cause that means more revenue), which is what you’re claiming that I don’t know.

        • humanbeing

          I don’t know, a lot of people don’t like him (especially many people from countries outside America, who see him as a jingoistic type simply because they believe he somehow represents an unfaltering, unquestioning patriotic view of America, even though he proves time and time again that he will disobey orders from his own country if he feels they’re against the common good, along with his very noticeable line in the first film, claiming he doesn’t like bullies, no matter WHERE they come from, including people within his own country). As for the “one God” line in the Avengers; well, here’s the thing…Joss Whedon, who is a pretty vocal atheist, wrote that line for Steve Rogers, not to make him sound naive or stupid (and also, may I point out, his line isn’t wrong…Thor, Loki, Odin, etc, are NOT gods in the truest sense of the word…Thor 2 specifically mentions and shows that Asgardians are simply like the aliens in Stargate, higher life-forms that were worshiped as gods but who are born, live, age, and die, just at a slower rate than humans)…anyway, Joss Whedon explains in the commentary on the Avengers blu-ray that just because HE is an atheist, he doesn’t have to impose his world-view on all the characters he writes; he isn’t trying to be preachy about his own beliefs, and he writes Steve as someone who IS a believer, and isn’t cynical about it or painting Steve as simple-minded because of it. Joss Whedon actually claims in a number of interviews that he really likes the character of Captain America and loves to write for him; Steve Rogers doesn’t have the brains of Tony Stark, or the Herculean strength of Thor or the Hulk, but he has a natural tacticians mind, absolute guts and bravery, and probably the strongest moral compass of any of the Marvel heroes.

          • Superman

            (as to the “Bullies” thing, Cap chastises S.H.I.E.L.D. for them having hydra weapons, when the only reason they have them is in case something bad happens…S.H.I.E.L.D. is prepared to defend the Earth from “bullies” like the Destroyer (from “Thor”), they just want something that can actually hurt more invulnerable things/races … meanwhile that is exactly what the super soldier serum in Cap is designed for…so he should not have a problem with this…but he does)

            I do respect Joss for respecting other beliefs, if only the world would do that.

            (Yeah, I know, when Black Widow says “they’re basically gods,” she was telling Cap how invulnerable Asgardians are…my problem isn’t with what Cap says, it’s the fact that he says anything at all. Black Widow is merely relaying information and Cap just responds to something that didn’t need a response)

        • Amir

          Did you seriously just say “typical Marvel fan”?

          • Superman

            Yes … try and criticize a Marvel character and watch them swarm around you … instead of opening up to a conversation, they will attack you (granted the “piss off” as seen above is like the PG version of an insult..but still)

          • Amir

            Hey at least captain america didn’t snap the winter soldiers neck…

          • Superman

            Superman killed one person, who was going to kill every human on Earth…(1 life vs 7,224,785,000+ lives)

            Meanwhile Captain America kills almost everyone he fights (we don’t know how many people he’s killed in the span of 3 movies because of montages and deaths off screen)

          • Amir

            Hey he save’s innocents unlike Metropolis. Like it said in the movie “Yeah, we did some dirty work but we fought for what’s right and freedom.” I just don’t see why you hate Captain America. The movie was so well written and the action was more entertaining so I don’t see why you dislike Marvel, Captain America, and The Winter Soldier.

          • Superman

            “Hey he save’s innocents unlike Metropolis.” … I would reply, but I’m not sure what you meant by that “sentence.”

            I don’t hate the character, just most of his characteristics … there has yet to be a character that I can’t find one good thing about.

            As for the movie, the entire plot was SO predictable every “twist” was so painfully obvious it was hard to be entertained at all in the movie. The parts I enjoyed was any time the Winter Soldier beat/shot Cap., because up till then he’s always been portrayed as pretty much invincible (he fell like 30+ stories and got then got up with maybe one scratch)…which defeats the whole purpose of him being human.

          • Amir

            At least The Winter Soldier tried to have a good plot with twists, the only twist I saw in Man of Steel was Zod’s neck. (pun pun) And what I meant by that sentence is that Captain America tried to save as many as he could. Superman was just like “smash smash smashy smash.”

          • Superman

            For starters just because a plot has a “twist”, does not make it good (some M. Night Shyamalan movies).

            Second, when you’re setting up an entire cinematic universe, it is best not to have plot twists (the first Cap movie didn’t have one) or keep them small (Obadiah Stane in “Iron Man”)

            Well, that’s just not true. People forget that Zod or his minions are the ones that are knocking Superman into things. Superman only destroys a handful of things (a silo, gas station pumps, a construction site, etc) which minimized civilian casualties.

          • Amir

            Okay I’ll give you that. Marvel not just Captain america has been giving so much fan service and true to comics. Man of Steel I enjoyed enough but it just didn’t feel like Superman. I’m afraid of batman ending up with 80% of screen time most likely in a Superman sequel. The Winter Soldier had a balance of action and plot with character development and change. Man of Steel didn’t do a good job in that balance in my opinion.

          • Superman

            I really enjoyed it (saw it 4 times in theaters), but I get why some people say that it has issues, so hopefully they’ll fix some of these in the sequel.
            As for the negativity the “MoS” sequel is getting for it’s casting, there has yet to be anything released, so I don’t get why people attack it so much.
            I just want both Marvel and DC to have universes that can go on for
            years without reboots, cause you don’t usually get to the really good
            stories until the universe has been established thoroughly.

          • Amir

            I just know that they’ll underuse Superman in the MoS sequel cause that’s how it is these days with Batman. In everything Dc does (not just movies) Batman always gets the spot light. Superman deserves his own story with Batman as a supporting character. Superman in my opinion never gets portrayed right. It’s either too dark or too kiddy. Captain America in my opinion was done right.

          • Superman

            I mean if the title is the rumored “Batman vs Superman” then it’s alright if he gets the same screen time, (I really hope it’s not “vs” … These characters are not supposed to fight (disregarding “The Dark Knight Returns” which is an elseworlds story that everyone treats like it’s canon), these characters have such similar goals they’ll ultimately overcome any difference to protect innocence.) I mean Marvel’s kind of done the same thing with Iron Man (including his cameo, he’s been in 5 of the 9 Avengers movies), studios like to play things safe and put in characters they know are successful.

            I’d say the opposite…MoS is way closer to the source material than the Donner Superman universe (not saying those are bad … I love them), which instilled a false idea of what Superman is in the eyes of the public for SO long … which is why people didn’t accept MoS because the character wasn’t portrayed in the exact same way (the character has lasted 76 years, he’s going to change a little bit over time…that’s why he’s lasted so long)

            Winter Soldier was lightyears ahead of the first Cap movie, but there was just something that kept me from enjoying myself…and I have no idea what it is.

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