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Warner Bros. has cast Rooney Mara in the role of Tiger Lily in its Peter Pan origin film Pan.

Pan looks to be a star-studded adventure with the announcement that Rooney Mara will join the film. Mara was most recently seen in the Oscar nominated film Her, as the wife of Joaquin Phoenix’s character.

Variety reports that Rooney Mara will fill the role of Tiger Lily, who is the daughter of the Native Chief and a loyal friend of Peter Pan. Her friendship with Peter Pan leads Captain Hook to believe that Tiger Lily knows where Peter Pan’s hideout is located.

Warner Bros. Peter Pan retelling is certainly beginning to take shape, with Garrett Hedlund signing on as Hook. Hugh Jackman has also signed on to play Captain Blackbeard in the film.

The film’s script has been written by Jason Fuchs, who has written for an array of TV shows including The Good Wife, Law and Order and The Sopranos. Berlanti Productions is producing the film with Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter from Warner Bros.

It’s also been reported that Pan has not yet been cast, but that the studio is looking for an actor between the age of 10 and 12.

The film is set during WWII and follows the original tale of Peter Pan after he realizes he must save Neverland from the pirate Captain Blackbeard.

The new Peter Pan film’s release date has been set for July 17, 2015. The Pan origins tale will be released in 3D and 2D.

  • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle

    I have 30 cousins who look the part better than Rooney Mara does. This casting is terrible.

  • Catherine

    I don’t get it.

  • Rebekah Rodriguez

    Grraaagghhh why is Tiger Lily going to be white?! :(

  • Freddy

    Shouldnt tiger lily supposed to be Native American ? Katniss , Finnick , oberyn Martell ,etc ..when will Hollywood (casting directors) change their outdated mentality

  • medash

    After I read “Tiger Lily” by Jodi Lynn Anderson, I can not stand Peter Pan!

    He messed with her mind, psychologically bullied her! Like, she didn’t have enough issues! He claim to love her, and want to marry her, but left her the first chance he got!!!!!

    WTF Peter Pan!?!??!!?

    • ppfan

      that’s a interpretation book, not the original book. most books have a positive or dual-good/bad peter pan

      if I were you i read more “peter pan” books not to let your opinion be shaded by ONE author’s interpretation of a character that isn’t even hers.

    • ppfan

      don’t let One author’s interpretation of a character that isn’t even hers bias your opinion.
      if I were you I read more authors take on the character, including the original author. JM Barrie.

  • Freddy

    Even the character description perfectly describe her as the Native American chief’s daughter .. We saw this with Katniss , Finnick Odair , oberyn Martell and etc .. When will studios and casting directors abandon their outdated mentality

    • Enelya

      Katniss? Katniss has grey eyes and darkish hair………she isn’t described as being not white. Finnick is blonde, green eyed…….what book did you read?

      • LiaCavasotto

        I think in hunger games books it is mentioned that Katniss has a darker olive skin tone.

        • Tanvi Berwah

          Olive skin isn’t a race. It does look like Katniss was white-washed, but have you wondered how Prim is blonde and fair? I know Katniss is ambiguous, but pretty sure she was white. (And I’m brown, I won’t defend whitewashing, seriously. So I know get the bs this whole Rooney Mara thing is, given how Tiger Lily is one of the few fictional NA characters that kids get to know)

          • Laura

            I think a lot of people interpret both Katniss and Prim as biracial. Look at the racial makeup of District 12. The wealthier Merchant Class are fair skinned, fair haired, and blue eyed while those from the poorer Seam have darker olive skin, dark hair, and grey eyes. Katniss takes after their Seam father and Prim looks like their Merchant Class mother. It’s a very valid interpretation.

            Also keep in mind that, iirc, Enobaria was described as looking very physically similar to people from the Seam and look at how she was cast in the movies compared to Katniss.

          • Kris D

            i agree and also suzanne collins was involved with the casting. if katniss was supposed to be of an interracial relatiosnhip or whatever, don’t you think she would have said something? and does it really matter anyways? can anyone picture anyone better then Jennifer lawrence as katniss?

          • Enelya

            I agree, there’s no point where she says “Everyone in Panem is mixed race”. People can imagine the characters any way they want when they read the books, but that doesn’t make it cannon

      • F

        Finnick was described as a guy with bronze hair with a shimmering tan . I never said he was supposed to be black or any specific race but he wasn’t pasty white either.like everyone in Panem he was suppose to be of mixed race or multi race but the studios went for blondish white actors

        • Briana-Rose Conroy

          I’ve met Sam Claflin, and in real life, he’s not ‘blonde’ more of a golden brunette. and fucking gorgeous. But the point is, he was supposed to be golden and the studios fucked that up a bit, all they needed was a bit of fake tan!

      • emily

        Katniss was totally whitewashed. I mean, her character was “white”, but she was supposed to have a darker skin tone than Jlaw has

        • really?

          you’re all insane lol the casting for the hunger games movies were perfect. no need to go all racial on anything, does something minute as the skin color really matter in a fictional story, where race wasn’t even a factor? not really. Yes, this tiger lily should be NA no doubt, but im sure rooney mara will do just fine in playing the part.

  • Alex

    I’m really excited for this movie but…
    it’s absolutely ridiculous that:

    A. they’re not casting a native american actress for the role, like Julia Jones.
    B. Rooney mara is way too old for tiger lily.

  • Heather

    I love Rooney Mara! But this casting is like random and weird.

    Although I’ve read a couple places she’s in negotiations still? Still, it’ll probably happen which is a real shame because I really do love Rooney Mara and Joe Wright and this seems really dumb.

  • Ultron

    WTH She should be Native American. This is bull. She literally is a native american which means she’s NOT WHITE.

  • Fariboles

    The portrayal of this character is racist enough as it is (but could be changed around by sensitive filmmakers), no need to further the issue by white-washing her. I’m seriously disappointed.

  • Briana-Rose Conroy


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