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A new cover story offers an in-depth look at actress Shailene Woodley and reveals a few interesting tidbits about her involvement with Divergent.

The Hollywood Reporter has published a lengthy look at Woodley’s career so far and interviewed numerous people around the actress for new intel.

There were two tidbits that stood out to us in particular: For one, Woodley was unsure about signing on to star in Divergent until The Hunger Games lead Jennifer Lawrence spoke to her at the favor of Lionsgate co-president Erik Feig.

Woodley says that Lawrence sent her several e-mails which said, “You must do it,” referring to joining Divergent. “You will not regret it for a second. Yes, there are some hard things, but there are so many beautiful things that will come from an opportunity like this.”

Feig says that whatever Lawrence said in those e-mails to Woodley did the trick. “I don’t know what happened, but I do know that after that interaction, Shailene said: ‘OK, now I’ll make Divergent. Let’s talk.’”

We heard a story similar to this last year, but at the time didn’t know that it was directly connected to the actress joining Divergent.

Elsewhere in the article, THR says that Woodley is signed on for three sequels to Divergent, meaning Lionsgate is leaving the possibility open of splitting Allegiant in to two films.

Summit currently does not have a formal plan to split the movies – at least not publicly. As we told you in December, the studio has set Insurgent and Allegiant release dates, but the latter is only one movie (for now).

When could they decide to split Allegiant into two? If Divergent and Insurgent perform well enough (early box office reports suggest the first movie will be a hit), they will probably split the third movie. The split-the-finale concept has been pulled off successfully for Harry Potter and Twilight, and soon viewers will see The Hunger Games finale Mockingjay split across two films.

  • Gary65

    Seeing as Allegiant was incredibly rushed and not properly filled out or explained, I would not be against 2 movies & some serious expansion/re-writes.

    • Raymond

      Yeah, rewrites would be good

  • discotia

    I agree. If there was a way to get a great screenwriter to come in and re-structure a bit of the plot to make it more seamless, I would not be opposed to Allegiant becoming two movies. I cannot express how excited I am about Mockingjay being two movies, as I am thrilled with what Lionsgate has done thus far with the film series, and I feel like they could turn a mediocre final novel into an incredibly enthralling pair of finale films. I’m psyched!

  • Shelly

    Does Allegiant really have enough content for two movies, though? (I could probably ask the same about many of these split movies…)

    • Colin

      I tend to think that any book out there *technically* has enough content for two (or more) movie adaptations. The real question is whether those would be good movies, or even superior to a single film adaptation. I may be biased, having hated Allegiant, but I’m keen to say it does not have the kind of material that two solid films could be derived from. On the other hand, I think every split so far (except, arguably, The Hobbit trilogy) has worked just fine.

  • Chelsea

    No. This whole “split the last book” thing needs to go. While I would appreciate some fleshing-out of the story, as suggested by others commentators, I just really don’t see Allegiant as two movies. Honestly, only HP deserved a split because it was over 700 pages, and it went out with a giant bang that needed to be covered in detail. In that respect, I understand the split with Breaking Dawn and Mockingjay (though I wish they’d left the split out), but not so much Allegiant.

  • kburford

    Allegiant doesn’t even have enough content for one movie.

  • Riana-Tiana Menezes

    I wonder what else Jennifer said to her. Even though doing a franchise like this will significantly boost her career, is she ready for all the paparazzi that will come her way. I know Jennifer is still somewhat uneasy with it.

  • lorepottter

    No no and no! no split for Allegiant, come on, we know what happened in the damn book, and its better make the dead fast and not to wait until a four movie, that would be horrible, i almost forgot about that “part”

  • Cameron Yeager

    I’m so over with adapting the last book of a series into two parts. I just finished reading Allegiant, after having enjoyed books 1 & 2, and all I can say is that I wasn’t impressed with it at all. It lagged, the bouncing between two pov’s was annoying, and frankly I felt like the book didn’t fit at all. There’s no reason to turn it into two movies. None.

  • Caroline J.

    to split or not to split – either way i wouldn’t mind if they changed the ending a bit, or a lot. :-

  • christi-anne

    Shailene woodley doesn’t seem like the type of person who would want alot of fame maybe that’s why she didn’t want to do the movie. But I don’t think they should split allegiant. Like how would they even do that.

  • divergentfan

    in the side-by-side picture it looks like jennifer and shailene could play sisters/cousins!
    they look alike.

  • 7Starrchasers

    Allegiant was my least favourite book…so no I don’t want two movies!!!

  • Elaine

    Allegiant doesn’t even deserve one movie let alone two. That book was so bad.

  • Jane

    I don’t see why they should split Allegiant into two movies. Why do we need two movies of a story that has absolutely nothing to do with the story in the first two films? I wonder if they read the book and went, “What the heck is this?”

  • ExtremeFangirl

    Oh god no! Not again! Harry Potter had more than enough content for 2 movies and Twilight I could tolerate cause the second part was much better than the first, but I draw the line at Mockingjay! And now Allegiant! What are they thinking?! Mockingjay and Allegiant are the least-liked books of the two series, they should honestly drop the idea of splitting the last book into 2.

    • Jane

      At least Mockingjay, inferior to the other books in the series it may be, stayed within the framework of the series and maintained a sense that you were reading a conclusion to the story that you were following before. Allegiant goes off on a completely irrelevant tangent and reads like it’s not even part of the same series. I have no idea how or why they would adapt that book at all, let alone split it into two movies.

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