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Let the rumor mill begin to churn! Could Glee star Lea Michele be making a return to the broadway stage at some point in the near future? It’s a definite possibility.

Michele, who is a self-proclaimed Streisand worshiper, is no stranger to covering her idol’s songs on Fox’s smash hit musical dramedy Glee, currently in the middle of its fifth season.

Michele’s character on Glee, the overly ambitious Rachel Berry, is currently in the midst of rehearsing for a Broadway revival of Funny Girl that she has been cast in. Michele has covered numerous songs from Funny Girl on Glee such as “My Man”, “Don’t Rain on my Parade” (twice), “You Are Woman, I am Man” and has gone on record saying that Funny Girl is her favorite movie of all time.

So therefore, it’s not too much of a stretch to think (and hope!) that we might soon have a case of life imitating art. Back in 2011, Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy, had this to say about the prospect of a real-life Funny Girl revival:

I keep saying that with the new Funny Girl revival, they should just say it’s Rachel Berry in Funny Girl – get Lea to do that, but as Rachel Berry… It would be a crowd-pleaser.

It’s pretty much a known fact that everything Ryan Murphy touches turns to gold (Nip Tuck, Glee, American Horror Story, need I say more!?) and this would not be an exception!

In the current issue of Teen Vogue (on newsstands now), Lea Michele was interviewed by her best friend and frequent co-star Jonathan Groff (currently headlining HBO’s new series Looking), and he asked her about her plans post-Glee. Michele offered this statement:

I want to do movies. I have some exciting things coming up! And I would also love to go back to Broadway. Ryan Murphy just bought the rights to Funny Girl, so we’re hoping to do that at some point!

Murphy’s in. Michele’s in. It sounds like we might have ourselves a show! Of course, nothing is officially confirmed and there’s not even a tentative date. But you can be sure that if Lea Michele is going to be belting out “Don’t Rain On My Parade” on a Broadway stage sometime in the near future, you won’t want to miss it — it would be just Glee-ful (sorry, I had to)!

In the meantime, you can catch Lea Michele playing Fanny Brice on Glee on it’s new night and time, Tuesdays at 8:00pm EST on FOX beginning February 25, 2014.

Glee will continue through its sixth season on Fox before ending its run. It should be noted that the show has not been officially cancelled after season six, but Ryan Murphy and Fox Executive Kevin Reilly have said that it will likely be its last. Glee will air its landmark 100th episode on March 18, 2014 before the show’s focus shifts solely to the characters based in New York City for the rest of the series’ run.

This article was written by a Hypable user! Learn more and write your own right here.

  • kandy830

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  • bill.i.am.


  • Michael Giustini

    All I want is for her to finally escape Glee’s clutches so she can finnally to something worth her amazing talents. She should be starring in Oscar nominated films.

    • KD

      So very true. Glee has been a complete and utter mess since season 4 and the useless extra characters and Monteith’s untimely death have now totally derailed it. Not sure if she is Oscar material, but Lea is definitely wasting her time and talent.

  • Gunny

    If it happens, I think it will be more along the lines of what they did with Carrie Underwood and Sound of Music. Make it a live tv movie so everyone can enjoy it rather than the more limited number who can go to NYC and buy the tickets. I would love to see more of that happening. I would be surprised if Lea made a long term commitment to another play. If she does it should be something new, not a revival.

    It is true that Ryan Murphy is amazing at visioning something new, but his commitment is lacking. It’s like he gets bored and wants something new. The last couple of seasons of Glee have been lackluster at best. He did the same thing with Nip/Tuck.

  • RamblingBabbles

    It’s pretty much a known fact that everything Ryan Murphy touches turn to gold (Nip Tuck, Glee, American Horror Story, need I say more!?)…

    … Then turns to complete and utter shit when he gets bored. I love Lea and I really want what’s best for her but I have zero trust on RM these days when it comes to his shows (Nip Tuck, Glee, American Horror Story, need I say more!?)…

  • Mama

    Lea is really talented and she will succeed in anything she decides to do in the future. I wish she will stick to singing because that is where her strength lies. she has the potential to be the next pop superstar.

    • Gunny

      I just have this sense that the new album was rushed a little. The songs i’ve heard are all so popsy and generic. She needs to work with people who know how to work with real singers. But, Lea wanted to put out a pop album, so good for her.

  • Marie

    Not that long ago, someone tried to do a Funny Girl revival, and apparently got cancelled. Maybe Lea would bring in more funding than whoever actually got cast in the non-funded one, but I don’t think it would do well. The impression I get of the musical is that it’s very much of it’s time, and I don’t think it would appeal to modern audiences. But I’ve never seen it. I dunno, I definitely want Lea back on Broadway, and if they did do it, I think she’d do great, but I think no one would see it. I’d rather her to do some new roles (see: Spring Awakening).

    • breed7

      Perhaps you should learn the proper usage of “it’s” (as opposed to “its”) before you start spouting uneducated opinions. It amazes me how uneducated people think the opinions they hold about things they know nothing about are somehow relevant to the rest of the world.

  • Cast Hub

    That would be so great!

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