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In the promo for Teen Wolf season 3, episode 20, “Echo House,” we see Stiles checking himself into the mental asylum.

Even though the mental asylum is called Eichen House, this episode is titled “Echo House” because “everything echoes,” according to someone from the promo. Check out the promo below:


Once again, Teen Wolf manages to pack as much as humanly possible into a 20-second promo for the show. This time, we see Stiles voluntarily putting himself into the mental asylum in order to keep everyone safe. Scott doesn’t like the idea, but you can’t deny that Stiles poses a pretty big threat at the moment.

“This place…everything echoes,” someone says, and it’s possible it could be Oliver, one of the new characters we’re meant to meet in episode 20, along with Meredith. We also get a shot of Stiles kissing someone.

The nogitsune shows up again in his bandaged form, and we also see Stiles struggling against his bonds as he’s tied to a chair. Is he in yet another basement?

“Would you feel any remorse putting Stiles down?” Derek asks Chris, both of whom seem to be behind bars for the time being.

“Stiles, yes,” Chris answers. “But not a nogitsune.”

We’re then treated to yet another look at Dark Stiles right before the video ends.

Luckily, we also have a clip from Teen Wolf season 3, episode 20, which shows Stiles getting into trouble while he’s at the mental asylum.


“Into the quiet room, little man,” one of the workers says. he holds up a bottle of pills and asks where Stiles got them from, to which Stiles replies “the vending machine.” Remember sarcastic Stiles? We miss him.

The workers are not impressed and quickly subdue Stiles with a sedative. Stiles tries to fight it, saying he can’t go to sleep, but it’s no use. He passes out on the floor just as the video ends.

Are you looking forward to ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 20 ‘Echo House’?

  • Saahir

    So long hopes that Stiles was gonna kiss Oliver. Meredith better be worthy of Stiles lips.

    • Lotte

      You don’t know if it is Stiles or the Nogitsune who is kissing Meredeith;).

    • guess

      if he actually wants fandom to support stiles/malia (if that’s who it was) Jeff Davis needs to get his head checked Oo I mean I’m already disappointed that it won’t be a guy (since they went out of their way to have that whole bisexual scene and made it seem relevant…). but if it has to be a girl can’t they make it lydia (maybe it was lydia? I can’t really tell in the clip) or anyone else other than, oh, I dunno… a random girl that’s been a coyote for 8 years?? that feels all kinds of wrong… hope it’s the nogitsune and not stiles…

      • TheAlphaJian

        you don’t get to be disappointed unfortunately. it’s Jeff’s story to tell you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride

        • twincast

          They don’t have any privilege to demand anything from him, but they have every right to feel and (civilly) voice their disappointment.

        • guess

          lol you do get that it’s important for a show to not disappoint its viewers too much, right ? Just malia kissing stiles will probably not be enough to keep people from watching the show (myself included since I actually think that this season is much better than the others) but it does in fact matter whether the viewers continue to watch the show =P because if the show gets cancelled jeff can shove the rest of his story up his ass…

          • Phobe Grey

            How very true and if they kill off Derek which seems likely) that’s exactly what WILL happen and Jeff Davis can shove the show where he keeps his brain.

      • kala

        I don’t want it be a guy cuz like who would it be and who cares when it could be lydia or even malia

    • Zoe

      I am so confused with these new characters… Who is Meredith–was she the werecoyote or have we not met her yet? No wait, Malia is the werecoyote, right?

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    HAHAHAHA NOPE! The clip from Wolf Watch kills me. That mental institution should be shut down because Stiles is a patient and they’re practically abusing him. Also, HE’S A PATIENT :’( NOOOO. They’re being all rough and everything. I hope the nogitsune comes back just to kill those people.

  • Lotte

    Looks very Stiles-centric. Hence, I am a very happy fangirl!

  • Alexis

    I’m actually thinking this was all the Nogitsune’s plan. I mean, what place has more chaos, strife and pain than a mental institution?

    • jade

      so true

      • kandy830

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  • this is horrifying

    i think i am dead

  • twf

    From the clips it looks like Stiles is going to have a tough time, everyone there better hope it’s only Stiles having a bad go, or there’s going to be more pain and death.

    Hoping it’s going to be Malia, seen some good work from the actress. Thought about after 3:19 to set up pissing off Peter for season 4 now that Derek is Zen, but in truth if they give them some scenes like Stiles and Cora from Visionary I could see a long relationship.

    Now for the new ship, Chris and Derek (would that be Dris or Cerek). if by the end of the episode they’re in orange jumpsuits we know were it’s headed.

    • Athrun

      I hope we’re going to learn more about how exactly the Nogitsune is messing with Stiles. How much control/awareness he has when he’s not in charge. Like in 3×19, was he himself when they found him in the school’s basement or was it an elaborate ploy to get back everybodies trust? I’ll rewatch it for sure, it’s just too epic!!! You’re messing with me, well done everybody!!!

      So, apparently the new characters, Oliver and Meredith, are also at Eichen House. That doesn’t sound too encouraging for longer involvement… Perhaps they’re there because they’ve seen people sprout fangs and claws with glowstick eyes…

      One more thing: Isn’t Stiles kind of busy at the moment for a relationship? Especially with his should-be boyfriend looking for greener pastures? Cerek has a nice ring to it, but I will stick with Sterek, sorry, no compromises on that front ^_^’.

      • twincast

        Well, Oliver has some important knowledge to share, the other banshee is at Eichen House, Oliver is in Eichen House,… I don’t think Teen Wolf has firmly established yet that banshees are female-only (although it’s literally right there in their name) in its universe, so my money is on Oliver being the other banshee, which would be pretty neato IMHO.

        • Athrun

          Oh, great thinking! I didn’t got to that point yet, but I totally see where you’re going. Of course, why not, a male banshee. It would fit very well with the social convention-breaking tradition of the Teen Wolf universe. I really like the idea.
          We’ll have to see what that Oliver chap is up to. Or if Lydia will visit Stiles while he’s in there? Oh, so many questions!

      • Brenna

        I do agree, I’m not sure I like the idea of Stiles being in a relationship right now. It’s hard to imagine him committed as his normal self. Now he has the Nogitsune problem and is trying to “hook up”.

  • Athrun

    I hope we get plenty of Stiles action in epsiode 20! It has been finely dosed over the last few episodes, but I kind of miss him. And sarcastic Stiles? Oh yes, please, yes, yes, YES!!!

  • sarah

    one thing I’m worried about is that if he does make stiles and malia get together, has it filtered in that she is mentally still 8 years old, as that was when she turned into a coyote!

  • Alex

    Have I missed something, why can’t he fall asleep?

    • ami

      I presume a state of unconsciousness will allow the nogitsune to take over, which he’s trying to keep at bay.

      • Athrun

        Or it is just the other way around! We still don’t know when the switch occurs and how, maybe Stiles is pushed onto the backseat or even bundled into the boot while the Nogitsune is driving. The previews were often sufficiently ambiguous to be interpreted in various ways. It’s always really cool to see the short clip in the wider context of the scene and the episode.

        Anyway, while dark!Stiles is really, really amazing, will he have the power to escape a holding cell? It’s a trickster, but if nobody reacts, Stiles would be stuck in there, whoever is currently running the show. Still terrifying, imagine real Stiles comes back and has some REALLY important information to share and is just stuck there, shut up and all. My poor Stiles, we’re struggling with you!

  • fleur

    Is Stiles kissing Lydia or Malia?

    • Ouro

      it’s Malia, and it’s disgusting.

      • Zoe

        Lol, calm down, Malia doesn’t look like the bearded lady or anything. As much as I love Lydia and Stiles together–if it has been this long that Lydia hasn’t realized that she could be happy with Stiles, then I think it’s great that he is exploring other options. Now, if that’s the nogitsune, then that’s another story–probably kissing whoever that is to manipulate them or something.

        • guess

          hmm I don’t think the disgust has anything to do with her appearance rather than that actually neither stiles nor malia are in a position to give full consent (at least I see it that way)… malia’s mind is a mix between that of an eight year old girl and a wild animal (well probably it’s getting glossed over since this is tw XD) while stiles just isn’t in his right mind and the possibility that this isn’t even stiles at all that kisses her…

        • Athrun

          I know somebody with stubbles he could kiss instead *laugh*. Just joking.
          Doesn’t Stiles has enough on his plate already? Why the kiss? Is it, as mentioned, part of the ploy to manipulate the inmates? And what’s he supposed to do there and who runs this Arkham Asylum anyway? Don’t write the Joker *lol*!

  • guess

    just wanna mention that I’m happy the nogitsune is back to it’s bandaged creepy self in stiles dreams :) I do enjoy dylan’s nogitsune (very very much <3) but I'm not much of a fan of character's talking to their shadow selves and he probably gets enough action while taking over stiles body while awake :D

    I love this season <3

  • GKC

    It makes absolutely no sense for Stiles to be kissing anyone when he is possessed by the nogitsune, since he is hardly in the position to be fully consenting. If it’s Malia who he kisses, that’s even worse! She’s spent the last 8 years as a were coyote and therefore still has the mindset of a 9 year old girl.

    • zestylemons

      I don’t think it’s our Stiles. I think the nogitsune in dark stiles is trying to seduce Malia by kissing her. And I agree that is pretty messed up because even though biologically she’s 16, mentally she’s like 9.

  • Brenna

    Whoever Stiles is kissing, has some competition, >:( LOL, just kidding, Jeff already said that Stiles would be finding a new love interest this episode. I guess that means so-long Lydia…for now anyway. This whole episode is going to take place at this…echo house/the insane asylum. I can’t wait; it looks exciting. The ending of the last episode was kind of a bummer, not too much of a cliff-hanger. Luckily I can look forward to my baby Dylan for next week. Thumbs up for the Bachelor!

    • twf

      Just hope he hands out Roses and not other Plants. Wolf’s bane, etc.

  • Katelyn

    ISAAC. What about ISAAC IS HE DYING???? 3 minutes of screen time and then nothing. zip. nada. No promo shots, no spoilers, nothing. IS HE CRISPY FRIED WOLF NUGGETS FOREVER OR WHAT??

    • twf

      Isaac will only be Crispy until he kills his Alpha, like Peter!

  • Hazel Grace

    Jeff Davis batter not be thinking that it’s a great idea to make stiles/malia togather cause nobody is gonna like it ether it’s stiles/derek or stiles
    /lydia nobody wants that malia and stiles thingy to happen.

  • E

    Could be the Nogitsune kissing Malia. OR, it could just be a dream sequence, in which case, there isn’t any explaining needed. But if he IS really kissing her…she’s a supernatural being. The Nogitsune used Scott’s ability to channel pain by touch after cleverly using Scott to touch everyone dying or hurt (I personally think Stiles was never in control in 19). If Peter really is Malia’s father, we can assume she has some wolf-like abilities, maybe even the healing. Perhaps it’s a ploy in order to channel her pain. She did go through a lot, which might make her very appealing to the Nogitsune. Although, I can’t say I’m a fan of that happening. At all, even if it’s just the Nogitsune, because mentally, she’s just a little girl. But if she gets played off as a 16 year old without many issues immediately seeing BF potential in Stiles, completely ignoring the fact that she should be a little feral after living as a wild animal for years without human contact, and should have the maturity of a nine year old girl, (which has great drama and story potential btw!!) it will honestly ruin a lot of the season for me. I don’t mind the character. I’d love to see what happens with her. I just don’t want her character potential to be objectified and turned into the “hot and wild coyote girl”. If Stiles must be with someone, I want Lydia or Derek. Even Caitlin wouldn’t be that bad. Or no one at all Just don’t pull a Jennifer. A sudden whirlwind thing no one could have ever seen coming because..no.

  • 781227XY

    I cant wait till Monday the 24

  • Kali Akana

    Maybe new romantic engagement is what Silles needs right now. Remember there was already a situation in the end of season 2 where LOVE was the only cure for Jackson. If it’s a Nogitsune’s plan then it’ll suck, didn’t that girl been through enough??
    The Issac’s plot should be cool. I think that Scott after some time of nothing happening and eventually getting worse with Isaac’s health would try to heal him like Derek did with Cora, the only difference would be that he would’t loose Alpha status because power gained is always greater then taken one. But that just what I’m thinking and hoping for :)

  • Yam

    I will actually really like for Stiles to actually have a nice relation ship for once if he is still himself and not the nogitsune. Lydia has a connection with Stiles which is cute but she never really cared deeply about him like maybe just as a friend but she never really liked him liked him maybe this is his time to actually find someone. Plus I really wanted to know more about Malia she seemed very interesting in the first episode she appeared in and we finally get to know her as a real character not just as an extra or something like that. I am actually really happy and can’t wait for today’s new episode. And anyway it might not even be him. I really like this show and I promised myself that is Stiles died I will never watch Teen Wolf ever again but that is impossible and I kept on watching and so far it doesn’t look like he is going to die.Hopefully you guys know what I am talking about because even if one major character dies which will make me incredibly sad I will still watch. Oh, and those who are rooting for Scallison BOOOOO!!!!
    I think they each moved on. Obviously Allison has feelings for Scott but that is because they had long history together. But you can tell she really likes Isaac and Scott really likes Kira. So I am rooting for Allisaac and Scira and obviously Stydia and maybe just maybe Stalia.

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