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The creator of the popular iOS/Android game Flappy Bird says that he’s removing side-scrolling game from App Stores on Sunday.

UPDATE (Feb. 9): As promised, the developer has removed Flappy Bird from the app store, so it is no longer available for purchase.

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen is an indie developer based in Vietnam. He tweeted that the stress of the public spotlight has gotten to him.

His comments this afternoon revealed that he plans to delete Flappy Bird from the Apple and Android App Stores:

His decision to take it down seems to stem from the popularity and people’s complaints about it.

Earlier this week he seemed to grow frustrated by the press.

Even though the game has been in the App Stores since May 2013, its popularity began skyrocketing over the past month.

Many players have been frustrated by Flappy Bird’s difficult mechanics, but can’t quit because of its simplicity.

We’ll see if the developer goes through with his promise to remove Flappy Bird from the App Store tomorrow. Maybe a good night’s rest will make him think twice. After all, it’s been reported that he’s making $50k per day through the App’s advertising.

If he does delete the game, those who have already downloaded it will still be able to keep it on their device.

  • Ultron

    I played that game for about 2 minutes and hated it instantly. It was just stupid…

    • Matt

      I agree

    • The DIRECTIONER :)

      ….but fun :) and frustrating

    • SuraiyaSlam

      Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that you have to spread the negative energy!!

      • Ultron

        Do you even know who I am? I’m Ultron. My entire purpose is hatred.

  • Julia

    I see all my friends play it or talk about it, and I just don’t get it. I always get tired with games and I find it sad that the topic of their conversations is an app. In a way I’m glad it’s over.

    • mojouu

      ughhhghghghghghghh i have been trying to master this games . please do not delete it

  • Richard

    Why would he drop the game? What an idiot, he should spin this into another game of his and make a fortune.

    I don’t like flappy bird, but there’s no way this guy is actually being bothered that much…how about sign off twitter/facebook for a few days? He’s clearly not 100% there in the head, despite making a highly popular app.

    • Brianna Lofton

      I agree. This could also just be a ploy to get people to buy the app within the next day and skyrocket the downloads.

    • Xander

      I think that he is not going to delete it it is just so more people will get it

      • Jo mama tittyfuck

        Don’t you feel foolish now Xander?

    • Lilpop

      Its because of nintendo thinks the pipes are just like marios pipe they both green

  • Courtney Siobhan Smith

    But they just released an update for it…

    • Julie

      Ya they updated it to make it easier

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      • ff501998

        WHAT! I missed this update!!! Now I’ll forever be stuck on level 5 :(

  • TheFirst

    Hated the game and all the attention it was getting. Glad it’s gone.

  • Eric Faulkner

    I have not played this awful game (a free game that still makes money for its creator is awful in my mind). I hope that Nintendo sues this man for the pipes really look like the ones in the Mario franchise. I know that Nintendo might not have a case with something as generic as a green pipe but I hope they try.

    • Liderc

      Why is a free game that makes the creator money a bad thing? He’s being paid for his work through advertising. How do you think any website or app creator makes money?

      • Samuraiyan

        Eric here obviously doesn’t understand the free-to-play model. If he thinks this is bad, he should see how much bigger companies are making off of games that people play for free.

        • Christine O

          You tell ‘em “Samuraiyan”! Why do ppl say things when they have NO clue what they’re talking about?! I mean, hell, at least google it first so you don’t look like an idiot for being just plain wrong. As for all this “I hate flappy bird” BS…ppl “hate” it because it looks so simple but it frustrates the hell out of them. To me that’s called fun, it a challenge!

          • Eric Faulkner

            It bothers me though that he is making money off of a game with very little effort on his part. He is being criticized for it not only coping the pipes from Super Mario series but also a game called Piou Piou which came out in 2011. The Free Mobile game Model is one of the many things wrong with the Gaming Industry.

  • http://www.twitter.com/matsemann08 Mats K

    He apparantly makes 50 000 a day from the ads and just released a new update. I don’t think he’ll go through with it.

  • Cassidy

    I love this game please don’t delete this:)

  • ZofTheTwiHard

    I never play these kinds of things just because I don’t have a smartphone, so I can’t comment on that aspect. However, the obsession is through-the-roof now and is a bit annoying. I’m glad. We need fresh meat.

  • Abbie

    What is the point of making a game… if you don’t want loads of people to play it?

    • Julia

      Haha very good point he just wants to make money at the last minute plus he could change the game he didn’t have to make it so hard in the first place

    • Ali H Dinani

      A lot of developers simply love developing. Could have also been a school project. You never know.

    • Christine O

      I was thinking the EXACT same thing! Like what, he’s really spending time making games that he then makes available to the public & when it becomes unimaginably popular he then says it’s not what he intended?!?!?! BS!

    • River


  • lalalala

    No no no I love the game its awesome

  • Riana-Tiana Menezes

    Can someone tell me how this game got so popular all of a sudden?

    • Ultron

      People thought it was fun but were actually just really bored and so they perceived it that way.

    • LiamDaGai

      Pewds and all the higher up Youtubers played the game and then the fans played it and then they hated it and complained and the cycle continues
      thats how i see it

  • Garrett Pletcher

    He should take it down, revamp it with an easier but similar premise, and bring it back.

    • Grady Reilly

      will never happen. did you not read this article at all?

      • Garrett Pletcher

        I did. Which is why I said ‘he SHOULD’. Did you not read my comment at all?

  • Tim

    Why is there so much hate over this game?

    • liamdagai

      Because everyone can’t play it for shit. I like it personally because i can get past 1 lol m higest is 20

      • Tim

        I think it’s pretty good too. It’s annoying at first but once you get the hang of it, it isn’t that bad. My highest is 116.

  • thisistrickery

    What exactly is his problem? What is stressing him so much? You think making $50,000 a day would make anyone happy. Anyway, I like that game but it is kinda hard. I’ve only made it past 19, but I just downloaded early this week.

    • Grady Reilly

      Typical American logic.

      • Liderc

        Only Americans like to make money?

        When did this happen…

        • thisistrickery

          Apparently…anyway I don’t get why he is so upset. Are people bullying him because of his game? Who cares if some don’t like it, there are a lot of other people who do. You can’t please everybody.

    • Samuraiyan

      Studies show that money doesn’t do anything to improve happiness past ~$75,000 of annual income. He’s been as happy as he’s going to get from that standpoint since halfway through the second day.

      • D. Tinstman

        I’m calling BS on that study! If i normally made $75,000 dollars any increase would definitely affect my happiness in a positive manner. Four days of “poor stressed out” Dong’s income and ALL of my debt would be paid off!
        #flappybird #showmethemoney #FML

  • Shootdatrupee!…

    Thank God somebody else realises it’s the most overrated game in the history of existence…

    • Samuraiyan

      I believe that title belongs to Dark Souls.

  • Kai

    If he keeps at it hell average $18,250,000 (£10,950,000) a year. He’s either trying to decrease the downloads dramatically in the next day or he is genuinely sick of the attention and how much people ‘hate’ it. There’s a lot of money in that game and if he wants all the attention to stop, there are PLENTY of people who will buy the rights to the game from him.

  • Gjertrud

    The comments under this article shows that the illusion of the American Dream, where more money is always better, is alive and kicking. Some people like to just live their life doing what they love, and as long as it’s enough to get by that’s fine.
    I’m not saying I know anything about his reasons, but money is not the only factor.

    • CHE6yp

      He could have just sell the game (or give it away) to another company. That way people would still be able to play it and he would have some peace.

  • Grady Reilly

    Not one person who has commented on this article has actually weighed in on the subject matter he wrote about. Flex your ePeens somewhere else, and let the poor man be.

  • Chicken

    Jeebus, let the guy have some peace. Even if he’s raking in the dough, it’s not like he’s a huge corporation who can handle that much daily (money, press, whatever). It’s possible he’s getting harassed for it by buyers, haters, long lost relatives who’d like some of the money…

    • SuraiyaSlam

      Not to mention, it takes about seven years to get used to being rich! This man couldn’t have gotten used to it within a year and apparently didn’t. No one would.



  • Julia

    Just please keep it!!! I want to at least try to play I’m getting my first ipod soon and it’s my birthday on Monday I WANT TO TRY THIS GAME and I think the maker of the game should just change it right?

  • Liderc

    This game is terrible, blows my mind that it has become so popular. I honestly think it’s a curiosity thing instead of people actually playing. I know I downloaded it, tried it for maybe 5 minutes and then deleted it. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the average response to the game. It’s nothing like say, Angry Birds, which was actually fun to play.

    As for the creator, I’d just change my twitter name, turn facebook off and enjoy the 50k a day. There’s no reason to throw away success because you’re too addicted to social media to get rid of it. He’s basically saying he cares more about being able to use social media than being the creator of a highly successful game.

    He could do so much more now that he’s making money independently, creating more games where he doesn’t have a company breathing down his neck. Makes zero sense unless there’s just something outrageous that we aren’t hearing about.

    He’s not Justin Bieber, he’s an unknown App designer, he could easily disappear and continue making Apps if that’s what he wants most.

    • Carmela Pedinni

      “he could easily disappear and continue making Apps if that’s what he wants most.” Only it seems like it ain’t. There might be more to it then meets the eye of us, people who barely know who he is beyong a game developer.

  • Samuel Trevis

    If we have it downloaded can we keep it

    • Liderc


      • Gamer

        I hate to break it to you two but… if the app has to be connected to the internet in any way—- after it gets “deleted” from the app store- it probably will be stuck in a freeze and won’t work anymore.

        I had some really fun apps that i really like but when the developers decided to delete them- they froze and never worked again

        • Liderc

          Have quite a few games still downloaded (and work) that were taken off the market. I’m an Android user though, so could be different in the Apple store.

          Most websites are saying you can still play it after it’s removed as well.

        • fluffy

          You don’t need internet access to play it. You can play it with your phone on airplane mode and it basically stops the ads from popping up too.

  • cookiemonster

    ok…sooo why are they actually getting rid of flappy bird? i still dont understand.

  • Samuel Trevis

    Don’t get rid of it. This is a fun game!e loved by all. It is all over the web and instagram. Please don’t do it. Pleeewaaassee

  • Joachim Idland

    Why does people hate this game so much? I don’t get it.

    It’s a great game with old-school mechanics and rules. One hit game over. And hard to master.

    I’m 15 and im ashamed of how rude people can be. People just copy PewDiePie way too much nowadays. PewDiePie dosen’t deserve a single viewer imo.

    Now don’t flag me beucase I got a different opinion.

    • Carmela Pedinni

      What does your age have to do with anything? I fear I might be missing the point you were trying to make when you gave it away.
      Some things just get popular all of a sudden because they are too different/too stupid/too whathever, and that for some reason amazes and entertains the general public. It is the case with Pewds and the bird game.
      You should just shrug it all out. No reason to waste your time on these types of things.

      • Zoe

        Lol I agree. It wouldn’t have made a difference if he would have said, “I have curly hair and I’m ashamed of how rude people can be”.

  • Glaciusx

    This is priceless.

  • MatterHorn

    Think about it guys. He tweets he’s going to take flappy bird down. News covers it like crazy. 1000x more people download it before the game “goes away”. Guy laughs while sitting on an even bigger pile of money. Genius

    • SuraiyaSlam

      It could be that he just can’t handle this much within a year! How would you feel if you got famous all of a sudden, and got a lot of money, a game to handle, and haters commenting on your game? ” oh, you must improve x, y, and z…”

  • Emily Bryan

    I kept it on my phone for two days. I probably only played with it for a few hours collectively. I hated it, so I uninstalled it. What a waste.

  • gamer19

    This game became more popular be cause Pewdiepie(most subscibed gamer on youtube) playied it on youtube

    • Liderc

      I heard about it way before a week ago when Pewdiepie released his video apparently, so not really. I’d say it started becoming popular about 3 weeks ago, that’s when everyone I knew was talking about it. People talking about it in the last week are the stragglers, hence the guy taking it off the market last night.

  • King

    50k a day *whistles*

  • Erwin Roldan Ariño

    I would rather play my Fluffy Bird lol :)

  • http://www.pokemonizlife.weebly.com Dani Howell

    melodramatic -_-

  • http://how-i-met-your-mother.wikia.com/ Babar Suhail

    I am one of the few people who never played it.

  • Truth Fairy

    Flappy Bird’s deletion is an obvious marketing strategy. Think about how much more downloads there must have been in a rush to get the game while it’s still on the market. Plus, unlike paid games, he makes money from the same people everyday because of its obnoxious advertisements, but knowing that the app cannot be redownloaded once it’s deleted, who would delete it now? Also, flappy bird’s mysterious deletion is the main topic on almost every tech site and social network. If Dong Nyguyen actually just wanted the app deleted, he wouldn’t have warned the world in a tweet. The tweet made the people who didn’t have flappy bird already download flappy bird in a hurry. If I were the developer and I truthfully wanted the app to be obliterated, I would update the app with glitches and bugs until it was unplayable. I wouldn’t make some oscar speech about the “eternal misery” that my app is causing the world. What I’m trying to say is, Nyguyen is full of horseshit.

  • marina diamandis

    like why did he deleted it if he spends lIKE FOREVER TO MAKE THE GAME THEN JUST IN A CLICK HE DELETES IT LIKE WHAT

  • flappy-lovers

    Damn. I like flappy birds. Why people said the game so hard? It’s not hard actually, only timing matters. Just learn how to bird react to your tap and you’ll be rewarded with a platinum medal..

  • Ivan Gatewood

    I give him a couple weeks before he “realizes” that taking down his game was a mistake and puts it back up, getting a bunch of downloads. Either that or some company pays him a bunch of money for the rights to the game. His marketing strategy is genius.

  • bob

    I just think his posts are to suspenseful and timed to get people who didnt get it to get it because there scared it will be gone.. but it can lose people because they will be afraid none of there friends at school or work will have it to compair scorers. .. I just think Its a bad move all together

  • SoulAdventurer

    Fuck the hate nigga you was making 50k A DAY!? Wtf u stupid for takin it down

  • michael

    Fuck the prople who complained they fuckin suck dick

  • bubu

    “No longer available” I just deleted and redownloaded it like 3 minutes ago. Yup… you tricked us… oh no dont delete it… even though posting your plans of deleting because you “cant take the fame” knowing that just gets it more famous than before.

  • lulu

    Really I don’t think he will take it down he will wait until the last minute then make the double money then go one with his life

  • ibra

    Why Dose It Matter If People Dont Like It .. Its Not Your Fault That They Aint Got Skill to Master the Game , Bring It Back ! It Was A Fun Silly GAME That Friends Share , I Understand That Its Stressful For the creator by the People Who Disliked The Game & Who Made Off Comments About It But Doesn’t Make Any Sense ,,

  • http://7thpage.com/ Severus Snape

    Balance has been restored to the world.

  • hi

    Wait so in one of his pics on Twitter he stated thanks for getting top 10 free apps… but bow he hates it?

    • hi 2.0

      *now not bow

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