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If you are still processing last night’s American Horror Story: Coven finale, know that the book is officially closed on the ladies of the Coven. Ryan Murphy reveals a few more tidbits about season 4 and even season 5!

American Horror Story changes the way miniseries function on network television, sticking with one genre, but wiping the storyboard clean with every new season. Creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck bring together all-star casts that inhabit our homes and discussions for thirteen weeks a year. For the remaining void, speculations for the next installments run rapid across the internet. For some viewers last year, as soon as the Salem witch trials caught national attention, the finale of Asylum lost a bit of its allure.

In a post-finale interview with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy mentions a few hints about American Horror Story season 4. Although the writers have yet to open their laptops and start working, the story is set in Murphy’s mind. A couple of weeks ago, Murphy commented that season 4 will take place in the 1950s. However, Murphy adds this week that they are focusing on two time periods, the second remains a mystery.

Murphy further puts to rest the popular circus suggestion that swept the internet a few weeks back. A fan-made poster sparked the initial discussion of season 4 theories, but Murphy states that he has yet to see anyone guess the full premise of the season correctly.

We know that Jessica Lange will return for a final season of American Horror Story and that she is working on a German accent. The work for season 4 will be extensive as Murphy describes the period as “bizarre, crazy, and Gothic.” If you enjoyed the comedic undertone of the Coven installment, rest assured that Murphy agrees with the audience’s reception. He hopes to bring the sharp comedy into season 4, but leaves a haze of mystery over season 5. Lange’s departure will mark new territory for the show, a part that Murphy describes as “radically different… it will take a lot of playing.”

The 1950s hold a myriad of options for Murphy and Co. to explore. From famous actresses, to hydrogen bomb development, the shifting tides in the entertainment and political landscape serve as a great launch pad. After a season highlighting a strong female cast, the return of Zachary Quinto, Dylan McDermott, and other AHS men may be something else to consider!

Let us know in the comments your predictions for American Horror Story‘s fourth season! Is there anyone you want to see return to the cast?

What will the new season of ‘American Horror Story’ bring?

  • Colin

    I’ve never had such a reversal of feelings about a show over the course of one season. I thought the first and second seasons were some of the best TV I’ve ever seen. Then Coven honestly felt to me like it was written by a team of twelve year-olds. And every interview I’ve read with Ryan Murphy indicates he plans to continue in the direction Coven went, more “comedic” (although I literally thought nothing was funny this season… maybe it went over my head or whatever), so I guess I’m done loving AHS. Guess it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that the creator of the Glee would screw up another great show.

    • Joshua Harris

      Don’t forget nip/tuck was once great too.

  • xiku

    Please don’t. Stop with the “comedic undertone”. No one liked that. This season was simply NOT GOOD. It lacked everything that made the past seasons, especially 2, amazing. It had no depth, things were dealt with in the wrong way, it was all over the place, and the writing felt dumb.

    • corey

      Yes. I could not help but shake the feeling that the writers were creating this script week by week, just making up things as they were going. Everything seemed to just plop into place with little or no true appreciation for sensible story structure. It was bad. And as a true fan of horror I feel that I have wasted my time.

    • misakasan

      Excuse me. Its all a matter of opinion, and it varies over many opinions. Most of the opinions were that, yes they liked this season. Your opinion of course matters but there no reason so go being so rude about the hard work they put into this season.
      Why don’t you try to make award winning show?
      Using suggestions instead of saying the “writing felt dumb”, or “it had no depth”, is a lot more civil and overall freaking polite.

    • Jay

      I actually loved this season, and felt that season 2 was boring and all over the place

      • C

        I agree with Jay. Season 2 was all over the place and was just flat. Season 1 was amazing and I felt they came back with Season 3. I am very much looking forward to the Season 4.

        • ToMas

          If you rewatch season 2 you will get alot more out of it. I had several people agree with watching it twice. After the second time watching Asylum I promise you will change your mind.

          • Cherish Parker

            I donno if I COULD watch Asylum again honestly :-/

    • kpod

      Season 2 left so many loose ends and added so many side stories that went nowhere. Season 3 was concise and was tied up with a neat little bow at every angle and turn. Did you even watch it? You’re ridiculous.

      • Conornor

        So no one is ever going to miss Madison Montgomery? No one is going to notice she’s gone? And what was Zoe’s power? They literally just avoided that…. Why did they claim they need Madison to bring Zoe back to life? Why didn’t Madison just fling Kyle across the room before he tried to kill her? There were so many unanswered questions.

      • Andrea

        I couldn’t agree more or said it any better myself….and Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates performance was no less than spectacular….I sure do hope that they will be in future seasons to come.

      • Dvon

        I have to disagree on that, what ever happened to Cordelia not being able to have a child, they never even talked about that again, or Zoe going bad ass on the Zombies with her random surge of power that never was discussed, or how about Zoe’s wierd sex death thing. they had alot of loose ends in this season, I felt like season 2 really only had 1 thing that was never wrapped up, and that was the alien thing.

        • kyle

          that was the point of the alien thing. some things are meant to go UNANSWERED. how do you explain alien phenomenon? thats the point. you’re supposed to be left wondering. But when you leave too many open ends, it doesnt become something you question but it becomes more so of something was was left unanswered. which i agree happened in coven. FAR too many unanswered endings.

  • Alexa

    I loooooooved loved loved murder house and really enjoyed asylum. Wasn’t a fan of coven. But if Quinto is coming back count me in!!

    • Daniel

      I KNOW! Quinto needs to come back

  • Michael Giustini

    I think everyone is being to hard on Coven. It wasn’t as good as season one and parts of season 2, but it was in no way bad. Everyone is forgetting how badly Asylum ended.

    • Colin

      I think it was in many ways bad.

    • Cherish Parker

      true .. the ending to asylum was .. uh …. struggling for a word here

  • Plat

    While I did enjoy this season, and thought the finale was the right way to end the story, it didnt have the “umph” that made me love the first 2. I just hope they take it in a more interesting direction for season 4.

  • Susan

    Loved season 1 and season 3 (Coven) but didn’t care for season 2, Asylum. We felt it was too dark and creepy.

    • Matty Marie

      Murder House was the scariest to me. You had stuff like Home Invasions, and fires, and scary stuff in dark places. It was scary.

      Asylum was good too, but the Aliens and Bloody Face ruined it for me.

      Coven, let’s face it, wasn’t scary at all.

      • vickiebriggs

        Totally agree with this comment. The Alien situation was barely explored so why have it at all. Made no sense. Bloodyface? Seriously?

        • Matty Marie

          I’d rather have Aliens in it’s own season.
          Same with a serial killer.

  • Ava

    Definitely bring Taissa Farmiga back, but have her be the disturbed one for once. She should play as a serial killer. I think Taissa should play as Jessica Lange’s daughter or grand daughter, and Evan Peters should be a soldier. I think they need to go back to more of the horror of the second season but also have a love interest (Evan and Taissa) like Tate and Violet or Kyle and Zoe. Also Emma Roberts should NEVER be on American Horror Story again. She does not fit into the show and kind of ruined Coven, at least in my opinion.

    • Bekah McBlah

      Emma Roberts made this season gross. Among other things…

    • Tracy

      Emma Roberts was perfect for the comedic tone and had some of the best lines, although i do agree with you that she might not fit next season if it is supposed to be scarier.

    • Nicole Schlorff

      I really like your idea of Taissa being the disturbed one and Evan being the soldier, that would be PERFECT. As for Emma Roberts, I think the only thing that got to me was knowing that her and Evan are actually together in reality and it makes me sad because ‘Parmiga’ is the BEST <3333

      • Cherish Parker

        totally agree

    • Matty Marie

      I could see Evan as a Nazi….

    • Andrea

      I totally disagree…I felt that Emma Roberts play the sexy sassy bitch role so effortlessly and it brought a certain spice and flare to the conven that it needed ….I truly enjoyed her performance

      • Cherish Parker

        me too

    • EnnaWenna

      Agree, COMPLETELY.

    • Lina

      Totally agree. Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga work so well together. Taissa is such a good actress she would do a great job as the disturbed one. Emma Roberts just does not fit in this show and she does not play as good with the other actors, it seems fake when she is in this show.

  • Julie

    I hope that season 4 will be definitely more scary than 3. I love Haunted House and Asylum but Coven was sooo boring (except final episode). I would love to see Zachary Quinto and Sarah Paulson as married German couple. He would be a tough, formidable soldier and Sarah would be gentle but strong woman. I also don’t like Emma Roberts in AHS…

  • Niusha

    Emma Roberts should play in AHS again. Also a love relationship between Evan Taissa would be cool since it has been like that in season 1 and 3.

    • Matty Marie

      I’m sorry, but to me Emma just doesn’t fair well in Horror.
      She wasn’t good in Scream 4 and she wasn’t good in Coven.

  • Fred

    I’d like to see Jamie Brewer to return for more! And love that Zachary Quinto is going to be back!

  • ♡ brittany ♡

    I think a lot of the comedy went over a lot of people’s heads. Some people in the room didn’t find “Is this notty pine?” funny but I did. That wasn’t a great example but you know what I mean. I thought Madison’s hell was HILARIOUS (she wasn’t even the lead!) but I really liked this season. Some bad things were the writing and the lack of shock value. I agree the writing may have not made sense at all times (hello, why couldn’t Madison have just used mind control on kyle when he was killing her or just threw him across the room? BUT I loved the women all together and the acting. I wish they would have thought more about it like seasons 1 and two. It really didn’t feel like they had an ending from the beginning like season one. There was no big shocker like season one everyone being dead and season two Jessica being admitted and the reveal of bloody face. Who’s is the next supreme felt like a reality show and that annoyed me. I just wish there would have been more interesting plot points instead of just killing everyone and bringing them back. The deaths were never final and that lost something in the show. But that said I did love this season as a chick, but I think if I was a man I would have hated it. But I hope next season has the comedy, I thought that brought something extra to the show that I really enjoyed. That was mostly negative but I did love this season but I agree it was bad writing, simply put. But the acting did trump the bad writing, in my humble opinion.

    • Matty Marie

      No, please no more Evan and Taissa!

  • AHSfan

    I have loved every season. I am very excited for season 4 no matter what they do. I do hope that Zachary Quinto comes back though. He is so hot.

  • Tommy

    The great thing about American Horror Story is that if you don’t like one season, you can’t truly lose hope because each season is new and unique. If Coven wasn’t your thing, you might LOVE season 4. They have the privilege of starting fresh each season, which I think is different from other shows, because sometimes one bad season with a bad plot line can really sink a show.

  • Matty Marie

    I, unlike many, think that Coven wasn’t that bad. It was a fresh change from Asylum’s dark tone. But this is American HORROR Story, not American COMEDY Story. With that being said I’m not saying just make it 24/7 gore and horror, there could still be some comedy, but not as much as this season.

    All I want is Dylan McDermott and Alexandra Breckenridge back.
    Zachary Quinto can come too.

    • Julian T

      But Breckenridge was in Coven, even if for only a single episode.

      • Matty Marie

        I’m talking about like a real role.
        Not a minor character like Kaylee or a recurring character like Moira, like a main character.

  • Andy

    If Quinto is back, then count me in. His characters in seasons 1 and 2 were so easy to hate it made the show that much better. I feel like Taissa Farmiga should have a dark past or something, not be the innocent little girl that she is so used to being in the show. Evan Peters barely had any correlation in this season other than ending up as the new butler, hated it. Although I think Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are the cutest couple ever, Emma should, if Ryan Murphy is taking the comedic route *shudders* again, be on the show solely because she is really funny, but is terrible for any kind of horror. I JUST WANT THIS SEASON TO TOP ASYLUM WHICH WILL BE HARD TO DO. I WAS REALLY REALLY HOPING CIRCUS WAS TRUE BUT I GUESS NOT.

    • Matty Marie

      I don’t Taissa is going to come back, she had to be persuaded a lot for Coven.
      However, if she does come back…I want her to bring her sister Vera!
      They could be like a mother/daughter or sister serial killers! That would slay on so many levels!

      The circus is already 3 season old, so Ryan (hopefully) eventually will do it, maybe for season six? I don’t know.

  • izzy

    Hmmm a German accent? Could they be doing a American Horror Story: Auschwitz….

    • John

      Season 1 was the BEST! It really was scary! I wan to be scared. Asylum was twisted an Coven was just ok. Lili Rabi is really good but the main thing is I want to be scared!

    • Jake

      But then it wouldn’t be AMERICAN Horror Story, now would it?

    • mmbez

      Maybe its about world war II and the cold war. Spys, propaganda, corruption, crazied dictators, rebels. Fear and power?

    • vickiebriggs

      Thats what I was thinking. Problem is some of these people are still alive and all too real. It could be a problem.

  • Christina

    I actually really liked this past season, but the addition of Emma Roberts was not a good choice in my opinion. She just didn’t fit it with the rest of the cast. I’m hoping they bring Taissa back again because she was missed in season 2 and I hope another Taissa and Evan couple form like Zoe and Kyle and Violet and Tate.

  • Jay

    Season 2 was trash .. Season 1 and 3 was very amazing

    • mmbez

      Scare me again. Were was all the anticipation! !!!!

  • River

    Honestly, Kathy Bates was the best, her story this season was actually really cool. I hope Jaime comes back and not killed off too quickly like season 1, and make it to the finale. Lily is my all time favorite, i liked every character shes played.. but something that lacked this season was a good ending, i did not like season 2 as much, but the ending was very good, loved season 1 altogether, except jaime dying 4 episodes in, and i loved this season, except i felt like the ending was not as good, we all knew what was coming, every girl who said they were going to be a supreme was not going to be a supreme, but can we say that Madame Delphine was like golden everytime she appeared on screen, it was just fun to see her being dragged into this time period. i’d love to see a 20s-30s or even a 70s time period in the future, cannot wait til season 4 for the 50s theme, but i hope people are not serious with the whole fan-made posters of saying it’ll take place in a circus, because there is sooo much horror to explore in the 50s… but why a circus? it’s not how i would want to see Jessica Lange depart from the series.

  • georgina

    murder house is, by far, the best. while asylum was too dark and alien-y. coven was “meh” and emma isn’t fit for ahs. i hope the characters in the next season mature. it’ll be great to have taissa break from her usual ‘good/shy girl’ persona but I still dig the idea of keeping the taissa-evan love thing going on. murphy should stop killing brewer and breckenridge hahaha

    evan would make a good nazi soldier, taissa a creep or a whore or something new. they both fall in love. boom ratings and feels.

  • Eric Lyons

    I loved Season 1, Season 2 was alright. But Season 3 was interesting but there was just a few spots they could have done better. the white witches could bring the dead back to life but In the episode 4 a boy is found hung in a tree but Marie Laveau cant bring him back to life, But she brought the other dead back to life to seek vengence. that’s just weird. Then Marie Laveau, She kidnaps a baby to give to her deity, two cops approaches her she makes the sound with her tongue and the police men shoot each other, but after that in episode 12 when she was getting chopped up by the woman she made immortal(Delphine), she couldn’t do something to her to make her stop chopping piece by piece of her limbs off. she was supposed to have powers why didn’t she use them. they made the white witches have more powers than black ones. Like when the witch hunters came, the white witches swung their hands and the men went flying thru the air but I never saw Marie Laveau’s clan doing that, they couldn’t and it seemed like they could only do thing’s when they have it draw-ed out in white on their floor… I Just have to say they left out a lot of occult stuff. Marie Laveau’s clan even tho she was immortal in this show and they made her look all power-ful, I saw her as weak. Cause they gave all the good lines and parts to the girl’s in the house. And when the supremes daughters husband attacked where Marie Laveau’s clan did their business. the hunter came in with guns and the people inside had guns and knives but not one was equipped to do any magic, only reason the hunter was killed was because the voodoo doll girl. Marie Laveau was backed up in a corner bout to cry. if that was done in the other house, He’d probably wouldn’t have made it inside without catching on fire or something… They just made Marie look just so UN-POWER-FUL…

    • vickiebriggs

      Good point. This is a flaw in the shows. They make too many plot twists and there are always questions. Yes indeed, why did Marie not help herself out when her head was being sawed off and she did look like she was about to cry when she had a ggn on her. As for offing the witch hunters she didnt lift a finger and looked all surprized when Fiona did. Angela Bassetthas a very powerful presence but it didnt seem like she could do anything but torment the Bates character.

  • jej18

    Season two is by far the weakest season so far. One, three, two. This season was great.

  • Advocate Devil

    Season 2 and 3 both jumped the shark. Slow it down and don’t write so many twists and story changes into one season. Focus on 1 main plot with some very minor sub plots and you could have an amazing show. I love AHS but its getting bloated with too many sub plots and twists making it not only difficult to follow the premise of the story but challenging to keep up.

  • Jess

    Its american HORROR story. and season 3 was like a teenage show I’m sorry.. this season was a disappointment. Please make season 4 as good as 2 . that was perfect

  • M Beckmeyer

    I’d love to see Zachary Quinto and Dylan McDermott again. I also really hope Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett return. I loved this season of AHS. The dark humor was also much appreciated. Can’t wait for season 4!!!

  • CC

    I don’t understand why everyone is saying Coven was bad. In fact, I started watching the show with Coven and it’s what made me go back and watch the other seasons. True, after watching the first season, it took some of the punch out of Coven. Season 1 was amazing. Things would happen out of nowhere or something would be revealed that made you go, “Oh. My. God.” I couldn’t really get into Asylum, but I think that’s because I’m a hopeless romantic and wanted more Violet/Tate – Zoe/Kyle kind of scenes. It’s gets tiring watching all these other shows where the romance is completely perfect and everything is hunky-dory. I loved how dark Tate and Violet’s romance was, how it ended. Zoe and Kyle were good, too, but they didn’t have the same punch.

  • tina

    I think the 4th season will have a little twist of the movie called the hills have eyes starting with testing bombs dysfunctional people what it shows based on the 1950′s

  • Courtney

    Season 1 was definitely the best. Amazing story line and characters. It was very suspenseful and full of surprises.
    I didn’t really like Season 2, it was uncomfortably twisted (mostly Lily Rabe’s role) and not scary what so ever. Finding out who the real Bloody Face was the biggest surprise, I think a lot of it was predictable. Also, some what of a weak story line.
    I think Season 3 was actually pretty good, it just wasn’t scary, just kind of dark at times. Each season is completely different and I feel like it got less and less scarier/suspenseful in the last two seasons. Everyone says they don’t want Emma Roberts back, but I think that the made the season what it was. Yeah, I completely hated her, but without her it would have been boring. There needs to be characters like that, it makes you keep watching. I myself didn’t like Queenie and thought her part in the show was irrelevant and she didn’t fit into the story line that well. Also, Evan Peter’s role was just confusing and pointless half of the time because he was, you know, dead. Kind of.
    Season 4 needs to be more like Season 1. I, like most people, love Taissa and Evan as a couple, but there also needs to be more action and suspense. Maybe just a minor but interesting love interest throughout the season.
    I definitely want to see these actors back on season 4:
    - Jessica Lange (obviously she will already be on there)
    - Dylan McDermott
    - Taissa Farmiga —-(A great idea mentioned in another comment: having her sister in the next season, she does an amazing job in Bates Motel and would be a perfect duo for AHS.)
    - Alexandra Breckenridge
    - Kai and Bodhi Schulz (twins from season 1)
    - Jamie Brewer
    - Evan Peters
    - Zachary Quinto
    - Sarah Paulson
    - Lizzy Brocheré (woman who killed her family with an axe in Season 2)
    - Kate Mara (crazy ex girlfriend in Season 1)
    - Chloe Sevigny (woman with half shaved head in Season 2)
    - Lily Rabe
    And maybe even Emma Roberts. I think all these people would make a great, interesting mix for Season 4 — whatever the theme is.

    • Cherish Parker

      Dont forget Francis Conroy! .. I love her so much …. I effing LOVED her as angel of death and then the badass prisoner in asylum

  • Elvis

    season 3 was the best id love to see them try 2 u it!

  • Elvis

    up it!

  • mhughe

    You wanna go with comedy bring betty white into a season make her senile!!!!

  • Sarah

    Bring Zachary Quinto back!

  • ahs

    i loved season 1&3 i didnt think season 2 was that great!! i cant wait for season 4 to show :) i want to see all the original characters back they are all great, please,please make season 4 the best thank you :)

  • Shannon

    I want to see taissa and Evan again and bring back gabourey!!! I didn’t like Emma at all.

  • Lauren Chapin

    The bomb development idea, plus the second time period, plus the fact that they always use classic horror elements for the premise (haunted house, possession/crazy people/alien abduction/serial killer – geeze season 2 wasn’t very focused, witches) makes me think season 4 might involve Chernobyl.

    • mmbez

      Chernobyl ….. great. Idea radiation and mosters

  • linda

    This was a great season, kept me on my seat and I hope you decide to continue with the story line of Season 3, you did leave it open….

  • the heritic

    Loved coven……. would love it to return as a weekly series……. adore Jessica and Sarah.. but if jl doesn’t return…….. how about Sharon stone as her replacement?????? She is almost as kick ass……….. and, beautiful….

  • shmuel from israel!

    i think it’s wrong. this season was amazing.. i wish there was a continue for this epic ending. to see how the girls are doing after delia started to be the supreme. ryan.. please don’t ruin this. stop with this comedy horshit. finally there’s one show that deals with witched..vudu.. mystery… keep on that track… i never heared of this show in the past 2 seasons. this season was epic. please don’t ruin this for us!

    • vickiebriggs

      I am on the fence about the comedy however this show can take itself seriously so I would like it to be raw good old fashioned horror than a B movie horror with a little comedy. The kathy bates character with her head being carted around would just lose some people. I cant recommend the show to certain people in my life because they would think it was just dumb. So I guess my decision would be no comedy.

  • meryl

    Evan Peters! Can’t even think an AHS season without him.

  • Angel999

    Love it or hate it , this many comments means that a lot of people are watching. All I can say is stay true historically. Nothing scares people more than the truth. Even if it is a little twisted.

  • Kelly

    I will miss Jessica Lange if she isn’t in season 5!! :(
    As for season 4, Patti Lupone should come back!

  • Charlie

    I honestly think that Coven wasn’t that great. I might be a little biased, because I still think of Emma Roberts as the silly chick in Unfabulous, which was… well, unfabulous… I also thought that it could’ve been a little scarier, purely because it’s called American Horror Story. I understand that they tried to be funnier, but in a sense Asylum was really funny to me. Jessica Lange’s witty retorts as Sister Jude was just amazing. Anywho; my personal opinion.

  • Andrea

    Like almost everyone else I would love for season 4 to resemble season 1 and 2 a bit more instead of the teen-ish vibe that season 3 had (I’m not saying s3 was bad, infact I liked it. A lot). I would also love for Taissa Farmiga to be back in s4, and for her to have a relationship with Evan again. A real one this time. idk I would just really love it, if they got the chance to be together from the start. And also… I really don’t know what to think about Emma Roberts.. I never liked her character in s3… she’s just not a good fit for the show tbh..

  • Rachel

    Bring Alexandra Breckenridge back and gave her a proper role!

  • lucy

    taissa farmiga should most definitely come back she really fits into the whole horror theme I think you should have romance between the same characters by that I mean you should have taissa farmiga(violet/zoe) and evan peters(tate/kyle) in love with each other because in season 2 i don’t think that grace was a good match for evan peters character I feel we don’t get the same strong feeling as we do with taissa farmiga’ characters and evan peters characters. overall I think taissa farmiga should definitely come back and so should evan peters

  • Harriet

    Okay, DEFINITELY bring Taissa Farmiga back, but please NO Emma Roberts Ever. Again. I mean I have nothing against her but I have BIG against for her to be on AHS. I was literally crying blood, every time she appeared on Coven. So no thanks. And of course Evan Peters and Zachary Quinto is a must on AHS (:

  • Cherish Parker

    I actually think Emma Roberts did a fantastic job with her character …. although I would agree that if it came between the 2 (Taissa/Emma) .. I’d much rather see Taissa .. and I also agree that I’d love to see Taissa as a psycho .. or something less soft and more grotesque (I do enjoy her doe eyes and warmth though…. She’s lovely)…. Kathy Bates ruined it for me last season and I don’t think she fit and am dissapointed that she’ll be in the new AHS 4th season … I must say though … of all the acters/actressess … Lily Rabe .. by far … gave an amazing preformance every season … absolutely brilliant and each roll.. versatile …. and she nailed it…. I want to see her every season

  • Cherish Parker

    and … would just like to add that I also do love Jamie Brewer very much and thought her dark moments in AHS coven were so fantastic … I loved her sassy attitude and hope to see her in season 4

  • Cherish Parker

    Maybe since Taissa and Even have been a couple thus far … maybe make them hate each other or enemies in the next

  • Nicole


  • Daisy

    I hope they bring back Taissa Farmiga and Lily Rabe! Those are my two favorite characters. ❤❤❤

  • A

    Everybody loves Taissa and Evan together, so why not bring Taissa back? She’s a great actor and it’s going to suck if she’s not going to be in season 4 to be honest. I also think that Emma Roberts is going to be great in this season. But bring Taissa back, she is one of everybodys favourite.

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