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HIMYM season 9, episode 16 “How Your Mother Met Me” just aired and How I Met Your Mother celebrates its 200th episode with nods to some of the most classic episodes.

The importance of this episode is twofold: it was the aforementioned 200th episode of the series, a feat not to be diminished by the fact it was our first, and perhaps only, Mother-centric episode. The brief mentions of the Mother throughout the previous eight seasons were all called back tonight as we saw the stories from the Mother’s perspective.

Though we don’t know her name, we do know a lot about the Mother. Particularly that she has spent most of her 20s mourning the loss of her boyfriend and supposed true love, Max. After turning 21 in 2005, she spends the next nine years only tepidly testing the waters, and when Max gives his “permission” to move on, she declines her boyfriend’s proposal.

But then it’s St. Patrick’s Day 2008, and her friend Kelly, whom we consider her Barney, convinces her to go out to the bars with her. The Mother obliges, but grabs her yellow umbrella in case of rain. After running into an old friend who is in need of some instruments, she rushes out of the bar to give him her cello. This friend, Mitch, mistakes her act of generosity as an invitation to take a page out of Barney’s playbook and run the Naked Man on her. It doesn’t work and she’s grossed out.

Before he leaves though, they have a heart to heart and we see the Mother go through the kind of existential crisis we’ve seen Ted go through practically once a season. She declares she wants to end poverty and Mitch drops this advice on her: “Every decision you make from here on out should be in service of that.” Which brings us to…

Fall 2009: The Mother is going for her degree in economics and retelling her sordid tale to another classmate, Cindy. The Mother evidently also likes long-winded stories as much as Ted.

Ted and the Mother really were made for each other, which to the viewer could seem as a trite move by the show. We don’t want to see the two hate each other and then fall in love, of course; we want love at first sight, but the clues that Ted and the Mother are perfect-with-a-capital-P for each other feel too blatant.

The closest they ever got to each other was in January 2010, when Ted went back to Cindy’s apartment. After they break up, Cindy bemoans that Ted was in love with the Mother. But she doesn’t see how that could be possible – after all, she has a coin collection and calligraphy set – nerdy stuff!

When Cindy realizes she’s a lesbian, she moves in with her girlfriend and the Mother is on the hunt for a new roommate. Enter Darren. The last time we saw him, he was throwing a fit and nearly ruining Barney and Robin’s wedding.

There was a time, though, when Darren was merely egotistical and taking credit for the band the Mother originally helmed. While she’s luging the band’s instruments in April 2012, she meets Lewis – her Robin, so to speak, it would seem. During this scene, there’s a wall of posters explaining “Save the Arcadian.” This subtle nod to the season 6 arc of Ted designing his own building was almost better than learning everything else about the Mother.

Side note: While the Mother and Darren were talking, we realized that Cristin Milioti and Andrew Rannells are two Tony Award nominated Broadway performers and we would really love to hear a song or two from their band, Super Freakonomics. If Barney could find a way to jump on stage too, that’d be great – Neil Patrick Harris has hosted the Tonys four times.

Through a sequence of events, the Mother ends up in Farhamton to preform for the wedding when she walks in on Lewis, her then-ex, down on one knee proposing to her.

Now it’s important to realize How I Met Your Mother has been about fate just as much for her as it was for Ted. If she’d said yes to Lewis, if she hadn’t gone to school to help end poverty, she probably wouldn’t be where she is today.

After leaving Lewis and checking into the Farhmanton Inn – taking Robin’s mom’s room – she strums her ukulele on the patio, and brings us back to today, the wedding weekend as we see the various states the gang is in. And friends, it’s not good. Lily and Marshall are fighting, and Barney is drunk and sleeping on Ted’s floor.

Or, at least, he was. Ted comes in from the patio and begins to explain the Mother’s incredible voice and ukelele performance to Barney, only to learn the groom has run away!

‘HIMYM’ MVP of the week: the Mother

This isn’t too big of a shock, is it? Cristin Milioti has knocked this pivotal role out of the park as she mixes her sense of sarcasm and sincerity together to create the woman that Ted has been looking for. We hope to see her featured more in these last seven episodes, now that we’ve crossed this threshold that’s taken us eight and three-quarters of a season to get to.

Next week is a new ‘HIMYM,’ Robin and Ted reminisce about his past relationships.

What did you think of “How Your Mother Met Me”?

  • Megan


  • David Sanders-Zakre

    I think that you are wrong, I think that there will be a new HIMYM on February 3rd

    • Kristina

      You are very correct! I got some dates mixed up. Fixed :)

  • Anthony Rex

    This episode was classic HIMYM. One of the best episodes in the past couple of seasons.

  • Paul

    The mothers name is leia. It’s on her necklace in the birthday scene. That’s why the kids names are Luke and penny not Luke and leia.

    • spike_slayer19


    • Daughter of Eve

      I had a feeling that would be the case when we heard his daughter’s name is Penny. Ted would’ve fallen in love just hearing her name.

    • TheFirst

      It seems to me it says ‘Love’.

      However, it would be awesome if her name did turn out to be Leia ;)

    • MLEe

      It says Love, not Leia.

  • Lauren

    What is the name of the song that the mother plays at the end of the episode?

    • shabs

      La Vie en rose. It was by Édith Piaf.

    • DoyleHolmesFan

      Louis Armstrong’s version is incredible too.

  • Bon

    Mitch invented the naked man and Barney got it from him…. He ran it on Robin first… Watch more himym.

    • Sara

      Barney ran The Naked Man on Cristina, his date in the same episode that Mitch appeared in. Might want to follow your own advice. ;)

      • kaitlin

        Yes. He and Ted decided to try it *after* Robin slept with Mitch. It didn’t even work for Barney.

    • Nivee

      Um,totally true. Mitch invented it and then Barney took inspiration from it. Like, everybody knows that . -_-

  • Claudia Guinansaca

    Such an amazing episode. The end had me crying!

  • Lisa Moore

    Can they do her point of view now “How I met your father” I really like the “Mother”. Start when she turned 21 :-)

    • TheFirst

      Isn’t that basically what this episode was? ;) Or did you mean her own show? Because I don’t think that’s going to happen.

      However, they are developing another spin off called ‘How I met your dad’. This show won’t focus on characters we know, though. The main character, Sally, will be a new character,

  • Lee

    Who was the actor named Kelly playing as “The Mother”s friend?

    • TheFirst

      Meagan Tandy played Kelly in the episode.

      • Leesa.

        Kelly. The white girl. Friends with The Mother. Kelly looks familiar from another show. Cant remember. WHOS THE ACTOR?

        • TheFirst

          Like I said before, the name of the actress is Meagan Tandy :)

        • mattinwi

          It’s not Meagan Tandy, it’s Ahna O’Reilly

    • Mand1591

      Her name is Ahna O’Reilly, I know her from The Help but look her up on IMDB

  • bree

    This episode was brilliant and I cannot fault it. By far the best this season, possibly one of the best ever. However, I have a feeling that the mother is dead when Ted is telling the story to his kids. I think that Ted and Robin will eventually end up together and the mother will pass away and be reunited with her love, Max. I could be wrong but it would make sense.

    • Guest

      huhuhuhu no!!

    • h0ld0n2me

      Yeah, on how Marshall says that the story of Ted and Robin isn’t over

    • Sara

      She’s not dead. The kids are hers and Ted’s. I did hear a theory the other day that is more plausible. What if Robin is dead? I don’t like the idea of anyone being dead at the end of the show, but if it was a realistic option, I would believe that over the mother being dead.

      • Ashg777

        If Robin has just died or passed away, it would make a bit more sense. The whole story starts with meeting Robin and really she was very important in his meeting the mother. Even their whole relationship was necessary until the Mother was ready.

        • oblyviate

          It makes sense what youre saying (too much) but i still dont want it to be true – and take comfort in the fact that Robin is still alive to explain to Lily about how she let Mike Tyson look after Marvin at the Lusty Leopard… I think that was about when Marvin was going to college?

          • Ashg777

            That’s true! I believe they said it was 17 years later, which would be 2029 if I remember right.

            Actually, from what I read we are supposed to see 18 year old Marvin at some point too in a flashforwards. That has nothing to do with it, should just be interesting who they pick to play him.

          • Elisa

            Robin can’t have kids, sooo..

    • jennd

      I got the sense too, that the Mom has passed away in the episode where there is Future 20 years Ted, Future 20 hours Ted, etc… where he says he would have gone to their mother’s apartment to have that extra time with her. I so hope this theory is wrong. Hats off to the writers for making us speculate about so many possible endings. :-) BTW, the mother episode was fantastic. The song at the end? Perfect.

  • m61

    Loved it. I like how they are tying everything together. I wish more shows would go out like this. Closure is a good thing for a dedicated fan base.

  • DoyleHolmesFan

    Lewis = Lou Ferrigno Jr a.k.a The Incredible Hulk’s son. WHAT UP? This was a great episode. I never, for an instant, thought that the writers would create such a tragic back story for the mother. For the life of me, I could never imagine going through the pain and loss of the person I loved at the tender age of 21. I am REALLY looking forward to The Mother meeting Robin now….it must be a doozy.

  • JEM muscio

    that circa 2005 cab is so 2011. ;0)

  • kayleighchance

    the episode was super sweet (especially that ending…if you say you didn’t tear up, you’re a liar). but does anyone else feel that the mother is too.. perfect? she’s the typical quirky funny pretty girl and it’s gotten a little annoying to me personally. it seems almost fan-servicey. it’s boring to think that the mother is just this plain canvas that they’ve just painted with images of what ted would like… can she not be her own person? i don’t know, this is probably just me. but i guess i was hoping for more originality in this character than a mere picture of everything that ted wants in a woman.

    • tim

      Well keep in mind, this whole show is being told from Ted’s point of view, so doesn’t it seem kinda natural that The Mother would come across idealized? Ask any guy to tell a story about the woman they love, and chances are, said woman will come across idealized.

      • kayleighchance

        that’s a great point. i guess that because this episode was specifically from the pov of the mother that i expected a little more depth outside of just how she relates to ted and didn’t quite feel that it was there, but that’s probably just me. you’ve definitely got a solid argument there though

  • http://hunyumstan.tumblr.com/ hunyum

    I LOVE this episode.
    And though i dont want a new spin-off, Im still a little mad that they decided to introduce the mother now. i would have loved to see her in at least two seasons.

  • jesse

    Maybe it’s just me but I swear I saw Robin in the background of a photo with the mother and Luis. This happens right before she is having her breakfast sing to Luis.
    Anyone else think so ???

  • Vic

    It’s taken Ted 8 1/2 seasons to tell his side of the story and we’re just now getting the mother side of the story!….In one episode! There should be a mini-season that tells the Mother’s side of the story. It would tie it all together so much better. Then we could invest in the mother’s character……WORST story telling EVER!

  • Mounessa

    It was very good

  • Mounessa


  • Mounessa

    Friends :D

  • Mellea

    I like that we got to see all the connections from the mother’s side, but I feel like the ‘Max’ plot line taints the potential romance of her and Ted entirely. Surely it was a writing tool to make sure she stayed mostly single all those years, but people who lose a partner, one whom they think is perfect or ‘the one’, rarely ever let go of their ‘unfinished story’ which is so sad.

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