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American Horror Story: Coven episode 12 “Go To Hell” lives up to its title, and you cannot imagine who will not return this season! Read our full recap below!

American Horror Story: Coven‘s second-to-last chapter set a high bar for next week’s finale. Hell welcomes a few new members this evening, while firing the gun for a cut-throat race for the next Supreme.

The Seven Wonders: The witches of the Coven are getting stronger. There is no denying that Madison’s ability to perform transmutation, Queenie’s resurrection skills, and each girl’s power to use telekinesis leaves no clear sign as to who will rise as the next Supreme. The one to take the challenge and perform the Seven Wonders will either prove herself to the Coven, or die trying. The Seven Wonders are as follows: Telekinesis, Concilium, Transmutation, Divination, Vitalum Vitalis, Descensum, and Pyrokinesis.

“Seven acts of magic so advanced, each pushes the boundaries of craft into art.” A quote from the introductory video to the Seven Wonders casts beauty onto a task built up to be nothing more than an attempt to overthrow a vindictive leader.

Decensum: Papa Legba, a deity worthy of respect in Queenie’s eyes, resides in the afterlife. Performing the task of decensum, a descent into the nether world, Queenie catches a glimpse of her personal hell: Chubbie’s Chicken where her future and power were non-existent. Papa Legba, impressed with her abilities to visit so soon, offers to chat about Marie once she makes it out alive. In a less than dramatic 180-degree turn, Queenie returns to her room, chatting with Papa Legba over hot cocoa. Marie’s body, which is scattered about the city thanks to her “buttermilk biscuit” enemy, is no longer able to fulfill her debt. Thus, the immortality bond between Delphine and Marie turns moot and Delphine’s life is up for grabs.

Pearls of Wisdom: The tour of Madame LaLaurie’s torture chamber at the opening of the season earns a rewrite at the close. Clad in a dress suit, pearls, and sporting a fashionable new hairdo, Delphine debunks the myths of the household to tourist groups after hearing the atrocious story. She reduces the attic that once held horrors to a storage room where a misunderstood visionary gained the reputation of a savage. Besides, who would waste time above the house when fabulous parties are occurring downstairs? Delphine admits to killing 62 slaves (she kept a ledger), not 150, but adds a tour guide with a misconception to the list.

Disappointed tourists exit, leaving Queenie a minute alone to offer Delphine one last chance to change, to repent. But Delphine sees that public humiliation, shedding a tear, and apologizing are what make the world weak. “The magic box” shows her the troubles of Anthony Weiner, for example. There is no remorse, only hypocrites looking for acceptance back into society. Her valid commentary on this does little to convince Queenie. She stabs Delphine in the heart with her own weapon, leaving her to die where her fascination began.


The Long Goodbye: Cordelia’s drastic measure to regain the “the sight” appears to be for nothing when she can neither read Madison nor discover Misty’s whereabouts. It is through a conversation with her mother that she discovers her gift never left her. Fiona, fresh off of having her portrait painted, realizes it is time to say goodbye. As Fiona wraps a family heirloom around Cordelia’s neck, a vision of horror flashes before her. Each lady of the Coven, including herself, lies dead throughout the house.

Cordelia takes this knowledge to the person it will hurt the most, the Axeman. The man whose music casts away any ill fortune learns the woman he fell in love with plans to leave him in two days’ time. Fiona confesses that once the deed is complete, she will have 30 good years to live abroad, inviting herself into the homes of kings, until another Supreme begins to rise. A delightful distraction, a fond memory; that is all the Axeman offers to her anymore.

Vitalum Vitalis: Cordelia’s mission to find Misty becomes more urgent with the impending Coven massacre. Queenie breaks open the tomb and revives Misty with just enough grace and ease to place her at the top of the Supreme running. Madison finally gets her ass handed to her at the physical outburst brought on by Misty’s return. When push comes to shove, however, the ladies of the Coven band together, including Zoe, who recognizes the strength of her powers in Orlando (including the ability to wear a pea-coat in ORLANDO). An intruder cloaked in blood wielding an ax makes a move at them, but is tossed back. “You picked the wrong house.” Indeed.

The Axeman enters the house fresh from a kill, ready to take out all the women responsible for his unhappiness. His first victim is Fiona Goode. Cordelia’s vision at the touch of the blood shows Fiona admitting her plan to leave New Orleans and the Axeman’s blade stabbing her back numerous times before feeding her to the alligators in the swamp. There is no bringing someone back from that mess. Stabbing the Axeman to death, the ladies ensure he does not escape the fate that was brought upon him years ago under the same roof.

American Horror Story: Coven

Personal Hell: LaLaurie’s hell traps her in the cages of her attic at the mercy of the slaves she once tortured. Feet away from her daughter, LaLaurie cannot protect her from the horrors that Marie Laveau has in store. Papa Legba meshes their hells: another eternity together. Marie tortures Delphine’s daughters against her will, forcing them to drink blood and assaulting them with fire pokers. Though Marie lived her life protecting hoards of people, her sins are not atoned for in this lifetime.

Supreme Rising: The portrait of Fiona rises to the wall and nice words pass through the room. Insincere, but nice nonetheless. Fiona was a force to be reckoned with and an awful Supreme to live under. But Fiona is the past, and the question now turns to the ladies: Who is the future?

Watch the season finale of American Horror Story: Coven Wednesday, January 29 at 10 p.m. ET on FX

Who will exit ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ with the Supreme title?

  • Jake

    Whoa. That was basically my feelings toward this episode.

  • Lazarus

    I Have a few theories about the supreme-
    1- Cordelia or maybe shes pregnant w/ next supreme
    2- Stevie Nicks is the supreme
    3- but the one I’m thinking now is that it’s All of them together w/ Myrtle as the house mother

    • Jasilse Cullen

      1- she ain’t had no type of sex
      2- she not part of the coven
      3- they need a new council

      • CliveRogan

        1- she has, just not too recently, also not to be disparaging to fetuses, but I can’t imagine it’d have great leadership skills.
        2- Neither was Misty and she’s a candidate, but I don’t think she will be
        3- yeah, they really do, I assume the council also look over other covens, I wonder how they’re getting on without a council.

        My theory is it’ll be impossible to say who the supreme will be given the nature of the show. Given their experience with the skills Queenie seems the front runner having already performed half of the seven wonders. I also think it’s too soon to discount Nan. She may be dead and in another realm, but that’s one of the seven wonders right there.

        • CovenPhan

          There are no other covens. Just dispersed Salem Descendants. They made mention of this in one the episode where Zoe steps up and Nan and Queenie don’t want any part of the Ouija Board. Zoe is looking through the pictures and notices that Salem descendants have dwindled every year. “Now there are only Three” Zoe says. Of course with Madison and Misty there are 5 now, but Cordelia has been WAY underplayed this season and Stevie Nicks has only had a brief appearance. It’s anyone’s guess who the next Supreme will be.

          • CliveRogan

            I thought they were Salem descendents but there were other witches that aren’t Salem Descendents. Why do they even have a council for only one coven? That’s madness.

  • RussellTurner

    Seriously so annoyed by tonight’s episode. I feel Fiona would have used her magic against the axe man.. So many plot holes this season

    • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle

      Admittedly she was ridiculously weak, so maybe she just THOUGHT she was too powerful for him to do anything, hence staying for a drink right before she got killed. She was too cocky to even try magic until it was too late.

    • Jasilse Cullen

      Yea I felt the same way

      • CovenPhan

        Her powers were almost nil, people. She was weeks away from death. She said it herself.

        • RussellTurner

          Yeah, but then shook took control of queenie with no sweat

          • krow132

            she let her guard down . Its obvious. They’re witches, not women of steel. She got arrogant and thought that he loved her too much to possibly cause harm to her. So nothing about that is a plot hole. Its obvious the way they shot the scene they wanted to show that she was not paying attention and got careless. Almost as if she was wishing death on herself in a strange way. Obviously if she was on her toes she would destroy him

          • AR

            Don’t forget the butler is still alive. Maybe he will take out all the witches for Fiona and then bring her back. Who knows? lol

          • CovenPhan

            Spalding’s dead-dead-deadski. He’s not still alive. He’s a ghost.

          • krow132

            well he is dead, its just his spirit is trapped in the house (ala AHS- Murder House). So yeah I can see him helping Fiona out if she is still alive

    • CliveRogan

      I think it’s hard to perform magic with an axe in your back and she definitely didn’t see that coming.

    • CovenPhan

      And remember…. One of the 7 Wonders is Descensum, descending to the nether worlds and bringing yourself back. How could Fiona have passed this test when Papa Legba clearly told her she had no soul? HUGE LOOPHOLE.

      • CliveRogan

        She could easily have lost her soul somewhere along the way, that’s what I’d assumed anyway. Also, the wording of Descensum suggested that there are many netherworlds, others might not need a soul to get to.

        I wish people would put in a gram of rational thought before shouting loophole. Every time it happens the studios make their series more dumbed down to compensate.

        • CovenPhan

          Well… Descensum isn’t a real word. Descensus sort of is, but ok. Descensum is a word made up for the series. It literally (according to the series) means to descend to the nether world and come back on your own accord. Legba stated that EVERYONE pays, EVERYONE suffers, so therefore doesn’t everyone have to have a soul? And it was made very clear that the “nether world” is everyone’s own personal hell, so I don’t think they suggested anything. I’m pretty sure they said flat out there are many different netherworlds. All, however, are only awarded admittance by Legba. That rational thought idea of yours is a good one!

          • CliveRogan

            I’m not talking about it being a real word, I’m talking about what was said at the start of the episode.

            You don’t need a soul to suffer, or do you think Fiona’s nice and happy throughout the series?

          • CovenPhan

            Oh, so when our bodies are buried, it’s the physical body that goes to hell? Nope. It’s the soul. You do need a soul. According to actual religion animals are excluded from the afterlife because they have no soul. You CAN’T gain entrance if you don’t have a soul. Semantics.

          • CliveRogan

            I wasn’t referring to going to hell, you say you need a soul to suffer, but Fiona doesn’t have a soul but she’s sure as hell suffering.

            Reading your comment again though I realize the Legba quite is directly referring to hell so that your comment is too so I apologize for misreading.

  • Jeremy

    I was very shocked Fiona died this episode. I just hope one of the 7 wonders they will have to confront Fiona is “Their personal hell”

  • Ayu

    They will all barely pass the Seven Wonders, then one will kill them all in one quick and foul swoop. The next Supreme. The last of the Coven.

    • woody

      humm…you’re an insider?

      • Ayu

        Yes, and it’s Fiona.

  • GeraldB

    I have noticed that there are a few things that we need to take into consideration.

    Before Hank’s dad died, he said to Fiona and Marie that the Delphi Trust is not yet over with the coven. So, I’m guessing that they are not yet done with them withes.

    Second is that when the zombies attacked, Zoe showed off a power that she never knew she had. She spoke some latin or spell that stopped Marie’s floating trance. And Marie even said that there is some powerful witch inside the coven. (I’m guessing that she was talking about Zoe here.) None of the other witches have showed this ability before.

    And third, is that I don’t trust what Cordelia saw when she touched the blood and axeman.

    And is it possible for Myrtle to be the next supreme? Yeah, she’s old, but who knows. Not until we see the final episode, all of our guesses are possible.

    • CliveRogan

      During Cordelia’s vision, Cordelia was shot in the head, I can’t imagine Fiona would have done that so it makes sense there’s more going on there than meets the eye (or lack thereof).

      Zoe did show that power, but it’s not one of the seven, or not one I can work out so may not be a sign of her being the new supreme, though I do believe she will become the supreme.

      • CovenPhan

        Remember when Fiona took Madison out to the cafe and had Madison make that man think he was safer in the middle of the street? What if she can manipulate Cordelia’s visions somehow? What if she promised the Axeman that she would bring him back if he played along. She may be able to make ‘Delia see whatever she wants her to see…. She is For-yer-no-good, after all.

      • you’sajoke

        I’m trying to remember. In the vision, did we see a dead Myrtle?

      • Niki Tritt

        your comment made me think totally different of the vision that delia had of all of them dead. they were all “staked, or stabbed” with something that looked like a fancy chair leg or something. i think the other witch hunters out there somewhere, come and clean out the whole house with witch killing gear, plus the silver bullet to delias head. and as for myrtle…hmmm…i dont really know. i hope this is not the ending tho, i want the witches to triumph, together!!!

    • AR

      I believe Myrtle is pulling the strings. I believe all the witches will die at the hands of Mrytle’s trick. One they are dead Fiona will come back and kill her.
      At which time Fiona will take back her mothers necklace from Cordelia.

      • Shaka Zulu

        That would be the best twist of this season since in my opinion, this season was the weakest of the previous two. This season NEEDS a twist like that.

    • Niki Tritt

      just wanted to update one part of your comment. when zoe was on the ground with the last zombie above her, she said “be in your nature”, not some spell or latin. just learned this in the comment section of the entertainment weekly recap of episode 12. which i was so happy to learn cuz i always wondered what she said.

  • Tarah94

    Anyone else finding it so hard to even care about the show anymore? I’ve been waiting for some great shocker like seasons 1 and 2 had but I’ve lost all hope for that. I’m just ready for them to reveal the new supreme and then start announcing season 4 details

    • CovenPhan

      Wha…!? This is by far the most intriguing season of AHS! All the ACTUAL people they incorporated into their storyline. I mean, come on… The Axeman of N.O.! Marie LaVeau, LaLaurie… this is by far the best season.

      • Tarah94

        You’re entitled to your opinion. I think it had the most potential, but, I believe it was executed pretty poorly and uninterestingly. The plots have been all over the place so much that I wouldn’t even be able to find words to tell people what this season is about. Plus, I think aside from the Lalaurie stuff, this season is REALLY lacking the real life horrors that made season 1 and 2 so good.

        • CovenPhan

          As you said… Opinions. But when you speak of the “real life” stuff from season one, are you talking about a normal housewife eating organs? The Ghosts? The Infantata? The Aliens? The creatures Dr. Arden was creating with his Human Trials? The possession on Lily Rabe? Would those be the “real life” horrors you’re talking about? Because I think season 3 is the closest to real life, so far. As Voodoo and Salem descendants do exist. The Axeman was real. LaLaurie was real. Laveau was real. I’m not saying magic is real, I’m saying that this season probably hit realism more than the other two.

          The real horrors of the other seasons would have only been everyone’s willingness to kill in season one and Dr. Thredson in season 2.

          BUT AS YOU SAID…. opinions. Simply that.

          • CliveRogan

            Season 1′s real life horrors aren’t the ghosts but the style of the murders, The Black Dahlia was real,high school shootings are real, people have in the past knocked on peoples doors and killed them for fun. Those are real life horrors.

            Season 2 was on another level, the aliens, monsters and demon possesion aren’t real, but the rest was so true to life it could have been real. Mental institutions were truly like that in the 60s, women being imprisoned for wanting to have sex or being gay. Instead of therapy you’re just given medication and locked in a small room.

            In those seasons they took the real life horrors and spun an insane fantasy around them. Season 3′s tried the same but it just isn’t as effective. Only LaLaurie and the Axeman count as a real life horror, LaLaurie’s spent half the series being a joke, the Axeman a halfhearted love interest.

            I’ve liked Season 3 but it’s been nowhere near as disturbing as the first two.

          • CovenPhan

            Well thanks for listing the real life horrors that I just did from the first two seasons.

          • CliveRogan

            You didn’t actually list any real life horrors from the first two seasons…

            You listed the more outlandish things then said “The real horrors of the other seasons would have only been everyone’s
            willingness to kill in season one and Dr. Thredson in season 2.”

          • CovenPhan

            So because I didn’t list them out, they weren’t summed up by “EVERYONE’S WILLINGNESS TO KILL” and “DR. THREDSON”? I mean… come on. Asylum’s in the ’60s were a scary thing, but we don’t have to face that anymore, and most functioning citizens didn’t have to go to asylums. So therefore, it’s not really an identifiable horror. Dr. Thredson was the ONLY real life horror from season two. And his son. EVERYONE’S willingness to kill/harm/mame/attack/rape/ whatever YOU wanna call it, was the ONLY real horror in season one. Aaaaaaaaand….. Boom goes the dynamite.

          • CliveRogan

            Because you didn’t list them out? so you’re fully acknowledging that you didn’t list out the list of things you’re claiming to list out? You are literally a moron.

            On Season 2, do you not have any empathy at all? Just because something happened in the 60s doesn’t mean it doesn’t resonate now. Saying that something in the past isn’t identifiable obliterates your whole argument for Season 3. How are The Axeman and LaLaurie relateable now?

            And not everyone in Season 1 even is willing to kill. Potential to kill isn’t frighting, only actual killing is which Season 1 was full of. It contained a wide variety of different equally horrific murders, all of which could easily be happening right now somewhere.

          • Myster

            A poop on both your houses.

          • Tarah94

            Like CliveRogan said, Yes Season 3 has the real life horrors of Lalaurie and the Axeman but, the actual horrors of them have very minimal screen time; the show doesn’t focus much on them(Especially the Axeman). The show focuses a lot more on the fictitious horrors which make it far less disturbing.Season 1 and 2 have good blends of fictional and real life horrors, which you’ve clearly neglected. Season 1 has the real life horrors of the school shooting, psychopaths(/antisocial personality disorder), brutal murders, break-ins, rapes, self harm, suicide, etc. Season 2 had the real life horrors of what used to be our mental health system, the treatment of homosexuals during those times, the treatment of biracial couples, nazi experimentation, lobotomies, exorcisms, serial killers, sexual abuse, electroshock therapy, homosexual aversion therapy, etc. I’m not denying the real life horrors of season 3, but, the little emphasis on them is what made the season kind of weak for me, in addition to the messy storyline.
            Again, you’re allowed to prefer season 3. But, don’t ignore huge aspects of seasons 1 and 2 to try and make a point.

          • CovenPhan

            Good lord. You all are just saying the SAME thing I said, just elaborating. I said the real life horrors of season one was EVERYONE’s willingness to kill. That pretty much sums up School shootings, psychopaths, MURDERS, etc.

            Season two: The Aliens. The creatures Dr. Arden (lobotomies, electro-shock therapy) was creating with his Human Trials. The possession on Lily Rabe (Possesion, exorcisms). Dr. Thredson (serial killer).

            All things I mention in a very valid attempt that you just can’t seem to accept. You keep saying “opinions”, yet then you attack. It’s a TV Show. All I’M saying, is that if you are going to attack…. using my words as reference, read them.

          • Not Attacking Youuuuuu

            Calm down. People elaborated for the sake of those that may have wanted elaboration which is something you didn’t do. No one is attacking you. No one cares to attack you. Yeeesh!

          • CliveRogan

            Oh, I wasn’t attacking before but I sure as hell am now.

          • Chicagocola

            Ok everyone, here is the real terror of Season 3..what is happening in the Coven is happening in offices across America. Millenials are uprising and taking control of major corporations much to the chagrin of baby boomers, who believe their long-time efforts are overlooked. Everyone is striving for relevance and power and they are willing to go to extreme lengths to be in charge. It’s not as in your face as rape or Nazi experimentation; however, it might be more disturbing that so many people haven’t made this connection because we have become so accustomed to it. This is all about mortality and coming to terms with our aging and death. In a time of stem cells being used to make us young and the vanity of our society, this is by far the most real, and terrifying, look at American culture.

    • Kylah

      i totally agree, while i love ahs coven its not as intriguing to me as the last two. while some episodes i enjoyed others seemed like fillers for an episode. i know asylum kind of had a lot going on but at least every episode id be like wow omg, and i think because like every other episode someone ”died” it made me get annoyed of the show then more intrigued but still i like the show i just prefer murder house.

  • Brendan

    This season had so much potential, but it got lost in the middle. I’m not rooting for any of the characters; they are all horrible people (except Zoe, but she’s an empty vessel of a “character”) and death literally means nothing, so there are absolutely no stakes. There are great moments in each episode, and some actually scary stuff (Papa Legba), but the plot doesn’t gain momentum or hold together because this world has no rules and no protagonist.

    The only story I’m interested in now is Fiona’s. Her story, a woman scared of death and desperately searching for immortality, was the only one that held up (even though her motives have been switching around the past 3 episodes). What I would like to see is her coming back, killing all of these horrible witches, and ultimately having a showdown with Cordelia, who is the next Supreme; this way she represents both Fiona’s death and Fiona’s immortality. Fiona could finally stop seeing Cordelia as a hopeless failure and see her as a legacy, an everlasting link to the world. I don’t know. But I don’t think she’s dead, otherwise Cordelia’s vision wouldn’t exist.

    • Shaka Zulu

      “except Zoe, but she’s an empty vessel of a character” Yes! I totally agree! Oh my goodness. She is the least capable of EVAIL and the least threatening but simply because she lacks so much personality. Whenever there is an attempt at characterization, I can’t help but giggle. For example, this last episode where she yells while stabbing the Ax Man “no one messes with our coven!” what a giggle fest I had.

  • gary a wright

    I only pray that Fiona, Jessica Lange, reconsiders her thoughts of leaving the series. This has been on her greatest works. I have always loved her acting skills, and she has brought so much to the television screen.. something that I rarely watch anymore. American Horror Story, for all of its bloody and violent acts, has truly been a masterpiece. The episode where Stevie Nicks sings Fiona’s swansong, tears welled up in my eyes as well. Because I am in their age group, having Jessica Lange perform has been inspirational and some of her best acting has come form this series. I know that she is ready to retire, and she has truly worked through some incredible cinemas, i.e. ‘Sweet Dreams, Tootsie, just to name a few. She is a class act, and this series helped me see what a dynamic performer she is…. not to underscore the performances of the rest of the cast, but Jessica Lange brought all of her talents to the table and letting go of her and them is really like saying good bye to her. We all have been saying enough of those in the past few years, with the passing of icons the baby boomers have lived their lives knowing and being entertained by their great talents. As a nun, a witch, or whatever might be next, I hope that Jessica Lange is a part of that scene. BTW, Angela Basset and kathy Bates were also stellar in their delivery. I really don’t know if I even want to watch the final episode.

    • Niclistin

      Lange is in for the next season and then she’s done. There’s an article about it already, takes place in 1950 and Murphy said Lange is learning her German!

  • http://rottenvaginaz.tumblr.com/ Valeria Kementari

    it all ends with Cordelia’s Divination coming true. Fiona isn’t dead. If not I’m killing Ryan Murphy

    • DemonEyesKels

      I was thinking the same thing :)

  • AmyLovesWitches

    Seriously…you think this is the weakest of all the AHS seasons so far? I think it’s on a par with Season 1, no doubt about it. I love the themes of fear of aging, what powerful women working together can accomplish, and how absolute power corrupts absolutely. I am on the edge of my seat every week.

  • Melissa Stephens

    Fiona isnt gone. I dont believe she’d let herself get axed in the back! She has supreme powers I think she’ s pulling strings and I don’t trust myrtle theres something not right there besides her crazy I think theres more than meets the eye, cant wait until the finale!

    • Niclistin

      I agree. He took her to the swamp and then came back? No way.

      • AR

        I think Mrytle will murder all the witches at the seven wonders believing she was cheated out of her right to be Supreme years ago. Fiona will return and finish Mrytle off and snatch the necklace from Cordelia believing so was too weak and simple to realize she was being duped.

  • talia

    where can I watch episode 12??????

  • Jomel M.

    I enjoyed this week’s episode! Well, I didn’t expect Fiona to die that way, but who knows, she might not be really dead right? Also, I liked that vision Cordelia had when her mother gave her the bracelet. That is exactly how I think the show will end — Fiona killing them all and starting over again.

    I have high expectations for the season finale. I hope it won’t disappoint.

    • Niclistin

      I don’t think she’s dead. He killed her, took her to the swamp and then came back to the house and sat at the stairs? I’m not buying it. Fiona is up to no good :)

  • http://fuckedyobitch.com/ suigetsuthirsty

    im pretty sure its going to be zoe just based on how everything is playing out since the beginning

  • Cindy Macleod

    Papa Legba was both funny and scary: “As punishment of your crimes of murder torture passion
    fashion and being an all harm no good miserable bitch you will spend all of
    eternity here”

  • dandelionwords

    Am I the only person that thinks Axeman and Fiona are conspiring with each other and she isn’t actually dead? I could be totally wrong but I wouldn’t be surprised if the twist is that she is alive and well and she kills everyone exactly like in the premonition. I hope I’m wrong though… haha

    • CovenPhan

      NOT AT ALL!!! Remember when Fiona took Madison out to the cafe and had Madison make that man think he was safer in the middle of the street? What if she can manipulate Cordelia’s visions somehow? What if she promised the Axeman that she would bring him back if he played along. She may be able to make ‘Delia see whatever she wants her to see…. She is For-yer-no-good, after all.

  • CovenPhan

    Has anyone noticed the strange, but all too common Wizard of Oz references this season? Delphi’s main man telling Renard that it’s like a “tornado” came thru this place. Kyle’s favorite band is Toto, WITCHES, Fiona’s mention of how Stevie Nicks is a “White” witch…. just a few things. Tryin’ to find the clues. Have NO idea how WofO plays into American Horror Story, but there are several irrefutable clues/mentions that make you think.

  • Joehio

    The next supreme will be Zoe. It all goes back to episode 5. Marie Laveau gave the telltale clue when Zoe broke the zombie spell and Marie, a super-powerful witch herself who has been alive for over 200 years and seen all kinds of witches come and go, including Fiona, gets knocked on her butt and is genuinely shocked and she says, “I don’t know what that was but they got some real power in that witch house now.” Plus, it just makes sense from a storytelling point of view since it all started with Zoe.

    I don’t believe Fiona is really dead either. But I think the clue to that was when Papa Legba said she had no soul. Why? I think Fiona put her soul in the body of the baby girl she saved in the hospital in episode 5 also.

    If not Zoe, my total out-of-left-field prediction is that the next supreme will be Lady Gaga, which would finally explain those bizarre fashions we see in the opening credits.

  • Megan

    Did anyone else notice how the Axman was looking around wildly while on the stairs? Maybe Fiona messed with his mind to make him ‘think’ he killed her and so on. The idea that the ‘vision’ will come true is still in the air. I like the idea of the witch hunters coming back to do the deed of killing them all. Because why would Cordelia be the only one with a gunshot wound to the head? You would think if Fiona had a gun, she would finish them all off with a bullet. Plus it’s not really her style to use a gun in the first place (I could be completely wrong) but I don’t think she would result to that.

  • Ricky Farlon

    Cordelia is the supreme. Fiona giving her the necklace means that she has chose her as the supreme. And Cordelia herself doesn’t know she is the supreme.

  • Bee

    I gotta feeling that if Cordelia’s vision is right and eventually going to happen, Fiona gets her help in a form of Spalding. I think Cordelia might be the next supreme although she’s not mentioning herself to take upon the 7 wonders, because after all we haven’t really seen what powers did she had before “the sight” or manifests in between that.

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