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Frozen had several great musical moments, but did you know there were seven songs that ended up on the cutting room floor?

The Frozen deluxe edition soundtrack includes seven deleted songs with explanations from songwriters Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez who recorded the tunes themselves.

In these demos the two songwriters perform each song, so don’t expect to hear the voices of the cast. Nonetheless, these demos are surprisingly presentable and we’re so pleased to see they were officially released.

Below, we share the comments from Bobby and Kristen, and we personally rate each one’s deletion potential on a scale of 1 (should have been included in the movie) to 5 (we’re glad it was deleted).

‘We Know Better’

The first song written for Frozen, “We Know Better” is described by Kristen as a “song for two rebellious princesses.” Indeed, Elsa and Anna sing about what most people expect princesses to be and why they’re different from the norm. This demo version is only the first half of the song, Bobby says.

Deletion potential: 3. Although we’re not fans of the baby screaming sound effect at the beginning, the song itself is adorable and is on par with “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” Young viewers could’ve felt pretty inspired by this one.

‘Spring Pageant’

“In a lot of the early versions the film had a prophecy, and it was our job to introduce the prophecy in a fun and exciting song,” says Bobby. “So we decided to do it as a children’s pageant. In this song we see the children rehearsing the pageant with a very light and snotty school play director.

Deletion potential: 5. “Spring Pageant” sounds like a Christmas song at the beginning then gets into the play. Since we don’t know much about the prophecy plot line and this doesn’t feel like a true song, we’re not huge fans of this one.

‘More Than Just the Spare’

“There was an early draft that was all about the heir and the spare. Elsa being the heir, Anna being the overlooked, not needed spare,” Kristen explain. “We wrote this as her big introductory song. Even though it ultimately got cut, it was really useful in terms of tapping into Anna’s character.”

Deletion potential: 2. Heartwarming and catchy with a strong finish, this is another one about empowerment. The problem with this one is that it follows a little too closely to what Anna sings about in “Do You Want to Build a Snowman.” It’s good, it just takes a while to feel big.

‘You’re You’

Deletion potential: 5. Bobby says that this was an early version of what eventually made the movie. “This was an early attempt to write a love moment for Hans and Anna, and this moment eventually became ‘Love is an Open Door.’” For that reason, this definitely didn’t need to be a part of the story. It’s a cute tune but feels like it would be boring on screen.

‘Life’s Too Short’

“As we were developing Frozen, one of the songs we knew we had to write was the song between Elsa and Anna at the end of which Elsa had to freeze Anna’s heart with a blast of magic,” Bobby explains.

Adds Kristen, “This first attempt was more confrontational than what ended up in the movie, but we enjoyed going to that drama place.”

Deletion potential: 2. It’s an alternate version of the storyline, as Kristen explains, “In this version, Anna’s solution to the problem is for Elsa to put the gloves back on, and this is the thing that really sets Elsa off.” On the other hand, it’s pretty darn catchy. One issue we see is that it feels a little too upbeat given what’s happening on screen.

‘Life’s Too Short’ reprise

Sad but powerful, this one was set to appear later in the film.

‘Reindeer Remix’

The songwriters describe this one as a “joke” because they reached the end of writing then realized they “hadn’t written anything substantial at all for the amazing Jonathan Groff.”

They tell us to imagine this playing during the end credits, yet this song’s lyrics appear in a song earlier in the movie. So was this the first version before they decided to move it into the movie?

Deletion potential: 5. Not good. Not worthy of Groff. We can’t picture it, songwriters, sorry.

Which deleted ‘Frozen’ songs do you think should’ve been included?

  • Ultron

    My only problem with frozen was that Jonathan Groff was totally ripped off and underused. Kristoff deserved an emotional solo!

    • Niall Adams

      Agreed. Or at the very least a duet with Anna. Why hire Jonathan Groff and not really let him sing? Otherwise the film was perfect!

      • Ultron

        I know! They even realized they ripped him off and didn’t do anything about it?

        • Violet

          Maybe they can give him a role in the Broadway version…

          • sabmis

            Maybe they will have him sing more in Frozen 2 o.O

          • Olivia Underwood

            I think he needed to open up first characteristically in order to make the singing believable. Now that he and Anna are together, if they make a sequel I’m pretty sure that he’ll get a song, probably more than that… But since he and Anna only get together at the end of the movie, there wasn’t enough time to put something in.

      • hopelesslynerdy

        Well that’s basically what they did with Idina Menzel when she was in Enchanted… maybe Jonathan Groff will eventually have his own Disney movie!

        • Lia

          Yes please!!

        • elsa

          i love his voice especially when he sings bohiemiam rhapsody in glee sorry i splet bohemiam wrong

    • Claudia Guinansaca

      Totally agree. But the songwriters did say in an interview something about how Groff’s character Kristoff wasn’t really one to burst into song unless he was alone. Which I also agree with… Use Jonathan’s heavenly pipes but compromise Kristoff’s characterization? What a dilemma. Maybe we’ll have luck with the musical!

      • Riana-Tiana Menezes

        Breaking into song wasn’t in his character? This is a Disney movie, singing is in each and every character’s DNA no matter who they are.

        • Timothy

          I’d have to disagree. It’s been the trend that the male protagonist doesn’t burst into song unless completely necessary recently. In Enchanted, Tangled, etc. the male “hero” actually questions why the female protagonist/everyone else is singing. I think Kristoff singing would have compromised him as a character and, with that, also compromised the alleged “chemistry” between Anna and Hans (Hans being Anna’s dream man: tall, dark, handsome, with a perfect voice, who completely understands her).

          • Ultron

            See, I disagree. I think a song right after he left Arendelle and was looking back from the hilltop would’ve been perfect. He realizes then that he loves Anna and is sort of ashamed he just left her there. A song there could’ve reflected on why she didn’t choose him, if she really likes him, and if he really likes her. I think it would’ve added a certain emotional depth to his character that was kind of a mystery in the movie because he’s almost emotionally static for most of the movie. We never really got to see too much that he really liked Anna except for when he races back to save her. A song would’ve been a nice transition there. Prince Eric had this same sort of problem. He was a flat character because he had no music or depth to him. He didn’t have any songs in the movie but was given a few in the musical to add more emotion to his character rather than just be a prince that just stands there as a prize for the girl.

          • Riana-Tiana Menezes

            I fail to understand why it would have compromised his character even if he was just singing to himself. He doesn’t need to belt out a huge number like Let it go, a slow ballad would have worked just fine, describing his inner monologue. In fact he doesn’t even need to sing it, he can just be thinking it. For example, you wouldn’t exactly think the big mighty Beast would sing, but in the song “Something There” you get to hear what he is thinking, thus giving the audience insight into how he feels about Belle. They could have done something like that for Kristoff as well.

          • Ultron

            Not to mention “If I can’t Love Her” from the beauty and the beast musical…Amazing song. Kristoff needs a song like that.

        • coull

          i agree because no matter what there lifestyle is like they will sing at random intervals

      • Julie Bresnahan

        The perfect opportunity for a Kristoff song was right after he left Anna at the castle, when Sven is trying to make him turn back. He was alone, he was emotional, it could have been wonderful.

      • Ultron

        I don’t think it would necessarily compromise his character. I think it would add an emotional depth to him that wasn’t shown very well in the movie. We really don’t know how much he loves anna or his feelings at all really. A song should’ve been there to show that. Plus, you could say the same about shrek not being a character to sing but there’s a whole musical based around him!

    • Melissa

      I don’t know about “emotional.” I don’t think that would have fit his character very well. I love Jonathan Groff as a singer, too but his character wasn’t “mushy” or anything. He was cute and shy and kinda bashful about love. Come on, he even talks about guys picking their nose, and then eating it! :) I think he would have been great having a song on the same note as the one Olaf got to do. Maybe an extension to what he was singing to Sven.

    • IceQueenElsa

      I completely agree!! The movie was amazing and by far, my favourite Disney movie, but Jonathan Groff needed a solo!! I mean, when you’ve got an incredible Broadway singer and actor, you’re supposed to give him AT LEAST one solo! He was, as you said, ripped off and underused.

    • gabby

      Ya. I gree. Its a bit strange and all he got was one short song. He should have got something emotional and about his background. They really skiped over him after the beginning and got back to him. I have no other problems with the movie. It was great and is my favorite movie.

  • PabloRuiz7

    Life is Short is probably my favorite song after Let It Go!

    • elsa


  • Amanda

    “Like a girl who’s bad at metaphors”


    • Epicazeroth

      Nitpick: That’s a simile, and so were all the others.

  • Nick

    Groff had the reindeer song. What’s the big deal? Also, I’m glad these songs weren’t in the final cut of the film because they would’ve weakened the film as a whole.

    • Ultron

      The big deal is that Olaf got a song and the major male character got a crummy little song that he was singing to his reindeer. Another problem is that Jonathan Groff is an amazing singer and that short song did not do his vocal talents justice. Finally, Kristoff really lacked emotional depth in the movie so he should’ve had a song to show he has feelings for Anna because we never really know how he feels at all during the movie.

  • Taylor

    Loved “We Know Better”. I wish that had made it it.

    • Natalie

      really? I think that song was kinda bad. i guess since i have already seen the movie that I can’t imagine it being in there. I just don’t see it

  • sumayyah


  • Drea

    I picture the beginning of “We Know Better” of baby Anna crying while the King and Queen rush around trying to soothe her, and her crying stops when Elsa comes up to her and creates a snowflake for her little sister. Which I think would have been really beautiful. Obviously they couldn’t use this song because of Elsa and Anna’s separation, but I think it could have been a nice sequence.

    My other favorites are “Life’s Too Short” and the reprise. I agree that what was happening was too dramatic to match with upbeat feel of the music. I would have loved to have seen a sort of reworked version of the reprise while Elsa was locked up and Anna was fighting to survive.

    The song that is truly missing, IMHO, is a finale song between Elsa and Anna. The last song is “Fixer Upper” and it’s before the climax of the film. I’m kinda hoping that something that happened with Beauty and the Beast happens with Frozen – that while developing the Broadway version, an added song is created and fits so well that eventually Disney goes back, adds the song and adds in the sequence. With Beauty and the Beast, they wanted to put in “Human Again” when developing the film, but had trouble pinning down how much time had passed. The Broadway show gave them enough time to figure it out.

  • Manja

    Really glad that none of these made it eventually. I am so glad with what they ended up with, both story wise as well as musically. What I do wish is that there would have been a ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’ reprise from Elsa’s point of view. It’d have loved more Elsa and less Anna screentime…

    • Ivypool

      I know, right!!! Everyone feels sorry for Anna when Elsa shuts her out, but I feel more sorry for Elsa. It isn’t Elsa’s fault that her parents made her shut everyone out, including Anna.

  • Mugglable

    I think what they meant was that “Reindeer Remix” was supposed to be the same song that was in the movie, but “remixed” to be more epic sounding (the type of sound an end credits song would usually have) to give Jonathan Groff a chance to show off his chops. I’m sure he could have done something with it.

  • lora

    these are just demo..
    the songs did not make it
    how come it’s deleted??

  • Kira Barker

    I would have loved to have a reprise of “Do you want to build a snowman” sung by Elsa right when Anna turns to ice. There is someone’s version of this floating around on the internet, but I don’t love their words. The reprise of Life’s Too Short sort of does it, but not quite. I think Elsa needs to acknowledge that she didn’t “freeze out” Anna because she wanted to, but rather because she felt like she had to, based on what the troll told them (epically bad advice)… Here is my version of the lyrics:
    Yes, I want to build a snowman. I’ve wanted to all along.
    I was trying to protect you,
    and protect me too,
    but now your gone.
    If only you could ask me,
    just one more time,
    I promise I’d come out for you.
    Yes, I want to build a snowman.
    Please come back and build a snowman.
    I love you.

    And as she’s singing the last part, Anna is melting and hears it and all is joyful in the kingdom… The end- my humble modification of a simply fabulous movie. (I also agree that a bigger song for Kristoff would have been fantastic). Love love love it… I’ve been a Disney fan my entire life and I am as enthralled with this one as my 5 and 2 year old daughters :-)

    • Ivypool

      I agree!!! I don’t think Elsa had enough singing parts in the movie.

    • Cassy

      wow I teared up reading those lyrics. I really like those lyrics.

    • Alex Alonso

      I would start sobbing right then and there if that was in the movie.

  • Megan

    I would love to see the lyrics to “life’s too short” to be reworked to fit the coronation scene where Elsa tells Anna that she can’t marry a man she’s just met and lead up to the point where she ices the room. I think that would be an excellent way to add more songs for the broadway production. And then of course they could use the reprise where they wanted to. I don’t know if that would be too much of a gap between the two parts of the song. Also something to consider is the fact that “love is an open door” would precede “life’s too short” and that in itself is an upbeat catchy tune. It might be too much. Too much high energy.

    • Megan

      Ideally, love is an open door would have to come before life’s too short, probably right where Anna meets Hans. And then life’s too short would follow right where Elsa and Anna bond over chocolate and then Hans would awkwardly pull Anna away in the middle of the song and propose to her and she would say yes and the latter half of the song would be about how Elsa is opposed to the idea and then she would lose control and ice the floor

  • Erica

    Why didn’t this article do a Deletion Potential for the Life’s Too Short (Reprise)? Personally, I think the reprise could totally be written into the movie to make an extended version and it would be awesome!

  • Erica

    Am I the only one who thought about Legally Blonde: The Musical when listening to ‘More Than Just The Spare’?

  • missxsteph21

    I like ‘Life’s Too Short’ and ‘More Than Just the Spare’ is nice. I do agree with everyone that Jonathan was kinda ripped off, but I’m sure he’ll get a chance to show off his singing chops in another Disney movie. I had felt the same way about Idina when I saw Enchanted but now look at her…singing what is one of the most popular songs Disney has put out in a while (which by the way I listen to ‘Let It Go’ all the time). He’ll get his time to shine, I just know it.

  • ElderPoptarts

    “Why didn’t I get a real soooooong?” I’m gonna die haha.

  • Alanna Burke

    I think the author of this article doesn’t quite get that these were to be in place of the current songs, not in addition to. That’s why they’re similar.

  • angelo

    it so nice to hear

  • AT

    I think most of the songs here were better without being in the movie, but the 1 song I think would have really added a lot more emotion is Life’s Too Short reprise, where Elsa is in the prison and Anna is getting frozen

  • Epicazeroth

    The “Life’s Too Short” Reprise sounded the best IMO. But that was just judging Kristen’s performance of the songs. The best/most moving song for me was “More Than Just the Spare”. Closely followed by “Life’s Too Short (Reprise)” and then “Life’s Too Short”.

  • Frozen

    I love frozen(ELsa(Anaa

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