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Last night, Drake played host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live. It also marked the debut of new cast member Sasheer Zamata.

Drake opened Saturday Night Live with a monologue which included a hilarious flashback to his 1999 Bar Mitzvah where his half Jewish and half black family listened to one of his rap verses. Check out that sketch below:

The news spoofs continued with Nancy Grace where she focused on the recent law that permits marijuana in Colorado. Check out the sketch where Drake plays Kat Williams:

In another sketch Aidy Bryant played an overly hormonal middle school student who flirts with her friend’s father at a slumber party. Shortly after this sketch, “Aidy Bryant” was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter! Check it out:

On Weekend Update with Seth Meyers and Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer spoofed Jacqueline Bisset’s Golden Globes moment where she took a while to get to the stage and wasn’t really able to say anything once she was there!

Drake played a Disney World Indiana Jones guide where a woman was chosen to come on stage who clearly had no idea what was going on.

Drake also performed a couple of his hits “Started From the Bottom / Trophies” and “Hold On We’re Going Home / From Time.” Check out the sensual performances below:

Overall, Drake did a fantastic job as host and musical guest. This episode also featured newcomer Sasheer Zamata who was hired as a featured player after SNL was criticized for rebooting its cast this season without any new African-American cast members. Though her part was minimal on last night’s episode, there seems to be a lot of potential this season. Saturday Night Live returns next week with host Jonah Hill and musical guest Bastille.

What were your thoughts about last night’s episode of SNL with Drake?

  • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

    Funny episode overall. However, it is extremely hilarious to me that some cast members have been putting in their time for 2 or 3 seasons and have just recently gotten to be major players in sketches – yet Sasheer Zamata waltzes in mid-season and manages to get as much screen time as the big name cast members. To get as many lines as she did on her first episode is practically unheard of. Nice to see political correctness at work. I feel bad for the legitimate new cast members who got in on talent alone, as they are now going to have to take even more of a backseat in order for SNL to parade around a token minority. The whole thing is completely insane.

    • Caroline J.

      i agree and i disagree. very funny episode. drake was really good and there was nary a bad sketch. sasheer zamata DID get quite a bit more screen time in her opening show than most featured players typically do. that being said, i expect her screen time to wane, which is also typical of featured players, that is unless she turns out to be really good, in which case keep it up girl. if we want to talk about other cast members not getting the quality screen time they deserve, let’s talk about nasim pedrad. she’s been on the show for almost 5 years and has been woefully underused and in my opinion under-served by the writing staff. none of this has happened or is going to change because of one new cast member who was hired with a specific goal in mind. to suggest that sasheer didn’t get in based on talent is daft and demeaning. to suggest that sasheer has anything to do with the problematic internal affairs at the Saturday Night Live offices is beyond delusional. SNL has a way of weeding out the good from the bad, and if she doesn’t deserve to stay, she won’t. but you can’t say she doesn’t deserve to be there simply because they held a special audition. you’ll have to wait and see how she performs first, just like every SNL cast member EVER.

    • spacie19

      She did get a noticeable amount of airtime, which I agree was overkill for a new cast member. However to imply that the other new cast members are inherently more talented than her seems a little unfair. Time will tell, but based on last night’s sketches, she didn’t seem any less funny than many of the other apprentice members. Who really knows why a black female cast member wasn’t chosen sooner, but do you really think they auditioned every single person eligible and THE funniest people in America were already chosen? Can’t we all just enjoy the fact that with a more diverse cast, there’s a broader range of sketches that can now be explored?

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