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Filming on Doctor Who series 8 started this year and we’ve got some fantastic shots from the the set in Cardiff.

For those of you interested in what’s happening in the realm of Doctor Who, they’re currently filming in Cardiff and thanks to set visitor Ryan Farrel, we’ve got some really interesting photos and videos so share!

Here’s what we know

The episode currently filming is set in Victorian times, and yes that means Madam Vastra, Jenny and Strax are back! We’re in the dark about what the plot involves, of course, but these photos from the set show us Vastra in all her green glory, Strax and even Peter Capaldi riding a horse!

Note that the clothes that Capaldi is wearing are not his Doctor’s iconic outfit; we don’t expect the 12th Doctor to be walking around in pajamas all season long. The likely explanation is that, similar to 10′s regeneration, the Doctor is passed out and being taken care of in Victorian times.

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Here’s what is rumored

The Mirror, a UK publication, is claiming that they have source who says Capaldi’s Doctor and Jenna Louise-Coleman’s companion have a spiky relationship at the beginning.

The quote from the source goes: “As a new Time Lord you need all the friends you can get, but he even has to win over his companion. Clara grew very attached to Matt and that shows in the opening episodes.

“Peter’s Doctor has to get past a spiky opening and try to make Clara a sidekick who will help him save the world from the usual mix of aliens and monsters from the galaxy.”

The change in relationship makes sense, seeing that the 12th Doctor is reportedly a darker and more serious Doctor, seriously contrasting against Matt Smith’s childish and generally happier 11th Doctor. We’re interested to see how Capaldi’s Doctor will eventually win over Clara, which will probably in turn win over the rest of the Doctor Who audience who are less enthused about Capaldi taking over the role.

Are you excited to see Vastra, Strax and Jenny on ‘Doctor Who’ again?

Doctor Who series 8 will come back in August of this year, and will not be split into two parts like series 7, so we’ll have plenty of time to get used to the new Doctor when he finally arrives.

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    I love Vastra, Jenny, and Strax so much. I think they should just get a spin-off already. It would be amazing.

  • sarahd15

    I’m so curious to see how Capaldi will portray the Doctor… oddly, my intense curiosity has kept me from being really upset about Matt Smith leaving, or having an “older” doctor.

    • Cassandra

      I rewatched The Fires of Pompeii to get the taste of Torchwood Capaldi out of my mind – it worked, and now I feel more mellow about him being the Doctor. I recommend this form of therapy to any other Smith/Grieving&Capaldi Doubters (which I was!) :)

      • Angela

        Watching Classic Doctor who was the best thing for me to get over Matt Leaving…just imagine how people felt when Tom Baker left after 7 seasons. ;) I like Vastra, Jenny, and Strax a lot and I don’t really think they’ve been all that over-used.

  • lego5ker

    I’m more then enthused for Capldi.

  • Sean Elliott Deignan

    While I like Vastra and the Gang, I feel they’ve been used a lot lately, and in very similar ways. It’s nice to include them at least one more time soon, so that after a major transition and different direction for the show, it still feels like its in the same universe.

    I kind of feel about them the same way I feel about River Song – I do want to see them again at least once in the Capaldi era … and then not again for at least a while. If we’re just using them to be “support characters” for the Doctor, there’s so many existing or new characters that can do that job – let’s not burn out on these three, unless we’re planning on making one of them an actual primary companion at some point.

    • Charlie

      Originally the Clara travelling with the Doctor was going to be the one he met in the Victorian era (but they changed it, presumably to make it clearer that the Doctor was meeting multiple versions of the same person, and that Oswin wasn’t simply Clara at the end of her life). Personally I think that’s why Strax, Vastra, and Jenny have reappeared so much- because the Victorian era would take the place of the ‘modern day’, and they’d be recurring characters like Martha or Donna’s family, just not related to the actual companion. But then they changed Clara’s backstory a bit, and their choice to keep the Gang in the show perhaps doesn’t fit quite as well as it would have.

      Personally I like them, but I just hope they don’t overuse them too much. In the last series I felt they maybe overdid the ‘and this is my wife’ joke a bit too much, but then they didn’t do it at all in The Name of the Doctor, so I can’t really complain.

      • 11th Doctor

        I really wish that would have been the case. I would love to see a regular companion on the show who isn’t from modern day,

        • Capadihastwobaftas

          actually the second doctor did that quite a bit because Jamie McCrimmon (from 1724) and Victoria Waterfield (from 1852) are both from the past then Victoria was replaced with Zoe Heriot (from the 21st century)

          Oh and Capaldi has two baftas

          • 11th Doctor

            That’s true. I was talking about since the show came back, sorry for the confusion.

  • spacie19

    Hmmmm. I kinda wish they’d done a hard reboot. I never really got into this trio, and I’m kind of a Clara hater. I don’t want these carry-over story lines to tarnish Capaldi’s run. BUT YES, I WILL WAIT AND SEE HOW IT GOES.

    • Ash ‘Scruffy’ Chancellor

      I hear people say all the time that they hate Clara, but no one ever says WHY they do. I mean, I get that her personality isn’t as well-defined as other companions but there really isn’t anything to HATE about her.

      • spacie19

        The term, “I’m a hater” doesn’t literally mean “hatred”. To be more precise, she’s currently my least favorite companion. I’ve never really been SHOWN (as opposed to being told about) how she and the Doctor have built such a strong relationship. Even her assistance to the Doctor across timelines was seen only via a series of brief flashbacks, and the Doctor didn’t even notice her in most cases. Her current iteration is also rather bland, in contrast to the cheeky souffle-girl persona or more soulful (?) Victorian character. Lastly, in my opinion, many of the few episodes she has been in happen to suck (please don’t make me explain why I don’t like them as well). Not fair to her, but it adds to a cloud of distaste. Therefore, unless her characterization is ramped up considerably in the next season, I’m fearful that she may hinder the start of Capaldi’s run.

  • K@

    Vastra and company are fine. But we are waiting soooo long for Capaldi! I don’t want to have him share the screen with so many other people. Much like last year’s Christmas special when there wasn’t nearly enough doctor.

    • Charlie

      We don’t know what episode this is yet- hopefully it’s the third one or something, so that Capaldi’s Doctor gets a couple of episodes focusing on him.

      • TheFirst

        It’s been confirmed they’re shooting episode 1 and 2 first because the scripts for the other episodes aren’t done yet.

        • Charlie

          Whoops, I didn’t know that. I guess it seems more likely that this was from the first episode- if the Doctor’s having memory issues like the end of the last episode seemed to suggest, it would make sense to take him to people who know him.

          • TheFirst

            I agree. Also, Clara doesn’t know any of the Doctor’s other friends and her family doesn’t know about him either. So it would make sense the only people she could take him to are Vastra and company. :)

  • LilyLuna

    I’m personally glad we’ll have so many familiar faces in Capaldi’s first episode. It’ll ease the transition to a new Doctor. It was really difficult last time to adjust to Matt as the Doctor when there soooo many other changes going on around him.

    • Amir


  • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Vastra, Strax, and Jenny. But there are a lot of DW guest stars we would all like to see again and probably never will. Yet these three seem to be in every other episode! Why can’t we get back some of the other guest stars we all like every once in a while?

  • Guy

    It’s what they did for Tom Baker, having the companion and the UNIT set-up from the previous year to ensure the viewers had someone they knew. Smith probably had a tougher task than we knew with an all-new set-up in ‘The Eleventh Hour’ – I suspect Capaldi’s going to be superb, but if this makes his life slightly easier, great.

  • 11th Doctor

    Love Vastra, Jenny, and Strax! They have been in a total of what, 4 episodes so far (A Good Man Goes to War, The Snowmen, The Crimson Horror, and The Name of the Doctor)? It seems like if a character is used more than once, a lot of people whine that the character is being over used.

    • Amir

      I think people are just mad because “new doctor means new characters and tone.” I understand that but I think seeing the trio with Capaldi will show just how much him and 11 differ.

  • http://hunyumstan.tumblr.com/ hunyum

    I has a feeling that Moffat is trying to put his mark on anything and everything New Who.
    To a certain extent it makes sense, but repeating characters and storylines here a bit too much.
    Capaldi deserves a clean slate and new supporting cast and enemies. Unless ofcourse you want to bring back The Rani and the Master.
    You cant have the doctor revisit the same time so much.

  • Ande Anderson

    Honestly, I’m sick of Jenny, Vastra, and Strax. I would much rather see people like River, Captain Jack, or even bring back Wilf! I’ve never really enjoyed this trio.

  • Winkyxx

    I wish Captain Jack would come back… he just disappeared. Maybe even Martha and Mickey? But then I feel like their story will never end. Just bring back some old people!

    • Ash ‘Scruffy’ Chancellor

      Well, he’s in “Torchwood”…

      • Winkyxx

        That still exists?!

    • Hugh Brock

      Imagine Captain Jack with strax. They should make a spin off show with those 4.

      • Winkyxx


  • Aly

    Hang on: “…which will probably in turn win over the rest of the ‘Doctor Who’ audience who are less enthused about Capaldi taking over the role.”
    Really?!?!?!?! The REST of the audience? I, for one, am EXTREMELY happy that he’s taken over the role, and there are thousands of others who feel the same way. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I think he will become one of the most beloved and iconic Doctors in the history of the show. He’s THAT good. Are there naysayers? Of course! But they are actually in the minority.
    As far as Vastra, Jenny, and Strax, I love them and am glad to see them back.

    • Capadihastwobaftas

      look at my name, many people think Matt will be the best or second but Capaldi hasnt done anything yet and you cant judge a book by its cover. Matt has no baftas and only 2 nominations but Capaldi has 2 baftas and 5 nominations, thats the most baftas any doctor has won (David in seccond with 1). I am certain Capaldi will be the best. (oh and he also won a Oscar for directing)

      • Ash ‘Scruffy’ Chancellor

        I feel as though you use that BAFTA argument a lot…

  • JCF

    August?! Crap, I thought it was back in April

    Yay, Madame Vastra and Jenny! (Oh, alright—and Strax).

    • Airhead

      Personally I love Jenny strax and vastra but I would love it if Jenny the doctors daughter who was made biogenically in the machine I don’t which episode but at the end she gets in rocket ship and leaves she should find the doctor. Now I’m honestly not that keen on capaldi but then again I havnt met him… If you know what I mean

      • Airhead

        Oh and sorry I don’t know how to posts without commenting on someone else’s

  • BadWolf 2

    im glad they are back

  • Debbie

    I can’t wait for this next season. I like the idea of these characters returning, especially Strax. He gives some comedy relief to the plot. This will be great in this opening because we don’t know much yet about Capaldi and how he interprets his new role. I loved Matt’s humor…he was quickwitted and such a fast talker. He can improv. Having some comic relief from Strax will help us ease into our meeting, greeting, and accepting the new doctor.

  • Margt

    I am looking forward to Capaldi as the Doctor. He was brilliant in season 2 of The Hour. I was very sad they didn’t make a third series of that show. Still at least it frees up Capaldi!

  • will

    Rather see Jack, Gwen, Mickey or Martha to be honest. Or a classic companion like Joe Grant or Susan. That gang seems to be being used quite a bit. We need a companion to return from before Moffats era (not counting River as she was in a Russel era episode). Preferably Jack Harkness

  • dude82

    I’m glad they’ll have some familiar faces other than Clara around, even if it’s only for as long as it takes for the new Doctor to get settled. I like Clara and it’ll be interesting to see how she gets along with Capaldi’s doctor, but Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax are the Doctor’s friends too. Besides, Strax in particular is an awesome recurring character. He’s hilarious!

  • Paige

    I’ve never really been a fan of those 3. I really want to see captain Jack make a comeback

  • Dave Ostroske

    I have to admit, I’m scared. Now I like Steven Moffat’s work, I’m excited for Peter Capaldi as well as for Jenna Coleman, and they are going in an interesting direction with the show, even though the relationship between the Doctor and his companion will be strained. But thirty years ago, some liked JNT and Eric Saward, there was excitement for Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant, and they were going in, well, you know. “The Twin Dilemma” happened, then the show fell silent for several months. Much pain ensued.

    No doubt, it’s easy to say, everyone involved on the show nowadays is aware of what they’re getting into. I doubt?

    This time around, we’re coming off a period of intense navel gazing, appropriate for an anniversary season but not suitable for the future of the show. And though I’m fond of the Paternoster Gang, are they right for the 12th Doctor’s first outing?

    If there will be pain this time through, let’s hope for rapid recovery.

  • Laura

    It’s always so sad when The Doctor regenerates and leave the show. Only question I have is why are they using Capaldi? He already appeared in this show as one of the other characters. He doesn’t seem like he will have much enthusiasm as the previous Doctors. I hope I am wrong about this though. I really love Doctor Who and I hope this change will just make me love it more!

    • Eric Barker

      Go watch the 3rd Doctor, and tell me an older gentlemanly doctor who’s not goofy or silly isn’t incredibly fun to watch!

  • JDP

    I don’t know what it is, and I know I could get some backlash on this, but I really dislike Vastra. Jenny and Strax… I’m really not sure what it is but when I see them in an episode I can’t help but roll my eyes, maybe bring in some old characters for an episode.

  • Tom

    I think Jenny, Vastra and Strax should kill themselves or die because they are absolute crap and who ever portrays them should start looking for a new job

  • Polyphase

    Matts Doctor wasn’t happy, He is probably the darkest of all so far :)

  • Kieran Fox

    I hope that they don’t bring the daleks or weeping angels back too soon. it feels like they’ve sort of over used them recently which is taking away from the things that made them special to begin with. I think that the daleks have tried to destroy the universe 2 or 3 times a season now and it is starting to get repetative

  • Mr etiquette Grammar

    Matt smith is dog shit on a stick in my mouth.No conviction in his words empty hollow ugly little boy crying because he spilt his milk,Capaldi is a punk rocker who has lived in the gutter & knows true rage witch is something matts doctor never achieved.Matt was weak as piss…Can’t wait!!!!!!!

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