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In a new interview with Teen Wolf newcomer Arden Cho, the actress talks about her character, Kira, and what’s in store for her now that she’s in Beacon Hills.

The interview was conducted by E! Online, and covered romance, the Kitsune myth, and Cho’s own martial arts abilities.

What really caught our eye, however, had to do with a potential spinoff focused on Kira and the Kitsune myth.

Back in August, Executive Producer Jeff Davis told E! that the Kitsune myth had a lot of potential, hoping it could be something like his version of Buffy. And while nothing has yet come about regarding the spinoff, Cho has spoken about it, saying she thinks it’s a great idea.

“[It] would be amazing, but for now I hope that people like Kira on Teen Wolf,” Cho says.

Fair enough! She’s just been introduced after all, and it’ll certainly take more than two episodes to really understand what kind of character Kira Yukimura is. Still, we can’t help but dream about another show taking place in the Teen Wolf universe, and this one led by a female character!

“I really, really appreciate that Jeff has made Kira really strong, and you know, she’s cool,” Cho continues. “She’s awesome. But it’s cool because she’s not like, really confident in the fact that she knows she’s strong. It’s kind of something she’s discovering along the way, kind of like how when Scott initially became a werewolf, he didn’t really realize what was happening.”

With the same sort of premise, but a different set of rules and legends, a potential Kitsune myth could be a great show to get involved in.

But it also sounds like we’ll be getting plenty of that on Teen Wolf, and maybe for even longer that season 3B. Cho also mentioned that Kira may stay for a while, stating, “Kira will stick around for a little bit. She’s still very new to Beacon Hills, and I think she’s still hoping to figure out what’s really happening.”

She goes on to say, “I think one season’s not really enough time to figure out what Beacon Hills is all about.”

Regardless of whether or not we get that Kitsune spinoff show, it’ll be nice to have Kira stick around on Teen Wolf for a while longer.

Would you watch a ‘Teen Wolf’ spinoff show focusing on the Kitsune/Kira?

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    Now that I know I love Kira, I might be into the idea of this spin-off now. When Jeff first mentioned it I was thinking why would he be thinking about a spin-off with a character we don’t even know anything about yet.

    • Athrun

      I agree, I found a spin-off rather odd, particularly in the light of series 4 being back to 12 episodes T_T. But we’ll see, I would be delighted to see the Teen Wolf universe expanding on screen (it’s already massive offline, the TW fandom is so amazing). But that’s for next year, first of all the ratings have to be solid and hopefully up, American TV business is cutthroat, if you don’t perform, you’re getting axed, no matter how novel or ambitious your show might be…

      • sarahd15

        They’re going back to 12 episodes? :( Nooooo…..why? :(

        • Athrun

          Jeff stated he needs sleep from time to time ^_^.
          Also, it might be a strategic decision, giving the cast members some space to pursue other projects like Dylan being on movies and stuff. If they would be tied up with Teen Wolf all year, there could be a greater chance one of them would baulk when something else comes along. I know, they are all very enthusiastic and love the show, but I also understand they will be looking for new challenges as their careers progresses.

          It is still disturbing, this ominous announcement somebody will die and the opening credits have to be changed. I hope this is a false lead, because none of the main cast is expendable!

  • Lotte

    Guess that means she won’t die this season. That makes me incredible happy! I love her.

  • CGS

    I would definitely watch a Teen Wolf spin-off. I would hope that it would focus on something other than shapeshifters, though. Teen Wolf is developing a rich mythology but it slightly irks me they seem intent on keeping all the main stories having to do with shapeshifters.

  • beth

    i would totally love it if she sticks around longer omg!!!!!!!!!!

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