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Big News

Vampire Academy will be released in just over a month, and today we have two new stills from the film to share and a refresher on the types of vampires in the film.

Rose and Lissa nail their looks with pretty lace jackets. Natalie (Sarah Hyland) is looking particularly frumpy in her neutral colors, or maybe it is just the weird slouch.


In the second photo (below) we see one of our first looks at Rose and Dimitri training together. What do you think of Dimitri? Does Danila Kozlovsky fit your image of him?


Know Your Vampires

With the books being based on Romanian, Balkan and Croation folklore, there is some unique terminology. For those not familiar with the novels, here is a quick breakdown of things you need to know. Rose is dhampir, a half human-half vampire. Dhampir are born from humans and Moroi and can only reproduce with Moroi. Dhampir are the guardians of the Moroi. Rose is the guardian of Lissa, a Moroi Princess.

The Moroi are vampires that are born and mortal. Moroi are peaceful by nature, and while they can be in the sunlight, it is not always comfortable. The Moroi can use elemental magic (earth, fire, air, water, and spirit) as a defense but are not allowed to use it offensively, creating the need for the Dhampir to protect them. Unlike typical vampires, Moroi are capable of living off of human food as well as blood.

The Strigoi are the big bads of the Vampire Academy world. They are vampires that are made, not born. Moroi, humans and Dahampir can all be made or turned into Strigoi. The Strigoi take on cruel, vindictive personalities and are considered undead. They are pale and very sensitive to sunlight. They can eat human food and feed off of anyone but prefer Moroi blood because that is what gives them power. Essentially Strigoi are the vampires from all the scary stories.

For all the latest happenings at St. Vladimir’s Academy check out Gush, the Tumblr with the inside scoop. Also be sure to check out the official Vampire Academy website!

About ‘Vampire Academy’

The film follows two best friends with an unbreakable (sometimes telepathic) bond. Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch) is a Dhampir guardianin – training and best friends with Lissa Dragomir (Lucy Fry), the Moroi Princess. Did we mention Rose kicks ass? With the help of her hot Dhampir instructor, Dimitri Belikov (Danila Kozlovsky) – whom she happens to have a forbidden romance with – and her dorky, unpopular Moroi friend Natalie (Sarah Hyland), Rose must train to defeat the Strigois and protect her best friend from danger that lurks around just about every corner at St. Vlad’s Academy. Battling lies, rumors, and secrets reach a whole other level when you’re vampire’s fighting evil, and you thought high school sucked for you…

The film opens in theaters February 14, 2014.

Note: This post was sponsored by the advertiser.

  • Alison

    Dmitri looks all wrong! Ha ha! I guess I just pictured him based on someone I know…

    • Misty

      who? I pictured him as Ben Barnes since the beginning

  • Medash

    The way they’re promoting me is making me want to wait till it hits Redbox.

    Looks like a bad comedy waiting to happen.

    • http://thats-normal.com/ Bekah

      hahaha. and sad

      • http://thats-normal.com/ Bekah

        :( hope not

    • Jake

      It’s the smartest thing they could have done or else no one would see it. Let’s be honest. No one wants to watch another vampire (sorta) romance movie. But one that is actually funny and BA…that’s something some people might see. Also because the serious parts of VA1 were pretty dumb, IMO (KNOCKED OUT BY A BENCH).

      • Medash

        Usually in bad comedies, there’s a big name attached to the project, this whole cast is almost unknown. I haven’t really seen any promotion. Haven’t seen a trailer on TV, or billboards. Or heard anything.

        Yes, it’s still a month away, but they need to be on top of it and show new stuff to make people change their minds about it. Or watch it wither away like “Beautiful Creatures”/”City of Bones.”

      • @nn@mmm

        The first book wasn’t that good. I think.

  • Nate

    Danila IS Dimitri. Same to Zoey and the whole cast, really. ;)

    Here’s my bet: The movie is going to be a hit. Mark my words.

    • cnd

      It’ll probably make some money, but not enough to be consider a hit, well IMO.

  • zara

    danila is a handsome guy but these stills do him no favors. he just looks really bad in this movie for some reason.

  • kathleen

    As a fan, I’m super excited to see this wonderful book brought to life! I personally think, that this movie is going to surprise people(in a good way)! It has so many awesome elements that we have yet to see in any other vampire movie! :)

  • Rosemarie Ḣathaway

    Yes, he absolutely does. For some reason most of the stills seem to do him no justice but since I’ve watched other movies of his I already know how deadly gorgeous and talented he is. And, nonetheless, it’s obvious from the way he looks in this movie that he’s the P e r f e c t Dimitri. I mean, LOOK:


    Can’t wait to see the whole project! <3

  • Vampie

    Danila is gorgeous. Like, you wouldn’t know from 90% of the stills from this movie (which is why so many fans keep complaining because they have no idea what he really looks like). For some reason the hair just makes him look old and frumpy when he’s the complete opposite IRL. If they couldn’t find a hairstyle or wig that suited his face better, I wouldn’t have minded sacrificing the long hair. Minor detail compared to how handsome and desirable Dimitri is supposed to be. His look aside, he’s a great actor so I’m not worried about him pulling off Dimitri and Zoey has Rose down pat. The two of them seem to have a great off-screen relationship so hopefully it translates on-screen.

    • zara

      oh, I know he is gorgeous but the long hair is just not working for him. this is a styling issue more than anything.

    • mariya_davis

      I know he’s gorgeous. When they first announced him as Dimitri I screamed with joy, b/c he is sooooo hot and I had seen what he looks like in real life. But I think they could’ve made him look better with the wig. I mean I seen him in a picture with longer hair and he looked good. HOT. But not with the VA stills I have seen. And I had the same though, I wouldn’t have minded if they ditched the wig and made him have his short hair. But maybe if they movie does good, they’ll make him look more desirable in the next movies. Haha!

  • Rachel Whelen

    Dimitri *sigh* <3

  • Lu DreamGirl

    The cast is perfect!!!
    But, Danila… He is MORE than perfect…
    Dimitri Belikov = Russian GOD = Danila Kozlovsky <3
    I can't wait to see he in the big screen!!!

  • Adrian Ivashkov

    I imagined someone older looking, a slightly different hairstyle, bigger-he’s Russian, and a much more square jaw line. Besides that Danila fits the bill. And are those stakes iron or silver…? They don’t look silver–unless they’re tarnished.

    • S-Jay

      practise stakes aren’t real silver.

  • K@

    The previews I’ve seen at the cinema have me cringing, but maybe I’m just a but old for the target demographic (tweens and teens)…

  • TeamRose

    so not the dimitri I was imagining in my head I mean Danila is alright but I dont think he fits the character of Dimitri. I think Danila’s hair killed it

  • kristhiam


  • Lily

    I think Danila is perfect! But I’m kind of iffy about his pants and shoes weirdly enough. Well, the pants the most anyway. They’re just such a turn off for me ahaha but definitely ruining the movie! I just wonder why they didn’t pick trackpants and a…ahem, tighter shirt

  • Hayley

    The entire series was a great and one of the best teen book series that i’ve ever read! The first book Vampire Academy was possibly the slowest in terms of plot and a lot of it was just introducing us to their world. I feel like the way they’ve gone with this film is going to make people not want to watch it and in addition with the slow plot line, it’s a blockbuster flop waiting to happen :( They could have so easily made the first two books (or even three if they really pushed it) into one 2 and a half hour movie as those books don’t have a lot of action. After the third book, the series takes a twist and those are the books that I want to see adapted to the big screen the most!

    Either way, the movie has been made and I’m going to go watch it when it comes out because of how much I love the books!

  • My_Opinion35

    I thought it was Roman mythology – not Russian.

  • Jordan

    I did like the book A LOT and I do think people will like it, but I don’t know if they will gain enough money on this movie to make the sequel. I mean, next to no YA book adaptations continue on to their sequels.

  • mariya_davis

    When I saw the first trailer and official I was horrified. But I’m not gonna bad mouth it until I see the movie, b/c the trailers can be bad where the movie can be good. It can really surprise you. And I did noticed some of the material coming out right now, I am liking a lot better than the stuff they released a couple of month ago. So, yea. The picture stills do not do justice to Dimitri, but maybe the movie will. I haven’t seen anything but pictures and I have seen no clips. The clips he is in in the trailer he barely says a couple of words. The cast is not who I pictured, but I’m willing to stay positive and see the movie and hope that I enjoy t he movie.

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