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The wedding may be over, but for Sherlock fans the after party has just begun! Read our full recap of series 3′s sophomore effort, and discuss the episode with fellow fans! This post contains spoilers.

We open with Lestrade and (a returning) Donovan on an eighteen month long chase to catch a criminal gang – as Greg is about to finally put the cuffs on the network, he gets a series of urgent texts from Sherlock asking for his help, repeatedly. Abandoning his glorifying moment, he rushes to 221B with back-up to discover the super sleuth struggling with “the hardest thing” he’s ever had to do in his life: writing the best man’s speech for John and Mary’s wedding.

“The Sign of Three” was something new for the hit BBC show, and far more a character piece than a crime drama. This was reflected in the opening thirty minutes, as instead of a thrilling murder we are treated to an exploration of Sherlock’s character, and the changing dynamic of his relationship with John and wife Mary.

Post credits, Mrs. Hudson walks in on Sherlock practising his dancing, or at least that’s how it seems. As it turns out, he’s composing the Waltz for the soon-to-be-happy-couple’s first dance. He sits with his landlady, and explains how he doesn’t see the point of marriage, and how it changes nothing. Finally, he “gets ready for battle” – and so does a mysterious figure in military uniform.

At the start of the reception, Sherlock joins the groom in welcoming the guests – and the mysterious figure is revealed as John’s friend and former superior, James Sholto. Sherlock is confused at never having heard of him before, but Mary insists John talks about him “all the time.” The crowds pile in, and the time is finally upon us, as the great detective prepares to start his speech.

Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch in The Sign of Three

But, just as the speech starts we flashback to Molly approaching Greg and Mrs. Hudson about the frankly terrifying prospect of Sherlock being chosen as best man. We now continue to jump between the speech and wedding preparations – Mike Stanford (the man that brought the Baker Street boys together) gets a cheeky mention in the telegrams, while we see the sheer awkwardness of John requesting that his former flatmate assume the role we now see him in. Cue a long silence, as Sherlock tries to explain all of the things he meant to say (but didn’t). After a rare and out of character moment of sentiment, Holmes decides to remedy the situation by sharing some “funny stories” from John’s blog.

Once we’ve whisked through an assassin dwarf, and a literal elephant in the room, John (under instruction from Mary) takes Sherlock out on a case to try and reassure him that the couple won’t forget about him once they’re wed. And so we meet a scared member of the Queen’s Guard (played by Harry Potter star Alfie Enoch), who has become concerned about a photographer who is paying special attention to him. The duo go to investigate, but before they can find the serviceman his corpse is found in a locked shower with no murder weapon. Sherlock opens the case up to the wedding guests, who make misinformed guesses as to how the guard was killed. However, he reminds the assembled guests (and the audience) that the mystery isn’t important – John, and his caring nature is what everyone’s there for.

Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in The Sign of Three

And so we reach what is quite possibly the most hilarious run of scenes we’ve ever seen in the show, as Sherlock’s scrupulous efforts to avoid a hangover are marred by John’s equally determined attempt to get trashed. The boys have to come home early after a few too many, and a near miss with a rowdy fellow drinker. As they play a drinking game, the crime solvers are interrupted by a woman who appears to have dated a ghost. They investigate the scene, and after some seriously questionable deductions Sherlock throws up, and the two spend the rest of John’s stag do in a jail cell.

Revived by Mrs. Hudson, the consulting detective turns to online chat rooms to question some of the other women who have dated a dead man. He eventually realizes the “Mayfly man” has been checking newspaper obituaries and using the flats of deceased single men as temporary love nests. The best man’s speech seems to be coming to a close, when we realize that the Queen’s Guard’s stalker is at the wedding, posing as the photographer.

Sherlock Alice Lowe in The Sign of Three

As Lara Pulver’s Irene Adler makes a surprising cameo and John’s middle name becomes an important plot point, Sherlock finally pulls the puzzle together thanks to the help of a Mycroft apparition. The super sleuth shouts “Vatican cameos!”, and John springs to action, instantly knowing that someone is in danger. Mary joins the boys as they hunt down Sholto in his hotel room, wary of an oncoming attacker. Sherlock reveals how the Queen’s guardsman was killed with a dagger in the back of an incredibly tight belt, only actually becoming lethal when the binding is removed. Realizing his death is coming at any time, Sholto tries to remove his belt to end his life, but Sherlock convinces him not to do it on John’s wedding day. As John tries to save his former commander’s life, Sherlock and Lestrade apprehend the photographer, also revealed as the Mayfly Man and exposing him as the Queen’s Guard murderer (his death in fact just being a rehearsal for Sholto’s).

With the mystery solved, it’s finally time for John and Mary’s first dance, accompanied by the beautiful Waltz composed by Sherlock. Sherlock takes “his last vow” (an intriguing bit of foreshadowing for the title of next week’s series finale), promising to protect “all three of them.” And finally, we realise why Sherlock has been acting so odd – as he made one more deduction than he expected to: Mary is pregnant with John’s baby! The guests start to dance, and the best man tries to find the bridesmaid for their customary dance, but she has already found someone else. Sherlock scans the crowd for a partner, but upon realizing that the party has continued without him, leaves.

And so ends one of the strangest episodes of Sherlock we’ve seen for a while. It broke the formula we’ve all grown accustomed to, but also broke new ground as we delve further and deeper into Sherlock’s character than we ever have before.

Next time

All good things must come to an end, and just over a week and half after it began, Sherlock series 3 concludes next Sunday with the heart-stopping finale “His Last Vow,” featuring Lars Mikkelsen’s sinister Charles Augustus Magnussen. Check out the trailer for the episode below!

What did you think of ‘The Sign of Three’?

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    I personally loved it! It was really hilarious and drunk Sherlock was the best! I’d probably say, for the moment, its my favourite episode. But once we get next week’s episode, that may change. I’m not looking forward to next week’s episode because who knows when we’ll get more Sherlock afterward. I just hope its not another 2 year wait.

    • Charlie

      I assume it’ll be a shorter wait now that The Hobbit has finished filming. Even if both lead actors take on movie roles, none of them will be as time-consuming as The Hobbit. (Unless they sign onto some other massive franchise)

      • Harrison Brown

        Benedict Cumberbatch may be in Star Wars. Hopefully he will still have time for Sherlock.

        • Charlie

          I think that’s being filmed in the UK, so at least there’ll be less time spent travelling etc. (Compared to the Hobbit, which was filmed in New Zealand over a long period of time). Though I suppose he’d have to do press stuff….

  • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle

    Drunk Sherlock is best Sherlock.

    • PrisonerZero

      We need a full episode of drunk Sherlock

  • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

    I really liked it and it had me laughing out loud many times.
    “Egg?” “Deaded.” “thingamabob??” “????????”
    “He’s cluing for looks.”
    It’s definitely different from any Sherlock episode we’ve seen so far; it was much more character based than plot based. I loved seeing Sherlock’s mind palace in the courtroom. I’m falling more and more in love with Mary with every episode, but that “Liar” deduction by Sherlock is still nagging at me.
    I’m super excited for next week and I’m hoping we got a bit more plot heavy stuff for the finale.
    [SORTA SPOILER] The books have been out forever though.
    I’m dreading Mary’s possible death since she dies in the original books. I really hope that doesn’t happen but I would’ve put it past them.

    • Charlie

      Yeah, it was quite a funny episode. The previous episode was too.

      I agree about it being more character-based- halfway through the episode I was wondering whether there’d even be a full ‘mystery’, so to speak. You could argue the previous episode was also much more character based, though its crime was introduced a lot earlier. And Sherlock kind of made up for his some of his dickish behavior in this one.

      I kind of get the impression that with this series, they decided to focus more
      on character to a) work past Sherlock’s faked death and b) make it a slightly
      more satisfying return after the hiatus.

      I’m not too worried about Mary’s ‘liar’ deduction so far- in episode 1 we saw her lie about John’s mustache, in this episode we saw her lying to Sherlock to get him to do a case. She’s definitely a liar, but so far not in a way that hurts people.

      Then again… [SORTA SPOILER] if they do follow the books and have her die (which they might not- after all, the books were a bit weird about his wives. Not to mention written during a different era…), there’s a good chance they might do it after revealing she’s not who she says she is, or has ulterior motives. (Though that would raise some questions, as Sherlock obviously knows a bit about her background from when he was looking into that ex-boyfriend). I’m not sure they’d end the current series with John losing his pregnant wife- it’d be weirdly grim, especially so soon after he ‘lost’ Sherlock.

      So if they do go down that route, it’ll be after revealing she’s not who she says (and probably that she isn’t pregnant).

      But I’d be pretty happy if she just is what she’s been so far.

      • Maria Wang

        Im more concerned about what detections Sherlock didn’t make.

        He didn’t know or didn’t care that John was proposing to Mary.
        He didn’t know that Mary’s phone wasn’t ‘buzzing’ and it was not Beth calling (since in The Empty Hearse he correctly deduced that the waiter’s wife was giving birth)
        He didn’t deduce that Mary was playing both him and John in getting them to do a case together

        and there are others that i can’t think of just right now.

        • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

          yes! I’ve noticed that too. Every episode there seems to be big things he’s missed. I know it’s expected, after all he is human and he’s made mistakes in the previous seasons, but these slip ups seem to be on obvious things.

        • Emily

          He’s brilliant at deductions when he’s expecting them, or focused on them.
          Mary (& John) word it the best: Sherlock doesn’t solve puzzles, he solves crime. Only when a man’s life depended on it was he able to figure out the mystery of the man who “walked through walls”
          And the huge one he misses, they’re people related. He’s Sherlock. He doesn’t think about marriage proposals. He was completely focused on suprising his friend with his being alive. As for the other one, I’d be willing to bet that he figured out “Beth” and Mary’s plan to get them to do a case together, but he thought it would be easiest to go along with it and not say anything.
          But yeah, people deductions? That’s what John is good at. Not Sherlock. :P

          • Maria Wang

            Well idk, he keeps saying that he’s not good with people and do not understand ‘human nature’. But does make some brilliant deductions about people, not necessarily their emotions but just how they act or respond.

            Like the Lady in Pink, or how John was a veteran and how his injury was psychological. Yes, he is being distracted by things that wouldn’t have bothered him before. He would have saw right through a tiny thing such as a proposal if it were anyone but John and that situation.

            But I disagree that he’s brilliant at deductions when he’s expecting them.

  • Sophiesquirels

    The game is somthing

  • tom

    This episode was really good! However it reminds me of ‘The Power of Three’ episode in DW which was a penultimate episode to something very, very big…and devastating

    • PrisonerZero

      But, unlike the Power of Three, the ending made a bit more sense

    • Maria Wang

      Well, if this follow canon, something very dreadful is going to happen.

    • LilyLuna

      Oh, wow, I hadn’t made that connection, but I was thinking of Eleven and the Ponds when Sherlock called John and Mary his ‘parents’. Even without Amy and Rory technically being the Doctor’s in-laws, there’s a similar dynamic and I was reminded of it instantly when Sherlock said that.

  • Maria Wang

    Wow, such a comedic episode. Had me laughing out loud, but it creates an environment/atmosphere that is quite different than the first and second series. Who knew Sherlock could be so funny.

  • Ani

    I really think this one is rivaling as my favorite episode, close to “A Scandal in Belgravia.” I love diving deeper into Sherlock’s character and the relationship between Sherlock and Watson. Honestly, I think this episode in particular does a fantastic job as an homage to Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, as he does a little more character work than the show does.
    I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a Sherlock episode. The wit was at the highest level. I didn’t know I was missing so much in my life until I saw drunk Sherlock. I’ve never loved Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and Mark Gatiss than I do now. I anticipate watching this episode many times over.

    • PrisonerZero

      All 3 writers wrote it so that makes a lot of sense with the wittiness

      • Ani

        Oh, yeah. I think it’s pretty clear that a lot of the screenplay came out of banter among the three.

  • Jenny

    Do they actually show him vomiting or is it off screen? Makes me ill…

    • Tiffani

      It’s off screen behind a couch but you hear the noise

      • Ani

        You can see a bit on his face, but you never see it on the floor.

        • Jenny


      • Jenny

        Thank you!

  • Hannah

    Looks to me like they broke the curse of the weak second episode. I was personally a bit disappointed with TEH, I thought it was too ‘parody-like’ and most of the dialogue seemed to have been taken straight from tumblr.
    TSOT definitely had some of the same humorous undertones as TEH but I think the main story line made up for the sometimes over the top jokes. (Don’t get me wrong, I was hoping to see a return of drunk Sherlock since the un-aired pilot but I think the scene went on just a bit too long and I was desperate to get back the the wedding.)
    In terms of the speech I think it was incredibly brilliant and I adored the way that we got a real in-depth look on how Sherlock thinks, a more detailed view on his mind palace. I can’t wait to re-watch this episode again.

  • https://twitter.com/slasher777 Alex

    Best Sherlock episode so far.
    Raised the bar very high for the finale next week.

  • PrisonerZero

    Why don’t all three of the writers work together to write every episode? This episode was amazing and covered everything on the feels spectrum

  • holly1

    oh no oh no oh no oh no Mary is going to die in the finale, isn’t she?! *breathes into paper bag*

  • MonkeyFeet

    While I enjoyed the comedic bits, I’m still a little disappointed in the season overall so far. I’m glad they gave a little fanservice for making everyone wait for a new series for two years, but I don’t tune in to Sherlock for wackiness. The detective work has now taken a back seat to increasingly more silly situations to the point that the character of Sherlock Holmes is so far removed from the source material that it almost isn’t fun any more. If the series were longer than three episodes, I wouldn’t worry about it, but now all the meaty drama is going to be shoved into the final episode. I don’t mind them making Sherlock less remote, but admitting to the bridesmaid that he secretly loves dancing and then doing a twirl? What next? Are we going to find out that he makes cupcakes in secret after John leaves the flat in the morning? I really, really hope they commission a fourth series (that we don’t have to wait two years for) and that if they do,that Gatiss and Moffatt have gotten all the tumblr fanfiction urges out of their system.

    • ElephantInTheRoom

      THANK YOU! As much as I appreciate the fanservice (Really, I do.) this is going a bit far. I mean, it can’t even really be called character “development” considering that instead of slowly developing he just suddenly made a complete turn and changed into an entirely different being that’s suddenly all about weddings, babies, emotional speeches, dancing etc. etc. etc.

      I feel like the ART of Sherlock is being replaced by cheap emotional whirlwinds and it’s turning into a dramatic series rather than the brilliance of the first two seasons.

      • http://hunyumstan.tumblr.com/ hunyum

        we are easily forgetting here that Sherlock was gone for almost 2
        years. we have to give it to them that in that time he had a lot of
        thinking and development to do.
        it wouldnt have been any different, but now when he was alone, he FELT alone. and maybe that is why, when it comes to John, he is absolutely ok with doing those things.
        like they say “you don’t know what you have until its gone”. and despite him being a high functioning sociopath, he is STILL human.
        The Fall followed by his seclusion could have had a big effect on him.
        we have only so far seen him personally interact with people he cares about.
        the art of Sherlock is not gone anywhere. it now has the added point of emotion. one that he lacked and has developed since.

        • ElephantInTheRoom

          Fair enough, I take into account the two years we’ve missed out on. One thing I disagree with (especially given the last two episodes) is that Sherlock is most definitely not a sociopath – he displays far too much emotion and empathy to be called that. Anyway, I’m excited for the last episode and hoping for more umph in the plot

          • MediumFunctioningWatcher

            Well, I think the term “sociopath” is subjective here.
            If Sherlock was following the older crime definition of a sociopath and he looked back on his life and childhood in a near perfectly logical manner, he may conclude that he was a sociopath.
            But as he has interacted and met people these last few years who have changed his life in profound ways (both good and bad), if he were to analyze himself again with these last few years in, he might find his initial conclusion to be a bit shaky.
            Though a final thought: it takes a special kind of person to plan, in detail, the murders of his friends and family, but it only takes one bad day or a false step to do them. Knowing that wall takes a certain high-leveling thinking.

    • Maria Wang

      I agree. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the episodes, this series seem to be quite different from the last. Sherlock watches serviette making 101 ..on youtube, tells jokes, pulls pranks, dances, praises other people, acts cluelss, is left speechless and fumbling, and acts a bit more wacky than 2 years ago.

      He seems quite different now, they way he talks…like that scene when Mary convinces them to take a case…just his facial expressions….that’s not the Sherlock we knew. Maybe he’s just changing, becoming more human in a strange sort of way. Cause he is certainly displaying a wider range of emotions and facial expressions since The Fall.

    • Jordenn

      I completely agree. I love these episodes so much, they’re hilarious! …but at the same time, I want Sherlock to stay true to himself. What made the second season so great was when Sherlock showed small amounts of emotion, (attraction to Irene, fear of the hound, tears on the rooftop) these moments were made even more powerful because it was shocking to see appropriate emotion come out Sherlock. But now we’re seeing so much emotion from him that it’s losing it’s spark… if that makes sense. I love seeing Sherlock this way, but it seems a little out of character and I don’t want to lose the Sherlock we fell in love with.

  • Amanda M

    I think it was both the most hysterical and most touching episode of Sherlock yet! I really loved it!

  • Maria Wang

    I don’t get it, how was a tight belt suppose to have almost killed the guardsman (aka Dean Thomas). Bambridge took off his belt and uniform in the locker room, and he was fine. Then he ends up close to death in the shower?

    • Dogsoldiers

      Some fellows are “self conscious” about their bodies and take their clothes off in the shower stall.

      (Unless my memory escapes me and they show him taking his clothes off before he got into the shower?!?)

      • Maria Wang

        Yes. We see him taking off his belt and he begins to unbuckle the buttons. There was no reaction at all. Wouldn’t they have felt anything at the time of the stabbing anyway. They’ve just been skewered deep enough to possibly penetrate a vital organ.

        Well now I sound like Anderson.

        • Sophiesquirels

          It would have taken for the wond to take a toll on him it would be quick but no instant and he may have felt somthing but dismissed it

    • Afton

      He was sweating pretty bad so I think he felt some discomfort, but it probably took awhile for the blood to start pouring out. I’m guessing since it was such a small entry site he dismissed it and then realized the seriousness of the situation a little too late (well not too late thanks to John)

  • Alligator

    I was really hoping we would meet Harriet at the wedding

  • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

    Is it just me, or was the wedding location the same as Gwen’s wedding in Torchwood.

    • Antara Chowdhury

      I had the same exact thought!

    • Han

      My Auntie had her wedding reception at the same place as John/Mary. So cool!

    • SeaPip

      Torchwood –> Dyffryn Gardens
      Sherlock –> Goldney House

    • http://fearlessblogger.com faryl

      I thought the same!

      It also reminded me of where the Ponds got married.

  • somegirl91

    I expected the episode to be full of sweet and funny moments, but I was not at all expecting for it to be as gripping as it turned out to be. What a fantastic episode it was, one of the best for sure!
    My only complaint is that there’s only one more left for this season. Here’s hoping to a shorter wait!

  • alexa

    so after these years of waiting and anticipation and indescribable excitement…. we’re now a week away from the NEXT hiatus -____-

  • alexa

    everyone keeps talking about how different sherlock is this season… and there’s no denying that it’s true.
    but guys isn’t it possible that Sherlock’s changes aren’t an accident or bad writing or fan service… maybe we are seeing sherlock after his life has been changed by having a group of people who actually really care about him (john, molly, lestrade, even mary). he’s starting to open up.
    coming out of his shell. i do agree that it seems weird for him, but I’m willing to accept it

    • Charlie

      Yeah, I get the impression that he’s just opening up more. Especially considering he spent 2 years away from everyone, I think he’s come to appreciate them a bit more. I think he’s gradually realised that his approach is not always the best approach- sometimes he needs someone else to help him.

      I think that if he continued to be as rude as he was previously, the audience would begin to question why the other characters even like him.

    • Maria Wang

      Maybe. But it’s such a sudden and rapid change out of nowhere, that I don’t know how I feel about it.

    • princessxkelsey

      character development

  • Laurelin

    most. perfect. episode. ever.


  • Elphaba Thropp

    Where are these episodes coming from??

    As much as I adore them, I can’t help but feel that they’re lulling us into a false sense of security before we’re wiped out with next week’s episode…

  • ConnorF42

    This was an absolute a great episode. All the mysteries were interesting, but bit coincidental he told the exact stories he needed to solve the murder plot, but maybe they were pressing on his mind. Felt bad for Sherlock at the end.

  • http://hunyumstan.tumblr.com/ hunyum

    The point I’m trying to make is that I am the most unpleasant, rude, ignorant and all-round obnoxious arsehole that anyone could possibly have the misfortune of meeting.
    I am dismissive of the virtuous, unaware of the beautiful and uncomprehending in the face of the happy. So if I didn’t understand I was being asked to be best man, it is because I never expected to be anybody’s best friend.
    And certainly not the best friend of the bravest and kindest and wisest human being I have ever had the good fortune of knowing. John, I am a ridiculous man. Redeemed only by the warmth and constancy of your friendship.
    But, as I am apparently your best friend, I cannot congratulate you on your choice of companion.
    Actually, now I can.
    Mary, when I say you deserve this man, it is the highest compliment of which I am capable. John, you have endured war and injury and tragic loss – so sorry again about that last one – so know this, today you sit between the woman you have made your wife and the man you have saved. In short, the two people who love you most in all this world.
    And I know I speak for Mary as well when I say, we will never let you down and we have a lifetime ahead to prove that.

    • betty_hat

      I’ll be honest I shed a tearXD

    • Mrs_Badcrumble

      Simply genious. It melted my heart…

  • Simone

    This episode was so freaking sweet :) love it!

  • Hicks

    Not a bad episode on the whole, but if Sherlock has such a keen mind, why, when looking at the case with Watson in 221b, does he refer to the guardsman as “this particular Grenadier” when he is in fact a member of the Welsh Guards?

    • Alice Teeple

      Well, to be fair, he asked if he was the current King of England. :)

  • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

    Fun fact, the guardsmen who was the “test run” was played by Alfred Enoch ( AKA Dean Thomas in Harry Potter)

    • Esmeblabbed

      I knew he looked familiar!!!

    • Zoltán Buka

      Also the son of William Russel, a.k.a. Ian Chesterton from Doctor Who.

  • Ana

    umm sorry if I’m a wee bit slow, but what does the Mayfly plot got to do with the plan of killing Sholto? Is the photographer trying to get to Sholto through the women? But Sherlock says they’re not employed by the same employer right?

    Anyway, my thoughts on the episode, it got bizzare on some parts like you don’t know where the story’s going. But it all came together cleverly in the end which made the side stories worth it. And the more I think of it, the more I liked how the writers stretched out of their usual structure and didn’t solely focus on the “mystery of the week”.

    I do wish they’d tone down the John and Sherlock love fest. We know those two love each other a lot. But no need to constantly express it. A little bit goes a long way. But then again it’s a wedding. There’s only so much chances you can showcase the bromance in it’s full glory than in a wedding

    • Sophiesquirels

      I think the people lied about where they were employed because he just looked at profiles online to find out where they where employed that was there secret sherlock said they must signed confidentally agreements

  • Ana

    Oh and PS. Benedict Cumberbatch was incredible in that deduction. We’ve seen him do lightning quick monologues before but this one was so dynamic and manic like he’s running out of time. And to do it in front of a crowd. Amazing.

  • Sara Andrea Vera

    I loved it! It was brilliantly funny and moving at the same time. My favorite episode ever.

  • Ronda

    You forgot to mention that the Queen’s Guard wasn’t murdered. John saved his life.

  • Reto

    Nice episode. But I’m missing the logic of the story. Why should the “victims” of the Mayfly Man know or want to learn about the wedding?

    • Afton

      The women knowing about the wedding wasn’t the common theme it was that they all worked for Major Sholto. The photographer/killer wanted to know when Sholto would be leaving the house and then he found out it would be for the wedding.

      • Reto

        So the killer new enough about Sholto that he could seduce his employes one by one till he eventually found one who told him – despite the confidentiality agreement and during their one and only night – that her employer will go to John Watson’s wedding. While he does the rehearsal for the killing the woman tries to find him, eventually with the help of Sherlock. But while she breached the confidentiality agreement to her one night stand she doesn’t do so to her detective. Plausible.

  • Sarah

    Wasn’t Mary drinking wine at the wedding? Who drinks if they’re pregnant?

    • somegirl91

      I don’t think she knew she was pregnant until Sherlock told them at the end of the episode.

  • Sherlock

    did anyone not think that the murder weapon description matched the description of a corset? and we hadn’t got to the point where Mary took her dress off….

    • Tygridia

      Thanks, Satan

  • Jason L

    It was a fun episode, definitely, and I think that it improved on the first episode in terms of having an actual mystery, but I don’t like the direction the series is taking. There’s no longer the sense of urgency, the ambiance of dark sophistication, and wry understated humor that has now been exchanged for alarming, slightly cliched comic overtones. I mean… I’d be less anxious if there were more episodes or a guarantee of a few seasons more, but there isn’t, and so the writers can’t afford to be self-indulgent. I mean, do any of these episodes really compare to the brilliance of “A Study in Pink” or even hold a candle to “A Scandal in Belgravia”?

  • Genetica97

    You said in both cases that the Queen’s Guard member was murdered. But, the entire reason that it was included in the speech was to show how caring John was. He saved the guy’s life.

  • Genetica97

    Did anyone else notice that one of the telegrams were written by CAM and Mary looked nervous when Sherlock was reading that telegram?
    Not my observation, I saw this on the Internet somewhere and went back and checked

  • Ian Nelson

    I don’t think the guardsman actually died, they said he was still breathing and sherlock continues to say how he had “saved a life”

  • LT

    Some funny moments but boring. Turned it off after an hour. Not crazy about the addition of a wife and child for John. Thought this was supposed to be a detective show not a family show…

  • תמיר ז’לזניאק

    May someone Explain me how people who were stabed from the belt didnt felt it? And what is the connection to the crime family before the openin to the episode ?

  • Bruce Knotts

    Who is the handsome black grenadier guard in this episode?

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