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Most of you watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special in the last day or so, wherever you are around the world. If you haven’t, GO WATCH IT FIRST.

It was wonderful and heartwrenching at the same time, was it not?

But what most people are talking about is the swift regeneration of Matt Smith’s into Peter Capaldi’s Doctor (basically, if you blinked, you missed it), and the other thing most of us are talking about, and which I want to talk about here too, is Amy Pond!


Lets face it, none of us were expecting it (even though Karen Gillan actually uploaded a tweet a while back wearing the exact same wig she wore in the Christmas special, and none of us connected the dots before this), and yet it’s being dubbed as the best moment on the special, along with how Amy Pond was the first and last face the Doctor saw in Eleven’s body.


It was indeed pretty brilliant of Steven Moffat to bring in Karen for those marvelous few seconds – the entire fandom lost it. I mean, who doesn’t love Amy Pond? With the exception of Rose, many of us consider her to be one of the best companions of the Doctor, her and Rory. So obviously people tend to prefer her to, say, Martha Jones or even the more recent Clara Oswald.

Yet, I would like to state my own personal opinion here: Karen Gillan should not have been part of the Christmas special. No, not because I don’t love her character. No, not because her appearance completely flipped out the entire fandom.

But because her being there kind of made me feel like Clara was overlooked and ignored, standing, crying on the side while the Doctor hallucinated and had this spectacularly intimate moment with Amy. It just felt to me like Steven Moffat was trying to say that no matter how great Clara is or will be, she will never be able to measure up to Amy’s character, and the importance Amy holds in the Doctor’s life.

This was a considerably worse idea because ever since Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill departed the show, there has been considerably less buzz since it is believed that Clara will never be able to replace the exhilaration and entertainment which Amy’s character brought to the series. And this is even further proven by how “The Time of the Doctor” messed up the entire timeline of Doctor Who, ever since Clara entered it, basically making the events of series seven impossible.

After the Doctor, Clara is the central character of the show at the moment – and that’s how the special should have made it out to be. Instead, it pretty much fed fuel to the fire and brought Clara’s character down another step.

This article was written by a Hypable user! Learn more and write your own right here.

  • J.B.

    I agree that what Amy did was degrade Clara but I was ok with it because she is kind of boring. It is fine that she can redeem herself with Capaldi but it was too late with Matt and his regeneration would have suffered.

  • Poppy

    I felt the same way about poor Clara. She is standing there having an emotional goodbye with the Doctor, and then it was like “Sorry, the more important Amy Pond is here” I’m probably one of the few, but I really didn’t like the character of Amy. Something about her just rubbed me the wrong way. While I loved Matt Smith as the Doctor, I didn’t love Amy (or Rory or River Song for that matter) To be honest, I thought Amy as a little girl was a lot better. Sorry to go off a tangent, but I loved the Christmas special, up until the point Amy Pond appeared on screen.

    • Olivia King

      Phew I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who didn’t really care for Amy. She was cool, and the actor for her is awesome, but as a companion she seemed really shallow. I understand her and 11′s relationship was important, but the lack of Clara’s importance is a bit frustrating. Clara to me felt closer to a great companion like Rose.

  • PabloRuiz7

    You make good points, but Amy was Eleven’s companion, which is why I liked her appearance. Now Clara and Capaldi will be a whole new pairing to enjoy =)

    • Charlie

      I agree. Plus, the Doctor specifically points out that Amy was the first person he saw in his new body. Then, moments later, Clara becomes the first person Twelve sees. I think the implication was that Clara would be Twelve’s important person.

    • Mike Tolhurst

      I thought having the Pond’s leave mid-7 season was tricky, with Smith only being around for a half season more. Eleven and the Pond’s were such a strong unit that I felt that Clara, despite her charms, was hanging around until she could get a doctor that could be ‘hers.’

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    While I agree, it did kind of ignore the fact that Clara was there, I thought it was perfectly fitting that Amy made a brief appearance. But Clara is the one that basically saved the Doctor again by telling the Time Lords to help him through the crack and they did. He was able to regenerate, which wouldn’t have happened without Clara.

  • David Grim

    Other Doctors have seen images of past companions during their regenerations. Why should Matt’s Doctor be deprived of that? You are flat-out wrong, Myra.

    • MyraM93

      I’m not saying that he should have been deprived of that. I’m just saying it kinda sucked watching Clara stand on the sidelines like she’s nothing while Amy made her appearance. Just hoping on Clara being utilised and written as a more likeable and entertaining character with Capaldi’s Doctor :)

      • MyraM93

        Also, i can’t be ‘wrong,’ since this entire article was my opinion. We’re all entitled to our opinion, aren’t we now?

        • PrisonerZero

          This is the internet, how dare you have an opinion!

          • MyraM93

            Haha, i like you!

          • PrisonerZero

            Oh thank god someone finally took that as a joke

          • Bob Johnson

            This is PrisonerOne. I met you in the Forest of Dreams. You don’t exist.

        • ds9sisko

          Actually, yes, you can be wrong: opinions aren’t exempt from judgement about either their logic or factual standing. Unless you ‘d like to argue that if it were your “opinion,” you could not be wrong for thinking the earth is flat.

          • eviltaco

            Yeah, but this is actively a subjective thing. “should X have happened in a tv show” is not a concrete fact, it’s not like she was trying to argue the existence of gravity.

            I don’t agree with her, but that’s a really semantic rebuttal to a discussion about what happened in a television show.

          • ds9sisko

            The problem with her defense is that she basically claimed that as an opinion it is infallible (she “can’t be wrong.”). I submit, that even in matters of subjectivity, one can still be wrong. There wasn’t anything semantic about her rebuttal.

      • David Grim

        Clara could not see her. If she could, then you’d have a case.

      • James Jeans

        I guess this is one of those things where subjectivity comes into play; I think Clara is extremely likeable and entertaining. I liked Amy a lot too, but I had to warm up to her as her first impression wasn’t great (she throws herself all over the Doctor the night before her wedding to Rory, for goodness sake).

        My biggest problem with Clara is her home life is too nebulous. I wasn’t even initially aware that the bald fella at her Gran’s flat was meant to be her father. He looks nothing like the actor who previously played her dad.

        I wish Moffat would bring back some of the “home world” characteristics from the RTD era. There’s very little touchstone for the companions, we just see the Doctor popping in and out of their lives at random points. For me, it doesn’t work as well as when companions come on board and stay on board with occasional trips home.

      • RiverSong

        Clara had her time with the Doctor before he went to the bell tower to face the Dalakes. The fast regeneration wasn’t fast he did the biggest part on the bell tower when he distorted the Dalakes. I loved having Amy come back. Seeing her as young Amelia was sweet and then seeing her walking down those stairs I started to cry. And seeing that the Raggedy Man was leaving us and her saying goodbye was so sweet. Out of all the companions the Ponds have been my favorites. Including River song. I haven’t gotten into liking Clara I’m not sure I can. She doesn’t have the chemistry that is needed to be his companion. We will see how she does with the 12th Doctor. But at this moment I miss Matt already and will continue to miss the Ponds.

  • m

    It was beautifully acted by Karen and Matt, but I also thought it was out of place. Clara is constantly pushed to the side and forgotten in favour of other companions and characters. I’m looking forward to actually learning something about her in series 8, because for the past however many episodes she has been nothing but a frequently disposed plot device.

  • matthewhpg

    Amy’s the Adric to Matt’s Doctor. It made perfect sense that it was the last thing he saw, whether or not it degraded Clara.

  • Esmeblabbed

    I do think it seemed a bit awkward because Clara was standing right there, but she couldn’t see Amy. It was more of the Doctor having a private moment to remember a different part of his life as 11.

    A girl I follow on tumblr (baldkaren) (great blog btw) said this which I definitely agree with:
    “The whole point of Amy being the one to say goodnight is that she started the story. He was a big part of the story of Amelia Pond, and she was a big part of the story of the Raggedy Doctor. The story is over, so now it’s time to sleep. And who better to say goodnight than the girl who started the story?”

  • Lotte

    Funny, I love Martha Jones and find Rose really overrated, especially by the fandom,

    For this article, I agree with your point. I totally love Amy and cried so hard when she departed the show. But once again, Clara doesn’t seem to be given a chance. Nonetheless, with the new Doctor, I think endless new possibilities open for Clara.

    • CGS

      Martha Jones is highly underrated, I *LOVE* her.

  • blanky

    Well….. Amy > Clara in my humble opinion so no complaining coming from me…plus it was like the Tardis was reminding the Doctor of his first companion..so ehhh totes excited for 12th Ahhh!

  • kanaloa

    Amy and Rory have been really growing on me since the start of Clara as the present day companion. It’s starting to annoy me to see the Doctor requiring a human conscience (stopping him burning the Time Lords – a few words from Clara are more use than the hundreds of years he’s had to come up with a new idea?). Plus her wishing really hard for the Time Lords to save the Doctor through a crack in the wall, making them stop coming after him and helping him survive (because they should love him, according to her) was too unbelievable. Even more unbelievable than the premise of a centuries old alien – I can’t keep track of his age anymore – travelling round time and space in a TARDIS. Way prefer RTD as head and Moffat as star writer than Moffat as showrunner.
    Either way the regen scene was pretty touching, and hopefully Clara and 12/Capaldi have a good dynamic to make things more refreshing. For the love of God, no more unrequited Doctor love though!

  • TheFirst

    As much as I like Clara, I have to admit that I think Amy was more important to the 11th Doctor’s overall story. She was his best friend for 200 years while he knew Clara only for maybe a couple of years. Amy was his family.

  • Joe

    Totally agree here. Karen didn’t even seem to have her heart in it.

  • Undesirable

    Perhaps Clara might never be like Amy was for eleven. But that does mean she can’t be closer to twelve. Amy made a huge impact on eleven. I’m not trying to hate on Clara but its impossible to compare the two. Besides, it was quite similar to Ten revisiting his past companions. I have to disagree with you on this one. Amelia Pond definitely had a place in Eleven’s final moments.

    • Haily

      Wasn’t Ten alone though when he went visiting? Eleven had someone right there and hallucinated someone more important to him. I don’t even like Clara (Amy is a much more well-developed character) but she got the snub here…

      Besides shouldn’t Clara know all about Amy, but she was confused when he said her name?

  • PrisonerZero

    At least we can now have Clara make a cameo when 12 regenerates

    • TheFirst

      I’m pretty sure she’ll appear when 12 eventually regenerates, along with his other companions.

      However, that’s so far away!

      • Winkyxx

        Woah, that could be in say, 5 years from now… O_O

        • Elphaba Thropp

          We don’t know a lot at this point. It could be seven years, it could be one!

  • Tanesha

    I wasn’t bothered by the appearance of Amy, I understood what Moffat was going for. I was however disappointed that we didn’t get to see Rory or even River for one last time.

    Also, I didn’t realize so many people disliked Clara. I absolutely love her; I find that I can relate to her more than I ever could Amy. I find her to be a lot more rational and cautious in her adventures with the Doctor which is refreshing after seeing so many of his companions take crazy risks just to impress him. Plus, she nearly died splitting herself to save the Doctor throughout all of his timeline, how can you not love her for that?

    • Ron Basea

      i heard somewhere that river will be “back” in series 8.

      • Whovian Abby

        I think just having Amy was perfect.

        About River being “back”, I’m almost sad . . . her and Eleven were just so perfect, and I’m really worried her character will get messed up around 12 . . .

    • Olivia King

      I agree. :) Clara feels more like a Rose Tyler. She’s compassionate and her character (at least for me) is more relatable.

  • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

    yeah, I felt that whole scene to be super awkward. Yes, I was a little emotional, but I was still trying to work out all the pointless plot lines from earlier. I really liked the idea of having Amy there but I think it would’ve been better if Clara wasn’t crying in the corner. I’m not a huge fan of Clara but during that whole scene I kept thinking ‘what about Clara?’. I she wasn’t in the room, I would’ve liked it a lot more. Mostly, I had been hoping Matt would’ve regenerated on the tower and we could’ve finished off the episode with 12.

    • TheFirst

      I also thought about him regenerating on the tower. But 11 had to regenerate as he was and as we love him. Not under pounds of old man make-up.

      Also, I wanted the last face he saw to be Amy. ;)

  • Winkyxx

    Amy’s reappearance was the best bit!

  • JettePop

    I agree that the appearance of Amy was awkward – at least within the scene as it played. If Clara could see Amy, and Amy and Clara shared their grief, then the scene might have worked better for me. This reminded me of the scene with River when no one else could see her and the Doctor kissed her. I don’t necessarily have a problem with Amy making an appearance before Matt’s Doctor regenerated; I didn’t like how the scene was done.

  • Matthew Howland

    Originally I started out by saying that this entire post was dumb, but that’d rude, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Here’s mine: the point was that she was the first face his face ever saw and she deserved to be the last. He was HER Raggedy Doctor not Clara’s. Amy was his mother in law, his family, someone on tumblr compared her lines “Raggedy man, goodnight.” to that of a mother who has just finished telling a bedtime story to their child, which was exactly what the Doctor was to Amy. The ending couldn’t have been more perfect or more beautiful. It would have been bed if she hadn’t shown up.

    • rashmiviswanath

      Wait…the Doctor’s dying….and the face he wants to see…is not the wife he married…but his mother-in-law?? Loved that Karen Gillan made a cameo…but there were so many better ways to write this scene….even keeping the same lines…cuz you’re right “Raggedy Man, goodnight” was a great line. But the whole scene played out just….wrong.

      • Haily

        River (and Rory for that matter) missing is quite sad honestly. But we saw her die, we saw what was left of her as a hologram… she did get her goodbye(s).

  • VirginiaBorn

    I LOVED that Amy was there, perfect ending for me. And I thought it was really telling that Clara did not know who Amy was. Amy was too important to the Dr. for him to share that part of his life with Clara.

    • Haily

      You’d think Clara would know having jumped through his timeline. Did she conveniently skip the Amy parts?

      The doctor never told Clara anything, same as all the companions. Amy never knew Rose as far as I remember. Rose never knew Sarah Jane.

      • Lodds

        Rose knew Sarah Jane – you’re forgetting the episode School Reunion!
        Amy also knew Rose – it wasn`t in the serie ’cause they didn’t put the scene in the episode, but she sees all companions the Doctor ever had.
        Well, Clara… I don’t know if Clara knew everything from her time in the Doctors time line. It was too muc for Donna to remember Doctor Donna, but Clara is able to remember thousands of lifes?! No way!

  • Jeremy

    I kinda think it was perfect for him to see Amy. The Doctor never got over Amy. Its fitting because In the beginning Amy Doctor was her :”Imaginary friend” and with her gone now she has become his imaginary friend. The only people I kinda wish we did see was Vastra and the gang. I do hope we see them again they have been great additions to the show.

    • LunaLovegood

      I definitely agree, it would also have been nice to see River Song again in the doctor’s finial moments.

      • Miniryu-Ninja

        I agree… im glad she was mentioned at least but an appearance would have been nice. It will be interesting to see how she would interact with Capaldi as the Doctor if she returns.

        • LunaLovegood

          I was happy that in the episode that many of Matt’s moments throughout his time on Who were mentioned. I don’t know about River and Capaldi. I can’t imagine it. But, I’m still full of emotions about the regeneration and the death of Handles.

  • Miniryu-Ninja

    I think it was fitting because just like 11 is some peoples doctor…Amy was 11′s “companion”… undisputable therefore it was fitting that he think of her as he was about to regenerate. I think Clara will have her time to truly shine next season. Just like Rose was 10′s “companion”, Amy was 11′s..perhaps Clara will be 12′s? Maybe….maybe not- impossible to know how long Capaldi will be the Doctor for and how many companions he will have..she may be his most prominent or it may be someone else entirely.

    • rashmiviswanath

      I consider Rose to be Nine’s companion and Donna to be Ten’s. But that’s just me. :-)

      • Miniryu-Ninja

        I would love to agree with you but it was always Rose… However (and i hate to quote hannah montana) we can have both since now ten-too is canonically a separate regeneration we can say Rose is his and Donna is 10′s ;) (If you want to stick to one 10 then it has to be Rose… Donna was the best friend.)

  • Guest

    The fact that this article had a spoiler tag, with an image of Amy and a spoiler URL is just wrong.

  • jolene

    Like you said Clara is now the central point of the show the audience knows her peter capaldi is new now, she wasn’t deprived at all. Amy was his companion just as rose was tens donna stood on the side and watched that

  • Ruth

    How did “the time of the doctor” mess up the entire timeline of doctor who?

    • rashmiviswanath

      Undid the grave at Trenzelore. No grave = Clara never went there and jumped in. Dalek Clara and Victorian Clara never happened. Doctor never became obssessed about finding impossible girl. Never went looking for her in the first place. Net result = Clara shouldn’t even be here now?

  • princessxkelsey

    Since Matt announced he was leaving on Tumblr I have seen posts saying “Amy better be the last thing Matt sees” so I think Moffat just listened to the fans.

  • -_-

    You hush.

  • James Jeans

    I think it worked better than when the 4th Doctor and 5th Doctor hallucinated their companions (and foes!) during their regenerations. Maybe I would have included Rory as well, but that’s just me.

  • whoman69

    There has always been favorites, more especially in Nu Who. David Tennant had three main companions during his tenure, but everyone knows Rose tops the list in the Doctor’s heart. Martha knew she could never come out first. Donna didn’t care. Nothing wrong with that. Jamie, Jo, Sarah Jane, Peri, Ace…always a favorite.

    • rashmiviswanath

      Sure….but Ten paid them all a visit when he died. Didn’t just go to Rose and forget about everyone else. He even visited Joan Redfern’s grand daughter!

      • whoman69

        The reason she was there is because she was dead, and welcoming the Doctor who was coming to be with her. Rory had, at best, an icy relationship with the Doctor so was not there.

        • rashmiviswanath

          Come on…not as intimate as Amy, but not icy, surely. A few squabbles do not a relationship break. I just listed all the ways Rory and the Doctor displayed affection for each other in another post. You may be right about the ‘death’ part. Hadn’t thought of it like that. There should have been a mention of Rory and the current companion (who just saved his life again, I might add).

  • Michael Lederman

    It was a lovely homage to the storyline of Matt’s Doctor. The beginning & the end.

  • Amir

    Guys face it. Amy deserved this. 11 loved her, she’s his Amelia!!!! I loved her part and Amy only had like 3 minutes of screen time. I loved the scene and he addressed Clara after Amy scene was done. What’s such the big problem?

    • rashmiviswanath

      He didn’t address Clara. He gave a speech. That isn’t anything close to any intimate goodbye.

      • Amir

        So? Honestley Amy deserved a goodbye more than Clara. It just seemed more fitting to me in my opinion.

      • Amir

        His speech was amazing though!!!!

  • Elphaba Thropp

    I always felt that Jenna’s entrance onto Doctor Who after Karen left and Matt stayed behind was awkward. I suspect that is part of the reason why Matt left after a little over half a season. It felt like they were trying to fill the gap that Karen left with Jenna, which is fine-when you do it the way they filled in the gap from Billie with Freema and Donna, or the countless other companions. They were their own person, but Clara is too much like Amy that it felt a bit forced, and she and Matt Smith seemed very awkward on screen together, in my opinion (the way they were being written, that is. As actors they are brilliant). I almost felt myself breathe a sigh of relief when Karen came on screen for her whole seven seconds, because things were straight again, no one was trying to hard-Amy had come back. Clara hasn’t been as big as Amy was, so the overshadowing didn’t just happen in the last five minutes of The Time of the Doctor.

  • Julian Chan

    I agree. I love Clara and it was a bit weird. But only a bit. Not a big deal. I miss AMY POND and I was sad to think of her and Rory being frozen in a loop in Manhattan

  • Vloggerazzi

    I don’t really think that was actually Amy anyway. It was the Tardis’ way of saying goodbye. I do think in time you’ll see that Clara is will be more important an companion to 12.

    • MyraM93

      Hopefully, yes!

  • chris

    I have to disagree. Rose was to Ten what Amy was to Eleven. They are irreplacable and I am not calling Clara another Martha, since she has a special place in not just eleven, but all the doctors times… but i am pointing out that Clara’s relationship with the doctor was rushed and the chemistry almost wasnt there. Her character is amazing. But I think she will be Peter’s girl, and will be remembered as such.

    Rose may have startes as nines girl, but she went to become a big part of tens story.

    • Olivia King

      I really hope so because she deserves her big moment as a main companion :) she was awesome. So was amy, but it made me sad to see clara get pushed to the side for most of her time with 11

  • rashmiviswanath

    It wasn’t that she shouldn’t have appeared. Clara’s been all over space and time saving his life. She’s even responsible for him even having this new set of regenerations. Just didn’t like how the Doctor simpered over Amy and just ignored Clara completely. And considering Clara seems to retain elements of her past lives from jumping into the Time Stream….should she remember Amy from Asylum of the Daleks? I could be wrong. That scene could have been just so much nicer if Clara was acknowledged a little bit. And what was with the pseudo romantic face-holding? Yuck. One of the reasons I liked Eleven was he was friends with both Amy and Rory…..they were awlways like a great team of three….But Rory got completely ignored this episode. Again.
    Karen Gillan has great charisma…but sometimes it seems overtake the show in on instances like this and Angels Take Manhattan when she got to have a grand goodbye scene…but Rory was just zapped off. He didn’t get an acknowledgement in this episode either. Not cool.

    • MyraM93

      This is exactly what i was trying to say in the article, thanks!

    • Haily

      I kind of want the next companion to be male. Mickey, Jack and Rory were all great but the Doctor seemed to just “tolerate” them. Even with Rory it was clear that it was Amy the Doctor liked more. He doesn’t seem to care about their safety the way he does with the girls either. I kind of want a guy companion because it starts to seem like the Doctor is a bit sexist.

      • rashmiviswanath

        You might get your wish. There was some speculation that the teacher who warns Clara at the beginning of the 50th that ‘her Doctor’ called might be joining the Tardis crew.

        • Haily

          That would be cool. The companions have become a bit bland. I would love it if the next companion were an alien or from another time or something else very imaginative.

          • rashmiviswanath

            Could not agree more. Time they brought on an alien companion or a companion from another time. Especially now they already have the prototype ‘spunky 21st century hot girl to be rescued’ companion.

      • rashmiviswanath

        And you know, the weird thing is, it was the Doctor who brought Rory on board. Not Amy. She would’ve been quite happy galavanting around without him. The Doctor brought him for everyone’s good all around. Rory and the Doctor were a team on a number of episodes like in A Good Man Goes to War. Rory trusts the Doctor at the end of Almost People when he exposes ganger Amy. Rory wants the Doctor in the group hug when the reach Amy and the baby in A Good Man Goes to War. The greeting at the beginning of Impossible Astronaut is affectionate to both and very reciprocal. He wants them back together in Asylum of the Daleks, kisses him in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. They work together in the Girl Who Waited. I know Rory yells at him, but everyone has squabbles in a real relationship. He includes Rory in his ‘Power of Three’ conversation about how important both of them are to him. Yes, Amy may be the first face he saw, but Rory grew in importance and had value, surely. He hugs both of them with relief when he sees that they survive their jump in Angels Take Manhattan.

        • Haily

          Yes and I liked that the Doctor showed clearly he cared about Rory. He was still “the other companion”, but at least he was treated as well as other companions. He didn’t get the same leve of attention that Amy got, but he was treated well.

          I just feel that taken with the other male “companions” it doesn’t sit well with me.

      • rashmiviswanath

        Maybe the behaviour was just like how men sometimes do behave with each other… the affection is there but not on ready display. About Rory, Mickey and Jack, I thought he liked all of them. He was a bit condescending about Mickey, I agree. But he has all sorts of chemistry and affection with Jack in both incarnations. He’s a bit antsy in Season 3 because of Jack’s immortality, but the friendship is still there. And I really believe the Doctor loved Rory. Maybe not as much as Amy, but love was there. Amy, Rory and Eleven are the poster-kids for the ‘One True Threesome’.

        • Haily

          Yeah you are right it is probably a relationship with two guys instead of a guy and a girl is going to be different. I just felt that he put Jack in danger a lot more than Rose and was in general a lot more critical of him and sceptical about him. Then they made Jack immortal and the Doctor abandoned him without explanation or apology. Jack then comes running back to ask what happened, and the Doctor gets mad at him, calls him “wrong” and treats him like dirt.

          Mickey I guess he just didn’t like and felt no compulsion to be civil to him, but Jack actually died to help him, and the Doctor was more forgiving to his enemies to to Jack.

          Rory I agree he really cared about, though Amy came first.

    • Whovian Abby

      Yeah, I feel bad for Rory! He’s awesome!

  • Maria Wang

    Well maybe for 11, Amy was ‘his companion’.

  • Friedaz

    It’s not the first time a companion has been overlooked in the eyes of The Doctor. Rose vs. Martha, e.g.

    I thought it was a moving moment to have Amy Pond say goodnight, even if it was a hallucination, even if Clara was on the sideline crying.

    It was a moment about The Doctor saying goodbye to his body, to his companion that meant the universe to him.

  • Sara

    I disagree. Karen’s appearance made the 11th Doctor’s story come full circle. And we all know that 11 was in love with Amy. Matt said it himself, that Amy was the 11th Doctor’s great love (sorry River). She finally gave him the goodbye he needed. I believe they’re going to make a better use of Clara with 12 too. While, I do have to say she was pushed to the side a bit, just think, her face was the first face 12 saw. So, in my opinion, she will be more important in the 12th Doctor’s story than she was with 11′s.

  • Dani

    Something I’ve notice about Eleven and Clara’s relationship was that they never really connected the way they should, and I think it was because of Amy and Rory having such an impact on him. But now that his body has change, I feel like those emotions will be not as evident and Twelve and Clara can now have all the adventures without the emotional side of it

  • Frank_821

    I happen to agree with the author. The issue isn’t Amy showing up per se. Dramatically it makes since since she was the first face and will be the last face he sees before he goes away. But it would have worked better if he hallucinated her while he was still old and just before he went off to what he believed to be his death at the suckers of the Daleks. But if they still felt the need to play that moment just before regeneration, he should have been alone in the Tardis. Then the scene would have truly resonated,

    Clara shouldn’t have been present. In fact Clara really didn’t fit into this story at all. The story would have worked better if it was River (before she died) who was there with him on Trenzalore instead of a possible copy of her within the Mother Superioir. It would have been more believable if River was the one to plead with the Time Lords and the final moment with Amy would have felt more appropriate.

    But of course Clara Oswald is the companion of the moment so she has to be in the story. Sadly the writers, in my opinion, have not had a chance to develop her as a fully fleshed out character. On paper, she should be a suitable companion that the fans would take to. But so far, I feel she comes across as generic. I don’t dislike her but I don’t care about her. This is not the actress’ fault since Oswin from Asylum of the Daleks and Clara from the Snowmen were terrific and engaging characters.

    Hopefully now that the dust has settled with the 50th year, Moffat have her evolve beyond being a dubious plot device

    • Haily

      Totally agree especially about him seeing Amy when he was old, and about Clara not fitting in. I still can’t see what is the point of Clara to be honest, she is just a cypher of companion-like qualities.

      She has no real life, no emotional connection at all. The only time I ever cared about her was when she was a Dalek.

      • Whovian Abby

        Yeah, she was great as a Dalek, but then she fell flat . . .

    • MyraM93

      They should have done exactly what you’re saying. Then the ending of the episode would have been perfect: we’d have gotten that spectacular moment of Amy with Eleven, as well as a proper goodbye for Clara :)

  • Anastasia

    No :) Amy was this Doctor’s major companion. We all new Clara wouldn’t replace her. Clara was just being set up for the NEW Doctor, to be -his- main companion. She’ll come into her own in the next series :)

  • theaterboy1

    While I respect your opinion and definitely see where you’re coming from, I think that Karen definitely needed to be in the episode. It provided a beautiful moment and gave both the fans and the Doctor the closure they needed. I feel that Clara standing on the sidelines for that one moment didn’t take away from anything. That’s just me.

    • MyraM93

      I thinks she should have been in the episode too, but what’s more important for me is Eleven not having said a proper goodbye to Clara because Amy was there. He gave a speech instead.

  • Cguy

    Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I was expecting her to show up the whole time, but I was also expecting River. What I wasn’t exoecting however, is a freakin’ 2 second regeneration scene. Kidneys!

  • Rachel Whelen

    The only thing wrong with Amy’s appearance was that wig. Seriously could they not have found one that looked more like her hair style.

    The moment was so touching, one of my favourite of the episode and it’s not like Amy got the last word before he regenerated. Clara did when she said she didn’t want him to change.

    • LunaLovegood

      I know… There were so many things wrong with her wig. I didn’t mind Matt’s wig though!

  • oswin1234

    I see that quite a few people are saying that ‘oh well it kind of makes sense cause Amy was eleven’s companion and then Clara can be twelves’ but I find this kind of a strange statement. The Doctor after all is the same character over all of his faces, and anyway why should it mean that since Amy was ‘the first face this face saw’ that the friendship that Eleven had with Clara over the last year of the show suddenly not mean anything. Honestly I have been pleasantly surprised over the past year as to how the Doctor and Clara have developed as characters together. There is obviously a beautiful and long-running relationship between the Doctor and Amy but there is still no doubt about it that the relationship between the Doctor and Clara is still unique and strong. I’m not saying that Amy shouldn’t have not made an appearance during Eleven’s regeneration; I’m just saying that there should have been an address to Clara as well. Clara and the Doctor HAVE been through A LOT and even though they technically will have more time together since Clara is staying as a companion, it would have been beautiful if there was the Amy moment ‘the first face that this face saw’ and then a Clara moment as ‘the last face this face saw.’ After all, if anything Eleven was the first face CLARA saw! And what was Sarah Jane not Three’s companion as well as Four? And even Ten? Please. A Doctor regeneration can have more than one companion.

    • MyraM93

      EXACTLY. Poor little Clara

  • Bart Hedlund

    honestly i didnt like much of that episode i was pretty disappointed

    • MyraM93

      Yeah, me too. And it seemed pretty confusing as well. Not to mention the entire timeline being distorted by the special ><

  • Kristen Wilhoit

    I appreciated the fish fingers and custard nod and the glimpses we caught of young Amy, and would have preferred it be left at that, rather than actually seeing Amy. I think this subtle approach would have been more effective and less out of place. However, I’m biased in that I never really cared for Amy.

  • JDOld#07

    I actually think this may be a tradition they’re trying. The last person David Tennant’s Doctor saw was Rose; the same person he saw first. Makes sense that Matt Smith’s Doctor carries it on.

    I JUST remembered Clara’s mom died. Who was the annoying blonde woman sitting with her father?

    • alexis596

      Clara’s stepmother, probably.

  • Mama Lowton

    I loved it, it was one of my favorite parts of the show – that whole story arc began when Amelia and 11 met – it was only fitting that it should end with Amy telling him goodnight. Why would he say goodbye to Clara – he’s still going to be with her – just in a different body.

  • Mary Mondo

    the last face 11 saw was clara – they reached out to touch hands and moments after he morphed into cappelli. watched it three times. i was peeved the doctor did not seem to know it was clara who saved him (AGAIN) it was for this reason i was annoyed he did not interact more with clara. it was right for 11 to see both ponds at the end. i was surprised at the regeneration.

    i did not enjoy it the 1st time and found it rather confusing, the 2nd time i understood it better and the 3rd time i loved it but it did not live up to the hype from moffat and i so wanted it to be the best ever as it was matt’s last, it was not and this was very disappointing. only a minsode with matt and clara will make it all really work.

  • alexis596

    I partially agree, I kind of felt bad for Clara (actually I really felt bad and rewatching it “who’s Amy?” is really heartbreaking). However, I was sort of expecting it and I know people would have been disappointed had Amy not appeared. Hopefully Clara gets to be Twelve’s great companion, though. I really want her to be.

  • Andy

    Nope, I think it was a beautiful moment! Would not have changed a thing about it

  • Amalia

    I wish River had played Clara’s part in this. Then Amy’s appearance would have felt more fitting, and I might have actually liked the episode.

  • McParadigm

    The whole episode was typical of Moffat’s work recently. When he tries to be epic, he just gets messy and convoluted these days. When he goes for clever, he ends up having to backtrack later on to fix his errors. When he goes for heart, he bats about 50%. Half the time, he nails it…the other half, he tries to access the heart WHILE being smarter than everyone else in the room, and it just ends up being up to the actors to salvage the mess.

    It’s becoming a recurring thing for this show where it gets really big, and then a female character has to narrate over the top and tell us how amazing and heroic it all was because it becomes impossible to SEE that. It’s a sloppy way to tell a story, and it’s boring.

    Matt Smith deserved a better ending. He was the Doctor.

  • Brian Kern

    Amy has been, and always will be, the best companion of the Doctor. I see the article author’s point about how it diminished Clara, but let’s be frank: Clara was only amazing during the first episode where she didn’t know she was a dalek. After that her character was lost and sort of just floated along behind the doctor. Amy stepped out on her own. I literally got tears in my eyes when the Doctor hallucinated her at the end and it about broke my heart.

  • http://rottenvaginaz.tumblr.com/ Valeria Kementari

    I don’t like Clara, I don’t care for Rose. Amy is the best.

  • K@

    Honestly, her appearance wasn’t NEARLY the biggest problem with the episode. The entire thing was kind of a mess.

  • stargazer

    I haven’t read all 100+ comments, so bear with me if I repeat something that was already said.

    The moment when Karen appeared as Amy Pond was the saddest part of the episode for me. It wasn’t a, “SQUEE! AMY’S BACK! I LOVED HER!” moment. It was sad–like watching someone you love who has Alzheimer’s or dementia slip into their own world. Clara’s face showed that pain, when she realized that though the Doctor looked young again he was so very old; his mind was gone. He wasn’t the man she knew anymore. He didn’t notice Clara much as a loved one with Alzheimer’s might not notice you in the room (or think you’re someone else). I put myself in Clara’s shoes at that moment, without meaning to, and my heart broke. For that reason alone, I am glad that they had Karen in the episode. It showed how old the Doctor was, how alone, how unreachable in that moment before his regeneration, and how Clara was unable to do anything about it. Could it have been done better? Perhaps. But I do not think the actual appearance of Karen was a fault in the episode.

  • Kt904

    I respectfully disagree with this, it doesn’t bother me that Clara stood on the sidelines (she still has more seasons to come and a whole 12th Doctor for herself).
    IMO it was a great, powerful scene, and I don’t want to ruin it by over dissecting it.

  • Conman418

    I think it was necessary for Amy to be there because she and Matt smith were introduced together. When capaldi and tennent entered they had a companion carried over. Smith didn’t have a rollover he had his own companion. They were introduced as a pair so she is the perfect character o say goodbye to.

  • Samurai

    I think it was important because Capaldi’s Doctor looks straight into Clara’s face when he first regenerated, which echoes the “first face this face ever saw,” and now we might get a better relationship and character development.

    I love Jenna, and her character, but she does need more of her own stories. Of course, we were kind of introduced to her backwards, so there’s always time for that to happen. Just like River, the Doctor is meeting her in the wrong order, but under different circumstances, but all thanks to time travel nonetheless.

    I do think it was also pretty important to emphasize the “Times change, and so must I” bit, and hey he was addressing Clara by this point so that’s good. He could have had a few more direct words for Clara, but I like to think of it as preparing her for the next incarnation.

    The regeneration isn’t just about saying goodbye, but saying hello too. That’s why we have this scene with Clara;

    “He’s a comin.”
    “Whose coming?”
    “The Doctor.”
    “But you’re the Doctor.”
    “Yep, and I always will be, but time’s change and so must I.”

  • Lana

    I like everyone on Doctor who, but Rose & 10 are still my favorite duo!

  • Vegas_Bob

    I don’t think it was brilliant to bring back Amy, to me, it cheapened what Clara went through with the Doctor, in what
    should have been a final scene between her and him. (especially since
    the Doctor and Amy had their final scene).

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Amy and I love how David Tennant did the ‘goodbye tour “of all of his companions. . .but it was almost as if Clara. . .the “Impossible Girl” wasn’t even there for him. . .

    • Yor Mahm

      I think that the scene with Amy should have been entirely from Clara’s perspective. In other words, she observes the doctor having an intimate moment with thin air, and we all know who it is without having to see Amy. The audience would empathize much more with Clara’s confusion and alienation…which would actually add a dimension to Clara’s character making her more interesting. Then Capaldi jumps in and pays attention to Clara instead of phantoms from the past.

  • AMbro86

    I thought it was because they were trying to imply that Clara’s Gran is actually Amy Pond. They had the supposedly rambling lines from Gran about how she’s “seen him before, many times. I just wanted time to stop, he was standing there so beautiful.” Also the fact that the actress that played Gran is Scottish…oh and the lingering of the camera on the Gran’s and Amy’s rings (which looked pretty similar). Of coarse that would mess up the timeline, and the fact that we’ve already seen Amy’s grave. but then when has Doctor Who ever adhered to their own timelines?

    So perhaps the scene was intended to link Amy and Clara together in some way that will be revealed in the next season. They even had Clara utter the same line Amy said when they both saw the Silence for the first time. “I look away and I forget you, how does that work?” It was clearly an Amy reference.

  • Jestro Sneak

    I may be one of the few that hated Amy Pond. For me she ruined the first couple of Matt’s run and I’m so glad Clara is different.

  • Dalek Stow

    I love Amy and the cameo was a serious chilling moment.. but Rose, still takes it… that girl can sure make you torment with her… when separated from the doctor… your heart goes out to her… They should follow up with her and David’s progress in the other universe..

  • Micaela Beigel

    I think it was a really important moment to have Amy in this episode. I disagree with a lot of the points you make in relation to Cara because I honestly feel like Amy’s appearance had nothing to do with Clara. Amy is there because she is the most important character in 11′s story. She understands him on a level that Clara doesn’t. Or at least we haven’t been shown that Clara understands him that deeply. Clara may have followed him throughout the years but she is not the most important person in #11′s life. Amy is the first one he sees, she wakes him up and it is only fitting she say goodnight. This does not negate the importance Clara has in 11′s life, but he can’t hallucinate someone who is in the room with him. It was important that they both be there for this moment. The only problem I have is that I wish Rory had been there also, I think it would have been nice for him to come down the stairs with Amy, but let her say good night to him. I think Rory’s absence was a huge hole because in the end he came to be very important to 11 as well.

  • Crabageddon

    Well, if you think about it Amy is TECHNICALLY The Doctor’s Mother-in-law so I see it PRETTY important

  • Bob Johnson

    Spoilers Sweeties .. Our 11th Doctor is not gone. He is in the past with Amy, Rory and River. That is why Amy came to get him. Clara was born to save the Doctor. She is the first female doctor in 2015.

  • Ellimbor

    I completely disagree.

  • Karen Lee

    I will repost what I wrote on your other article! I agreed with you at first, but I’ve made peace now. *lol*

    “I have made peace with the fact that The Doctor’s last moments before regeneration weren’t spent indulging her because, after rewatching the episode, I realised that his heartfelt plea to make saving her his final victory, and his goodbye and thank you when he actually thought he was dying; not regenerating, not changing, but actually disappearing altogether from the fabric of the universe he helped weave into the wibbly-wobbly mess it is, was far more powerful and indicative of their relationship than Amy showing up at the last to, at first glance, ‘steal Clara’s thunder.’ He wasn’t ignoring her when he thought all his chips were gone and there wasn’t a Pond in sight when he hugged her for the last time and said goodbye, actually meaning goodbye in the fullest scope of the word. As we’ve been lead to believe that Clara’s been hauling his arse out of the fire for centuries, his thank you was particularly poignant too. To me, that was his moment with Clara, when he thought he was facing the absolute end, not when he was simply confronted with the prospect of a whole new set of lifetimes in which he would become just another chapter. Since, despite everything, I am more of a Clara fan than an Amy advocate, I am okay with all that. I think it makes sense.

    After all, Clara at that point wasn’t going anywhere. He hadn’t lost her the way he’d lost the Ponds and the Doctor has this tendency to be rather reflective when he’s about to be rewritten into a new complex jigsaw that he has very little control over. Whatever he became was always going to be Clara’s to deal with and I think it would have been the ultimate cement block around her ankles to have tied her to his version as a pivotal part of his regeneration goodbyes because she sure as bloody hell needs a chance now to stop being his ‘get out of jail free’ card. At least as a plot device, Clara’s at least been allowed to be a powerful one but we’re surely done with that now. Make her a character.”

    She has become the first person the 12th Doctor has seen and will be the companion charged with the responsibility of steering him through at least the first part of this regeneration. I hope we are now going to see the best of Clara, the person. If Moffat can’t get that happening then I fear we’re going to see what could potentially be one of best companions squandered and cast aside before she has a chance to shine.

  • Bess Albert

    I think it was totally called for, me, being a Pond fan, wanted to see her make a cameo in the regeneration. You say that Clara didnt get to be a big part of the regeneration, true they should have added a little more to Jennas role in the regeneration, but, she did have a lot of scenes before that, like when she spoke to the Time Lords about saving the Doctor… She saved him once again, and she also had alot of memorable scenes before that one too. So Karens cameo was very called for, I also think Authur should have come back… But hey, Karen sealed the deal… :)

  • Megan Rose

    The 11th Doctor was scared at the thought of regenration so he needed to see her because she alwasy had faith in her Raggedy Man. She was putting his incarnation to sleep, she is saying Goodnight, time to go to sleep, no more pain, no more fear, its time to rest now and that is why that is probably one of the most important sentances she has ever said!

  • Guest
  • doctorwhofan

    don’t know if you guys missed it but Clara and the Doctor get their moment after the Doctor sees Amy where they tried to hold hands but he regenerates before they can

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