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X-Men: Days of Future Past has lost one of its mutants. Anna Paquin’s character Rogue has been cut from the film.

anna paquin cut from x menEditing normally focuses on cutting a film’s run time or adjusts the pacing, but rarely does an entire character get cut from a film. Today, X-Men: Days of Future Past’s director Bryan Singer has announced that Rogue has been cut from the film during the editing process.

It’s almost ironic considering Singer has stuffed every single character that’s ever existed in an X-Men film into Days of Future Past. Anna Paquin, who is much more popular now due to her role on True Blood, apparently only had one scene in the film.

Director Bryan Singer released a statement to EW explaining why Rogue was cut from the film, saying, “Through the editing process, the sequence became extraneous. It’s a really good sequence and it will probably end up on the DVD so people can see it. But like many things in the editing process, it was an embarrassment of riches and it was just one of the things that had to go.”

We’re glad to hear that fans will probably get a chance to check the scene out on the DVD/Blu-ray. Singer continued saying, “Unfortunately, it was the one and only sequence Anna Paquin was in, the Rogue character was in. Even though she’s in the materials and part of the process of making the film, she won’t appear in it.”

So it looks as though despite Rogue being a fairly big part of X-Men and X2, she won’t be appearing in the most recent film. We’re curious if The Wolverine will be the main focus of this film, since he just had his own standalone film.

Are any Anna Paquin fans disappointed that Rogue won’t appearing in the next X-Men film? We’re more surprised that her role was so small to begin with. We’ll be curious to see how X-Men: Days of Future Past pans out, considering we still don’t know how much each character will be involved.

Hopefully it’s not just Wolverine getting all the screen time, with so many talented actors included in the film.

  • Cassie Drake

    I’m disappointed! As a child, Rogue was my favourite female character from the animated series in the early 1990s, so even though Anna Paquin’s version wasn’t my favourite, I was still happy for any Rogue I could get. I was interested in seeing what had happened to Rogue after X3 and the whole cure thing [which I'm super-pissed about btw!] haha

    • shabs

      I totally feel the same. Movie Rogue wasn’t my fav, but any Rogue makes me happy!

    • oblyviate

      I’m similar – favourite character from the cartoon!!. but i totally get why she took the cure – wouldn’t you if you were never able to touch anybody without the possibility of killing them? But I guess she wouldn’t be been so ‘relevant’ as a character in what are more biases towards action movies rather than social examinations/commentary

  • A.P.W.B.Dumbledore

    Although it is a shame we will not see her, I am not surprised because will such a huge cast, it is very difficult to have all the characters consistently involved throughout a movie. She was an unfortunate victim of editing that will hopefully be worth it and make the movie great.

  • Johanna G.

    Well, if you see the footage of Paquin in the San Diego Comic-Con she looks pretty upset for something or with a dark vibe. Maybe this has to do with another thing and they’re not telling the whole story.

  • SofiaSham2017


    • Kevin

      I agree!

    • Lara

      Same here. I’m not watching anymore since she’s been cut.

  • Diggles

    Hmmmm, she did take “The Cure” during the last X-men movie with the original characters. I wanted that to come back up again. Oh well….

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Joshua Nealey

      So did Magneto, but not willingly. i think the main problem must have been that they’re going back in time and she may not be alive in the main part of the story.

      • humanbeing

        If it follows the originally book story even remotely, we’ll see a number of characters in their “near-future” selves (in the comic it was much farther in the future, so that Kitty Pryde was a 40+ year old woman who had had children and was now known as Kate or Katherine), and those near-future versions are barely holding on in a reality where robotic mutant-killers called Sentinels are basically ruling the world. The majority of X-Men characters are already long dead in the future version of that world, victims of Sentinels (which were unleashed by a frightened humanity after misguided mutants killed a politician named Senator Kelly). The “past” that an older Kitty Pryde sent her mind into was our “present” (which was at the time 1980). In the film version, it looks like the “future” versions of the characters will maybe be a only a few years down the line from now, the the “past” they need to go back and fix will be the 1960s or 1970s, hence bringing in the younger versions of the characters established in X-Men First Class. I have a feeling that Brian Singer called in a few favors from his original cast for the two X-Men movies he directed and asked them if they would like to perform a few cameos in the film, but by no means are they major parts (which many misguided fans probably thought they were). It’s easy to see why Rogue’s character could have been cut, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see even more cut in the near-future. I’m sure Storm won’t play a big part, nor the older versions of Xavier and Magneto (they’ll probably be in the first 1/4th of the film, and then the story will be passed over to their younger selves for the majority of screen-time). I think Singer mislead his audience a bit by insinuating that this film was going to have such a massive cast, because most of these characters will be barely appearing, trust me.

  • Gary65

    At least they didn’t cut Shadowcat. Given how Wolverine has been usurping all her stories, I would have been seriously pissed if they’d removed her from the movie altogether.

    • FinnM

      Although, wasn’t it supposed to be Kitty going back in time as opposed to just Logan? Or at least Logan WITH Kitty? I really don’t see why they’re fixating on Wolverine so much, there are so many other mutants they could produce ‘Origin’ films for :/

      • Gary65

        No, it was just Kitty. Logan wasn’t supposed to go back in time at all. They’re fixating on Logan cos they spent so much time building up Wolverine that they can’t be bothered to develop anyone else. This is, like, the third KP story they’ve cut or augmented for no good reason.

        • FinnM

          Feck sake >:(

        • humanbeing

          Yeah, the future version of Wolverine died in the original comic book version of the story (vaporized by a Sentinel, and all that was left was his adamantium skeleton). The person who psychically sent an adult Kitty Pryde back in time was Rachel Summers, the daughter of an alternate reality Cyclops and Jean Grey (who has such a complicated history in the comic books that there’s no way she’ll be used in the film, so her storyline will probably go to Professor Xavier).

          • Gary65

            They need to hire some nerds for the writing team. It would be so easy for us, who know the canon inside & out, to write it and do it justice.

  • Ticket-Less FanGirl

    So she was only in one scene?

  • theaterboy1

    I hate that they cut her from the film. She is my favorite character!

  • hpboy13

    I call BS on this! Rogue is one of the best X-Men characters out there. I can’t believe they cut her out (and gave her such a small part to begin with). I’m sick to death of Wolverine, and wish we could get films focusing on other characters! Thats why First Class was my favorite X-Men movie.

  • Ultron

    From a movie standpoint, I’m honestly kind of glad she was cut because Rogue was really annoying in the movies. Like really annoying. I couldn’t stand her. Although it might’ve been cool to see her life after she took the serum..

  • Matthew McAllister

    not sure how you could fix such a butchered franchise at this point,first class was good 1-2-3 were shit and i was pissed as soon as they said they where sending wolverine back in time instead of shadow-cat ( Ellen page) since once again its all about wolverine, there are so many good characters that get neglected in the x men universe… so much unused material

    • http://hunyumstan.tumblr.com/ hunyum

      whatever happened to their plan about making an “origins” film on all the major x-men?

      • Amir

        They did, It’s called X-men first class.

        • http://hunyumstan.tumblr.com/ hunyum

          well yes i know THAT.

          but like they focused on wolverine, they said they would be doing one on storm and cyclops.

          • oblyviate

            They’d also mentioned magneto and deadpool. I guess the studio never got It off the ground. Wolverines happened as hugh Jackman’s production company did the work.

          • Amir

            i guess plans fell through… idk

  • Kevin

    I’m extremely upset! Not only is Anna Paquin an amazing actress with such depth, but the character Rogue has been crucial to the essence of the X-Men. Considering her power left her unable to even touch other people, she faced the ultimate alienation, making her the most tortured of the group, requiring the most strength from her. I was extremely disappointed in the third film’s reduced inclusion of Rogue, and am now tempted to not even see Days of Future Past now that she won’t be included. I am a very disappointed fan and sincerely hope some sort of re-edit can take place which may allow her to still appear.

  • Jordan

    Very disappointed, I was so looking forward to seeing Rogue return.

    The movies revolve too much around Wolverine, they need to mix it up more.

    • FinnM

      I would watch the heck out of an ‘X-Men Origins: Rogue’ film :’( I agree, they’re fixating way too much on Wolverine. I mean, X1 started with him (among others, of course), X2 was, yet again, about him and Styker, then there was his first Origin film and ANOTHER recent Wolverine-centric film! He’s Marvel’s version of Batman for crying out loud :’( It’s all becoming a little excessive…

      • humanbeing

        What’s funny is that Wolverine was originally created just to be a minor foe for the Hulk to fight in one of his 1970s stories, there wasn’t any indication he was a mutant or anything like that. Then he was incorporated into the revamped version of the X-Men in about 1975 or so, and that title suddenly took off in sales in a way it never had before. By the 1980s, almost everything in the X-Men universe revolved around Wolverine (especially since the 80s were the time when anti-heroes began to become wildly popular in comic books). But you would think that by now they would have discovered that there are a wealth of stories to tell with other characters within that particular sub-section of the Marvel Universe. Wolvie is an interesting character, but there are plenty of others who have interesting origin stories or very cool powers. Anyway…

        • FinnM

          That’s so interesting! :o Yeah, I mean, I like anti-heroes as much as the next guy, I really do, but I hate it when anything is being used so much that it becomes incredibly excessive and boring >:( I want SO MUCH to see Nightcrawler again! His fight sequence to introduce him into the X-Men film franchise was AWESOME, it completely enthralled me when I was younger. Like I said previously, Rogue is such an endearing character with her powers and how they hinder her relationships with other people. While Anna Paquin’s portrayal wasn’t exactly what Rogue-esque, we still got to see Rogue regardless…but now we’re not so sure even though Singer *is* carrying out re-shoots. I’d like to see more Kitty Pryde…or more of the ‘new mutants’…

          To be honest, X-Men is one of the few film franchises I’d very much like to see re-booted at some point because I think, for example, Storm could have been portrayed better as the mutant with the intimidating yet regal presence with the Shakespearean voice she is described by many as having. An example of a pretty successful re-boot would be the latest Spider-Man series as it has, so far, proven to be better than its predecessor. One of the reasons being the film makers sticking to some degree to the comic book canon.

  • humanbeing

    When I saw the cast for this film a while back, the first thing that popped into my head was “A lot of these people are going to be in the film in what amounts to a cameo appearance”. There’s just no way they’re going to have any sort of equal screen time, given the number of people involved. If I was to guess, I’d say that a lot of the “modern-day” X-Men will have the briefest appearances in the film, since they’ll probably be established in the dystopian-apocalyptic Sentinel future, then either shockingly killed off (as happened to future versions of Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, and Magneto in the original Days of Future Past comic story back in 1980) or left behind when a very few number of characters (perhaps just one) go back in time to fix things. The majority of the film will take place in the past and feature the characters as established in X-Men: First Class; but that’s just my guess. I felt that Singer’s universe suffered a lot from the 3rd X-Men film and the 1st Wolverine film, and First Class was actually an interesting new take on the franchise; I’m still not sold on instantly going back to the Singer well after only one origin film, and to be honest, fitting that many characters into the story sort of reeks of fan service and opportunism, rather than crafting a tale where all the characters have their place and purpose. Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if a vast number of these characters have one line or less in the final product.

  • Joshua Harris


  • Miniryu-Ninja

    I guessed that most of these scenes for returning characters would be cameo’s but i’m really shocked that they lost Rogue since she was one of 3 Oscar winners to be featured in the film…which although unimportant to some does give the film some credibility where others are concerned. I hope she appears in a later film since X3 just did not do her justice…and i really wanted to find out if she got her powers back or not.

    • Cal

      I’m pretty sure she got her powers back because in the trailer it shows her getting carried by iceman and she is wearing gloves so I’m guessing her powers returned just like magneto

  • Bryan

    Oh this is sad, but it’s ok. She’s not that of a significant character anyway.

  • ItsAnt

    We all need to realize that the makers of the X-Men franchise do NOT care about the loyal fans that have been cause of the X-Men’s longevity. They don’t care about continuity, they don’t respect the characters, they don’t respect the stories or their origins. All they care about is putting a whole bunch of characters in it just to tickle our fancy but when the movies comes out, we’ll just be disappointed. The best X-Men film to me, in my opinion, was First Class but even that film had it’s flaws. My advice to everyone is to just enjoy this film for what it is and that’s NOT the X-Men we grew up reading and watching. Hopefully in the next decade or so, the rights will revert back to Marvel and we can get a proper reboot.

  • Riana-Tiana Menezes

    That sucks. I used to love watching the Xmen cartoon series that used to come on Fox kids and Rogue was always my favorite character.
    I would pay good money to see an Origin Story about Rogue.

  • Amalia

    Rouge is my absolute favorite character in the movies. I would watch any amount of her I could get. This makes me sad.

  • http://www.permanaj.net/ Permana Jayanta

    I hope the movie won’t be to centered on Wolverine. I am more interested on the how Professor X and Magneto fight for mutants but with different way. First class was the very best X-Men movie IMO.

  • Kadma Sixx

    Words can’t explain what Fox has done to The X-Men. Honesty, I don’t know about Anna Paquin’s fans, but I am sort of glad she was cut, from my point of view, Rogue’s character was always too big for her. BUT, after this guys making everything about Wolverine and stealing stories from other characters just to make him important AND ruining his own story… I really don’t know what to expect now, so many good actors with excellent characters and it always come back to be Hugh Jackman and Logan (of course he’s a great actor and I love him… but seriously…) Seems like they’re not willing to take any risks, and I woudn’t cal it a risk if it’s what fans are asking (screaming) for!

    Even though I know this won’t happen, I still wish for Disney to buy Fox out and improve the whole Marvel Movie Universe.

  • Supa Stubble

    her lips were sculpted by the gods

  • http://rottenvaginaz.tumblr.com/ Valeria Kementari

    Oops they did it again

  • Douglas Anderson

    Rogue …….. I’d hit that

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