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Homeland essentially has a clean slate going into season 4 thanks to the season 3 finale, and now the showrunner is discussing what could be ahead.

Many – including Hypable – noted that Dar Adal and Saul’s coffee shop conversation in this past Sunday’s episode suggested that the latter is interested in returning to the CIA. Homeland showrunner Alex Gansa confirms in a new interview that he will probably be back despite the nice goodbye between he and Carrie.

“[Saul] is now a private contractor, and the CIA does outsource so much intelligence work to these private contractors. So even though Saul may not have a desk at Langley anymore, his interface with the agency is going to be big,” Gansa said, before adding that others like Quinn and Fara may go to Istanbul as well since her and Lockhart discussed bringing her favorite people.

Also in the season 3 finale there was a scene between Quinn and Carrie where the two had a talk about raising kids. Gansa said there could be something between them now that Brody is out of the picture.

“I think if there is romantic energy between them it’s at a very nascent state,” he said. “Carrie’s emotions have been engaged elsewhere, so it’s unclear how she feels about him. I think it’s pretty clear how he feels about her. But whether Carrie Mathison is going to be emotionally available for a romantic entanglement is another question entirely.”

Check out our Homeland recap for a detailed analysis of the season 3 finale.

Do you think Saul will work for Carrie in season 4?

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  • edcs10

    her and Lockhart?

    • JacobMichael

      I know. It should be “she and Lockhart”. It should also be “…despite the nice goodbye between him and Carrie.” Grammar is not Andrew’s strong suit.

      • Carracas

        anyone notice how the Lockhart is similar to vice president Walden?? and notice the correlation between carrie’s last words to quinn where she says that it will never end?? are they referencing us attacks on terrorism as attacks on cerberus??

  • gig

    she with quinn?! I dont think carrie mathison could stay in san kind of relationships. that would be completley out of charachter to me

  • Lindsay

    “Gansa said there could be something between them now that Brody is out of the picture.”
    I can’t wait for season 4!!!

  • Kara

    It would be so out of character and wrong if after three seasons of doing everything for her love for Brody she just turns to Quinn.

    • Carracas

      I’m relieved they killed Brody. never liked him from the beginning especially that mouth of his. Although it would be awesome in a twist of plot if Brody comes back kills the current director of CIA and setting of world war 3…..

  • TooToo

    What would be an awesome scenario is for Carrie to turn on them & get revenge for Brody’s death while she’s in Turkey, & to make matters worse….. make Saul be the real culprit in the CIA bombing…..

  • Akash Singh

    How about Carrie as a CIA agent, working to keep an eye on Javadi from Istanbul with no romance? I would like that. It would be a betrayal of Carrie Mathison to shove her in Quinn’s path. I doubt they will put together a romance there quickly at all.

  • Ang

    Love Quinn, and as nice as it would be to see him naked do not want to see him with Carrie,

  • Cringer

    While the content was interesting, the grammatical errors were distracting. The writer would do well to learn when to use the words she and her. .

  • rae

    Three seasons and a lot of effort and love for Brody as the main reason of everything it would be too cheesy easy to put her and Quinn.. just get Quinn’s babymama on the picture and stop cut her scene, the actress did a great job on that screen of her and Mandy Patinkin in PhillyPD office back in season 2..

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