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The 2014 Golden Globe Award nominees were announced bright and early in Los Angeles on Thursday by Zoe Saldana, Olivia Wilde and Aziz Ansari.

A complete list of Golden Globe nominees is below! Surprises include Netflix’s House of Cards and Orange is the New Black going against one another in the drama category, while in the same arena Showtime’s newest drama Masters of Sex nabbed a nod.

Despite not hitting theaters until later this month, American Hustle won over critics with several nominations in the comedy film categories.


Best TV Series, Drama
- Breaking Bad
- Downton Abbey
- The Good Wife
- House of Cards
- Masters of Sex

Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical
- Big Bang Theory
- Brooklyn Nine-Nine
- Girls
- Modern Family
- Parks & Rec

Best Actress in a Drama
- Julianne Margulies, The Good Wife
- Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black
- Taylor Schilling, Orange is the New Black
- Kerry Washington, Scandal
- Robin Wright, House of Cards

Best Actor in a Drama
- Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
- Liev Shreiber, Ray Donovan
- Michael Sheen, Masters of Sex
- Kevin Spacey, House of Cards
- James Spader, The Blacklist

Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical
- Zoey Deschanel, New Girl
- Lena Dunham, Girls
- Amy Poehler, Parks and Rec
- Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep
- Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie

Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical
- Jason Bateman, Arrested Development
- Don Cheadle, House of Lies
- Michael J. Fox, The Michael J. Fox Show
- Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
- Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Best Miniseries
- American Horror Story: Coven
- Behind the Candelabra
- Dancing on the Edge
- Top of the Lake
- White Queen

Best Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries
- Matt Damon, Behind the Candelabra
- Michael Douglas, Behind the Candelabra
- Chiwetel Ejiofor, Dancing on the Edge
- Idris Elba, Luther
- Al Pacino, Phil Spector

Best Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries
- Helena Bonham Carter, Burton & Taylor
- Rebecca Ferguson, The White Queen
- Jessica Lange, American Horror Story: Coven
- Helen Mirren, Phil Spector
- Elisabeth Moss, Top of the Lake

Best Supporting Actor, TV
- Josh Charles, The Good Wife
- Rob Lowe, Behind the Candelabra
- Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad
- Corey Stoll, House of Cards
- Jon Voight, Ray Donovan

Best Supporting Actress, TV
- Jacqueline Bisset, Dancing on the Edge
- Janet McTeer, The White Queen
- Hayden Panettiere, Nashville
- Monica Potter, Parenthood
- Sofia Vergara, Modern Family


Best Drama
- 12 Years a Slave
- Captain Phillips
- Gravity
- Philomena
- Rush

Best Musical/Comedy
- American Hustle
- Her
- Inside Llewyn Davis
- Nebraska
- Wolf of Wall Street

Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical
- Christian Bale, American Hustle
- Bruce Dern, Nebraska
- Leonardo DiCaprio, Wolf of Wall Street
- Oscar Isaac, Inside Llewyn Davis
- Joaquin Phoenix, Her

Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical
- Amy Adams, American Hustle
- Julie Delpy, Before Midnight
- Greta Gerwig, Frances Ha
- Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Enough Said
- Meryl Streep, August: Osage County

Best Actor in a Drama
- Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years a Slave
- Idris Elba, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
- Tom Hanks, Captain Phillips
- Matthew McConaughy, Dallas Buyers Club
- Robert Redford, All is Lost

Best Actress in a Drama
- Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine
- Sandra Bullock, Gravity
- Judi Dench, Philomena
- Emma Thompson, Saving Mr. Banks
- Kate Winslet, Labor Day

Best Supporting Actor
- Barkhad Abdi, Captain Phillips
- Daniel Bruhl, Rush
- Bradley Cooper, American Hustle
- Michael Fassbender, 12 Years a Slave
- Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club

Best Supporting Actress
- Sally Hawkins, Blue Jasmine
- Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle
- Lupita Nyong’o, 12 Years a Slave
- Julia Roberts, August: Osage County
- June Squibb, Nebraska

Best Screenplay
- Spike Jones, Her
- Bob Nelson, Nebraska
- Jeff Pope, Philomena
- John Ridley, 12 Years a Slave
- David O’Russell, American Hustle

Best Original Song
“Atlas” – Catching Fire
“Let it Go” – Frozen
“Ordinary Love” – Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom
“Please Mr. Kennedy” – Inside Llewyn Davis
“Sweeter Than Fiction” – One Chance

Best Original Score in a Movie
- All Is Lost
- Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom
- Gravity
- The Book Thief
- 12 Years a Slave

Best Animated Feature
- The Croods
- Despicable Me 2
- Frozen

Best Foreign Language Film
- Blue is the Warmest Color
- The Great Beauty
- The Hunt
- The Past
- The Wind Rises

The 2014 Golden Globe Awards will be broadcast live Sunday, January 12 on NBC. They will be hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler – see their first commercial in our previous story!

Which 2014 Golden Globe nominees do you want to see win?

  • PabloRuiz7


    • Gary65


      Also “Let It Go”!!!!

  • Kate

    …no Game of Thrones? :(

    • Gary65

      :((((((( Michelle Fairley’s total lack of love this awards season is ridiculous.

    • Gilad Winogron

      I don’t get it, the Golden Globes people didn’t hear about the Red Wedding? They hate genre shows? They think fantasy is beneath them? I don’t know, but it’s total BS.

      • rh1127

        All genre shows are bastards in the establishment’s eyes.

  • Josh

    Fucking Benedict Cumberbatch maybe??????

    • Sophiesquirels

      For what

      • Josh

        Just realised I was being a moron…..

  • Nicky

    It’s Taylor Schilling, not “Tara Schilling”, btw.

    But OMG, Orange is the New Black got a nomination. GO TAYLOR!!!!

  • Sharon

    *Taylor Schilling – OITNB

  • Ananya

    No Anna Gunn? That’s almost blasphemy! But yay Tatiana Maslany

  • K@

    I hardly watch any of those shows and I have haven’t seen any of those movies… If it weren’t for Amy Pohler and Tina Fey I would have no interest in seeing if some ShowTime comedy I have never seen and some boring four hour drama win…. What about my Game of Thrones, Walking Dead…. Oh, but congrats for Tatiana Maslany!

    • Gary65

      None of the nominated comedies are on Showtime. I think you mean Girls, which is on HBO.

      • K@

        I’m aware…. I am also pretty sure that none of the movies are four hours… just making generalizations to prove a point. I guess I should have been more clear… And I actually don’t mind Girls, I’ve seen a few episodes. I just don’t get into the Golden Globes since everything is decided by critics. Half the stuff nominated is stuff no one has even seen, stuff that hasn’t been released or has only had a limited release, or aired on channels that lots of Americans don’t have (like Showtime, Netflix or HBO). I avoid most award shows for this reason.
        That is why I love sites like Hypable and the AV Club. They review a vast spectrum of media and you can pick and choose what you follow. And on these websites there is a large community of people that enjoy the same things and you can have a great discussion about all your favorite TV shows and movies!

        • Liderc

          Americans don’t watch Showtime Netflix or HBO? hrm…they’re American companies/networks, I imagine most of their viewers are American.

  • Heather Martin

    Really happy for 12 Years a Slave, continuing to be the top contender of the season!

  • Anna

    YAY TATIANA MASLANY!!! But no Game of Thrones :(

  • Megan

    YES COLDPLAY. All my favorites were nominated! Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, this will be a good year!

  • Nick

    Kate Mara got snubbed again :( Poop.

  • Mel

    Monica Potter for Parenthood. Finally!!!!!!

  • Chinmay Chawade

    Prisoners is not nominated for any category :( That’s a bummer.

  • Larael

    Not impressed. And no GoT. What the heck.

  • Ultron

    No walking dead? :(

  • Stacie

    Yah! I’m glad “The White Queen” got into the miniseries category.

  • lorepottter

    No Claire Danes, the best actress ever! fot the second episode in season 3, she deserves any single award in the universe

  • Riana-Tiana Menezes

    I’m glad Catching Fire got one nomination but I think Jennifer Lawrence deserves a nomination for her fantastic portrayal of Katniss. Just sayin’

  • Caroline J.

    WOW. Lizzy Caplan got snubbed LIKE WHOA. her character is basically why those events occurred, and her acting (in tandem with just about everyone else in the cast) is what keeps me coming back every week.

    • jkredwine

      Juliana Margulies has had a good run, but I think her spot this year belonged to Caplan.

  • Allison L.

    I did not see the movie, but from the converstation I heard surrounding it, I’m surprised to see The Butler nominated in some fashion.

  • Abster

    Really not too thrilled about this year’s nominations. I mean, there are definitely some good ones like Tatiana Maslany, Jennifer Lawrence, and Coldplay (and a few others). But overall, I’m pretty disapointed.

  • Lucija

    I’m surprised Monsters University didn’t get nominated. Pixar usually has those in the bag!

  • Kristi Arevalo

    I LOVE that Tatiana Maslany is nominated.

    But wtf?

    No Game of Thrones?!? And is anyone else pissed off that Kathy Bates has gotten no recognition for American Horror Story?!? Seriously….

  • Alexa


  • Savior of Madeline

    Can we talk about the fact that after 7 years of being the funniest show on television, Parks and Recreation has FINALLY received a Best Comedy nod?

  • Alexa

    Also Downton Abbey probably wont beat Breaking Bad or House of Cards but im really proud of them <33 long love the Crawleys

    • jkredwine

      Do you mean the Granthams? Or do you actually mean the Crawleys, as in Matthew/Isabelle/Mary? It’s a common mistake, since the Grantham family inevitably say the name Crawley in dialogue much more often than their own surname.

      • Catherine

        No, their surname is actually Crawley. Grantham is just the title they hold.

  • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle


  • Kate

    Parks and rec!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    Nice to see Parks and Rec get a nomination for best comedy/musical! Love the show, it’s just too funny… every episode is great. And of course yay for Amy Poehler!! But along with almost everyone else, I was surprised that there were no Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead nominees. Oh and for the movies, I hope “Let it Go” from Frozen wins Best Original Song!

  • kpo987

    Tatiana got a nomination! She needs to win this one to show off to the Emmys for not nominating her.

  • celtise

    Breaking Bad for everything. That is all.

  • jkredwine

    The supporting categories are, as always, so damned limiting. I’m really upset that Allison Janney missed out on a nod for Master of Sex, and woefully surprised by the attention given to Brooklyn Nine Nine. Globes nominations are consistently a mix of maddening superficiality and sincere consideration to the films later forgotten in the Oscar season shuffle. I think I can live with this selection.

    Kevin Spacey, Elisabeth Moss, and Parks all deserve wins on the TV side. Cate Blanchett and Sally Hawkins were both phenomenal in Blue Jasmine. And Bruce Dern deserves to be honored here for his work in Nebraska, especially since the genere-blind Oscar for lead actor rightfully belongs to Ejiofor.

  • http://www.hypable.com/author/clayton10ify/ Clayton

    No nomination for Naya Rivera in The Quarterback on Glee? She was freaking incredible.

  • W.Elizabeth

    I’m thrilled to see Frozen on this list. By far one of the best animated movies I’ve seen in a longggg time. And “Let It Go” is brilliant. And go J-Law. That is all.

  • http://through-the-untempered-schism.tumlr.com/ SnatcherGirl

    No, “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran? I’m torn between that and “Let it Go” from Frozen are basically my favorite songs right now, and while I’m glad one made the list, I was thinking both stood a fair chance of getting noms.

    • Hanna

      I See Fire was amazing. :c

  • Mark

    It goes to show how out of touch this awards ceremony has become with the international public. Not having Michelle Fairleys performance in Series 3 of Game of Thrones is a farce.

  • Anon

    It was such a long shot, but I was hoping to see either Shailene Woodley or Miles Teller nominated for The Spectacular now. The performances they gave were both outstanding.

  • That Stark boy

    So, the White Queen got in but no Game of Thrones, huh? *jumps off cliff*

  • That Stark boy

    Really, every time I don’t see Michelle’s or Nik’s name on these awards a lose a ton of respect for them.

    • That Stark boy

      For the awards, I mean.

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