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Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was a blood bath, but one person’s disappearance may not necessarily suggest that he or she has died.

Obvious spoiler warning.

Following the death of Hershel and the Governor, Rick and Carl find one another and proceed to look for their young daughter and sister Judith. They come across her carseat without Judith inside, which leads Rick and Carl to assume she’s died. There’s a light amount of blood on the carseat, and the two men are very upset at the discovery.

But… is Judith really dead? There’s evidence to suggest she’s not, as first pointed out by Vulture.

The evidence to suggest Judith is alive: Setting aside the fact that Judith’s body is missing (thus there’s no proof she was killed), on last night’s episode of The Talking Dead executive producer Robert Kirkman played coy when asked by Chris Hardwicke if the young girl is still alive. “You’ll have to tune in,” he said simply. The character was also missing from the talk show’s weekly “In Memoriam” segment during which they pay tribute to those who were killed.

Although the action sequences moved quickly, we did notice this: Beth left the evacuation bus to find Judith and asked Tyreese and Sasha if they had seen her. We never saw Beth leave the prison. It’s very possible that Beth has Judith, and her decision to not take the carseat was a way for the writers to create a tragic moment for Rick and Carl in an episode where the theme of family is so prominent. Leaving the carseat is also logical because of its weight and mobility.

If Maggie or Beth have Judith, they will be able to cope with the loss of Hershel by caring for a baby in need.

Also on The Talking Dead last night, Lauren Cohan (who plays Maggie) said that even though the prison survivors went their own ways as they hectically left the prison, they were probably executing an established emergency evacuation plan. “We’d like to think that the group always has an unspoken plan, or there’s this emergency plan that was hatched and would say, ‘In the event of this, you go here, in the event of this, you go here,’ so maybe everyone just knows the fire exit to go and wait by.”

A promo for The Walking Dead season 4′s midseason premiere depicts many of the characters on the run by themselves, so when the show begins in February we may see who has Judith and eventually we’ll get to cry over a beautiful reunion between Carl, Rick, and Judith.

Do you think Judith is alive?

Additional reporting by Sonya Field.

  • Jesse

    I WANT TO SEE AN INFANT/TODDLER ZOMBIE AT SOME POINT SO I HOPE SHE IS HAHA…. But seriously Judith is prob alive and they are just waiting for the next part of the season to leave people hanging… The only thing that makes me think she might be dead is the trailer showing Carl yelling at rick to get up… IDK though, who knows what they will pull. I think for the story it will be better if she is dead, but IDK, who knows what they will do… I think she will for sure be dead though… Or will she… Sorry for my worthless rambling O_o

    • CliveRogan

      I don’t know if you mean exclusively in this show, but if you just want to see a zombie baby you should watch the Dawn of the Dead remake.

      I’m not sure if she’s dead it’d be better for the story, but if they were going to do a big “is she/ isn’t she” thing with it it’d be Sophia all over again, it was good once, but twice is pushing it.

      • humanbeing

        Yeah, exactly my thoughts on the matter. To have a character vanish in an unexplained manner, be gone for a number of episodes, and then pop up again as a zombie/walker (this time a baby walker)? That’s Sophia all over again, and we’ve already seen that trope. I’m sure that eventually we’ll be treated to a Lost-type flashback where we see who came and saved Judith, and there will be some clever plot-device thrown in to explain the blood (probably something none of us are expecting, if the writers are clever enough).

  • Lisa

    i seriously hope she’s alive. seeing rick and carl’s reaction killed me!

  • Ultron

    Too be honest, I kind of hope she’s dead. She was barely in it anyway and is just a hindrance as awful as that sounds..haha

    • iwoulddieprotectingher

      Spoken like someone who isn’t a parent.

      • Liderc

        Remember it’s a TV show, and while her death (or possible death) is gruesome, her story line is boring because she can’t truly contribute. A baby in a TV show full of people stabbing zombies in the head every few minutes is a difficult thing to keep going. That’s why she was killed early in the comics.

        • Ultron

          Thank you.

      • Ultron

        I’m just being honest. Her being alive doesn’t contribute anything to the story line and I think it would be best to end it here. If they end it here, her death is tasteful. She was a mistake in the first place anyway.. plus she was only in like 2 episodes this season. You almost forget she’s there. I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve to live but I think it would be better this way.

        • humanbeing

          But if the point some viewers are making (even in this fictional show) is that the concept of having a baby will slow the survivors down or make them more vulnerable, then there really is little hope for the human race in this show, and we’re just watching them circle the drain of eternity. If people can’t have, sustain, or protect babies anymore, than the human race will die with the current generation, whether they get killed by walkers or not. There has to be some idea of hope here, that society can endure in some way, shape, or form, that people don’t just reduce everything to rates and percentages of survival, that the strong will look after the weak instead of taking advantage of them or leaving them to die. For all we know, Kirkman regretted killing off Judith so callously in the comic (believe it or not, authors sometimes make choices that they later admit were done in the heat of the moment or for personal reasons, that didn’t necessarily serve the story best in the end). On the show, I see Judith as being like a ray of hope to everyone, someone who is still pure and unspoiled by everything that’s going on around her. For all of those reasons, I hope she’s still alive and well.

          • Ultron

            Very well put. I didn’t quite look at it like that. Maybe it would be best for her to survive.

          • humanbeing

            Hey, I could be completely wrong, and Judith is indeed dead or (worse) is actually a little zombie baby now…I’m just too much of a softie sometimes, I guess, and the situation on TWD has just gotten so bleak that there comes a point where if everything good or pure on the show eventually just gets corrupted or killed, then what’s the point of it all? At that point it just becomes an exercise in sadism. The darkness doesn’t mean as much if there isn’t a little light to compare it with, and vice versa. But again, that’s just my opinion.

  • PabloRuiz7

    She died during the Governor’s attack in the comics, right? I think she’s alive in the show, otherwise we would’ve seen the body. This is a simple way of making Rick and Carl suffer for a while =)

    • Jesse

      My thoughts on not seeing a body is that they showed the bloody carrier to show (or imply) she was dead cause people would prob think it was over the line to see a dead baby on screen :| I hope shes dead because she adds nothing to the show. Id prefer Carol to come back rather than have the baby alive. I think the baby will live though…. Maybe? ha…

      • Beck

        I doubt AMC or Kirkman are opposed to showing a baby death. This show is like 80% brutality lol. Anyway if they didn’t want to actually show it, they could have implied her death in a more concrete way. For that reason, I believe she’s still alive.

        • Sydne

          I actually disagree. While this show has crossed the content lines for TV in many ways, and successfully so, I think killing Judith visibly might be too far. Zombies never seem to completely finish a meal, and seeing a half-eaten dead or zombie baby would probably be the most gruesome thing they’ve shown so far.. She might be dead, or maybe she’s not, but if she is I doubt we’ll get much more concrete confirmation.

      • PabloRuiz7

        But if they wanted to show she was dead they could’ve showed a tiny lifeless hand or something. Having her disappear strongly implies she’s alive for me.

  • Caroline J.

    judith’s alive until we have more concrete evidence to the contrary. i could understand their not wanting to show a dead baby, much less a zombified one, but there didn’t seem to be any real resolution to the assumption rick and carl made. i know she’s just a baby, but we should know by now never to assume a character is dead until we see some serious evidence. case in point: Merle. (and sophia, and carol, and the guy with the walkie talkie, etc).

    • Ultron

      Well technically Sophia was dead!

      • Caroline J.

        my point being that ultimately, we’ve always gotten resolution. sophia could have easily never been found and assumed dead, and i would have felt comfortable with that assumption at the time. but the writers were like NOPE let’s have her tragically zombified in the barn next door the whole time and then have rick kill her LOL.

  • Lawrence

    I imagine she’s alive still. The comics are no longer a guide for which to follow. They did this intentionally, so that people would discuss this very thing. I think it was a good play, it causes fans to wonder and will create like the writer mentioned a moment of carl/rick getting back together with Judith.

    Great episode, didn’t think the Governor would go down so fast.

  • https://twitter.com/slasher777 Alex

    No Dead Body = No Death

    • Robert Monkman

      This is one occasion where that doesnt necessarily hold true. Only because they probably wouldnt show a mutilated baby corpse on the show. Otherwise that statement is so true about TV it hurts sometimes…

      • 7Starrchasers

        yeah I totally agree with what you said…And besides she dies in the comics so I assumed they carried that on to the series….hmmm I think the more appropriate thing to speculate is whether or not Brian is still alive…yeah he couldn’t have survived that sword but… you never know?

        • Chloe Tullis

          his real name is not brian he just said that because he say it on a building

          • 7Starrchasers

            Actually if you read the comic “rise of the governor” you’ll know that his name is Brian Blake. Read the books ;)

          • frabn

            Not the same thing. He took the name of Brian after seeing it spraypainted on the memorial wall. The fact that he chose that name in particular was homage to the book. By now you should realize that the AMC tv show and teh comic book series are two very different established continuities.

          • 7Starrchasers

            Yes he did take it from a wall, and yes it was an homage, but he’s the governor and there was nothing wrong with me referring to him as Brian, because of the comics. I wanted to point it out to the person who assumed that I didn’t know that he saw it spray painted. And of course by now I realise that Robert Kirkman is taking liberties with the show and doing things he didn’t really get the chance to in the comics. Which is why I watch the show and read the books. They both serve different purposes.

          • Marie Souter

            yeah but he did use the name that was on the side of the building a few minutes before introducing himself

          • 7Starrchasers

            did you read what i wrote above….i am aware of that…..hmmm

          • LeeK


          • Lexo

            I have read the books. Phillip was originally Brian, but in the show Brian was originally Phillip. They did a flip-a-roo because the show can’t copy everything the comic and books do, there are copywrite rules they need to squeeze by. ;)

          • Flexo

            Really? What copy-write rules would apply to a TV show that has the rights to do the show? And with the writer of the comic book as part of the team?

          • Flexo-o

            Kirkman is part of the writing team but he still owns the franchise (along with the other creators of the books) he is still making them today, he has a say as to what needs to be changed, he has said it in interviews. It’s not like old books turned in to films or shows turned into movies ie The Addams Family were you buy the rights and recreate it your way. There are still rules that apply to TWD in any case. Even George Romero a writer and creator of many characters has said he’d love to tie all of his movies into one but he can’t due to the fact that the characters names were bought so he can’t re-use those same characters do to copy-write laws. Hence the creation of Daryl, Merle, T-Dog, Beth and many others who don’t exist in TWD comics or novels. There are always rules that apply when selling rights to your creations.

          • Soosoo

            I don’t think it’s so much copyright rules as much as the fact that if they did everything by the comic, there would be no surprises, and not much shock value because we would know everything that’s going to happen.

          • MissArtyNutMeg

            Heres a twist. In a fictional book, a writer can use whatever name they want to use. In a tv show or movie, a writer has to worry about being sued, even if its a complete fiction (though it might be hard to prove in court, it would still be a hassle) If Kirkman knew someone named Brian Blake in real life, there would be a chance of a lawsuit. Therefore, they might have changed the name to Brian Heriot in the show, and flip flopped the names Phillip and Brian, to add another step to protect from suit. Im not saying this IS what happened, but it happens a lot when a book is translated to film tv.

            It was a problem on the film Fight Club, when their research found only five people named Marla Singer in the US. They went to get releases from these people, but one hired a lawyer. It was either not brought to suit or dismissed, and the name stayed the same. Had it been a problem, they would have had to change the characters name.

          • Nicole Antonia Carson

            He changed his name from Phillip to Brian because Phillip has two eyes and Brian only has one.

            (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

        • Conor

          He got shot in the head… I think he’s dead

          • 7Starrchasers

            Hmmm we didn’t really see it happen. With a character as big as the governor I think it’s safe to assume that we will see his death on screen as opposed to off screen. Either way I think that this is something AMC WANTS fans and viewers to speculate about. It’s like gossip. I can’t wait for the next half of the season!

          • David

            You might be right! I was expecting to see Hershal get shot/stabbed in the head by Michonne so he wouldn’t turn zombie, but that never happened (at least I don’t remember it happening). That could have been who was shot. I don’t know though, I’d love to hope it was the governor. Maybe the season start will open with that scene and show that it was indeed the governor.

          • Will

            Hey bud, if I remember correctly, in Season 3, there was this SAME exact situation, with Lori, I believe, she wasnt shot on screen. but she still dies, AMC isnt going to show a sceen of a person blowing another live human’s head off, with a 9mm, accept, it he is dead, it was in the memorbiam.

        • Ronin

          yeah but in the comics Judith dies when Lori falls and crushes her…

          • 7Starrchasers

            It doesn’t matter how she dies…in the comics shane dies differently too…the point is they died in the comics so its possible Judith is dead in the show. Having said that Andrea was never supposed to die that way so maybe things in the show are completely different…lets wait and see!

          • Joseph Sannicandro

            I think she is dead, and they just kept her alive longer in the show so we could have an emotional moment like this and not tack it onto Laurie’s death, plus it gives a logical reason for Carl and Rick to take off alone. But they could easily have saved her as well, we’ll have to wait until Feb to see.

          • Will

            There is NOBODY there to fall on Judith!!! She was alone. someone picked her up likely Tyrese.

          • o0bubblesaurus0o

            in the comic Lori was shot through the back wich also went through the baby, they were both shot in each others arms, thats why i found it so tragic, it takes alot of weight to crush an infant. (i assume dont know for sure) they are more flexible as newborns

        • correction

          The Talking Dead had a memorial tribute to those who died and “Brian/Phillip/The Governer” was in it!

          • 7Starrchasers

            Thats so interesting!!! Maybe he is really dead then…or are they doing that to throw suspicion off?,,,,,AHHHH FEB NEEDS TO COME SOONER!

      • Reese

        exactly as graphic as TWD is there ARE limits to what can be done and this is the line that no tv show would cross.

    • Sandman

      they didn’t show laurie’s body

      • Nausherwan Ali Babry

        Who’s Laurie? Its Lori, Judith’s mom. (In case I forget, please help)

    • Jules

      Let’s not forget about Sophia though.

    • Natalie McKnight

      I agree. Car seats can be very heavy for little girls that are 10/12. The girl with the gun probably shot a walker and the other girl picked her up and ran. But hey, we didn’t see Beth get on the bus either!

  • Amy

    I think she’s alive, but couldn’t a zombie have eaten all of her like Lori?

    • GentleAbe

      Probably wouldn’t have bothered to unbuckle the car seat.

  • Janice

    I think she is still alive and with those kids that were carrying her out in the car seat. After those two girls shot those people that were going after Tyrese, they ran back the other way and Tyrese tried to tell them that they were going the wrong way. I think they ran back to get the baby and the other kids. They probably took Judith out of the car seat because they were struggling to carry it in the first place. I also think perhaps Tyrese is with them, that he chased after the girls when they went running the other way.

    • Ultron

      Then why didn’t he leave her in the car seat? It’d be easier to carry her that way, safer, and he wouldn’t have had to waste time unbuckling her. Course it’d be heavier but still

      • Marie

        In the long run a car seat would slow them down, it’s heavy and awkward to carry. It took two of the kids to lug it.

      • mamaB

        No way!! – have you ever carried a baby in a car seat?? It’s way easier to just carry babies in your arms. Car seats are so bulky and awkward. Plus he could stuff her in his coat to run with her lol

        • Ultron

          But he could drop her or give her SBS! and it would be easier for the walkers to get to her if he’s carrying her.

          • Jessica Lee

            And that is what he is thinking of while being swarmed by walkers and shot at…? He is trying to protect that baby. It’s also likely Tyrese was injured during the gun battle. He was being shot at while protected by planters…

        • Katherine

          Agree completely and he can tuck her against him rather than leave her swinging around.

        • MissArtyNutMeg

          Even harder to RUN with a car seat!

    • Marie

      At 38:58, Tyrese is running away from an explosion and it looks like he’s got something in his arms. At first I thought it was his gun, but it’s clearly slung over his shoulders. Only time will tell. Comic readers all think she’s dead, it would be a nice surprise if she was actually alive.

      • al

        I rewound the show to find what you were talking about….it is the last blast right after the gov got stabbed right before the tank gets blown up. You see tyrese running with his gun on his back and he is holding something. It is also the same ally that the car seat was……as you can tell when rick and Carl find the car seat, the tank is in the background pointing in the same direction. Also after the young girls shoot the people that were trying to kill tyrese, he says they need to get out of here…..the girls run to the ally where the car seat was and tyrese says not that way and then follows after them…..so if she is dead or not I’m not sure but I can’t see tyrese picking up a half eaten baby and running with it but all the clues almost make it a fact that tyrese has the baby for sure…also I think that AMC would be really bold to kill the baby this way…..my wife has already stated she would not watch the show anymore if the baby was killed this way…..people will find a dead little baby a little to extreme for them and I think AMC know this…..my wife probably would not be the only one to stop watching the show if so. It was the biggest tragedy of the entire show……more than anything else.

        • AmyM

          I totally believe Judith is still alive, for the previous mentioned reasons. The question is not is she dead or alive, but who has her. The blood on the car seat came from whomever unlatched it to get her. They were all pretty bloody. The car seat was too heavy and cumbersome for the little kids to carry. If what was in Tyrese’s arms was Judith, from a practicality perspective, it was easier for him to carry her that way.

          • Lexo

            Also, when I watched it a third time I could have sworn it looked like the car seat strap was cut. That’s what it looked like to me anyhow.

    • LeeK

      Plus those kids shot the women through the head so why not show the gov being shot?

    • Matt

      My biggest clue to her being alive is the carseat buckles being unlatched. As a parent I know how many buttons/latches you have to mess with to unhook a kid nowadays, so Im assuming a zombie would just chow down instead of unhooking her. I’m guessing someone who had blood on them (maybe Sasha after helping Bob check his wound stopped and grabbed Judith….dont know why they wouldn’t grab the carseat itself, but, as they said before, it adds a point of drama.

      • Mendi Mayhem

        Thank you! That’s what I said…..the zombies didn’t unbuckle her and take her out, the belts are undone! And if they ate at her while she was buckled in and then pulled her out when it was possible, there would be WAAAAAAYYYYYY more blood in the seat itself, and the buckles would still be done. JUDITH LIVES!

  • Aidan

    I believe she is dead. We will definitely have to wait to be sure though. It was terrible watching Rick and Carls reaction and I think leaving something unresolved like that would make it all the more tragic

  • Chloe Tullis

    she is not dead because the carseat was unbuckled, zombies are not smart enough to unbuckle the carseat and if they would have eaten her then there still would have been insides from her in the carseat and also in the talking dead they did not put judith in then IN MEMORIAM segmant hershal was there and so was the govener and also was megan and they are the 3 main people who died and if judith was really dead she would be in that segmant because she is a very main person in the show , but she wasnt in the segmant so she is defitanly NOT dead. we will see her again in febuary

    • Liderc

      Megan wasn’t on Talking Dead, Maggie was.

      • anon

        Megan was Lily’s little girl who was bitten by the mud-buried walker, then shot by Brian (aka the Governor).

    • GentleAbe

      Totally agree on the carseat being unbuckled—that’s not a zombie type of move. The kid was fully secured in the earlier scene when the other children were carrying her. Then the carseat turns up, empty and unbuckled. The blood in the carseat is a bit of a mystery, but then again, there is blood on everything and everyone. My bet is Judith is alive and with Tyresse.

      • Meatball

        I have the scene paused where tyrese is running and he is not running in a standard way his elbow is tucked his arm is across hic chest in holding position, the baby is alive and well when he runs he never once has his arms by his side as you would in a common sprint

    • NocturnalChaos

      That doesn’t mean she isn’t dead for certain the producers do have to leave some things for us to wonder about and discuss, besides we know for CERTAIN about those other deaths whereas Judith’s is still up in the air

  • Jessica Charles

    in the article It says Beth may have her but Beth met up with Darryl and said she couldn’t find her and Darryl told her they had to go she went with Darryl. but I think the younger girls and tyrese have Judith at least that’s what im hoping… but it also never showed where mishome went after she stabbed the governor, she could have found her.

  • frabn

    I would say with confidence Judith is not dead. The carrier seat was bloody and there was a trail of blood leading away from the car seat back toward one of the buildings (watch again to see if you catch that). This strongly suggests that Judith was killed and eaten by a zombie while she was in the seat and her remains were taken away by the zombie. As a dad I don’t even want to think about that, but it’s possible.

    However, it is left ambiguous for a reason. She may be alive, she may not be, and we may not find out for a while.

    However, remember one thing – I never saw anything like this, but people are saying that amc stated that their will be a zombie baby in the show this season. It IS possible that Judith was killed in the car seat and not completely eaten, so she may have crawled away as a zombie (hence explaining the trail of blood leading away that suggested something may have been dragged.

    In the comics, Michonne returns to the prison by herself, dispatches the zombiefied head of Tyreese, and moves on. The possibility that she will do this for zombie Hershel head, and possibly zombie Judith, is high. Again…something I really hope they DON’T do.

    • Lexo

      The blood trail could be from one of the survivors being shot and grabbing her. We never saw where Bob (who was shot), Sasha and Maggie went after she tries to get Beth on the bus. I’d like to think Tyreese, Bob or even Lily grabbed her. It’s also possible that she could have been hit by derbis or even a bullet and that is why there was so much blood on her car seat. It’s so easy to think of all of the possible story lines, but it’s so hard to wait and see what actually happens. Lol

  • John

    You can see tyrese running away carrying something in his arms. If you pause it at the right moment you can see what looks like Judith. Hopeful thinking!!

  • tim

    I think she is with Michonne whoo seemed miffed when Rick asked after Carl, but not Judith….wouldn’t be surprised find she snatched her and took off…

  • alexd

    It is pretty rare you see a walker grab a victim and leave with them. If Judith would be dead she’d be dead in her carseat.

  • Liderc

    I think like Carol or someone grabbed her during the fight. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if she was eaten. It makes for a better story if she somehow reunites with Rick and Carl at some point. Honestly, I don’t think it matters that much as sad as that sounds. She was barely ever in the show and I never felt like they used her enough to where you felt like Carl or Rick were defending her life. I think it’s more interesting to find out how all the different groups will live on their own and how that will play out on TV.

    Having half a dozen groups of people on different paths will be hard to execute. So I think that’s what intrigues me the most, finding out what they plan on doing in the 2nd half of this season and how or if they plan on putting everyone back together at some point.

    • Ultron

      You’d think that if Carl really cared for her that much, he would have gone and gotten her himself just like how Maggie went to look for Beth. I would’ve rushed down there the minute the Governor killed hershel.

    • humanbeing

      You know, I kind of thought they were going to use that particular plot device (having the main group splintered into small units that would then have their own individual survival stories) way back at the end of Season 2, after the big walker herd attacked the farm, but everyone found each other again almost instantly (except for Andrea, who went off to have her storyline with Michonne and introducing the Governor and Woodbury, etc). Now that concept is finally being used, which is cool.

      • Liderc

        Yeah, I’m curious how quickly they’ll all be reunited. It would be very hard to fit all those storylines into one show. I have to imagine it’ll be like what we’ve seen before with Andrea like you mentioned. We’ll see most of them meet back up, Carol will meet up with some of them somehow, maybe with Daryl and then the next move has to be to find a new place to live. Living in the woods they won’t last long and it won’t make a ton of sense.

        I’m just curious where they plan to go, they used to drive a lot and find new places, but they haven’t done that since the jail proved so defendable. Now they’re split up and have no where to live with limited weapons/ammunition. I don’t think the first episode of the second half will answer a ton of questions, but by episode two I think we’ll see where they’re going with all of this.

  • Chris

    The car seat was unbuckled at the end. It’s hard to imagine zombies opening a four point harness with their not so steady fingers. either way, I think it is a cheap move to leave it ambiguous if she is dead. I don’t fault them for killing her off but it sucks that they would go for extra emotional punch to have the audience wait on a cliff hanger with a baby’s life.

  • kik: applechu

    Judith is not dead. check the video where tyreese was running at 38:55 he has a gun on his back and carrying something(clearly judith) because of the way he hold the little thing.

  • Graeme

    Everyone is missing what I found the obvious indicator of Judith being alive. The car seat clasps are undone, all of them, and quite frankly a walker isn’t going to take the time to do that. Judith is most certainly alive!

  • Craziechic

    I just want to point out that this would not be the first time that we’ve seen a zombie baby before. In the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead, the pregnant lady died and then gave birth to a zombie baby. They show a blanket bundle with the baby in it before Ana shoots it. Even though this was a movie it has been shown on TV numerous times, so I doubt the producers of Walking Dead would have had much issues showing a dead/zombie Judith.

  • Kaitlin Bevis

    If she was dead they wouldn’t have shown the car seat from the front. Just Rick’s face when he saw her

    • al

      Very true……..get the point across, but no one has to actually see a dead baby.

  • Ain’t No Rockstar Here

    A “light amount of blood?” How far away from the tv set were you when you were watching this? Check that footage again, amigo. The car seat was soaked with blood. The seat belts were soaked with blood….. That’s no “light amount of blood.” Just sayin’

    • GentleAbe

      What confuses me is that the carseat is unbuckled. Obviously the zombies aren’t fussed with unbuckling their prey. Definitely mixed signals though.

      • Item Size

        They had to unbuckle it though. How else would they have put that delicious baby between 2 slices of bread?

        • al

          As screwed up as this is……..its still made me laugh. And honestly….. As a firefighter, i can tell you humor is definitely good medicine to help deal with tragedy. (Fictional or not). Still effed up though.

  • Devona Walker

    Beth left with Daryl. I think the better guess is Tyrese. He followed the kids, and the kids had Judith. He will return in February with a league of children and Judith will be among them.

  • Marie Souter

    you saw the young girls struggling with the car seat earlier and young judith being bounced all over .. so the awkwardness of the car seat was hinted at there and I think that was a deliberate hint at how much of a pain it was .. I think shes alive

  • BYBI

    I’d like to think she is alive, I know she died in the comics, but I am hoping the writers want to branch out in a different direction. I hope they do.. As for the no body no death Theory.. I don’t think anyone was ready to see a baby being shredded by zombies, I think the writers and producers know that.

  • Reese

    they arent going to show a torn up dead baby on amc, judith dies in the comics when the prison is overrun no reason to suspect she isnt killed her as well. TWD world is not a pleasant place.

    • Liderc

      They haven’t followed the comic at all basically, no reason to think they have now. Was a perfect place to put doubt in fan’s minds, as they clearly have.

  • Chloe

    I think maybe Carol appeared and took Judith she cant have just disappeared

  • Johnny Flynn

    There is a possibility that baby Judith is on Tyree’s hands because in the scene where the tank blows up the cat walk before daryl blows it up you can see someone possibly tyrese running off holding something it is impossible for tyrese not to notice the crib so i think judith is with tyrese the blood must have been by some walker o one of the governor’s men but i think judith is safe in tyrese’s hands

  • ThePinkBlooded .

    For those who are saying that it’s obvious she’s dead because she is in the comic, well then why isn’t Glenn dead? Because Glenn was supposed to be murdered by the Governor. So yes, there is a strong chance she’s alive.

    • mark Almeida

      glenn wasn’t murdered by the governor he was murdered by Negan

  • The Pale Horse

    There’s a last scene where you see tyreese carrying something before the tank blows the prison bridge. So I think he might have her.

  • Nicole Antonia Carson

    Of course she’s still alive. But if she isn’t I’m still more upset about Hershel being dead than I am about Judith.

  • Barry Goodman

    beth lef without the baby with darryl

  • Lexo

    I hope she’s still alive. There have been rumors of a “zombie” baby being used this season, Krikman teased us saying she could be dead, alive or even maimed… It would be sad if Judith would be the rumored “zombie” baby. I would love to see her make it to the end of the series. People always disagree, but an innocent life keeps hope alive for our favorite survivors. Aside from keeping themselves alive, they would have the motivation to keep Judith alive and not give up as easily. It seems like a long wait is ahead of us but I bet it’ll breeze by pretty quickly. :)

    • Liderc

      They don’t need Judith to keep the innocent life idea going, despite the young girls shooting someone in the last episode, there’s still some innocence left in the young people there. I don’t feel that Judith is the only innocent young human left in the world, or even in their group.

      • humanbeing

        No, but they do need to establish that babies can survive in the walker-filled world, or else humanity is royally screwed. Eventually we have to procreate or we die out, and if the point that is being made is that babies will eventually all get killed, or get those protecting them killed, then there’s really no point in everyone else doing their best to survive from day-to-day, because humanity can’t just exist without renewing itself. It’s one thing if Kirkman’s eventual message in the story is supposed to be nihilistic (as it certainly seems at some points) and it’s just a dark examination of humanity in its last, failing moments; but if there’s a message of hope, however faint, then I think Judith should survive. We’ve already established that characters can lose family members, even children; we’ve already established that no one is completely safe or untouchable; point made. We don’t need to see another little life snuffed out to drive the point home. In a way, show-Sophia died (unlike comic-Sophia, who lived) to examine the idea of a young innocent being unfairly killed and turned into a walker, so that Judith (who does die in the comics) doesn’t have to perish in the show to prove that same point. I have nothing against realism in the show, nothing against taking it to dark corners of the human soul, but realism also dictates that life isn’t just a series of bad things, one after another. There’s good and bad in life, light and dark, even in the zombie apocalypse, and good drama doesn’t just hammer you over the head with the darker aspects, it has to be more balanced than that.

        • al

          I like your thinking. Totally true…..I think the show could use a little light so its not total darkness…… It does drain on you to always think that its just death and miserable all the time…..even in the zombie apocalypse….if there is always bad things happening then you lose the desire to live and they will just give in. Judith is that light and hope..
          I truly believe she could be better for the show if they use her LIFE and what she means for humanity than just killing her off for sake of being a burden on the group……maybe it was AMC’S ” hey remember we have a baby here” show, to bring her more into the story.

  • Dayton DePetro

    Beth is shown leaving the prison without the baby, and Maggie is with Bob and Sasha. I’m almost certain that she is with Tyreese, Mika, and Lizzie.

  • NocturnalChaos

    I believe she’s dead, firstly they wouldn’t show the body because that’s a bit mature even for The Walking Dead, they also want to create suspense, secondly in the article it is mentioned that Beth may have her which is impossible as she runs away with Daryl in the opposite direction of where the seat is found, Maggie too runs in that direction a few minutes prior, Mica and the other one (Who’s name I forget) saved Tyrese but were without the baby when they did so, the only possible explanation is the other children that were with those two having removed Judith from the chair to lighten the load but that doesn’t explain the blood, finally she died in the comics and due to the characters no longer having the prison to rely on for safety it is probably best that the show is absent of a baby in order to keep that lightning fast pace and tension that we all know and love, but I suppose we’ll have to wait until the next half of the season to find out

  • Dominique Raymond

    how did the seat get soaked with blood if she survived

    • Collin

      I think whoever grabbed her had blood on their arms or hands

  • Chandra M. Jordan

    How the hell could Beth have Judith if she and Daryl ran off together and she wasn’t holding her?

  • Nico

    No zombie would have opened judiths seatbelt. The biters just had bite her within the seat… Therefore her body remains or more blood had to be there… She is alive!

  • Collin

    Remember when that one girl (I forgot her name) walked away from the tank right after Daryl threw the grenade? She looked shocked so I think she saw a baby sitting there and took Judith to a safe spot. Because the tank wasn’t that far from the crib it was
    right behind it. Plus it was unbuckled and no body so a person did it.

  • Will

    No, My prediction is that Tyrese has her, A walker was trying to eat Judith, and Tyrese, shot the Walker in the head, therefore, splattering blood on the car seat.

  • Laurie

    ope that Judith did not die!!!

  • Laurie

    I hope that Judith did not die!!! *

  • Paul

    Judith is alive. There is a scene where Tyreese can be seen running under the catwalk as it explodes. If you look closely, he’s carrying something, but you can’t see what it is because he’s running away from the camera. It happens just before Daryl blows up the tank.

  • PS4 please

    Yes, I believe she’s alive. There is no way the kids would’ve just left her in the middle of a war zone while going to retrieve the guns. Also, take a look at the last shot of Tyrese running right before Daryl throws the grenade into the tank.

  • Chris

    But Judith wasn’t on the evacuation bus and Beth was supposed to make sure she got on the bus. Beth went looking for Judith. But Beth left with Darrell and there was no Judith in Beth’s hands

  • toyab

    Beth did leave the prison she is with Darryl. She ran out after Darryl killed the guy in the tank and they left the prison together.

  • louisej7

    I think it makes for a much better story if she is… no-one please think im being nasty, we all watch this because we love the shock and the horror, we grow to love the characters then their torn away from us an we are horrified, RESULT! and if the show ends on the ending I hope for then Judith being killed had to happen for shock purposes, so the show started of with rick waking up from a coma…. so I reckon… one by one they will all be killed till only rick and carl are left and rick for some reason will have to finish off carl, he will be the only man standing because of course the zombies were never gonna be stopped….. THEN….. hey presto just before he takes a mass breakdown, he awakes from his comma to see his loving wife and son smiling at him as his wife says she is pregnant… it was all just a big dream he had in his coma! THE END!

  • Calum Mullen

    The governor is too big a character to die if they kill him off then the writers would have to come up with another

  • Calum Mullen

    Bad guy you bitches

  • Darren

    You see Tyrese carrying what is obviously the baby is the last shot to show him. He runs under the walkway.

  • nunia

    Did you guys notice that the carrier ‘s belt was unbuckled??? And there wasn’t any blood trail or any sign of Judith being killed?? I say she isn’t dead

  • Amanda

    Anyone notice.. when Judith was with the kids she was strapped in the carseat. When Rick and Carl find carseat the straps are undone. A walker couldn’t undo those.. My mother can barely get my son out of his carseat and she is alive. Therefore someone took her out of the carseat. Now whether she is alive or not.. Who knows.

  • Yasmeen Xo

    Well, when Lauri died and Rick went back for her, there was no body. Meaning either the walker took the baby, or someone had taken Judith with them. In fact, when Sasha’s brother Tyreese was almost gunned down by The governer’s (Brian’s) army, the two girls ( carol watched over since there dad died) illed two of the enemies after that Tyreese yelled to them we have to go. Instead of going the right way, they went the wrong was and as he told them your going the wrong way he chased after the two girl. I believe it’s a possibility that, since they were carying Judith’s car seat out the prison, that the two girls might have went back to get her along with Tyreese, and didnt Tyreese have blood on his hands ? yes and there was light blood on the carseat. Therefore I believe they might have went back for Judith.
    ( Sorry for the whole essay, LMFAO. )

  • Firewire

    Beth left tyreese

  • Walking dead lover

    Ok so… I believe Judith is in fact alive. I believe tyrese has her since he was seen running from the area the car seat was found. Infant car seats are incredibly bulky. I think the kids put her some place safe and then ended up helping tyrese escape being killed. They ran the other way remember not towards an exit point. Tyrese even yells your going the wrong way and chases after him. I thie sent the 4 kids ahead after discovering they were getting Judith.

    Oh and as for Hershal the Governor finished him off by chopping his head off as he was scooting away. That’s how the governor see’s Megan dead in her mom’s arms.

  • Stephanie


  • annoynamus

    Sure there is evidence of the blood in the car seat but wasn’t there someone who got shot in the arm? If u pick up the baby your going to need your arms to so simply looking at the evidence you can tell she is not dead plus walkers weren’t even in that area at that point so cross off walkers beth never came back either and you still have carol who possibly came by and saw what was happening and she knew Judith was there and you still have Maggie too and they already have killed kids on the show and that’s messed up I don’t think there going to kill an infant

  • jo

    The carseat harness is undone. Unless the walkers have learnt to undo safety belts. Judith is still alive as she was strapped in when viewers last saw her.

  • Ti

    After the bit with the governor you see the tank shoot the bridge but if you look under it as it shoot you can see tyreese running with his arms across his chest like he is holding something and that is where the car seat was when you see it later

  • Aaron Brown

    Remember the girls and young kid carrying Judith out? THEY were in charge of her… and who did they end up with? Tyreese. There’s also a shot of Tyreese running as a tank shell hits the prison where he looks as if he is carrying something (his gun is on his back). And also… the girls go running off in a random direction and Tyreese yells “We go this way!”… I took that to mean that the girls went running off to grab Judith. So viola! Judith is alive.

  • Nausherwan Ali Babry

    Actually you’re wrong about that we don’t see Beth leaving. First of all, she leaves with Daryl when he says “C’mon, Beth..We gotta go..” and she DOES NOT have Judith with here.

  • Erika Gk

    Why there is blood in Judith’s carseat?

  • JP

    I hope she is still alive, I hated that they “killed her off”. Was very hard as I have a young son and really made the emotions run high as I felt for them so to speak. Stupid show makes me feel like I’m really there! Damn them for putting on such an amazing show! Lol

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