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609 days. That’s how long we’ve been waiting for The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire to hit theaters.

Now, finally, it’s time to talk about the film with fellow fans!

In America, many theaters began screening the movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks, and Woody Harrelson at 8 p.m. local time. By midnight, all theaters had it running at regular intervals.

A total of 4,163 theaters in the United States have the film this weekend. According to Fandango, ticket sales for Catching Fire top any other movie this year. It is projected to make north of $175 million opening weekend, but we suspect that great word of mouth will push it a bit further.

Haven’t purchased your tickets yet? Get ‘em now!

As of 6 p.m. eastern Thursday evening, Catching Fire scored a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 139 reviews.

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Open thread: What’d you think of ‘Catching Fire’? Hit the comments with your review and discuss the film with fellow fans!

  • Sophiesquirels

    I have been waiting to talk about this i am just going to list the thing i loved,PTSD when she thinks she shot marvel,snows grandaughter,district 11 speach, ramped up caeser is just crazy,johannas interview i just loved all the swearing,the baby bomb,the elevator was just hilarous,the libary is all mahagony of course, finnick in genral, and of course the cinematic ending when the arena sky fall apart and when katniss find out what happened to peeta and is destraugh and goes ballistic and the last shot of katniss face and so much more

  • Jasmine

    I got to see this movie on Monday and I absolutely loved it! Some of the lines where plucked directly from the books! The movie was really impressive and much better than the first!

  • 7Starrchasers

    FINALLY! I can talk about it!!!! Okay so first things first…Jennifer Lawrence’s performance was absolutely captivating and spot on. Every time she cries, I cry, which meant that I was emotional throughout the entire film.

    I loved how Francis Lawrence kept to the feel of THG but still staying true to his style and vision. EVERYTHING just felt bigger, brighter and better than the first film and I loved everything from the script to the cinematography.

    THE ARENA…OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! It was SO amazing and 100% spot on. It’s like he had reached into my brain and pulled out everything that I imagined. I loved the look and feel of the place, and if you watched it in IMAX, you’ll agree that they did the right thing by filming all the arena scenes in Imax. It was breathtaking to see the space on such a massive screen. The ending was fantastic and so beautifully shot, it too my breath away!

    Finally, the new characters.. FINNICK WAS PERFECT! Sam Claflin did a fantastic job of bringing Finnick, who is my favourite character in the series, to life. He embodied what Finnick is all about and gave a very subtle but strong performance. It’s funny, years ago when we were speculating the cast for the first one, I was thinking about who could play Finnick and Sam’s name was 3rd on my list.. So I’m a very happy fan. JENNA MALONE AS JOHANNA was just the BEST THING EVER!!! She was absolutely fantastic and I think she stood out every time she was on screen. Everyone else was spot on too…. And Donald Sutherland as Snow was so fantastic… AND THE SET UP OF HIS BLEEDING MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Overall the film was intense, action packed, fast paced but emotional. It was perfect and miles ahead of the first one. I can’t imagine any fan hating this because honestly it’s exactly like the books. Sure they cut bits out, but to be honest you don’t notice the changes, you welcome them!

    • RamblingBabbles

      Jena Malone as Johanna became one of the biggest surprise when I watched the movie. I remember reading an article announcing her casting and thinking that it felt random or something. Maybe because I was used to seeing her in her earlier roles where she’s usually nice and sweet. But when the movie came, WOW! Oh boy did she nail that part down.

      • 7Starrchasers

        I KNOW!! Everything from the stripping down which was HILARIOUS, to the swearing during the interview, to the bit where she screams in the arena and then tells them everyone she loves is dead…gosh she was fantastic!

    • thegarbar13

      oh Finnick. Wow Sam did incredible. Johanna was brilliant. Jena did phenomenal. What a film. Amazing

    • Allison L.

      I think Sam did an amazing job portraying Finnick and Mags relationship…When Mags walks into the fog and he is calling after her, my heart broke! (And he also broke my heart trying to explain to Katniss when she found him with Haymitch and Plutarch, you could see how upset he was!)

      Also, Josh’s portrayal of Peeta’s emotions, you can see it all in every bit of his face and body!

    • Anessa Helene Audette

      LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EMOTIONAL!!!!!!!! Perfect, indescribable, unbelievable, just WOW!!!! All the actors/actresses were AMAZING!!! I could not stop talking about it. LOVED THE ENDING!!!! Just WOW!!!!

  • http://www.hypable.com/author/clayton10ify/ Clayton

    Can someone who has seen the movie tell me how the actual Games are; are they too short, too rushed, do we see the other tributes? Thanks, I plan on seeing it on Saturday and am very excited.

    • 7Starrchasers

      With out spoiling, they games didn’t feel rushed at all… We get to see almost all of the other tributes, and basically everything that was in the books was in the film. It was intense and action packed and was so beautifully shot! I’d be surprised if you didnt love it!

    • RamblingBabbles

      The games was awesome. It felt too short when you watch it because it was fast pace and incredibly action packed. There was never any dull moment. They pretty much incorporated a lot of the heavy action from the book. But if you stop and consider how much time was allotted for the arena scenes vs. the victory tour/district 12 scenes, they were very loyal to the arena scenes.

    • Ultron

      It did feel a little rushed but again, time constraints. However, they kept very true to the book. I applaud them for that. The only thing is I feel like we didn’t see enough of the careers.

  • Nessa2813

    This film was incredible! One of the best sequels I think I’ve ever seen. So good in fact, that my friend and I are going to see it for the 2nd time in less than 24hrs! The first watch was so intense, I spent most of it with either tears in my eyes or biting down on my jumper to stop from screaming. It will probably be the exact same tonight!

  • RamblingBabbles

    Even if I have read the book, what was great about the entire movie is that they take you to one emotional and/or action packed scene one after another and another and another. There were no dull moments. I was giddy one moment and feeling so drained on the next and then feeling my hair stand on end during every awesome scene during the games. This movie did not disappoint.

  • Taylore Thompson

    It was so amazingly awesome!! My man Plutarch playing president Snow the whole time! And Snow’s face when the arena exploded!!!

    The only thing I would have liked more of was to get a glimse of District 13 or had that story explained a bit more

  • Ultron

    It was so amazing! Surpassed my expectations completely.

  • A.P.W.B.Dumbledore

    I am seeing it tomorrow, I can’t wait!!!!!

  • MindPalace

    To tell the truth, I found it disappointing…

    • 7Starrchasers

      Any particular reason why??

      • MindPalace

        Look, many will disagree with me entirely, but i did have a couple of issues with the movie. Don’t get me wrong, there were many great moments in this film.
        A minor issue for me, was that the part before the games seemed to drag on a little more than it needed to, despite the many cuts made from the book. I think that it may be just because I know all of the cliff hangers, and i just wanted to move on, but it did but me to some degree.
        The main thing, which Hypable mentioned in their review, was the lack of a resolution, and for me, a big battle. In book the closest we got was the escape from the arena which i loved in the book. When I read the book, I imagined within seconds of Katniss’ arrow bringing down the force field, all hell broke loose. As District 13 came in, the Capitol fought back; Snow would be panicking; their own hovercrafts would be bringing in peacekeepers and bombing the place. But in the movie, it did not have the epic battle atmosphere I had imagined. She was lifted out, Snow, at the time, doing nothing and the music was the complete opposite of what i would have expected. It just felt unresolved, and dissatisfying. Just my opinion though. There were so many great parts of the movie though.

        • 7Starrchasers

          You have some valid points, but to be honest I never really got that from the book. I never got the whole “theres a battle raging” at the end of catching fire, cause the whole time my focus was on Katniss and if she had made it. As silly as that sounds. I think they want to save that for Mockingjay, because they’ve split it into two, they need to show us what happened. Also the fact that they managed to keep basically everything in the book surprised me! It was 2 hr 26m, there was no way they could have added any battle scenes, which I don’t think the movie needed cause of the intense arena sequence…anyway hope you give the movie a second chance :)

          • MindPalace

            Fair enough, too. It was a great movie. I think i had very different expectations, thats all.

  • Kathleen

    Stanley Tucci wins at life!

  • thegarbar13

    Johanna is now one of my favorite characters. All though it was not 100% accurate, I screamed, I cried and I loved it. It was a great movie and afterwards I ran out screaming.

  • Brendan

    Pretty much flawless.


    Fantastic! But I feel like this one makes the first look worse in comparison. Definitely enjoyed the new direction and the action was way better

  • GinnyWeasley002

    Absolutely beautiful. And perfect. There really are no words. It was SO PERFECTLY CAST that I think it was even BETTER than the book. It was so perfect and beautiful and OHYJMGLFKDJFK:DOSJFMV:KLCX.

  • Megan

    OH MY GOD. One of the best films I have seen in awhile.
    Jennifer Lawrence has the best performance in the film. Her portrayal of Katniss is everything and more than I wanted. She’s Katniss through and through and I can’t get enough of her. I got very emotional whenever she’s emotional. Not very many actors can do this me.
    Josh Hutcherson is obviously Peeta. He’s in love with Katniss and I can FEEL IT. Perfect. There’s nothing more to say.

    Sam/Jena are a wonderful addition to the Hunger Games. I was apprehensive as first, but once they started speaking, they had my undivided attention. And Johanna’s F-You rant??? HILARIOUS.
    Elizabeth…. Oh Effie. The things she does in this movie are outstanding. She realizes the true reality of the games in this movie and it’s very emotional to see her come to this understanding. She’s a Capitol person for sure, but in the end, she’s a District 12 citizen. She loves Katniss and Peeta, and can’t believe she has to let them go.
    Woody is the hilarious drunk Haymitch that we all love. He’s more lovable in the movie which is fine by me!! Giving Katniss TWO, count ‘em, TWO hugs! Wow.
    I can write about this movie for a very long, I don’t think many people will read it, but I am so going to this movie tomorrow. And the next day… and the next…

    • Daughter of Eve

      Regarding Jennifer Lawrence’s performance, I completely agree with how Lawrence embodies Katniss’ personality. Although I absolutely loved it when some of Lawrence seeped into Katniss (e.g. giving the thumbs up to Peeta after the cornucopia spins and she comes out of the water)

      The actors all definitely propelled the story in the right direction.

      • Jessica

        The face she made when Johanna stripped in the elevator… I laughed about that well after the scene was over. Classic JLaw face.

        • Daughter of Eve

          I loved that bit too!! In that moment I almost reached out for a remote to rewind it because it was so funny, but alas, the cinema did not provide me with a remote.

          • Jessica

            I agree, good moment for the DVD. :)

    • luna97381

      philip seymour hoffman was definitely my favourite addition to the stellar cast. his tongue-in-cheek attitude towards katniss and his cover-up in front of snow were both so perfectly spot-on. i can’t wait to see more of plutarch in mockingjay.

      woody harrelson was, again, perfect as haymitch. josh was wonderful. jennifer lawrence is shaping up to be the actress of the decade.

      i agree that jena was wonderful as well. however, i didn’t find her f-you rant to be funny whatsoever. johanna is, right from the get-go, a rebel. her speech completely embodied exactly what all the other victors were feeling- injustice and frustration. i was really appalled when people starting laughing at her speech in my theatre. these people are forced to fight to the death a SECOND TIME, as if one wasn’t enough. johanna’s speech, i thought, was meant to give us a bleak reminder of this, and not meant in any way to be funny.

  • Jessica

    Teary-eyed and sick to my stomach!…in the best way. This movie was so perfect, it set the tone for everything just right, something I think the first one failed to do.

  • tumbliina

    Page to screen done right!

    absolutely amazing, nothing but positive words from everyone exiting the theater, phenomenal acting, and my favorite quotes plucked directly from the books.
    tonight, my little fan-girl heart has grown 3-sizes i loved it so much <3

  • Julie L

    This movie made me love the movie, more than the book, and thats saying something… The only word is perfection. The movie had it all, emotion, quality acting, great action, continuity between the first and the second, lots of book quotes, and a kick butt ending that leaves you desperate for more. I am beyond impressed with Francis Lawrence and cast! Cant wait to go see it again!!!

  • http://lauraej.tumblr.com/ Laura Jurgensmeyer

    It was so amazing. It pretty much followed the book to a T. I can’t wait to see it again when I’m more awake.

  • alexa


  • grapes9h5

    Loved it!!! I have not read the books. I never really cared much for the first film, aside from the setting and Jennifer Lawrence (who;s performance in that one was uneven imo), but this one was far superior in every way. I didnt really matter to me that these games lacked the violent trauma of the first, cause before we got to those, this film was so much more dark and satisfying than anything the first one ever dreamed of. Lawrence’s performance, say what you will about Katniss the character, was vastly superior in this one, and carried the film through the games. Kudos to the filmmakers and studio for keeping to the full IMAX ratio (and not going to 3D!!!!!!!!!) for the entirety of the games, even when it cut away. That alone was a cinematic treat. I kind of started to see the twists coming just before they did, but man that ending has me desperate to see the next one. Im not sure about it being split (haven’t read the books!!), and Im generally against this trend post-Potter, but if it means two possibly even better films than this one, Im all in.

    • Riana-Tiana Menezes

      I love to hear a non-readers perspective. What did you think of the rebellion aspect of the movie, was there any scene that made you emotional? And what did you think ofthe Mockingjay dress. Also did you figure out the arena was a clock or was that a total surprise?

  • Jenna

    I can’t believe how great this movie is! Seriously, it was SO much better than I thought it would be. I think part of that is because I haven’t cared for Francis Lawrence’s other movies, and I thought they would make it way too hollywood blockbuster after the first one made so much money. But this was intelligent and intimate, it still felt like an indie like the first one but with a FAR better scope thanks to the budget increase.

    Finnick was AMAZING! I was never against Sam Claflin’s casting, I just thought he was a random choice at the time. But now I really get it. He brought a presence to the character that I didn’t even imagine while reading. Something in the way he talked, I loved the way he did his accent. Jena Malone’s portrayal made me love Johanna even more than I did in the books. Her f-bombs and rants were so freaking great. Like Sam she really embodied the character. And Jennifer Lawrence somehow manages to get better and better. She’s still the absolute perfect Katniss.

    My only gripes are small ones. Peeta had to take a backseat to other characters yet again. I was so hoping for them to show more of his perspective in the scene in the attic in District 11. Then the scene on the beach when they kiss and Katniss described feeling something real for him for the first time, that was so glossed-over. I’m definitely not one to focus on the romantic aspects over others, but that was a huge development for her. That was the moment she knew her feelings for him were so much more. But when the scene ended it was treated like any other kiss. It seems like they did that just to drag out the damn love triangle even more. Poor Peeta haha

    • Sheechiibii

      I think the beach kiss did have significance, because she was kissing him as herself, not as someone pandering to the capitol image. It was the first time in the movie (other than when he died) that she kissed him without playing a part for the capitol.

      • Daughter of Eve

        And because it was a real Katniss moment and not her playing for the games is why I think mention of the baby was left out all together.

  • Elly R

    It was absolutely amazing and so much better than the first one. I found it so much more emotional and captivating, and the acting was PERFECT all the new characters were exactly as I imagined them
    Getting a new director was the best thing to happen to the franchise

  • Imogen

    I just came back from seeing it for the second time and it was even better this time!! It is definitely the best book to film adaptation I’ve ever seen! I was a dream to have so many lines directly from the book, and the pages painted out on the screen.. My only complaint is I needed more Peeta/Katniss scenes, but I can always go and read the book again for those. The new cast members were perfect, especially Finnick and Johanna – though I was always happy with their casting, it was great to see them come to life. I’m so excited to see their characters develop in Mockingjay, even though it will be torture with Peeta in the Capitol (pun intended). AArrrgghhh amazing!!!

  • roguexbludger

    I usually feel a little disappointed after seeing a movie that I’m REALLY REALLY excited about for the first time, and I felt that way last night. I can’t decide if it felt rushed to me or if it felt like they tried to fit too much in. I don’t think splitting Mockingjay is going to work very well (I’m biased, though, as it was my least favorite book), but maybe Catching Fire could have used it. But I’m definitely going to see it again, and I’ll probably feel a little better about it next time!

  • Yasthil Maharaj

    I loved the movie. It worked perfectly as a set up for the next two movies as well. The cast was absolutely stellar. Jennifer Lawrence’s last scene was breathtaking. Watching the emotions on her face from confusion to fear to anger and then that perfect determination just reinforces how deserving she is of all her accolades.

  • maryam

    I think that every actor did justice to their respective characters , in my opinion as far as book to movie adaptations go this was extremely satisfying and omg the part where where finnick offers katniss a sugar cube i squealed lol

  • Sheechiibii

    I think they’ve done an excellent job with this movie. I do think it’s
    better than the first. It’s very true to the books, and while there are
    slight changes here and there a few things missed out you hardly notice
    because they got it so close. Jena does a really great job as Johanna,
    she really is perfect. Josh and Jen do an awesome job as always. And I’m not ashamed to say I cried more than once. Very, very good and I can’t wait to go and see it

  • Andromeda

    I said it after “Hunger Games,” and I’ll say it again after seeing “Catching Fire”: These are the best book-to-screen adaptations I’ve ever seen.

  • Troublesome Pete

    Kind of ruined for me by the inconsistency of the cat…

    • 7Starrchasers

      :P I don’t know if you’re being serious, but I guess they had to cause Suzanne Collins insisted on it being changed

    • Barbara Scott

      No one ever calls that cat in THG Buttercup. No one ever touches him. He only appears in that one scene. If it makes you feel any better, think of him as a stray taken in for the night. Katniss probably threatens to cook every cat she sees.

  • Kris D

    i was completely speechless after i saw the movie. when i was talkign to my friend after it all i kept saying was ‘umm’ b/c i didnt know where to begin. the movie was amazing and i loved how much of the book made it to the movie. there are only 2 things that i will complain about and that’s haymitch’s backstory was not explanined (but that’s more a preference b/c i love haymitch) and peeta with his painting. they showed Katniss’s struggles with adjusting, but not really peetas. i think maybe one or two lines, like a story or something. other that those things it was flawless.
    elizabeth banks as effie was amazing. she makes effie feel real and that she cares for katniss and peeta and is not just a pawn from the capital.
    best sequence was the interviews. right from johanna’s interview all the way through to the elevator scene. jennifer lawrence’s facial expression was PRICELESS!

  • Kathleen

    P.S. Total side note, but did the commercial for Justin Bieber’s new fragrance play before everyone’s screenings? When it first appeared, almost the entire theatre I was in groaned in sync and in that moment I felt all the Hunger Games fans around me were my friends.

  • cmc110

    i’ve just got to thinking after seeing it that they didn’t really show or say what happened to brutus or enobaria

  • lorepottter

    I loved it!
    I loved that we had the “Convince ME” line
    i loved that Johanna did get naked in the elevator,
    I loved that Finnick was just perfect, Sam did an oustanding job
    I loved when Peeta died and Finnick saved him and saw Katniss really care about Peeta
    I absolutely loved THE KISS in the arena, when she discovered she love Peeta
    I cried when Cinna died, my, that was so hard to watch.
    I hope im gonna see the movie again

  • sarahd15

    Thank you….thank you so much Francis Lawrence!! One of the best sequels I have ever seen, and it totally put the first movie to shame. No disappointments with this one! Everything was bigger, better, more spot on! All the actors portrayed their characters much better than before, and the new actors held their own as well! Loved Finnick and Johannah was sooo amazing!

    You can definitely tell with this movie how much Jennifer Lawrence has grown as an actress. Her performance was fantastic, much better than in the Hunger Games. Very excited to continue to follow her career in every movie role she takes on!

  • maryam

    thank you so much Francis Lawrence for doing justice to one of the best books of our generation

  • Tiffani

    I would honestly rate it an 8.5 out of 10. There were 3 main things that bothered me but the rest of the movie was fantastic.
    1. It took a while for me to get into their acting in the beginning but I think that was just me and I’ll be rewatching it soon so I’ll judge that further after I see it again.
    2. THEY DIDN’T SHOW HEAVENSBEES WATCH. That scene that would have taken five seconds was left out and it was detrimental to the movie. It literally bothered me throughout the whole movie.
    3. This is another personal preference but I think they should have went straight to black screen after Gale said there is no District 12. Him saying it’s all gone and having to watch Jennifers eyes move around for a few seconds took away the “WHAT?!?!?!?!” out of that line. I wouldn’t have minded the shot on Jennifer/Katniss but Gale saying “It’s all gone” bothered me.

    • Anessa Helene Audette

      They also didn’t mention the baby except for the interview, that bugged me.

    • Daughter of Eve

      I actually liked the change in Heavenbee’s watch because his wording was very careful and that implied his allegiance to the rebellion, which was far more subtle, I feel, than the watch which the audience would know immediately, rather than finding out when Katniss did. Granted that most of the people watching would have read the books, but for some reason I found Heavensbee’s dialogue more captivating.

    • Tygridia

      I actually loved the shot of Katniss face, the way her anger turns into determination, the moment when The Girl On Fire becomes The Mockingjay

  • JD

    Basically Jenna Malone as Johanna was the best part of the entire film. It was most accurate portrayal and she was just so bad ass that everything she said and did I was like “yes, exactly how I would have reacted!” I think Francis Lawrence did a really fantastic job with this movie as the book really was a set up to the third one but the movie didn’t feel that way at all. Everything was just so amazing. And can we just pause for a moment and appreciate to the full depth, Katniss, Petta, and Haymitch’s reaction to finding out about the Victors games! Wow mind blown. Harlson, Lawrence, and Hutcherson shined individually in that one seen.
    Overall a great movie that when way way way beyond my already high expectations.

    • Hainrihi Rhine

      I totally agree with this. It was one of the epic moments in the film and it broke my heart to see their reactions. Mind blowing indeed :D

  • hpatdh33

    The movie was fantastic. The acting was brilliant, the visuals were stunning, but the music was disappointing. Catching Fire fell into the classic example of a sequel regurgitating its original themes from the first and not expanding at all. It was b.s., there is no reason to buy the score.

  • HarryHungerAvatar12

    OMG That movie was soo freaking depressing/sad/disturbing/happy/enjoyable/strong/deep/etc; I cried soo hard when Cinna and Maggs died! I LOVED JOHANNA!!!!! I knew she was super angry in the books but in the movie they turn her angry into vengeance against the capital. I fucking hate President Snow!!! I liked Gale though, he wasn’t stuck up and such a snob in movie was he was in the book. My favorites were Effie, Katniss, Cinna, and Johanna! XD Finnick was awesome!!


  • http://www.rebellionradiopodcast.com/ Hurley


    I think we can all agree that that was absolutely breathtaking. One thing that especially pleased me was the music. James Newton Howard stepped up his game, and brought a more interesting and complex score to this film, especially in the arena.

    Another thing I loved was what I believed to be a nod to the first film, where Effie notes the beautiful mahogany at the Capitol Party. (A la “That is mahogany!” Classic.)

  • Riana-Tiana Menezes


  • Riana-Tiana Menezes

    I’ve been waiting to use this picture and now I finally can

  • alexa


  • Gary65

    That. Was. AMAZING!!!!!! So so so so good :D

    If I listed all the things I loved, we’d be here all day so I think I’ll just cut to the chase and list the things that niggled me a bit.

    1. Did anyone feel kind of cheated that we didn’t see Peeta kill Brutus? I know we didn’t see it in the books but it is one of the few kills Peeta had and I think it would have really expanded on his character and given something to explore in the next movie(espec seeing as we have a split and time to spare in the first one). And it would have been a real potent memory to explore in the hijacking

    2. Did it seem to anyone else like they were trying to keep Finnick’s CPR off-screen? I’ve seen it twice now and, on the second viewing, I noticed how the mouth to mouth always occurred just off the edge of screen. It wasn’t important and I’m not saying it was anti-gay or anything, But the scene was weirdly shot and I’m trying to figure out why they shot it like that. The whole thing was shown from weird angles that always kept Peeta’s face obscured. Didn’t really bother me but it’s just something I noticed.

    3. As much as I appreciate J-Law’s face, couldn’t they have found a better closing shot for the film than that?

    4. What exactly did Snow think Beetee was doing? Didn’t he guess what was happening when Beetee tried to ram the forcefield? He’s not stupid.

    5. I know they shot a scene between Peeta & the morphlings(which they didn’t really explain). Why was it cut? Her sacrifice would have had so much more meaning if we’d seen them before.

    But those are just tiny niggles. On the whole, AMAZING movie. Best adaption I’ve ever seen, with the possible exception of DH2.

    • Daughter of Eve

      Thank God for the internet because I went to see this alone and haven’t really had the opportunity to discuss this much.

      1. Yeah, kinda. But then there were barely any deaths seen as it is. Even the old man who was shot in 11 didn’t seem to have bled as he was being carried away. The only time we saw blood, really, was when Johanna, Wiress and Beetee came out of the blood rain. So I’m wondering if the hints of deaths were to keep the rating for a general audience? I saw 10-11 year olds in the cinema when I went to see it (accompanied by adults, of course, but still).

      2. I’ve only seen the movie once so far, but the way I saw it it looked like the frame was trying to keep Jennifer Lawrence in so that her hysteria was visible. I will keep an eye out for that whenever I go for my second viewing.

      3. I liked Lawrence’s face as the closing scene. You could tell that something changed in her in that second, and that’s what we’ve got to look out for. It was also followed by the transformation of the mockingjay – from the mockingjay in bondage to the free mockingjay. I thought it was a direct transition of how Katniss feels as well. But that’s just me. I feel a lot of people did not like the very last scene.

      4. True, but that would be reflective only of Beetee’s actions, I doubt Snow expected Katniss to blow up the system. He does say “that’s impossible” when she did. Also, I’m assuming the fact that Beetee’s plan was barely understood by his allies is also why Snow didn’t follow. Personally, I’m glad they kept it simple because I did not follow the plan in the books either.

      5. I really, REALLY hope there’s an extended version of this movie and then we can see said scene more seamlessly. I felt the movie could have gone on longer and I wouldn’t mind that at all.

      6. I agree. Jena Malone was truly amazing. The entire cast held their own. This is truly how actors can make characters come alive. It was very impressive, as if the actors knew they had a responsibility to make these characters feel real, which you do not get in most book-to-movie adaptations.

      Agreed, one of THE best adaptations ever. Jennifer Lawrence’s performance is Oscar worthy, and I’m not saying that because she’s won one already and so she should not get all the Oscars, but because she was amazingly expressive and the emotions we read the in the books were etched on her face.

      Out of curiosity, any scenes from the books you wished were in the movie?

      • Gary65

        I would have liked some Madge & Avox time. We saw Madge’s dad briefly(I think) but it would have been nice to actually see her. And it would have been cool to see Darius. Aside from that, the only thing I missed was Brutus’ death.

        Now that I think on it, do you know what would be really cool? If Mockingjay P1 opens still in the Games and we see it from Peeta’s perspective as he’s captured & Katniss is airlifted out. Really excited to see some changes to Mockingjay. I was not happy with the book.

        • Daughter of Eve

          I was sad to not see Madge as well, it would have been really nice to see her give Katniss the pin and have her be a presence in CF too.

          I was just thinking, I hope that the past tributes’ game videos are part of the special features on the blu-ray/DVD. That would be worth watching, even if it is animated.

          That would be totally cool, seeing Pt 1 open from Peeta’s perspective. I wasn’t really happy with the book either, I felt it lost too many good characters just for the sake of it and the ending was really flat.

  • http://www.hypable.com/author/clayton10ify/ Clayton

    I just got back from watching it and I already want to see it again. It was so amazing!!! This is a small detail, but I really liked how Rue’s family looked so much like her, just like in the book. I also really loved the arena scenes and how the arena broke into pieces. I just read the book again right before I saw it and the movie it literally almost word for word verbatim from the book. It was the best adaptation I’ve seen and one of the best films I’ve seen. 10/10.

    • Tygridia

      I was specially impressed with Rue’s mum. She looked like a grown up version of Rue.

  • Reviewer725

    This movie blew my mind. It was all i expected it to be and much more. I think only an extremely ignorant person would say something bad about this masterpiece. The effects were much better than the first movie. There was one part with the monkeys where it looked a little fake. But that was a minor thing and every movie has one of those. The plot line made people, who haven’t read the book, wonder what the heck was going on and the way the plot line was portrayed…just awesome. The characters really moved the story along. There isnt many things to nitpick here…just amazing.

  • Hugo

    Disappointed! So much Hype and Hyperbole! First, I was ready to walk after 90 minutes of lead-in. There was only about 45 mins of Action in the Arena. If they are gonna cut (and they had to cut somewhere), why on the Action? Secondly, JL is looking 30-something here…with $175mil spent, couldn’t they have tried to make her look younger? Good acting did not make up for the “docudrama” feel of the ever lasting first 90 minutes. Then, in the Arena, fight scenes from the book are shortened and it suddenly moves so fast that they are just “killing off” Victors in the sky. Sorry, but “The Queen has no clothes.” Now I know why Gary Ross bowed out when you don’t see that after a Blockbuster: he read the script.

  • awkwardjenny

    Josh’s performance as Peeta… Oh the feels…

  • girlonfire12


  • ChipperDW

    I loved how Jena Malone played Johanna Mason! She played her so well! Also I think Josh needs to work on really expressing emotion more convincingly and I’m not sure how good he’ll be playing the tortured soul Peeta in Mockingjay. But I defiantly thought this movie was a lot better than the first. And was anyone else laughing at the horses during the presentation of the tributes that we’re pulling the chariots? One last thing did any one else find the Avoxes very creepy and hard to look at because they freaked me out!

  • dee

    okay, I am a HUGE fan of the books, but I can’t decide if I like the movie or not. Here’s why… it felt rushed to me… I loved that the director for the most part stayed true to the book and I loved the direct quotes from the book, but in some ways it felt fake, like the actors were just reading from the book instead of BEING Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch etc, Any one else feel that way, or am I crazy? I think I need to see it again to decide for sure how I feel. I think it’s possible I just have that whole “it’s not exactly what I pictured when I read it” or else I just knew what to expect or I also I knew what was missing. I don’t know I feel mixed and was just curious if I’m the only one!

  • Max Rakušček

    I tought this movie was a great as a movie and an adaptation. The line “There is no district 12″ didn’t have as much impact with “it’s all gone” added to it, but Katniss’s perfect transition of shock to anger, shown only in looks, made up for it. Finnick and Johanna were awesome and so was the arena and I’m very sad that this is basically the last time you see the Games for the first time.

  • mikaela

    I really liked the movie. Really, I did. I’m just a little ticked that they didn’t even MENTION that Haymitch won the Second Quarter Quell. At all. But at least they said Effie’s name in this one! ;)

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