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The CW has released the official synopsis for Supernatural season 9, episode 9, titled “Holy Terror.”

The official press release has the following information about the episode:

AN ANGEL WAR BEGINS — After a massive angel slaughter occurs, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) arrive at the scene to investigate and are surprised to run into Castiel (Misha Collins). While investigating, Castiel is captured and tortured. Meanwhile, Dean questions Ezekiel’s demands and wonders if it might be time to tell Sam the truth. Thomas J. Wright directed the episode written by Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner (909).

It’s worth nothing that this is Supernatural mid-season finale, so it will no doubt end on an intense cliffhanger.

Another fun note is that it looks like a certain angel will be returning in this episode as well:

What will Metatron be up to, now that he has Heaven all to himself? Might he be responsible for the angelic slaughter? We haven’t seen him since the season 8 finale, so it will be interesting to see how the Heavenly scribe plays into this story.

Also interesting is “Ezekiel’s demands.” Will we finally get some indication of his true motivations, whether that means refusing to leave Sam once he’s healed or something else? It would make sense for Dean to fill Sam in on his angelic hitchhiker in the mid-season finale, leaving the audience hanging on Sam’s reaction.

Supernatural season 9, episode 9 “Holy Terror” airs Tuesday, December 3 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Are you looking forward to ‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 9 ‘Holy Terror’?

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    Oh god, Metatron returns? I hope someone gets him for what he did.

  • http://wizforum.proboards.com/ Melissa West

    I want Ezekiel out of Sam and into that other body (he was hot!). Then I would like to see Ezekiel team up with the Winchesters and Cas!!

    • Mari AngelEyes Fuller

      I totally agree with you! I mean sam is hot to! but that other ole boy was smoking as well!!! #hotbodies

    • Keyser Soze

      Tahmoh Penikett does add something to the character and should return as Ezekiel. We should also find out what happened to Joshua (Roger Aaron Brown) since he is an angel on the Winchester’s side.

    • Jackie Lynk

      and dont forget crowley who, i hope, will turn good by the end of the season

  • Kathy DeWitt

    I want Sam to be ok with Ezekiel …for a few

  • ʛǫϮℌįƈ ℬųɳɲγ

    I don’t really know, oh god please don’t kill our baby. Cas is too loved by the Spn fandom to be killed off.

    • itssandy1

      Cas won’t be killed off. Misha has been signed to appear in almost every episode this season. I think there were only going to be 5 episodes all season that Cas isn’t in. Based on what I’ve see of the J’s talking about how intense it was filming the mid-season finale I am nervous – and excited for what happens with Zeke’s demands and Sam finding out the truth. I hope he doesn’t flip out on Dean’ too badly – he just didn’t want his brother to die!!

  • Sarah Brown

    I think it’s time Sam knows the truth and why it had to be done. I’d like to see Ezekiel out of Sam and back into his first body. I am hoping he turns out to be a GOOD angel and a great help to the Winchesters and a friend to Cas.

  • Aquarian Star

    Ezekiel can’t refuse to leave Sam because permission must be given. All Dean ever had to do was come clean and then there’s no way the angels can use Sam as a vessel without his consent. Those are still the rules so far as I know.

  • noor

    Don’t know why but I’ve this feeling that Sam already knows about Ezekiel…..although I hope that they show us his reactions and not make us wait through the grueling HIATUS…..

  • John Winchester

    I hope GOD RETURN (John Winchester) I believe god is the only one who can shove all the angels back. God isn’t dead he’s thought to on earth hopefully he will step in and help the Winchester.

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