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Our Scandal recap looks back at big events and revelations that took place during season 3, episode 7.

In tonight’s episode of Scandal we learned how Mellie figured out how to get Fitz to run for California Governor, which led him to becoming president of the United States.

- Lights, camera, Mellie. The episode begins with Mellie giving a television crew a tour of the East Wing. She’s not enjoying the day but has to do it to help apologize for her husband’s affair so that they can look like a team for the election.

We flash back 15 years ago to Fitz and Mellie’s better days in Santa Barbara when they were trying to get pregnant. After Fitz’s father Jerry calls them downstairs, we see the couple meet Cyrus for the first time. Father Fitz wants to get his son into the California Governor’s office. “Our first step to the White House, baby,” Mellie says.

Back in the present, Mellie continues to shoot her television interview. We learn that she was raised in the south and moved to California after getting married. “I consider home to be wherever Fitz is.”

In another flashback, bearded Cyrus is giving Fitz and Mellie some strategy ideas to win the Governor election. Cyrus suggests he runs as a war hero but Fitz says he won’t run on his military experience. “It’s off limits, end of story,” he tells Mellie, his father, and Cyrus.

This upsets Fitz’s father, who yells at his son for going into the Navy. “You joined the Navy to spite me. I called in favors to distance you from the [Remington] incident as far as possible. So now it’s time to pay the piper. The only thing you’ve got going for you is that you are my son,” his dad says. Seeing this fight, Cyrus (who was straight and married back then) wants out of helping them. But Mellie isn’t going to let him get away so easily. “I will take care of it, come back tomorrow and he will be ready,” she promises him.

Mellie’s first step in handling the situation is going to Jerry, who drunkenly rambles about how good of a parent he is. He reveals that Fitz shot the Remington flight down, and this is news to Mellie. He says that there was a dirty bomb on board so he got the orders to shoot it down. The plane was reportedly going to be used to attack London, he says, adding that they had to say publicly that it was mechanical failure or there would’ve been lawsuits for years from the families who lost loved ones.

Jerry then starts making sexual advances on Mellie by complimenting and touching her. She pushes back, but he overpowers and rapes her.

We jump to the present where Mellie is yelling at Fitz for skipping the television interview he was supposed to do with her in the Oval Office. “The least you could do is be my friend, just a little bit,” she pleads with a drink in her hand.


Again we go to the past right after Mellie was raped. Fitz asks where she’s been and she makes up excuses but is noticeably disheveled.

In the present Fitz agrees to another attempt at the television interview. The reporter asks Mellie a tough question about poll numbers that show the country thinks she’s lost her mind (they think she went crazy when she went on TV several weeks ago and spoke about personal relationships). Fitz steps in and takes responsibility for his affair. He tells her later that he meant every word.

In a final flashback scene the morning after the rape, Mellie and Jerry are at breakfast alone. The latter apologizes and Mellie quickly accepts because she wants him to apologize to Fitz for yelling at him so her husband can “get back on track. Support him, support us,” she asks. Her trick works, and at a reception to toast his running for the California office Mellie tells Fitz in private that she’s pregnant. It looks like the father is Fitz’s father.

- Olivia is after the truth about Remington. At the start of the episode she gets a call but ignores it. At least, she tries to. She picks up after deliberating and hears Fitz on the other line. He’s worried about her. “You’re a stranger,” Olivia tells him, referring to the revelation that he is somewhat responsible for her mother’s death. The president asks her to stop seeing Jake because he’s got a price on his head for investigating Remington. He also asks her to stop digging.

Olivia decides to tell the team everything about Remington. “We have a new client,” Olivia says. Looking at the photo of the woman they’re representing, Quinn says it looks like Olivia. “It’s my mother,” Olivia confirms. She wants their help to figure out if Mama Pope was collateral damage or if it was done on purpose. The team is adamant about helping her, and early in their investigation they learn that the president’s father Jerry was the one who did the investigation into the plane crash. This is the first sign of a cover up. The news is brought back to Olivia, but she insists that they still need to figure out why the plane was shot down to begin with.

Continuing the investigation, Abby and Harrison are meeting with a gate agent and learn about a passenger named Omar who was taken off the plane. We eventually learn that the person named Omar was actually… Olivia’s mom, who at the end of the episode Rowan goes to visit in a holding cell.


- Quinn gets blackmailed. She’s at the gun range when Charlie shows up and tells her about a mission he’s on. Intrigued, she decides to go and watch him as he is also on a watch at a motel. When he spots her, he walks up and goes in for a kiss. “If you want to hang out tomorrow night, give me a call,” he tells her after. “Date” set!

Their night out is a job Charlie is on. He reluctantly agrees to let her help after she asks, but she quickly regrets this request. She goes in to inject a security guard with something to make him sleep, but it makes him foam blood out of his mouth. Charlie was seemingly not who she thought, because he’s actually working for B613 and has now recruited Quinn for the team whether she likes it or not.

The Veep is getting her ducks in a row: Sally meets with her husband and warns him not to cheat on her as she gears up to run for the high office as an Independent. You may remember that, during the last episode, hubby and Mellie were enjoying each other’s company during an intimate dinner.

What did you think of ‘Scandal’ season 3, episode 7?

Overall, it was a refreshing episode thanks to its major twists!

Check out a preview for next week’s episode 8 airing Thursday, November 21 at 10 p.m. eastern/pacific on ABC. In this first look we see glimpses of Olivia’s mother:

  • Kay

    Amazing episode. Now the long wait until the next one lol

  • spacie19

    I was like “oh snap” the entire episode! Mellie, Olivia’s mom, VPOTUS’ hubby, dumbass Quinn…

    • jj

      Cyrus’ husband getting fired

  • Gary65

    :( Can. Not. Unsee.

  • Mary-Louise

    the Mellie revelation was heartbreaking. That is a lot to go through and carry with you. It makes me actually hate Grant for his infedelity, not seeing how much she loves him and how he disregards the fact that she would do literally anything for him. There’s never an excuse for cheating on your wife-it isn’t sexy or okay because he loves Liv. And they always made it out like it’s okay because Mellie isn’t perfect, but now I feel sorry for her and I’m even more on Mellie’s side.
    The Quinn turn was interesting! I think she’s a fabulous actress and I can’t wait to see her do more on the show.

    • guest

      Are you serious?!?!?!
      I saw the following posts elsewhere and thought they hit the nail squarely on the head:
      Mellie wants the White House so much more than Fitz ever did. She has been planning and politicking forever. She has basically sold her soul and her dignity for it. Putting up with a mistress, being raped by her father-in-law, and God knows what else. She loves the spotlight at all cost.

      Mellie used her rape to blackmail her father-in-law into being “nicer” to Fitz so that he would proceed with a political career he doesn’t even really want . When she was raped, I understand ppl take rape differently. Some freeze up and some kick and scream. But opportunistic Mellie used a very harsh experience to allow her a step closer to the White House. She should have run upstairs, told her husband, or better yet, call the police. But not Mellie. She started seeing a light bulb above her head and said, “You know what? I can use this.” smh. Last night just proves Mellie has always been the same.

      • Olizfansarecrazy

        It’s disgusting people are victim blaming Mellie,

        • guest

          Not victim-blaming her at all. No one deserves to be raped. That’s a simple enough concept for anyone to understand.
          But I do blame her for using it to achieve her greedy, selfish, ego-fueled goals. She’s disgusting . . . and typical.

        • Alexa Nicole

          Seriously! People are unbelievable.


    Quinn is too damn eager as long as she has been under hucks wing she should have known that something was up i don’t feel sorry for her at ALL,I felt bad for Mellie, FITZ DAD IS NASTY AS….. Olivia’s dad is the worst dad in the whole entire world who the …. does the crap that he does.

  • Anthony Rock

    I think it was unfortunate that rape was employed. I wonder if this was a plot to explain the Mellie character or to gain sympathy for the character or both. I do feel a little sorry for her, but I still do not want Fitz with her . She needs to move on and find someone who loves her for her. Long live OLITZ

  • olitzfansarecrazy

    This episode just made me hate Fitz more than I already do. Like seriously dude! You can feel your wife is stiff and out of sorts. WORST HUSBAND EVER. And Big Jerry is dead now. If Mellie ever confesses the rape, the POS probably won’t believe her.

    • Anthony Rock

      This episode just explains Fitz’ abiding love for Liv more. This episode once again shows that from the moment Fitz met Liv it was game, set, match. The fat lady sung, picked up her sheet music, left the stage, turned off the lights and retired…

      • olizfansarecrazy

        That’s not the point. Why can’t the great road scholar not see his wife clearly upset? But it also explained how Fitz got his rapey tendencies. He got it from daddy. I guess he’s like Big Jerry after all. Remember the elevator incident? That’s the moment i handed in my Olitz fan card. I was DONE. Closet sex and having Jake watch her sealed the deal.

  • jack

    I think it said that one will make excuses for people cheating. If it was the other way around people will hate mel . Men like fitz are selfish and only think about thier own needs and concerns. He made a family , he brought mel into his mess up life and now he want to start over because he has established him self. Mel was a trophy wife when he nothing and now since he has a career she just an obstacle. Fitz dnt even love liv he actually lust after her. Instead of being concern about her emotions he just want to make sure he ist he only one she be with. I need you liv, no liv need therapy not a relationship with a man that have more menatal issues as her. People who cheat are selfish Nd dnt know how to love.

    • jack

      Sorry for the grammar

    • Anthony Rock

      I don’t think you know what you are talking about. Lust wears off quite quickly. If Fitz only lusted after Liv, he would have moved on quite sometime ago, just like when he scratched his itch with Amanda.
      Mellie made the decision to stay in the mess that Fitz brought her into. She graduated top of her class from Harvard, she was a partner in a law firm. She has options! People who stay around to be treated like Mellie over and over and over again not only need therapy, they need a lobotomy.

  • Diggles

    Quinn is an idiot, I knew the mama was still alive, and Mellie could have been so much more but caved to make Fitz something. He needs to man up, too! Sick of him and Olivia’s back and forth

  • Mrs. Pope-Grant

    it was shocking to learn that Mellie was raped by Big Gerry. however, if a woman can use her own rape as blackmail for political motivations, i dont think she deserves sympathy. she had her degrees and was first in her class she could have found someone else. The greed and political ambitions that drives these characters is too much. I think it will be revealed that Fitz new about the “rape” that’s probably why he cant stand Mellie and her lies and deceitful ways. Remember they basically had an arranged marriage. She was probably sleeping with Big Gerry before the incident. cant wait to see how the story unfolds. Quinn…… Poor Quinn, she’s just too stupid but I think there’s more to that plot. I think Quinn has a bigger part in the entire thing than it seems. Olitz forever.

  • atadoff

    Quinn stands as testament to the fact that there is no bottom to the well of stupidity..

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