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The Hunger Games studio has received offers from theme parks to create lands inspired by the book to film adaptation of the Suzanne Collins trilogy.

During a conference call this morning, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer was asked what areas of Hunger Games merchandise have performed best. It was during that question Feltheimer said that they have been approached about creating Hunger Games theme parks in “two territories” and were “considering those possibilities,” according to Variety. There was no further elaboration.

The offer of a Hunger Games theme park naturally comes in response to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s huge success in Orlando. The land is currently receiving a Diagon Alley-themed expansion which will open next year.

It’s not clear if it was Disney, Universal, or another theme park company who has came to Lionsgate with the ideas. Given the film franchise’s major influence on pop culture right now, it’s only natural that theme parks would consider the idea and try to obtain rights. We suspect that Disney and Universal are the only two companies who have a chance at making the idea a reality.

The problem with a Hunger Games theme park, however, is that the dystopian world isn’t family friendly. The story’s world is run down, cruel, and dark. The only way this could be spun into a positive atmosphere in a theme park is if it focused on the Capitol. Perhaps plans have been drawn up for half of the park to be upbeat and set in the Capitol and the other half to be run down and set in District 12.

Then there’s the question of what rides could exist in a Hunger Games land. There are very few concepts in the story that would lend themselves to a ride that fans would want to experience. A spin on the Catching Fire cornucopia? A trip down into the mines? A walk through of President Snow’s home? A ride on the bullet trains? None of these sound like big attractions.

Whether or not a park comes to life, the concept(s) are still in very early days. This idea may never happen.

Elsewhere in the movie-to-park adaptation world.. Disney is currently developing an Avatar land at Orlando’s Animal Kingdom based on the movie series by James Cameron. They are also working on a Star Wars land to time with their new trilogy hitting theaters beginning December 2015. At the start of this year we heard light rumors of a Hobbit land in the works at Universal.

  • Ultron

    What!? This sounds like an awful idea!

    • Rach

      Harry Potter theme park: explore the wonders of the magical world!


      • Ultron

        But really! What the hell are you going to do in a depressing world like that. Take part in training sessions and shoot targets? Run around in the woods and kill each other? Stupid and greedy idea. God everyone tries to copy Harry Potter these days. Literally everyone.

        • Rosalie David

          “The arenas are historic sites, preserved after the Games. Popular destinations for Capitol residents to visit, to vacation. Go for a month, rewatch the Games, tour the catacombs, visit the sites where the deaths took place. You can even take part in reenactments.
          They say the food is excellent.”

          • Mel

            True, and maybe where they got their inspiration, but not nearly exciting enough to be the basis of a theme park in our world.

          • Amir

            I’m sorry but that’s a set tour. Like HARRY POTTERS set tour in England. Theme parks need an actual ride.

          • Rosalie David

            Sorry, my comment was a quote from the first book, not what I want the parks to look like.
            I think the idea is awful and goes against the themes of the book. Hence my quote

          • eevee

            the fact that they are considering this is appalling.

  • Domi Ed

    ….Hell No. wtf? This has GREED$ written all over it.

    • Charmaine Bird

      You know what really has Greed? Twilight. All those actors want is money and fans dish out the money to meet them. This to me is a business opportunity, one that may sink or swin, depending on how they do it.

      • ZofTheTwiHard

        Umm, OK. But we don’t have a freakin’ theme park, because everyone knows that it wouldn’t work. Stop pointing fingers. This kind of thing is generally a stupid idea. And all actors have greed deep in their hearts, and all fans give the money to them. Because we can’t resist.

        • Charmaine Bird

          I’m just saying, it COULD work if they developed it correctly. Greed or not, the masses will flock to that area of whichever park if they decide to do it. Nobody said ‘greed’ when Harry Potter did it. I don’t see any difference with this happening as a ride or an area of a aprk, than any other attraction at a park.
          Besides, they’re not getting their own theme park, they would be getting a expansion in an already existing park. The price of admission to the park itself may or may not go up, but that’s not going to deter the tourist already attending the park.
          Look at Disney, Disney made an expansion in C.A. for Cars. Are people calling that greed? No, it’s a attraction, much like Wizarding World of Harry Potter is an attraction at Universal, much like a Hunger Games attraction would be at Universal, Disney, Six Flags, Knott’s Berry Farm, ETC.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            There is one issue, though. It’s NOT produced by any of these, so it would cost a lot.
            And no one dares to diss HP, because they’d seem crazy.

          • Charmaine Bird

            No, it’s not, but that doesn’t mean the parks aren’t looking to buy the rights. Lionsgate is small compared to WB and Universal, but yet WB let Universal buy the right to Harry Potter essentially. Any park could do this with any franchise essentially.

      • Peta

        What does twilight have to do with this, they dont have a theme park.

      • Antara Chowdhury

        I don’t understand what Twilight has to do with anything or why you’re mentioning that fandom in relation to Hunger Games possibly getting a theme park.

        • Charmaine Bird

          It was in relation to greed. To me, Twilight has the biggst greed.

  • Gary65

    Does anyone else feel like Hollywood is killing HG’s soul one dollar at a time?

    • Tygridia

      Actually aren’t they bringing the idea of the Capitol to life?

      • Gary65

        Exactly. The whole entire point of THG is to extinguish the Capitol & societal tyranny.

  • Lotte

    Lionsgate really have missed the entire purpose of the books.

  • http://www.eigakanthemovietheater.blogspot.com Jenny Leigh

    Just what we needed! A theme park where kids run around trying to kill each other. Sounds family-friendly :p.

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    What in the hell? This is terrible! This is not a world that should be bought to life in anyway except on film. They just said it wasn’t family friendly. There are no good ride ideas.. Just, no.

  • Nikki

    I’ll bet they’ll set up a bakery and sell bread for like $25 a loaf. You know, so you appreciate what a sacrifice it was for the poorer people of District 12 to buy bread, not because they are greedy. *eye roll*

  • Sophiesquirels

    Awful idea it works with other thing because you would like to visit the place/world like with harry potter who does’nt want to go to hogwarts but who wants to go to Panem and experience a hunger games with a totaliterian state

  • Alex

    Not Every Major Film Franchise needs a Theme Park.
    Also, like everyone said, the Wizard World works as a theme park because it has stuff to do for fun— dragons, hipogriff rides,etc

    HG doesn’t.

    I really hope this idea Tanks like the idea for a Twilight theme park tanked.

  • Megan Slife

    Come on.. there’s some exciting ideas here.
    You could.. uh, throw loaves of breads at cardboard cutouts of a starving Katniss.

    • peta


  • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

    I think I can safely speak for the entire fandom when I say NO…just NO!

  • Ellie

    I live in Asheville NC and they have Hunger Games tours, where you can visit the filming spots from the first movie. I think it includes archery lessons. I haven’t been on one, but I can understand the appeal especially since it involves some guided scenic hikes. Beyond that I can’t imagine what Hunger Games related attraction would be worth paying for.

  • http://twitter.com/eiVega eiVega

    I love how no one likes this idea. If the fans are against a theme park, then who is going to attend if they actually pursue it? I wonder if they’re just leaking the info of this early development just to see what the vibe is outside. Hope they’re not too disappointed that everyone seems to reject it.

  • ZIggy

    And I had thought they had sunk low enough with their partnership with Subway. Talk about a complete misinterpretation of the books’ themes.

  • Kadma Sixx

    Escape The Mutts
    The Quarter Quell Experience
    Desgin Your Capitol Attire
    12 Hours In The Jungle

    Super fun… Jeez, they’re really, really trying to get the last dollar out of the franchise, losing the whole point of the books. And of course, trying to compete with HP. Terrible, terrible idea.

  • Chlöe Packer

    It’s hilarious how the franchise has been promoted so far – through fashion, make up, nail polishes, Barbie dolls, the constant mention of the romance and love triangle and now possibly a theme park? They’re mimicking the book completely – ignoring the death and gore and the horrifying fact that kids are killing each other in an arena and going ‘OOOH HOW FANCY LOOK AT THEIR OUTFITS’, It’s frustrating!

  • Judy

    When I read Harry Potter, there were many times that I said to myself,”Now that’s a place, I’d want to be.”…….its magical and fantasy and glorious.When I read Hunger Games there was not one moment that I wished to be there, not for an instant.Hell, I’d rather live in Westeros than Panem.

    • declan casey

      I don’t really like it when people paint Harry Potter in this really rosy color, almost making the series seem immature and more like a children’s fairy tale when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I think this is what repels some people from reading it. I think it’s safe to say that, yes, if I had to pick a WORLD to be a part of, I would pick the Wizarding world over Panem. If I had to pick a STORY to be a part of, I don’t think I would pick either of them. Seriously, risk being killed by another human being vs risk being persecuted, tortured, and killed by the increasingly corrupt ministry and the death eaters, be torn apart by inferi, have your soul sucked out by dementors, be hit by any number of horrific spells…the list goes on and on. I just think that the Hunger Games is getting way too much hype. It is clearly trying to copy the success of Harry Potter, and that’s just not going to happen. It is a fad, if anything. The first movie was terrible, as were the last two books in the series. The Harry Potter movie series was way better than the hunger games movies, the Harry Potter books were way better than any Hunger Games book that came out. Overall, Harry Potter>>>>>>>The Hunger Games.

  • hpboy13

    The only thing that might be fun as a ride is the Quarter Quell arena with the whole clock theme. But yeah, HG does not lend itself well to theme parks. And there’s the whole missing-the-point aspect of it.

  • Riana-Tiana Menezes

    An idea I would be ok with:
    A Hunger Games training center where people can go and learn archecy, rope/rock climbing, building fires, tying knots etc, (like what the tributes had to be trained in in order to win).
    It can kind of be like a summer camp experience, where people of all ages can learn how to survive in the wild.

    An Idea I’m not ok with.

    • Charmaine Bird

      This is what I am basically saying. Something fully interactive. Yeah, have a ride or two, but let it be a full experience. Teach people things and be fun and entertaining at the same time.

    • Amir

      Yeah like a camp! :)

  • Charmaine Bird

    I think a virtual training academy would be a cool concept, perhaps something similar to Star Tours. The wait would be through district 12 and maybe a few other districts, ending at the capital where you could maybe have a train ride (roller coaster) and when you exit the ride you can participate in a virtual training academy, maybe with laser tag or one of those virtual standing machines and do something like archery and knife throwing, something similar to maybe a kinect game.

  • Caroline J.

    the only thing i can see working is a ride that takes you through katniss journey. i have a really hard time seeing an entire park with themes of poverty, oppression, murder, violence, revenge, opulence, and greed being the main attraction. and if they were to somehow water those down, i would be rather upset as they’d have missed the point of the books entirely.

  • Charmaine Bird

    I’ll post something similar to what I replied to. Whatever park(s) are considering this, would be adding an ATTRACTION, not a PARK. The price of admission may or may not change to reflect bulding costs, but the fact still remains, people will go to said park, and people will visit. Granted, they would need to be smart about what they do and marketing for it.
    And what’s wrong with promoting your brand through the outlets offered? So what if they have a make up campaign, or barbie dolls. SEVERAL franchises have Barbie Dolls or Mr./Mrs. Potato Head Dolls. Marvel/DC has shoes, Harry Potter had Tonner Dolls. For 2 movies,Twilight when through Nordstom (?) to sell exclusive shirts.
    What are you going to do though? Haters are going to hate, and the people that are optimistic will remain that way with a level head.

    • Jane

      The theme here is people killing each other.

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      You do have a point, but this is really a weird idea. Unless it was like a Capitol Experience kind-of thing… or a Training Centre. I think there still are much better marketing ideas available. THG is not HP, after all.

  • Jane

    Did they read the books?

    • anon

      And if they didn’t read the book, great movies they are making from like thin air!? (sarcasm)

  • Glaciusx

    WHAT A TERRIBLE IDEA! This just proves what I’ve said in the past – we are basically the Capitol.

  • peta

    To be honest it probably won’t even relate that much to hunger games, it will just have ‘the hunger games’ name on it.

  • Elliot Burford

    Is it just me or do the people doing the spinoffs/marketing for THG (Capture, this) really NOT GET THE WHOLE POINT OF THE HUNGER GAMES!
    The whole idea is that their civilisation is SO CORRUPT that they’re doing this to keep people in line with the fucked up, totalitarianism society.
    It’s not a fun little game, it’s fucked up and it’s hell!

  • Cguy

    Well, it looks like Lionsgate is turning into the Capitol. Yeah, I don’t think this is gonna happen.

  • Annie Downey

    Isn’t this what the people in the Capitol would do for vacations? Go to old arenas and relive their favorite games? I knew we would turn into them eventually.

  • Kristin ♥ ϟ

    I love Hunger Games and think they were amazing books. But what the heck can you do with them as a theme park!?! Harry Potter was loved by millions for almost a decade before the thought of it came to life. Will everyone STOP copying everything HP does? Seriously. Harry Potter will always be successful. Its loved by way more people of all ages, genders, race, etc. Hunger Games may be really successful, but its no Harry Potter.

  • Jordan

    I think it will probably be some sort of Stunt Show.

  • Jill

    I don’t like the idea of a Hunger Games themed park, there is no point. Just let be a book and movie series, nothing more. Not every fandom now needs a park just because of one major franchise. Good God.

  • Amalia

    This is extremely tasteless – seems to go against everything the books were trying to tell us. I wonder what Suzanne Collins thinks of this.

  • froggyhpmb3

    Please no… I just… just no.

  • Leo

    Wtf, LOL! Who specifically came up with this genius idea?
    The Hunger Games isn’t even like Star Wars or Harry Potter!
    Seems to me that Lionsgate is trying to copy Harry Potter.

  • Abi

    I think you could make a single ride based on the hunger games. A ride set in a dark dystopian future like in the UK thorpe park have a ride based on the film saw! maybe a single ride would work and could be quite cool but not an entire theme park! there isn’t enough you could do…. I really hope this doesn’t happen :/

  • Lauren Chapin

    At this point it is just an offer, that may (hopefully) never come to fruition. But if it does….

    Somebody get Lionsgate at map, cause they have MISSED THE POINT!

  • Lauren Chapin

    So, a book that points out the income gap in society and warns against exploitation… Hollywood’s idea: Let’s make a theme park! Ignoring and exploiting poor people can be family friendly fun!

  • Tygridia

    The Capitol makes tours through the Arenas… Just let that sink in #OhWithTheIrony

  • Peeta Mellark

    It sounds good, as long as they run it less like a theme park and more like a camp. Do the training sessions and teach about edible plants, how to shoot a bow, and perhaps some hand to hand self defense training. Have a few rides like maybe a bullet train, and a spinning cornucopia. Then at the end draw some names for a made up hunger games.

  • Ted

    Absolutely ridiculous.

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