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Thor: The Dark World hits theaters tonight, and included at the end of the sequel are two after-credits scenes that lead us into Marvel’s next movies.

It’s not exactly a spoiler to say that there are a couple after-credits scenes at the end of Thor: The Dark World, as it has become commonplace for Marvel to lead audiences into their following films by adding scenes at the end of their latest movies.

Having said that, if you’d like to enjoy the after-credits scenes for Thor: The Dark World when you see them this weekend, we suggest not reading any further.

Thor: The Dark World is getting fairly positive reviews, with comedy being mentioned more than ever. While we’re a bit concerned that Marvel are overdoing the comedy just a bit, most of their target audience will love the Thor sequel.

Following the film, there are two after-credits scenes, well technically there is a mid-credits scene and then a post-credits scene, which make up the two additional scenes.

‘Thor: The Dark World’ mid-credits scene

The mid-credits scene at the end of Thor: The Dark World features Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) and Volstagg going to a lair of sorts for the immortal known as The Collector, who we reported is being played by Benicio Del Toro. Thor’s friends bring the Aether that Malekith attempted to use to destroy the universe with to The Collector.

thor the dark world after credits scene infinity gauntletWhen The Collector asks them why they’re giving it to him, they explain that with the Tesseract locked tightly away in Odin’s vault, it wouldn’t be the brightest idea to keep two of the Infinity Stones in one place. When they leave, The Collector says “one down, five to go.”

He, of course, is referring to the fact that he has five more Infinity Stones to collect for Thanos.

This scene is extremely important to Marvel’s future, as with The Avengers‘ mid-credits scene, we saw that they plan on using the villain Thanos in the storyline at some point. Most likely culminating in the third Avengers film.

Marvel is revealing to the audience that the Aether and the Tesseract are Infinity Stones (Gems), which means they plan on completing the set of six gems – creating the Infinity Gauntlet which Thanos wears and uses to essentially kill the majority of Marvel’s heroes.

We’ll also be seeing more of The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy and possibly Thanos as well. It’s interesting that Marvel is putting so much time in between these stones as they will be a massive part of their universe and may very well bring us into Marvel’s third phase.

‘Thor: The Dark World’ after-credits scene

In the post-credits scene in Thor: The Dark World, it continues telling the story from the end of the film. Thor explains to his father (who Loki is pretending to be) that he will be leaving their home of Asgard so that he can live with Jane and defend Earth from any future enemies.

We also see Jane once again alone on Earth, that is until Thor suddenly appears and lays an impressive kiss on her, fulfilling his earlier promise. As this scene ends we see one of the Frost Giants, which most likely got transported to Earth during the final battle between Thor and Malekith, and it’s chasing some birds.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see this Frost Giant become a way for Marvel to connect Thor’s sequel with their popular TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is actually an unassuming and intelligent way to interlink the two mediums. Marvel is making a strong attempt to conquer TV, as well recently revealing their attempts to adapt their material into Netflix shows as well.

The post-credits scene seems less important to the overall story that Marvel is intending to play out. Although we needed Thor back on Earth for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, it seems like it was simply created to get Thor back to Earth, and not to link the film to a future storyline like the mid-credits scene did with the Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos.

thor the dark world after credits scene kiss

This also gets Thor away from outer space, where Guardians of the Galaxy will be taking place and gives us an idea of why he wouldn’t be available to help them as he’s living with Jane and protecting Earth from any aliens or future enemies.

If you get a chance to check out Thor: The Dark World this weekend, be sure to let us know what you think about the two after-credits scenes featured at the end of the film. We’ll be interested to see how they link future Marvel films together.

  • Lisa

    I suspected there would be a second after credit since the first came so ‘early inthe end of the movie’, but even though, I dind’t waited to see if there would really be a second one… At least it seems I didn’t miss much =/

    • Charmaine Bird

      How do you not know to wait, especially with such an epic movie. Did you not wait for Captain America or the orginal Thor, or even Avengers? What about Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings?

      • Zalizen

        it is sacrasanct that you wait for marvel credits, that’s why iron man 3 punished us with 10min long credits and loads of bogus names. They know we will wait

      • Liderc

        Harry Potter and LOTR didn’t have after credits scenes heh.

  • HypableUser

    Oh great, they had two. I waited for the first one but come on Marvel what – how are we supposed to know to wait twice?!

    • Charmaine Bird

      It’s common knowledge that you ALWAYS wait until the theatre lights come on before you leave. ALWAYS!!

      • LeechMartin

        my theatre lights went on before the first one which was really annoying to watch with

        • Charmaine Bird

          Lol, ours here in Vegas wait. Ok, how about, you wait until you see that ginal MPAA rating on the screen, the screen goes black and then you get either previews again or the ushers tellin you to leave there’s nothing else.

          • Cool Frood

            I stick around until Ferris comes out and says “Go Home!”

      • Amir


    • Tiffani

      You’re always supposed to wait until the full credits are completely over. I usually look for funny names while waiting since there really isn’t much else to do.

      • xenodistortion

        I loved it when they use to put funny stuff in the credits of the old Zucker Brothers/Abrahams movies (Airplane!, Naked Gun, Hot Shots). I wish more people still did that.

  • MonicaP

    They’ll finally get to use his Donald Blake alias from the comics.

    • grapes9h5

      technically it made a cameo in Thor 1, and it be pointless now because EVERYONE on Earth knows who Thor is and what he looks like because of The Avengers, as was evident in this film with the celebrity attention he got by every person in London.

      • HBT

        But he was in full gear there, so maybe it’ll be easier for him to Clark Kent it up?

  • Kadma Sixx

    Waiting for Avengers 3 and Thanos and all his awesomeness is being a pain with all this little teasers in between movies… I loved Benicio.

    This is why I forgave the mess they did with Iron Man 3.

    • Vincent TheGovna

      LOL i still dont forgive that crap called Iron Man 3…

      • ScoobyDooFTW

        Wasn’t even that bad, but okay. Are you mad about the Mandarin’s characterization still?

      • Ultron

        The only possibly disappointing thing about iron man 3 is what they chose to do with the Mandarin. However, if they had actually kept his rings, it would seem too similar to the infinity gauntlet. Although I too would’ve liked him to be an actual villain, I’m not going to say the movie sucked just because of that. We got some fantastic characterization with Tony and that’s what really made the movie for me.

        • Ben

          Just wait for the Marvel One-Shot featuring Ben Kingsly…

          • Ultron

            Maybe he’ll actually get the rings..! I don’t know why they would make a one-shot with him if he’s just going to be Trevor sitting in a jail cell.

          • Ben

            Agreed. I think “Trevor” persona was actually the fiction. All part of the real Mandarin’s plan.

          • Ultron

            How genius! But I’d be really disappointed if it were just a prequel for Trevor on how A.I.M. found him and used him -_-

          • Superman

            if he doesn’t become the “real” Mandarin I will never forgive Marvel!

      • Kadma Sixx

        I agree it wasn’t so bad, I mean, they totally killed The Mandarin, who happens to be a villain I really like, so that’s why I was so mad at the beginning, it was a freaking JOKE, but the movie, as a whole is not bad.

        I think, for what I’ve heard, that people are upset because the comic bokks are nothing like that. And I think people should’ve understood already that the Marvel Movies Universe is not the comic book’s one, is not the same, they can’t put everything just like the comics simply because it’d take decades and unfortunately, actors grow old and we can’t have them forever, so they’re doing what they can to keep the franchise alive as long as they can. I think they’re doing a good job so far.

        So be flexible, enjoy the movies and their awesomeness.

        • Superman

          Just like Batman, I am tired of them making their own stuff up, Different universe, BS. Another excuse to not follow the real stories. The thing I noticed with IM3 that was missing was AC/DC. This is Tony Stark in audio. I guess that it was just Favreaus’ interpretation of Stark.

      • Liderc

        Yeah IM3 is still awful. It had to be the director because this was at least watchable.

    • Ultron

      I think the only thing that doesn’t sit over well with fans about iron man 3 is what they chose to do with the Mandarin. If they had actually kept his rings, it would seem too similar to the infinity gauntlet. Although I too would’ve liked him to be an actual villain, I’m not going to say the movie sucked just because of that. We got some fantastic characterization with Tony and that’s what really made the movie for me.

      • Kadma Sixx

        Right?! I love Loki, but he was a piece of cake compared to Thanos and I want to watch that sooo bad! It MUST be epic.

        • Ultron

          I like hulk, but I really wanna see him get his butt handed to him. He’s just so strong that it would take an even stronger guy to mess him up. Hopefully Ultron and Thanos can show him who’s the boss >:)

          • Kadma Sixx

            That is Marvel’s wonder, you know, I love so much their flawed super-heroes, that makes them so much more real to me. When you could think there’s nothing that could beat The Hulk, they bring Thanos who will definitely be a harder to beat than Loki. I expect it to be hard and not pretty at all.

            Of course we know the heroes wil win but yeah… the ride is fun anyways.

      • Shimon Croxton

        Actually, while it would be cool, If there is a slight chance that may align the IG storyline, thanos barily throws fists. That gauntlet should be presented as the most powerful weapon in the universe. Thanos snaps his fingers and all of earth disappears. He used hulks momentum knock the hulk out like Ali did to Liston. The only way to defeat thanos was to distract him and take the gauntlet off of him

        • Amir

          Yeah but it’s a movie so he’ll most likely throw punches, kill, get the gauntlet, Then defeat him which I don’t mind ;)

    • 7Starrchasers

      Haha I completely agree with you!

  • Michal

    The second scene (at least the Thor and Jane bits) should have been in the movie proper. While the last shot of the movie was spectacular, it’s a puzzling decision to stick the emotional resolution of the whole movie after the credits, when most of the audience has left.

    • grapes9h5

      that’s Marvel for ya

  • Chessnurse77

    I was one of only a few people in my theater to see both scenes everyone left but something told me to stay. Glad i Did. People where in line for the midnight showing ( i went to a 845pm showing) and was nice enough to let a few know about #2 :)

  • Ultron

    God I loved that end credits scene! Now we know what Thanos is after. Even though it was already kind of assumed, but still. I wonder how the tesseract will be made into a gem?

    • grapes9h5

      more interesting is what will the other 4 gems be, and in what movies will they appear, and who will hold them. Since I don’t see Cap2 featuring a cosmic MacGuffin in its plot (or Ant-Man), that leaves Guardians, Age of Ultron, and the Phase 3 films leading up to Avengers 3 for them to be discovered and gathered.

      • Ultron

        I bet Guardians will have something to do with the infinity gauntlet. After all, the collector is going to be in it

  • Gavin Walsh

    Thanos , is supposed to be in Guardians of the Galaxy same with The Collector so that could explain that . They also need to get the gauntlet of Asgard .

    • Ultron

      I imagine Thanos will get the gauntlet last. That way it leaves the audience (that doesn’t know about the infinity gauntlet) wondering why Thanos is collecting the gems and also so that his motives remain unclear and undetected to the avengers until he already has all of the gems. If he breaks into Asgard and jacks the gauntlet, Thor would find out. If there is a Thor 3 in phase 3 I could see Thanos acquiring it at the end of the movie

      • Gavin Walsh

        Oh good idea I’d like a lokie only movie :p alone :) cameo in GotG with his henchmen going after Another gem , with the gauntlet and tesseract last .

        • Ultron

          That’d be interesting. Would he be evil or more of an anti hero? S maybe Loki is actually going to go after the gems for himself now..! I mean he probably knows what Thanos is after and why he wanted the tesseract plus Thanos and the Other want to kill him so I could definitely see him trying to double cross them

          • Gavin Walsh

            True didn’t Loki have the all 6 gems at one time of another

  • Tygridia

    I loved the scenes, but am I the only one that thought that The Collector scene looked too much like Tim Burton’s Batman? imo it was quite tacky and the set was all over the place compared to the rest of the film

    • Lukas Fauset

      I’m betting they shot it on a Guardians of the Galaxy set.

    • Ultron

      Yeah it was a little weird but I’m sure we’ll think differently once seeing GOTG

    • Louis

      it looked different because it was shot by everyone making GOTG including Gunn.

      • Amir

        Well I liked the feel of it so I hope gotg is just like it :)

    • Gavin Walsh

      The filming was weird but it was directed and set on GotG set

    • Hugo Weasley

      yes, it looked really off. I took that scene as a sample of what the guardians of the galaxy will be like.

    • Thor2!

      I heard the guardians of the galaxy directed the collectors scene

  • lgu;oj

    The GotG tease with The Collector was odd to say the least and the overacting was a bit much with The Collector’s actions. No faith still in this new phase, looking forward to Captain America 2.

    • Ultron

      Just wait till avengers 2 when Ultron rips the avengers a new one!

  • For real man

    The collector and the Thanos plot is not for Avengers 3, but the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, as they have said that Thanos and the collector will be in it.

    • Ultron

      Thanos is not the main villain in GOTG. He will be in there somewhere but it’s not all about him. Plus at the end of avengers he basically was saying that he plans on killing the avengers.

      • Christopher Lavender

        Wrong…his smile was because the guy said going against earth would be to “court death”…and thanks is in love with Lady Death

        • Ultron

          The Other said “To challenge them is to court death.” and then Thanos smiled. He’s basically saying, “if you challenge them, then you’re asking for them to kill you.” Thanos didn’t evilly smile for no reason. It was like a “As if they could kill me” smile. So obviously he is going to challenge them and try and kill them all.

          • Christopher Lavender

            What I was trying to say was Thanos actually loves the character ” death”so to court her would make him happy

          • Ultron

            That may be true but I don’t think that’s what he was actually referring to

    • Liderc

      Thanos may show up briefly in GOTG to kind of reintroduce him to audiences, but he’s not going to be the main villain, wouldn’t make sense at all considering he doesn’t have all the gems yet. Thanos will be the main villain for Avengers 3, since it will take the avengers to take him down and it gives them enough time to collect all the gems before he creates the infinity gauntlet. Plus, Thanos belongs to Whedon, and he’s going to want to be the one to really flesh his storyline out.

      • Ultron

        Well, the infinity gauntlet is technically already created, considering it made a cameo in the first Thor

        • Liderc

          You know what I meant, all the gems haven’t been collected FOR the infinity gauntlet.

          • Ultron

            O I thought you meant that Thanos has to actually make the gauntlet part itself xD

          • Liderc

            I just meant, as he “creates the gauntlet,” aka puts all the gems into the gauntlet to create the “Infinity Gauntlet.” As it’s useless (in the storyline at least) until he puts all the gems into the gauntlet.

          • Ultron

            Yeah I gotcha now. My bad!

    • Shimon Croxton

      Thanks is like top 3 most powerful villains of the marvel universe. It infact took the effort of hundred of heroes to strategically stop thanos and take the gauntlet. Given what seems to be an endless cluster puck of characters in that storyline, they had to keep it real. Thus the avengers will be the ones to do it. We might have some cheesy cameos or something but all in all, its for the avengers. BTW, it would be nice to have the single most important character to that storyline have some roll in it, and I’m talking Adam warlock and even Dr strange. Oh and of course death! Like literally everyone gets that ass handed to em. And something crazy simple turned out to be the only way to defeat him. All I’m saying is Thanos is my favorite villain and he is the shiat! Nerd rant done…

  • SecondrateJon

    I also thought in the comic books the Collector worked for no one but himself. He just wanted to collect the rarest things throughout the universe. I don’t think Thanos ever worked for him but only looked at him as a threat because he had one of the stones. Now if the studio goes with that or against that you’ll never know until you see it on screen.

  • Anthony

    I wonder if the SHIELD crossover will have them dealing with the frost monster that got left behind.

  • Gilles

    Well, because of Marvel, I get to wait on every movie until the very end of the credits, and it turns out nobody else puts extra scenes there, so the screen goes dark, the lights go on and there’s some elevator music now, and everybody’s gone and the theater guy’s waiting for you to finally go, so he can clean the place. I saw Thor 2 tonight, and everybody was gone right after the mid-credits scene, which was awesome by the way, and only a few of us saw the last scene. Felt great.

  • JimmyZ123

    Never leave a Marvel movie until ALL of the credits have ended and the lights in the theater come back on or you will miss things. My wonder is what happened to Odin? When you see the movie you’ll know what I’m talking about. Did Loki trap him somewhere, kill him, or does Odin know Loki is alive and pretending to be him? I guess that will be revealed in the next movie.

    • Amalia

      Yes, what did happen to Odin? Surely Loki couldn’t defeat the Allfather just like that?

  • Slade Rockwell

    I’m getting so tired of this gimmick. Honestly, I don’t care anymore. You can always watch them on the net AND you don’t have to wait through 12 minutes of credits to see a scene that NEVER benefits from a large screen.

    • Liderc

      ^Forgot to stay until the end.

      • Slade Rockwell

        No, left saying I don’t care.

        Nothing in the after credit scenes EVER benefits from the big screen and can be easily found online.

        Try again…

        • Liderc

          So link us some non-camera phone videos of the credits scenes. Since they’re “easily” found online.

  • aominaa

    Owh shit! There’s two? I waited until the first one, though it did seems strange to me the after-credit scene showed up much earlier than I thought it would but I refuse to give it much thought but just. OMG. really? I should have follow my hunch. Now I feel like I need to go to the cinema again just for the sake of those last few seconds.

  • Zemmer Galpaz

    In Israel they don’t show the actual final scene, so the Thor on Earth scene is gone and so was the Shwarma scene in The Avengers. Those idiots at the theater think that just because there was a Post-credit scene it means it’s over

  • kishan

    what was the 2nd cut scene? :(
    can any1 plz tell?

  • Marvel gal

    You’re telling me two of these gauntlets were hidden in the same place… Earth? That doesn’t seem intelligent, even for Odin.

    • Cheese Addict

      It’s hard to explain without spoilers, but the macguffin in this movie wasn’t hidden on Earth.

  • kw

    This is stupid why cant they just put two of the after credit scene together

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