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The CW has released the synopsis for Supernatural season 9, episode 8 “Rock and a Hard Place,” featuring the return of fan favorite Jody Mills.

The official press release had the following information about the episode:

SAM AND DEAN REUNITE WITH SHERIFF MILLS — Sheriff Mills (guest star Kim Rhodes) calls Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help investigating multiple murders in her small town. Discovering all four victims belonged to the same church chastity group, Sam and Dean decide to infiltrate by joining the group themselves. When Dean disappears, Sam and Sheriff Mills realize whatever they are hunting has taken Dean too and team up to rescue him. John MacCarthy directed the episode written by Jenny Klein (908).

The last time we saw Jody Mills, she was on a blind date with Crowley in the season 8 finale when the King of Hell was systematically killing everyone the Winchesters had ever saved. By agreeing to hand over the demon tablet, the Winchesters saved her life at the last moment.

Prior to that, Jody teamed up with Sam to save Dean when he was sent back in time by the god of time, Chronos. The two bonded over losing Bobby, and it looks like their bond will continue to grow in this episode as they team up once again to save Dean.

Supernatural season 9, episode 8 “Rock and a Hard Place” airs Tuesday, November 26 at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

Will you watch ‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 8 ‘Rock and a Hard Place’?

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    I love Sheriff Mills!! Also, that’s a stupid question at the end of the article. I watch ALL of the episodes.

  • Lisa

    So happy she’s alive and well. Interesting that the guys are joining a chastity group. I find this to be funny. I also like that Sam actually gets to have a friend. Which means they’ll probably kill her off. I hope I’m wrong about that.

  • teamwinchestergirl

    ‘Course I will! Watch all episodes of SPN! But I LOVE sheriff Mills! :)

  • sandra

    nope, just like did’nt watch the others either & don’t intent to, based on the spoilers -promos, previews-reviews the show not only repeats it self to nausia with the same old story what is wrong with sam-dean trys to fix it-sam start bitching-dean guilty cheerleader all over again-all hell breaks loose afterwards, they also copycut standalones too & 9×8 sounds like time after time all over again, when a show becomes repetitive, eats it’s own flesh, it’s obvious it stays on air only for tptb to milk the cow till it’s dead, personally had enough with guilty cheerleader dean, kicked puppy cas & special samflake version #100, add to that the writing mess/nonsense episodes like 9×4&5 & there is no reason to watch, even the actors can’t keep me watch when they have to deal with cr**** material or non existant at all like dean which 9 seasons now still does’nt have an individual arc, & since there is no more badass hunter dean & kickass angel cas i’ll pass

    • Trucklady

      So if you hate the “repetitive” show why even bother reading about the synopsis or commenting on here. Take your negative vibes somewhere else, they aren’t appreciated here. Don’t like the show, quit watching and commenting and let the rest of us enjoy without your crap.

    • Amy Hopple

      why not just keep your opinions to yourself since you do not watch the show to begin with…. it is stupid

  • SN_gal

    Its probably a good think Jody is there. If Sam was alone he would probably think Dean was dead, pick up one of the girls and run away.

    • roxi

      That was season 8 Sam, which most of us agree was NOT Sam. The Sam I know and love would have at least tried to figure out out what happened to Dean.

    • ES

      That kind of hate make me leave most of SPN site, and i think i’ll leave this site also. its really nice watching SPN without getting annoyed with all hate that effect my mood in the last few season, damn fandom

  • meme51

    Sheriff Mills eh? The writers having a rush of blood or something – a normal woman allowed to survive and come back!! Oh yeah – of course she was a Bobby love interest so no threat to the brothers!!! I like Sheriff Mills and anything is better than that annoying ex angel! This show, however, is disappearing into a repeat itself black hole. Someone put it out of it’s misery, please. It’s a shame it was a good show once – as I like to say, BC (before Cas)!

    • Hellboy

      She’s the only human character that the Kripke era left alive (which technically includes season six).

    • Sera

      So, you prefer a useless female character who adds nothing to the story over Castiel who has actually been involved in furthering an honest to goodness plot? For real? Good God. I’m not Castiel’s number one fan, but Mills is as pointless as they come, character wise, in regards to plots.

      • meme51

        I’d prefer a worm over that damned angel! You are correct God is good but what that has to do with a scifi show that’s lost it’s way I don’t know! You obviously agree to some point as they are bringing back a “useless female”! If she is useless why bring her back at all? What I actually prefer – sarcasm apart – is for Dean to have a decent story line – not babysitting and lying to Sam and sans the ex angel. The only thing the angel continues is the shipping wars etc. He should have stayed in the lake dead and a completely new story written.

    • Amy Hopple

      Cas is awesome

  • kit

    Keeping an open mind despite this being the episode where Dean has sex again. 2D female love interests with a serial killer/Yoko Ono agenda’s are standard SPN trope so I nolonger plan to feel guilty if I don’t like them. Sheriff Mills is a good character. This season has been good except 9.03 but I still feel like I don’t know where the season is going. I miss Cas but 9.03 was sooo! Bad i fear next week!

    • roxi

      How do you know that this is the episode where Dean (finally!) gets some action again? I thought it would be the one with the girlfriend from his teen years,

      • kit

        There is a Crew/Cast member giving legit spoilers out at a well known J2 are a “gay couple” gossip site

        • roxi

          And what’s the name of this site?

        • roxi

          Again, please, what is the name of this site? Obviously it’s not as well known as you think.

      • Amy Hopple

        Never heard of this site and since you have yet to name it… I call BS

        • roxi

          What are you talking about? It’s not ME that is saying that! I’ am the one asking the question of kit!

          • winjennster

            spn gossip on tumblr. it’s a real site, they exist solely to cause asstons of trouble.

    • Hellboy

      I don’t think any of Dean’s past love interests have tried to pull a Yoko or kill him, so I don’t know how that is a trope.

      And so what if Dean has sex, it’s not the first time in the shows history.

      • kit

        Dean and Sam both gave up hunting and each other (yoko’ed) when they dated lisa/amelia and several chicks have tried to kill/betray them. No other love intrest has ever been written with a motivation for a relationship beyond the desire for sex itself except Bella and Jo. But they didn;t have sex with them???? The only will they won;t they situation’s they write are dean/cas and Cas/Meg. Why would fans like or ship random strangers?

        • Hellboy

          Yes, they gave up hunting… after one of them had apparently died. For it to have been a Yoko situation, said woman would have had to come between them to cause a split, like with Ruby and Sam.

          Why do fans like to ship at all, it’s weird especially when you get to the Dean/Cas stuff.

          • roxi

            What I don’t understand is why some fans get in a tizzy if one of the boys dares to be human and once in a very blue moon give in to the urge to fill their sexual needs. Come on, they are NOT monks! Yes, it’s true that SPN is not about romances per se, and the boys can’t have regular romantic relationships but it’s totally unreasonable and unfair to expect them to live in total celibacy. If they were holding Dean back because they wanted to string the Destiel shippers along, well they’ve already conceded Cas with a woman and the PTB have now come out and stated that Destiel will never happen, so it’s unfair to keep shackling Dean, let him get a woman once in a while! He’s too beautiful a man to completely go to waste!
            And yes, Jo was in love with Dean but when did Bella ever want a relationship with either of them? Angry sex maybe but hardly a romance.

          • kit

            Sam had a kink thing for Bella after she shot him. For once they wrote a reason for sex not just an opportunity. I have no problem with the idea of the guys hooking up, just the 2D bad writing that makes all these women sex objects or evil bitches. Lucifer and Crowley get to have redeeming features and character quirks but female characters are virgin/whore mother/bitch.

          • roxi

            Ellen, Pamela, Det.Kathleen, the Linda Blair character, Jodi, these women ALL had redeeming features and were neither bitches nor whores.
            And Sam wanting to hook up with Bella was just a fantasy is his. Bella showed no inclination to wanting to have a romance proper with either of them, just angry sex with Dean, and that may have just been a sarcastic comment

        • Amy Hopple

          I hated the whole Amelia subplot too

  • noor

    I like Jody Mills….and heard somewhere may be in this episode Sam got to know about Ezekeiel!!!!! so will be watching this…… not really excited about the other episodes…

  • Amy Delezene

    Hell yes I will!!!!

  • farhana

    Definitely i ll watch it! i love da show n i don think its repetitive n idon want da boys to hv ny permanent love interests cuz dat is so not wat this show is about!

  • Melissa House

    No I’m gonna skip this episode! What kind of question is that? I never miss an episode! I love Sheriff Mills.

  • Sera

    Will NOT be watching this episode at all. Don’t like the actress and find the character of Jody Mills to be completely useless in the Supernatural universe. The only reason she has survived thus far is because she’s too old and not pretty enough to be seen as a ‘threat’ to the fan girls obsessed with J2. So many truly good and strong female characters have been killed off senselessly because of angry fan girls and we’re left with this useless female character who brings nothing to the table. Only thing left to do now is wait for the crazy actor obsessed side of the fandom to jump on this opinion and bash me. Oh fandom, you’re so predictable. Can’t wait for the next episode after this one.

    • meme51

      I am not a fangirl or shipper (I am old & happily married). I am obsessed with nobody. I dislike the ex angel for similar reasons as I see him as useless apart from to appease part of the fandom. I’d have preferred him to stay dead in the lake and a completely new arc started. Even Collins agent suggested he should move on!!! I totally agree that a lot of strong females have been senselessly killed off. Either that or they have to be demons. I think the show is just repeating itself over and over with regards the brothers – I’m so tired of the lies, reveal, say sorry, hugs and let’s be friends again. I feel it’s lost it’s way. It is just my opinion and I’m knocking anyone else. I just choose to agree to disagree with regards Cas!

  • Amy48327

    Wouldn’t miss it for anything!

  • skynik

    Haven’t missed an episode yet. Love Sheriff Mills. She and Bobby should have had a chance together. Would have been a great hunting couple.

  • Catherine Anderson

    yes, I’ll watch after work.

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