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During a live Catching Fire chat today on Google Hangout, Jennifer Lawrence debuted a new pixie cut hair style.

The short hair appears to also be back to her natural blonde color or at least close to it. Asked why she made the change, she said jokingly, “I did it just to make Francis mad,” referring to the Catching Fire and Mockingjay director. Then in a more serious tone she said that her hair had been fried from dying it to Katniss’ color and needed to start fresh. She also said it was at an awkward length prior to being cut.

Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2 have been shooting over the past month in Georgia and is expected to continue once the cast finishes promoting Catching Fire later this month, so obviously Lawrence will have to sport a wig for the remainder of filming.

See three photos of the new hair style today. The first two are from the actress’ official Facebook page while the third is a screen capture from her Google Hangout:




Lawrence follows in the footsteps of actress Emma Watson who cut a pixie hair cut two years ago. She’s since grown it out. Lawrence is a huge Harry Potter fan, so maybe she felt inspired by Watson.

Notably, during the Hangout today Josh Hutcherson was seen without his Peeta-blonde hair. He probably removed the color before Catching Fire publicity began.

What do you think of Jennifer’s pixie cut?

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theaters November 22. Earlier today we shared with you the first clip from the movie in which Gale and Katniss consider making an escape.

  • PabloRuiz7

    I’m so glad Hypable covers Jennifer Lawrence-related news. I love her new hair! But she’d be beautiful and perfect with any haircut. Her personality is simply too awesome.

  • ZofTheTwiHard

    OMG :O I think this suits her even better then long hair! I don’t even care about “the Katniss hairstyle” now :D
    Oh, Jen…

  • Heather Martin

    It’s cute, but I personally like her better with longer hair. Though she has all her Catching Fire premieres to prove me wrong!

  • Ella

    Ahhh I wish I had the balls to do this! Dying my hair totally ruined it too.

  • Chelsea Leo

    The headline though, unbiased reporting ;)

  • S

    That’s not technically a pixie cut…

    • Riana-Tiana Menezes

      Then what is it?

      • Betsy

        A long pixie cut?

        • Riana-Tiana Menezes

          Still a pixie cut. . .

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    “Remains perfect.” That is sooo true!

  • Shelly

    Mockingjay is shooting in Georgia. How did I not know this?!
    Also, she has Google Glass! That’s awesome!

  • Gary65

    Please be better than Kristen’s wig, please be better than Kristen’s wig, pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase be better than Kristen’s wig.

    • ZofTheTwiHard


      • Gary65

        I don’t know what that is or what you’re trying to say but, if you’re actually trying to defend that mess of mop in Eclipse, you have officially crossed into loony land. I mean, really WTH is this?


        • ZofTheTwiHard

          No. I literally am flabbergasted. I mean, I watched Eclipse like twenty times and sorry, I never noticed. I think this looks fine (of course, I know you think I sound crazy at this point so it must be no wonder that I think so). I really don’t see the issue here.

          • Gary65

            How about the fact that half her hair tapers off at her shoulders while the rest continues down to her chest? Also, her hair parting is in the centre of her haid for every movie, except this one. I’ve never seen a wig so fake in my life.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            I guess you’ve never seen my hair, then :D All of those things listed as ‘wrong’ with her wig apply to me :D

          • Gary65

            Indeed. But that’s your hair. It’s not Kristen’s. It’s like they didn’t even try to make it look natural.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Considering the riot that Twihards were making when the rings were missing in the Rio scene in BDP1, don’t you think that they’d be rioting if the ‘wig’ looked unnatural? And who really knows what Bella’s hair was meant to look like? Everyone imagines her differently.

          • Gary65

            KRISTEN’S hair. Not Bella’s. Bella is not a real person.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            But you’re obviously whining about the hair in Eclipse where she was Bella. As far as I remember, she never used the wig off-set. And, as I already said multiple times, I never noticed regardless.

          • Gary65

            Yes but Bella is not a real person. Kristen is. The wig should look natural on her head. Bella doesn’t have a head for a wig to look natural on. She’s fictional.

            And I’m not whining about it. I don’t give a damn about her hair in Eclipse. Frankly, I think Eclipse had bigger problems than Kristen’s hair. You never noticed. Good for you. I did. I thought it looked silly and I’m hoping that, when I got to see Mockingjay, I’m not distracted by J-Law’s blatantly fake hair. That is all. Now let it go.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            OK, fine! Jeez. Have you not noticed that I’m a hopeless case in our many arguments?
            P.S: That is rhetorical. I know the answer.

          • Gary65

            LOL This may be longest argument about hair that I’ve had in my entire life.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            I bet it is :D

          • Oh My Rowling!

            They ARE Twilight fans… I mean…

          • Liderc

            Do a google search for Kristen stewart wig, you’ll realize just how wrong you are. People discussed it ad nauseum when Eclipse came out. It was possibly the worst wig since Jacobs in the first film.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Didn’t we agree to leave it be?

          • Sheechiibii

            I never noticed at all. I think it’s probably something that totally stands out if you know to look for it, but otherwise just looks natural. I didn’t know it was a wig, and even from the picture above still think it looks fine.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Same here…

          • Catherine Lai

            It’s called a layered haircut – not all strands have to be the same length. And what, people can’t change the part in their hair?

          • Gary65

            The point is that this is a multi-million dollar franchise. They should be able to make a wig look natural.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            No one cares about a freakin’ wig. It looks fine. But let’s leave it.

          • Gary65

            I never said anyone cared. All I said was that I hoped J-Law got a better stylist & didn’t look stupid while she was running around killing people. You’re the one who took issue with it.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Nope. I was literally trying to understand what you were saying, considering I never noticed the transition between Kristen’s fake and real hair.

          • Liderc

            Then you aren’t watching closely. It was a HUGE deal online, people made fun of it for weeks because it was so god awful. Get some glasses is my suggestion.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            I already have some. -6.20 prescription. Thinned out twice. I’m pretty blind.
            And yet, I noticed the edge of Rob’s contacts in Twilight, along with a few other details including the middle finger he gave Kellan Lutz in the baseball scene.
            Let’s just leave this, though,.

    • Tiana

      At first I thought you were talking about Kristen Wiig, and I was like why are you telling Jennifer to be better than her?. . . Then I read it again. . .

  • luuiii

    Love it! It looks sooo good on her. Great decision :)

  • Winkyxx

    Emma Watson started this trend….
    But she looks good!

  • Glaciusx

    I am loving her new hair!! It reminds me of Dido. So perfect.

  • alice

    lmao i feel so stupid, i thought she just put it in a high bun and clipped it close to her head.

  • Riana-Tiana Menezes

    Jennifer is so special, she gets a special post especially about her hair.

  • LiaCavasotto

    I prefer her long hair but Jennifer is flawless in every which way and different hair doesn’t change that.

  • BreakingFckingNews

    BREAKING NEWS: An actress went to a hairdresser! Seriously Hypable, post some real fckin news sometimes.

    • Tiana

      Hypable is reporting significant news to the Jennifer Lawrence fandom. How are they not doing their job?

    • alexa

      they’re reporting that in the next movie she’ll have to wear a wig and they also know that a lot of people out there are HUGE fans of hers and would want to know . excuse them for telling us

    • Amanda Douglas

      So Hypable isn’t allowed to have fun and post random articles like this? Hypable is a fandom based news site. If you weren’t aware, the fandom loves Jennifer Lawrence. The fandom also likes to have fun – sorry you don’t like having fun.

    • Souffle Girl

      Um I think you might be on the wrong site. This isn’t the BBC news, this is Hypable which reports on fandom related stuff. Jennifer Lawrence cut her hair and that is significant news to the JLaw fandom and the Hunger Games fandom. Ergo, they are doing what they say they are doing.

      Have a nice day.

  • Septima

    Whyyyyyyyyy. While I absolutely adore both her and this haircut, why couldn’t they just wait until after Mockingjay wraps?? Why risk the wig looking silly??

  • http://lauraej.tumblr.com/ Laura Jurgensmeyer

    She is my fav and I love her so much, but… this reminds me too much of Kate Gosselin. Don’t hate me.

    • katie

      oh no. Now I cant get that out of my head

  • Ultron

    I like it, but I like it more when it’s long. This makes her look a lot older in my opinion.

  • Cguy

    ‘Her hair is fried’ A reference to ‘Mockingjay’, perhaps?

  • alexa

    Emma Watson, Karen Gillian, Shailene Woodley…
    now add Jennifer Lawrence to the list of women that i honestly prefer with long hair but are so beautiful they could be bald (which Karen is) and i’d still be in awe of their beauty

  • Emily Bryan

    WOW she is rocking the cut! Love it! :]

  • Taylor

    When I first saw it I was a little sad, but after seeing additional pictures, I can say that she rocks it and I actually do like it. Besides, everyone needs a little change once in a while.

  • Clint

    Didn’t most Katniss hair get burned off in the later half of Mocking Jay? maybe this is for the end of the movie

  • Caroline J.

    oh dang! that must have been some serious hair damage if they let her cut her hair mid-filming. in terms of continuity’s sake, i’d think they’d try to have her keep her natural hair as long as possible. i hope they’ve got a good wig maker! á la LOTR.

  • Caroline J.

    is it weird that my first reaction to this is to feel bad for her poor hair that it got fried so bad that she had to cut it off? ó_o

  • Liderc

    Oh no, she looked much better with long hair, especially the brown for HG. Just doesn’t work for her sadly, =(

  • Harshita Lawania

    this is very EmmaWatsonesque to me. she looks good though.

  • Lana

    With that face she can do any haircut and still look good. I find this particular haircut better on Emma , but she’s a very good looking girl and can try different styles if she feels bored with her recent one.

  • Connor

    Damn you guys are pathetic, everyone worships the ground she walks on an kisses her feet, but has she really done? yes she’s won the academy award, but has she cured cancer? has she made a difference to this fucked up world we live in? No. She’s a celebrity who is getting paid too much money than needs be.

    • Liderc

      What exactly have you done?

    • humanbeing

      No, Jennifer isn’t a scientist or a revolutionary, you’re right; she’s just an actress, a very talented one. Why do people focus so much on her? Because in terms of Hollywood she’s a bit of an aberration, because she’s funny and smart in addition to being beautiful, is witty and self-effacing and pragmatic, and hasn’t let the Hollywood social scene taint her by making her spoiled or full-of-herself. She’s open about the fact that she’s often awkward, both physically and socially, and her willingness to be imperfect means more to most people than having absolutely perfect poise and posture. She’s someone many young people feel they can relate to, and very down-to-earth, considering that she has already been nominated for the Academy Award twice before she’s even 25 and is starring in a multi-million dollar franchise. The fact that many people comment on how they would want to be friends with her shows that she’s approachable and likable. I don’t think people “worship” her, because that would indicate she’s distancing herself or putting herself up on a pedestal, and that’s just not the case. Not everyone has to save the world or cure cancer to be worthy of love or respect. Does that answer your question?

    • Jenna

      We’re fans of her because she’s the type of person who literally said the same thing about her fame as you just did – and in an international publication.

      She knows celebrity worship is absurd, it makes her much more relatable than your average actor. I don’t think anyone here WORSHIPS her. But she’s done an amazing job of portraying characters that we love. Whenever a book or comic is made into a movie it’s nerve wracking because you never know if the actor is going to have the talent to pull it off. Jennifer has been nearly perfect as Katniss. And as a huge bonus, when your dying for the next movie to come out she always gives funny interviews during its promotions . So yes, if any actress deserves to be admired on a fandom site, it’s her. If you don’t want to see light hearted hyperbole then why are reading the comments on a site called Hypable?

  • Jill

    Uhm, I love this haircut on Jennifer more than Emma. Actually, I think a lot of people have been getting the short hair cuts. Maybe she was inspired but I think Jennifer Lawrence just does her own thing.

  • Adam Heatherly

    And so ends my crush…goddamn it i hate this cut y r so many getting it it is not sexy at all

  • Oh My Rowling!

    I like it :)

  • 7Starrchasers

    She looks fabulous no matter what!!!! But i’m sure her hair will be fine for Mockingjay!

  • Jeremy

    When hot women ruin it by getting a short hair cut.

  • grapes9h5

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes her look very mature.

  • Daniel

    It’s horrible, she has such youthful looks and she chops off all her hair like every other mad celebrity, she looks better with long hair and she should keep it.

    • Sheechiibii

      I take it you have long hair yourself then?

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