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In addition to getting a new episode of The Originals today, we also get our first look at episode 7, “Bloodletting” in the form of five great new stills.

While we anxiously count the hours until The Originals season 1, episode 6, “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree” airs tonight, at least we can distract ourselves with some stills from next week’s episode of The Originals, “Bloodletting.”

The stills show Klaus and Elijah, surrounded by a crowd of on-lookers, watching Marcel on a balcony. Not exactly the most revealing of pictures, but we can at least theorize about why Marcel may be addressing them. Take a look at the stills and leave your thoughts below!

NextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnail

And in case you need a reminder as to what exactly is going on in this episode, here is the synopsis to refresh your memory:

A BLAST FROM THE PAST — When someone from Hayley’s past makes a startling revelation, she grows concerned for herself and the baby. Amidst growing tensions between them, Klaus and Elijah turn to Sabine (guest star Shannon Kane) for help in locating Hayley, who has gone missing. After making a trip down to the bayou, Klaus has a surprising and dangerous encounter with an unexpected visitor. Meanwhile, Davina makes a surprising connection, and Marcel makes Rebekah an enticing offer that leaves her torn.

We can’t help but wonder, is Tyler Lockwood the “someone from Hayley’s past” or Klaus’ “surprising and dangerous encounter with an expected visitor”?

We know that he will be making an appearance on The Originals very soon, but could it be in episode 7? Only time will tell. Until then, be sure to tune in to The Originals when it airs tonight and every Tuesday night at 8pm EST on the CW!

What do you think of our first look at ‘Bloodletting’?

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    This show is coming together nicely. I wasn’t sure how good it would be, but the plots are coming together in ways I wasn’t really expecting and I love it!

  • Lupita

    Does anyone remember if Hayley ever slept with Tyler? Wouldn’t it be crazy if Tyler was actually the true hybrid baby daddy. I demand a DNA test lol!

    • tiff

      no they never slept together because he was with caroline!!

      • Roshini Gupta

        He was with caroline but it was hayley who was helping him break the sire bond. He did have feelings for this wolf girl. Dont you remember, how caroline used to not like tyler spending time with the wolf girl?

        • Destinee Schriner

          Tyler isn’t the baby’s father but i do agree that he might be the surprise visitor and will tell Hayley that he will hurt Klaus by any means necessary that is including hurting the baby. side note (plus the healing abilities of the fetus is very much like a vampire as well as the witches knew it was one of the originals baby they wouldn’t sacrifice so much on a maybe)

          • M M

            i agree with you Destinee right remind you writers already gave to both actor both find out that klaus and hayley have a baby actor both shock happy cant wait to what look alike baby that what writers plan i do strong believe hayely the past looking for her real parents also my feeling that hayley learn that tyler her brother remind tyler s mother wont tell hayley truth something happen that someone erase hayely memory cover why kathy send bad guy kill to hayley but klaus one save her life reason why kathy want kill her beacuse she dont want hayley found out the past somehow she will learn that tyler

    • Roshini Gupta

      I too feel the same! Would love to watch carolines reaction if this turns out to be true!! Hahaha

    • Nat

      Hayley never slept with Tyler. They were just friends and they pretended to like each other to fool Klaus. But once Klaus killed Tylers mom him and Hayley stopped talking.

  • Roshini Gupta

    Surely its Tyler and i feel the revelation is that the baby’s daddy isn’t klaus but tyler

    • gagan

      cud be…..nice theory

  • Essy

    Who secretly wishes that Klaus’ surprise encounter is with Caroline Forbes?

  • Rivonia K Naidu-Hoffmeester

    I’m so so so excited to see Tyler in New Orleans. I love this show because of how witches, vampires, wolves and the humans get to be strong charcaters. I’ve always thought Tyler was under, and badly, utilised in TVD and so I am happy that his character will be heading to New Orleans. Hopefully, this will tell us an amazing werewolves’ story – the original werewolves perhaps and Kalus’ wolf family…the possibilities are endless…

  • Mahdy

    I for one hopes Klaus takes care of Tyler once and for all and i cant wait to see Marcel get his

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