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It is being reported that Glee creator Ryan Murphy is developing a spinoff series starring Lea Michele.

The news was reported by RadarOnline.com who claim a source close to the show knows that the announcement will be coming shortly:

“They’re making the deals now and it also presents a viable exit plan for the main Glee series itself — in that some of its core cast would also migrate to the Lea Michele project as Glee is showing signs of aging.”

It’s important to note that Radar is only reporting on this as a rumor for the moment. Nothing has been confirmed by any other reliable sources connected with the show. It’s also likely that this potential spinoff hasn’t been green lit by Fox just yet.

A few weeks ago it was announced that the sixth season of Glee would be the final season of the once ground-breaking series. There have also been murmurings that the current fifth season of Glee could have some major plot twists. First we learned that the entire plot of the show could shift entirely to New York City. Then it was revealed that Glee could potentially send Kurt off to Russia as soon as this season as well.

Lea Michele recently revealed that after losing co-star and boyfriend Cory Monteith in July to a drug overdose, she confided in her season 4 co-star Kate Hudson for relief.

Though Glee fans will be excited to hear of an ongoing storyline with Rachel Berry, it does seem that the show, once praised for its unique format, has lost some of its steam in the last couple of seasons.

There’s no word on whether this Glee spinoff would be set entirely in New York City as Rachel’s expected Broadway career will take off. Either way, fans of the show won’t see this spinoff until Fall 2015 at the earliest with Glee’s sixth and final season slated to end in May 2015.

The good news for Glee fans is that everything Ryan Murphy touches turns to gold (Nip Tuck, Glee, American Horror Story) so there’s a good chance that a revamped, reformatted Glee spinoff could work.

What are your thoughts about a potential Glee spinoff featuring Rachel Berry?


  • Lotte

    I feel like Glee is currently playing Russian roulette. One day it is “NYC only”, the next “Kurt in Russia” and now a potential “Rachel spin-off”. My head is hurting from all those so called “reliable” possibilities. Ugh.

    • Tygridia

      They are just leaking ideas (some obviously stupid such as Kurt in Russia) to see our reactions and move forward from there. But to be honest the Rachel spin-off sounds pretty much like the NYC-only idea but changing the name of the show and I have to say I’m all in.

  • https://twitter.com/slasher777 Alex


  • http://lauraej.tumblr.com/ Laura Jurgensmeyer

    I would love this. I just don’t care about McKinley anymore, and I love the NY storyline! This would be perfect.

  • Amber Carney

    I’m down. Anything Glee is welcome by me :)

  • bill.i.am.

    So basically the NYC spin-off that should have happened after season 3!?


  • andrew14

    So if that means we get to finish out the McKinley side for the next two seasons I am happy! It wouldn’t be Glee with out McKinley so this makes it ok for just NY.

  • StephieStrain

    I would SO love it IF the NYC cast is there. I’ve wanted a Glee NYC spinoff since s4. I have and will always love Lea Michele, but I watched Glee for Chris Colfer, as well. He would be my “deal breaker”. Plus, Naya adds spice to the mix; I would love her…the rest of the originals (Kevin, Amber, Harry…with others as guests) would be nice.

  • Ivan Gatewood

    I wonder how he’ll fit Nene Leakes into this spinoff…

  • missxsteph21

    I hope this happens. I’d love a spin-off that just takes place in NYC with Rachel and some of the characters like Santana and Kurt…watching them make it in the city. That would be perfect.

  • Michael Sass

    It’s already been debunked by Gossip Cop. As a general rule, when Radar Online says something, I usually believe the opposite.

  • popprincess5678

    This would literally be the best news ever for me, I am struggling to accept Glee will be ending after season 6 so a spin-off about my fave TV character of all time is a DREAM come true, I will just anxiously wait for it to be confirmed.

  • Colin

    *eh hem* everything except The New Normal… haha. Seriously though, I personally hope Lea’s the only cast member who remains in the new show. Move her to London or something, get rid of everyone else. I don’t want Glee 2, I want a grown up show. Rachel should get some new friends!!

  • sarahd15

    What once made Glee so great died down around season 3 honestly. It is progressively falling behind still…and I think the best thing would be to end Glee, permanently. I’m not completely opposed to a Rachel Berry spinoff, featuring the truly popular characters in New York, but idk….I’d like to see these young people get away from the Glee world and take on more projects. Something fresh, new, and challenging from them. Everyone has to move on at some point.

  • http://kathryynmerteuil.tumblr.com/ Sasha

    I anticipate myself making the terrible decision of watching the first episode of this if it were to ever come into fruition. I loved Rachel. I love Lea.

    One thing though? Don’t force any of the Glee cast members in. It’s awkward. Let this be a fresh start.

  • Glaciusx

    I feel like they’re leaking these ideas to see which one people like the most so they can go with that one.

  • l8rl0sr

    I love the idea of the NYC spinoff. Honestly, I only watch the New York parts of Glee anyway and fast forward through the rest. I just dont cars about the new castmembers and the old ones that are still left at school are just getting stale. New York is a great setting and plot that can keep getting new each season, instead of recycling old things with new faces.

  • Jeff Dodge

    RadarOnline should rarely if ever be taken seriously. This is Radar just doing what they do best.

  • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

    No offense to Lea as a person, I just loathe the character of Rachel at this point. Having to watch what she does completely separate from the main story arc (which will always be GLEE club) is boring and obnoxious. The NYC plots with her and Kurt are my least favorite part of the show and a spin-off that is nothing but sounds like a nightmare to me. Wish they had done this earlier so Glee could have remained McKinley-centric.

    • Colin

      Wow, what an unorthodox opinion.

  • Amalia

    I’m starting to think they should let season 5 be the last of Glee, and instead of moving the original show to NYC for season 6, they should just do the spinoff.
    McKinley is getting repetitive and uninteresting, and they could probably finish the current stories there by the time season 5 ends.

  • Julia

    So a while ago Ryan said he was looking for a way to end the show gracefully and pay respects to Cory. And now he wants to do that, and then start a brand new show? This just doesn’t make sense.
    Also, I’d love to see Lea away from TV – making in in the movie business, going back to Broadway or pursuing a career as a musician.

  • Jen

    I think that Murphy being so close with Lea Michele has made him create and focus things for/on her way too much. While I enjoy Michele’s voice it doesn’t give goose bumps like say Rivera or Riley’s can. I love glee don’t get me wrong but I don’t really like the new cast and I think they are sub par compared to the originals. And i think most of us are tired of seeing 30 years olds play high school kids. It’s a concept that worked for a while but now it’s worn out. If there is a spin off just about the Rachel Berry character, you can count me out. No one or anything can compare to the originals and they story and the chemistry they all had. It’s time for Glee to bow out gracefully.

  • random

    I want something fun. Rachel isn’t exactly my favorite character, and following her around NYC for a season or two doesn’t exactly make me jump. I know many fans of the Warblers want a Dalton Academy spin-off, but I can’t see that lasting more that a couple of episodes either. So (IMO), I think it would be better to just end Glee would be best. Midway through season 4 was the turning point for me.

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