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George R.R. Martin is a busy man and a self-proclaimed “slow writer,” and fans should not expect the next book in his A Song of Ice and Fire saga any time soon.

In an in-depth interview with SMH, George R.R. Martin discusses the upcoming Game of Thrones season 4, and how The Winds of Winter is coming along.

Speaking about the sixth book in his epic saga, Martin admits, “Sometimes I just wish [the fans] would stop pressuring me about it. It will be done when it’s done. [...] I’m a slow writer, I’ve always been a slow writer, and these are gigantic books.”

At the same time, he also acknowledges that, “as [Game of Thrones] comes closer and closer, I need to go faster and faster.”

But with that said, Martin also seems to hint that the story might go on for more than the planned seven books.

“I think it will be [finished] in seven books, but I’ve been wrong about that before,” Martin says.

Would you like there to be more than seven books in A Song of Ice and Fire, or are you hoping the story will have reached its conclusion by the end of A Dream of Spring?

You can read the rest of this interview at SMH.

Game of Thrones season 4 will premiere in the spring of 2014.

  • Gary65

    Well that’s about as likely as hen’s teeth. When people are annoyed and getting impatient, telling them to stop being annoyed and be more patient has about the same effect as throwing gasoline on a match

    Now that the Meereenese knot has been dealt with, I would have thought things would return to their usual schedule of writing of 2-4 years between each book :( I’m still holding out hope for 2015.

    • ok

      throwing gasoline on a match would extinguish the flame.

      • Gary65

        If you say so. I’m not about to try it out, myself.

      • Zoha Zehra


    • Robert Buchko

      I’m with you. The first 3 books are the best by far, and they were written in relatively short order. He was obviously focused on the story then, in a way he just hasn’t been for a long long time.

      • Gary65

        Indeed. FfC suffered from a drought of likeable characters(Sam’s there but he’s hardly a fan fave. Brienne & Jaime are fan faves but not much happened in their stories for most of the book. 25% of the chapters taking place in Cersei cuckoo-land was torturous) and DwD was painfully distended in parts. Talk about Greyjoy overload.

      • Zoha Zehra

        yeah thats true too

  • SabinaFell

    I hope it comes out soon. Also, it probably makes things worse that he’s hinting about extending the series in the sense that people will have to go through this same impatience and waiting even more (and he himself will have to endure it as well). But I’m all for more books as long as they’re contributing more to the stories and the universe.

  • CliveRogan

    I’m not too suprised about the potential for more books. A Feast of Crows was so large that he split the book in two, the second half of that – A Dance of Dragons – was then split with stuff being put into Winds of Winter. He’d previously planned that to be huge already so it’d make sense for more to spill out into another book.

    • Joshua Javier

      SPOILER ALERT: Yea I can’t see Dany’s transition from being caught by the Dothraki to becoming the Queen of Westeros (hopefully) happening in the span of one book.

      • CliveRogan

        There are two more books so that’d probably be doable. I reckon she’ll be in Westeros by the end of this book with the story of whether or not she becomes queen coming in the second.

        • Joshua Javier

          I think Dany’s story will part of “A dream of Spring”

          • CliveRogan

            I believe he’s said he won’t be splitting characters across books again so most people will be in both.

      • Tim

        Dany’s never going to Westeros. She can revive the old Valyrian Empire on Essos. Someone else will rule the seven kingdoms. I hesitate to say more due to spoilers.

  • hpboy13

    And this is why I won’t read these books until they’re all finished.

    I also find GRRM’s relationship with fans kind of hilarious – that and Glee are the only fandoms I know of where the fans actually hate the creators!

    • That Stark boy

      Where did you take that from? We don’t hate him. He goes to conventions, he signs his books, he answers fans’ questions, he even has a blog to connect with them. He is great and the fact that we pressure him about it is because we love the books so very much and he knows that and he loves that. We are actually quite light-hearted about it. It is becoming a way to praise the books even more. We were just left on a cliffhanger at the end of book 5 and that is making things a bit worse too but, on the other side, that’s actually kinda great. We have no idea how that is going to end. We have no idea about what’s going to happen next. We are ANXIOUS. That’s the best word to describe us fans right now. When this book comes out it is going to be DEVOURED. In days. This is kind of rare now and we actually appreciate it.

      • Tim

        More like five cliffhangers. It seems like every major character at the end of book five is about to plunge into a literary abyss, and we want to know what’s going to happen. I literally spent three hours in the middle of the night, standing in front of a sink (not sitting comfortably in a nice chair; don’t ask me why), finishing off book five because it was so enthralling. At the end, I felt sick to my stomach, knowing I’d probably have to wait at least one year, most likely more, in order to get closure. It’s far worse than the TV-series-only crowd, who only to wait 9 months at the end of each season to find out more, and could, if they really wanted to, immediately find out what’s coming.

        • vishyg

          Tell me about it.I still cannot believe how John got stabbed in the end.I am worried about Ghost as well.

          • Mike Adkins

            Spoiler alert… don’t take it personally, but I had to flag ya…

        • ruari

          Lol I’ve already been waiting a year

        • Christopher cunningham

          Really it’s more than five because a lot of the characters in feast for crows ended on cliffhangers and weren’t mentioned again in dance with dragons…

      • Tim

        It’ll get devoured all right. It’ll make the crowd waiting for Harry Potter’s last book look tame by comparison. GRRM should think of all the yachts (or run-down movie theaters if that’s his thing) he could buy about 15 minutes after book six comes out in order to help motivate him to write faster. I’d write ten hours a day until my book was complete if I knew I could sell a bajillion copies in 24 hours.

        • Yoda

          I would argue that 1 character’s cliff hanger trumps all though.

          I am in agreement, but I just hope he kills off one character whom I have detested since the first pages of GOT……

    • Joshua Javier

      I don’t hate the guy, I just hate having to wait for the books, I do have a bone to pick with the showrunners though.

    • trevortf

      Producers of the show, Benioff and Weiss, know the storyline and conclusion. GRRM has announced that no other author will finish the series in the event of his death. However, if the author dies with the series unfinished, Weiss and Benioff have been granted permission to finish the series in the manner GRRM would have had it finish.

      • vishyg

        Sorry but i am not sure about this at all.The TV series doesnt come close to the books.True fans are not waiting to see how the books end but how the books progress to the end.
        The mystery is in the process and the reading and the waiting.

        • InfinityBall

          Yeah, well, he isn’t going to live another 20 years to finish writing the books, so it’s probably the only ending anyone’s getting

    • Alexsau91

      I wasn’t aware of any fan hatred of GRRM…. just impatience, he’s a slow writer and over half a decade between books is a longtime. The divulge with Feast for Crows and and Dance with Dragons meant that fans finishing Storm of swords had to wait 11 years to see their favorite characters again… Dany, Tyrion, Jon etc. We may sound impatient but seriously, many people who started the series with a Game of Thrones 17 years ago must be dead now. I’m so glad that I didn’t pick up the series until Dance With Dragons was already out… when the TV series was on it’s 3 series. I half wish I hadn’t come across it until the last book was on its way lol!

      Btw… Star Wars is one fandom which isn’t on good relations with it’s creator.

      • vishyg

        Same here.I started reading them in late 2011.Winds of Winter is the only book in the series i have had to wait for.And it has been a long wait.

  • Joshua Javier

    I would welcome more than seven books if time travel were possible so i could hurry up and read them

  • Jeremy Kingsley

    For R’hllor’s sake! His brilliant mind can’t take the pressure of a select few of you annoying him to get it done. Do you realize how large these books are? Martin took 6 years to finish A Dance With Dragons, and you know what? It was just as good as the rest. Stop stressing him out and be patient!

    • RandomGuy77

      Books 1-3 came out in the span of FOUR years. Book 3 was one of the largest, and is considered the best among most fans, and it came out TWO years after book 2. So don’t tell me he’s a slow writer and can only write quality work when taking his time. He’s already obtained success and has grown lazy as a result. I give it a 90% chance that the show overtakes him. They’re rumored to be already touching upon book 4/5 territory this season, and he still clearly isn’t close to done with book 6/7+. There’s no way he’s going to be able to write at least two more books in the span of 2-3 years. No way.

      • JustAFan

        No chance the series catches up to the end of book 5 in 2-3 seasons. They are only half way through book 3 right now and books 4 and 5 introduce even more main characters who will take up more screen-time. They may be touching upon the beginning territory of 4/5 this season, but that’s it. Once they finish book three, the story will start to slow down with so many different storylines to follow. I speculate we’ll enjoy another 5 seasons of the show before they catch up to the end of book 5 (this season to finish 3, then 4 seasons to finish 4 and 5). By then we’ll all have read and enjoyed “Winds of Winter” and they will most likely devote 2-3 seasons on that book alone. That gives GRRM roughly 8 years to finish books 6 and 7. Patience.

        • DavidW

          Except for the part where not all that much of interest happens in Books 4 and 5 (on a per-page basis, at least). I have a lot of trouble believing HBO is going to spend multiple seasons on Tyrion’s endless riverboat adventure, Brienne’s interminable quest to find Sansa, or the as-of-yet pointless Meereen drama.

          • tkell31

            Well said. Given how fast they covered the first 2.67 books, and knowing the material in books 4 and 5 is sparse they should be well into them by the end of season 4. It’s actually hard to think of a suspenseful spot to end season 4 if they do go into the 4th and 5th books, but it’s impossible to see how they could spend two full seasons on books 4 and 5.

        • YouKnowNothing

          The series will overtake the book. The kids will grow up much for another 5 seasons, and much of the new characters will not be introduce becouse they are pointless. Besides you haven’t payed attention at all, Danny’s part i as almost over. By the end of this season (or 5th season at slowest rate) her’s act will end. And most of the fans are becouse of her. Guess if HBO will like this.

        • lordbond

          The producers have already stated that the show will ideally run for 7 or 8 years. They don’t believe ANY show should run for longer than that. So that gives him under 5 years to finish both books.
          Having said that, I think the rumoured prequel season will happen in order to give GRRM an extra year.

      • Jeremy Kingsley

        Not once did I say that he would finish the series in a span of 2-3 years.

  • Danny Sivan

    NOOOOOO finish it already! plz! i cant stand the waiting!

  • seanzhen

    Leave the guy alone, I mean he works at his own pace and he will put out another great book when he is ready. I mean look at how long it takes other people to write things from time to time. Maybe we have become an instant gratification society with twitter and what not and have lost our patience for greatness. Sad really, the anticipation sometimes is better than the result. Look at all the star wars fans and how long they waited and now are waiting again.

  • Impatient

    Well, I’m sixty years old and he’s older than me so he had better stop traipsing around and get on with it or we will both miss out and that would annoy me something terrible.

    • glenna

      well i am older than you, and i would like to see the books finished before i die..or i might come back to haunt him

      • yoda

        I hope you do not die anytime soon, but if that unfortunate event does occur please haunt him until he pisses the pages out.

        • burnz

          Yoda, you are like 500 years old and have experience with ghosts, couldn’t you send some at him?

          • Drake Tungsten

            Yoda is 900 years old.

          • Joda

            I’m the older brother, I’m actually 1127 yo

          • The Doctor


      • jackson gan

        u can always come back as a White Walker

        • Lord_of_the_Ninth

          You mean a Wight.

        • Richard Gumpert

          Tsssst. Yeah or he could come back as a zombies or sumptin. Tsssssst, Whatevs. I’m just chippin ya

      • KevinL

        valar morghulis

        • burnz

          Valar Hodoris

          • Ross William Drew

            (spoken in high valarian) but not before they finish the arsing books

          • drogon

            spelled it wrong fucknut

          • Jarett Payne

            You idiot.

      • IWantToKillGeorgeRRMartin

        Haunt him, steal his computer as a ghost, and then bring it to me. I think it would take me less than several lifetimes to finish it, unlike Mr. GRRM.

    • Sebastian

      Well I’m 19 and apparently am able to give more respect to a living legend than you are. The man’s a slow writer. I know what it’s like to be a slow writer. Give Martin a bit of room to breathe. It’s not all about you. It is purely about what the story calls for and nothing else. So could we maybe give him the human decency he’s earned by now to just be excited for the books, no matter how many, how long, or when they come out? You’re sixty, not a hundred. Chill out a bit. If I don’t see the end, I don’t care as long as he gets to write it.

      • Falafelwaffle

        You sound like a tool. Lighten up a bit, eh?

        • nick

          and you sound like a moron. sebastian has the right of it, show some respect douchebag.



          • John Pope


          • Brian Exmachina

            Ah, the irony.

          • nicktheprick


          • jay

            no hes a tool

        • Arcturus

          A shiny, unused tool at that.

          • David Eickhoff

            No, a worn out tool

        • adhiraj rawat

          well,i am 10,and ive grown tired of waiting!!!!u would think he’s crossing the summer sea himself!!

        • Shane Sitter

          Yeah well, he is absolutely right. Let him write at his own pace. It’s not about us, its about the story. You know what will happen if you die before you get to see the end? Nothing, you’ll be dead.

      • rayanr

        What exactly has he earned?

        He did something no author has done before by removing all protagonists from the plot. If you are going to be so bold, then you better be able to finish the job. Look at his weight and age, he could die at any moment.

        • shaun


        • Shane Sitter

          To quote another witty person in this comment section: “You sound like a tool.”

        • word

          actually he hasnt. If you carefully review his work, none of his characters who “die” in first person view actually die (or stay dead) Jon snow will be brought back by the God of Fire and hes gonna fall for Dany and they will rule together with one other person, probably Arry!

      • Ian Sibelius

        I actually agree with Sebastian by saying that it is all about what the story calls for, but I find it very frustrating how rude he is. Just chill. You had some good points but delivering your message in such a nasty way is not ok. Just relax, everyone. This is a place for fans to unite and talk about their passion, not jump down each other’s throats.

        • Zoha Zehra

          i totally agree with you

        • Shank

          In fairness to Sebastian, while this thread is remarkably polite but the standards of a GoT thread, most of them are far worse. Seriously, every fourth post is like “Hurry up you fat fuck!” or some equivalent. Maybe Sebastian is just sick of reading such comments whenever anyone publishes anything even vaguely GoT related? God knows I certainly am.

          People, better men than me have said “George R.R. Martin is not your bitch”. He doesn’t “owe” the fans a regular stream of books. He owes the fans the BEST books he can write, and doing your best takes time. Speaking as someone who dabbles in writing himself, I can totally understand. There are some days, some weeks even, when it is just impossible to write, and if you try all you’ll do is churn out garbage. The muse is fickle, and just because authors like Stephen King can knock out a book a year doesn’t have any bearing at all on whether or not George R.R. Martin can.

          Calm down. The book will be done when it’s done, and if the TV show overtakes the books (which, personally, I don’t think it will. Martin has a 3 year head start and TWOW may, if it’s a large book, take two seasons to adapt) it’s not the end of the world.

      • Marcus Giegerich

        “If I don’t see the end, I don’t care as long as he gets to write it.”
        That’s the reason for concern, the conclusion to the series may never be written if you see what I’m driving at.

      • HC

        Hahaha, Sebastian I’ve been reading these books since before you could read. Maybe you think you know something about slow writing, but what do you know about slow reading? Heck, what do you know about waiting 17 years for anything? I am approaching two decades of reading this series & I’ve read each book the week it came out. I’ve had some long waits. And as long as you are going to get preachy about respect, then maybe you can have a little respect for the people who GRRM has been jerking around since you were in diapers. You know, people who are your elders. For you to say “It is purely about what the story calls for and nothing else.” is about the most naive thing I’ve read in a while. GRRM knows people are waiting. And he knows the longer they wait, the more he sells when he does release. It’s not about the story, it is about $$, and as someone who has helped financially support his art, I feel perfectly justified saying I wish he’d write faster. I also wish he’d have less on his plate than he does, because if you really were a fan of this “living legend” you’d know he does write a lot, and often fast, he’s just not that focused on writing this series. Which is his choice, and I respect that, but I don’t have to like it.

        • Mudkip

          Haha the ol’ “I’m older than you so you have to respect me” concept. Just because you lived a few extra years does not do anything about your ignorance. Hey there kiddo, if you don’t like waiting “17 years” why not just create your own series? Hah! Oh wait, that’d actually be hard, you’d rather just complain on an online forum, hoping that your opinion matters. Oh, I think your nurse is here, time to change your diapers.

          • Amanda

            I dare to say that after you’ve had a heart attack scare. I dare you to feel the same way after you’ve accepted that one day you will die and it could very well be tomorrow.

          • Unmesh le Duck

            ^You win.

          • Yodude666


          • Johnzig138

            Wow. Are you really that big a douche when yr not behind a keyboard? Lil Sebastion has a lot to learn about the “writing biz” as HC pointed out. Still, his enthusiasm is to be commended. You, on the other hand need to take another look in the mirror. Yr hourglass isnt as full as it used to be.

      • chrisday85

        No. Hate to be mean but he started these books in the early 90′s. At this rate winds of winter will be end of 2014 at earliest and the last will be 2018.

        That’s about 25 years. It should not take a quarter of a century to write a story. He did just fine on the first few.

        When you have a book as detailed as asoif you know what you want the book to do, and you know how to make it do it. He is merely creating marketing and more sales. It has nothing to do with the quality of the books.

        • usamomof3

          Absolutely! The first few books were much quicker to come out. Now, he’s put writing aside to lap up the celebrity and fame. If HBO had told him they were going to wait until the series was done to create the screen version, he would be done by now.

      • Vault 13

        I’ve got mason jars buried in the back yard that are older than you. Go back to your Nintendo/Playstation/Xbox. You shouldn’t even be reading books. The only reason you’re here and posting is because you saw the show on hbo. You know NOTHING.

        • Shank

          In fairness, if it didn’t even occur to you to end your post. “You know nothing (Jon Snow)”, you can’t be much of a fan yourself ;)

      • maybeanother10yearswait

        He is slow for sure. I will not be reading ANYONE’s series of books again until they are complete.

        • Missb

          This series taught me to check if a series is complete before reading it lol

      • usamomof3

        Apparently so, Sebastian. Apparently so. Since we all know that teenagers are always experts on respect.

    • Nick Grayson

      stephen king took over 30 years to finish his dark tower series and was worth it in the end

      • Robert Buchko

        Stephen King also wrote 40 other books during those 30 years. Not a great comparison.

        • isodore

          When King had his brush with death, he zoomed through the Dark Tower to finish and the writing suffered.

          • Bob B

            Now that is completely true. The first four books of the Dark Tower were amazing and epic. The last three were weak and the final battle and its deus ex machina resolution were a sad way to reward readers for a few decades of patience. Also, while the multiple tie ins with his other works were very interesting at times, they felt tacked-on; he obviously hadn’t planned them from the start.

    • a Fan with a life

      Well i have to say that i am greatly anticipatining the next book but i dont think that is a good reason to get worked up about it, since there are many good books around. And what comes to grrm’s mortality i am not too worried about it. it is true he might die before he finnishs the series but so what that could happen to any writer. Robert Jordan’s wheel of time series is a good example and i think Brandon Sanderson’s conclusion to the series was quite good.

      I have to also say that i quiet enjoy the fact that it takes a long time for grrm to finnish a book because it increses the joy that i get when the book is finally released. So grrm you are the man, lets makes this series half a decade project for these suckers! ;)

    • Theta Sigma

      Luckily, he’s told his fellow writers on the show how the story ends in broad strokes, so even if he pops his clogs before he gets through them all we’ll at least get the TV version.

      • Hagar the Horrible

        “Pops his clogs” I rather like that! But regarding all the “hurry hurry hurry” people, if he did hurry and the book sucked you’ll all be saying “WTF?” It’s a catch-22 for the poor guy. Although I’d be sorely disappointed if he died without finishing I would nevertheless be grateful for the story he has delivered thus far.

    • Saruk Eshel

      oh yea, great point!! lol

  • Liderc

    I wouldn’t worry about the fans as much as the Game of Thrones showrunners. They’re going to be pressuring him once they catch up because they can’t just go on a hiatus or they risk the chance of losing some of their fanbase. I couldn’t care less if he writes slow or not, as long as the show continues as normal.

    No offense intended for the book lovers, but the show is much more rewarding because the visuals HBO’s team have achieved are just astonishing.

    • Tim

      The visuals my imagination produces are better. The show is astoundingly good, don’t get me wrong, but no TV/movie recreation of a book has ever surpassed the written word nor will they. Tolkien even once wrote about this, “Leaf by Niggle” and “On Fairy Stories” contain his philosophy. Basically, once you film something, you instantly kill it, set it in stone, and put it on display. That display may be nice, but it’ll never beat the living narrative in one’s imagination.

      • Liderc

        I disagree. I think had Tolkien seen what Peter Jackson did for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, he’d be impressed and grateful – despite his well documented hatred for technology.

        You have to remember that it would be insanely difficult for Tolkien to have ever imagined what we’d be able to put on the big screen (CGI ect…). In his time, it would seem impossible to put his words into a film, but it’s been done and more people have read his books and are aware of his stories because of the films.

  • http://www.longklaw.com Will

    I’m ready to read the end of the story. I hope he doesn’t extend the series.

    • glenna

      me too.enough is enough..what more can those people do

    • Francis Twirlypants

      He will drag this money train as far as he can.

      I dub this phenomenon: GRRMdrome!!

  • ncnapper92

    If he dies before he finishes I hope the show at least gets a proper ending. I only read the books to kill time waiting on the show.

  • Peggy Ruiz

    You know what happens when you push an author? True Blood and The Sookie Stackhouse Novels. The Books started off good, then HBO got hold of it, and Charliene Harris was rushed. The last, like, 3 or 4 books were total crap. And True Blood has totally gone downhill. Don’t rush GRRM. He’ll get it done just in time. ;)

    • Legally Insignificant

      You do realize that True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse books diverged around book 3 or 4, right?

      • COOKI

        LOL… I was about to say that…

      • Peggy Ruiz

        Actually, book 2 and season 2 were very different. Only book 1 and season 1 were close.

    • yoda

      True, but you know what happens when HBO catches him? You do realize that HBO has all of the stories major arcs, etc. They know how ASOIAF ends. Unless you are prepared to ignore the internet until he finishes the season, you will likely run into a headline telling you how HBO’s GoT ends, thus ruining the stroy for you.

      • yoda

        story’s *

      • vishyg

        I aint sure even GRRM knows how the story ends.He always has mutliple possibilities in mind and he has made it clear that the TV series may be different in many ways to his novels.I am not sure GRRM knows how he wants John’s and Arya’s character to end up.

        • Winter S. Commings

          So you’re saying John is still alive, hell yeah!

          • ruari

            Of course he is the priestess will resurrect him

          • Jeff L.

            As I understand it — and before I continue, let me just say: *****MAJOR SPOILER ALERT HERE*****

            What we’ve seen from Lord Beric and “the thing that had been Catelyn Stark” suggests that their ‘undead’ forms are not in truth themselves. They serve as a vehicle for R’Hllor, being little more than shells of their former selves. I think of it somewhat in the same vein as the concept of what happens to a warg if his human form is killed. As Varamyr Sixskins illustrates, Orell’s eagle retained at least some awareness of his former self, (and even passed on to Varamyr) his hatred for Jon Snow.

            It’s my belief that those who rise from the Lord’s kiss are inevitably soon to perish for good. They are mere instruments, as were the shadow-Stannis things that Melisandre gave birth to (that, remember, had to be done inside of an already-warded area, suggesting an evil connotation, or hateful in any case, thus useless in conjunction with Jon Snow.

            If Jon did indeed perish from his wounds–and my personal belief is that he does, but only in the sense that his heart stops, but he’s resuscitated immediately, thus simultaneously fulfilling both his vows to the Watch (having ‘died’ at his post) and his ‘birth amidst salt (Bowen Marsh’s tears) and smoke’ (the steam from Jon’s wounds) as Azor Ahai. I suspect he will soon plunge Longclaw through the living heart of Melisandre to complete the process, leading ultimately to what Jon dreamt of: himself fighting an Other with a burning red sword in hand.

          • Hodor

            ****Mr SPOILER ALERT****

            Though, Lord Beric still kept his personality after that he was given the ‘kiss of life’. Catelyn had gone insane during the Red wedding before dying. In her eyes, Bran, Robb, Ned, Rickon, Sansa and Arya are all dead, murdered, betrayed. Something snapped, and she was mad. I suppose that feeling was amplified after that she was resurrected.

          • Pickwick2

            Not bad. I could live with that. I’m also waiting to be told that Jon is actually Lyanna’s son by Rhaegar. “Promise me, Ned”!

          • Arcturus

            We don’t know that, but I’d bet my left nut he comes back to life.

          • Justin Green

            Jon is not dead. Being as he’s the rightful heir to the iron throne.

          • drew

            how is he heir to the iron throne?

          • Justin Green

            How much do you want me to spoil it for you?

        • Jon Snow

          It’s Jon, it if please your… vishyg.

          • Fat ass

            THE fat Guy eat to much , slow down with THE food and start writing, f ucking 20 years working on à book??? What the hell

    • Arcturus

      Well yeah, I mean he only had 11 YEARS to churn out volumes 3 and 4. Quit rushing the poor old man.

    • MeowCat

      I hate to admit it, but this is a good general point. I still vote for only 7 books. If we knew, just knew, the story would be concluded by 7 it would probably make people (maybe even GRRM?) feel better.

  • Juliana

    This is exactly why I don’t have plans to read the books any time soon. It’s been obvious to me for a while now that GRRM doesn’t even know when he wants to end this series. And while it is certainly his prerogative to write at his own pace, it is absurd to have to wait God knows how long for this series to ever end. If he ever actually finishes I’ll be more than happy to read them, but to invest so much on this series and never seen it finished would be the most unsatisfying thin ever, so for now, I’ll stick with the show only.

    • glenna

      i hate waiting for books..i will wait for this one but have decided i do not want to read any more series..to long between books..next time i do i will make sure the series ism finished before i start reading..just dissapointed

    • eleanor turner

      to invest so much on this series and never seen it finished would be the most unsatisfying thin ever, so for now, I’ll stick with the show only.—–
      I wish I’d engaged like that. Right now, I’m just hoping I don’t go senile or die before he’s finished.

  • reluctantly compelled

    PLEASE, GOD, LET IT BE OVER WITH THE 7TH BOOK!!! This series has been excruciating to read. I agree that Martin writes a compelling plot line… It definitely sucks you in- but NOT because it is in any way comparable to the great Tolkien!! (IMHO, the main thing that Martin has in common with Tolkien is the double “R” in the middle of his name.) Where Tolkien’s work elevates the best in humanity, Martin glorifies the worst: horrific acts of cruelty and brutality, most of them against “the helpless-” animals, children, the poor and the elderly; rampant, pornographic misogyny; racism; genocide; greed; the endless, twisted rationalizations of the abusive mindset that characterizes so many of these characters… the list goes on. What is the point of all that ugliness? Exactly who is that written for? Seriously, how many times do I have to read derogatory 4-letter words referring to various parts of male and female anatomy and their functions?? I would not allow my minor child to read this stuff. Why write “fantasy” that is twisted into the most discouraging, frightening, suffocatingly offensive aspects of the “reality” that so many seek to escape from by reading a good book!? I suppose I’m missing “the” point… but, each time my hopes are raised that one of the Ice and Fire players is actually accomplishing something that is for the greater good of all, Martin kills him/her off! I can’t take much more of this! All that being said, the intricacies of the plot are, undeniably, fascinating! Besides, I love dragons. I remain foolishly hopeful that Martin is going to bring the series to a conclusion that transcends the quagmire of smut that his readers have been driven to slog through. Based on the popularity of the series, and the rave reviews heralding Martin as “the American Tolkien” (ugh!), it may all be worth it in the end… assuming the end ever gets here.

    • David Warren Jr.

      Thats the best description for Martin’s work I’ve ever read.

      • Kevin

        Dont read them then.

        In fact, I find every single aspect you just listed the best parts of the books. It’s raw and not just a happy-go-lucky fantasy epic like everything else. Granted, Tolkein is a genious, but Martin is too in his own right.

        If you don’t like the dark aspects of the books, go read Twilight and find yourself a happy ending. These aren’t children’s books.

        • David Warren Jr.

          Thanks for the advice. However, I will continue reading because I’m interested in the characters. That doesn’t change the fact that his stories are brutal and a downer.

    • CliveRogan

      You seriously are going to keep reading in the hopes that things are going to get happy? I assure you, they won’t. It’s not the point. Not all fantasy is My Little Pony to be completely happy all the time.

      Who is it written for? The millions of people who like stories about complex characters having to deal with complex situations. You say you wouldn’t let a child read them like it’s a criticism. Why does it have to be child friendly?

      I get that a lot of fantasy exists so you can escape the horrors of the real world, this isn’t one of those. It exists to mirror reality, to help you see all sides to conflict and understand why people do the things they do, even if they’re inherently good people and their actions are morally reprehensible.

      Martin isn’t Tolkien, and he’s never pretended to be, the books are completely different beasts. Tolkien wrote an incredibly complex world with good characters wandering around, Martin wrote incredibly complex characters in a good world, they’re dark, adult books and there will be very little light at the end of this tunnel. The “smut” isn’t some side thing that the story’s trudging through, it IS the book. If you don’t like it it’d be best if you stopped reading them as you won’t like what’s coming as it will be more of the same.

      • Tim

        Tolkien’s work wasn’t exactly happy all the time. He killed off important characters, he had morally ambiguous ones too, and his narrative had a happy ending by the skin of its teeth. The point reluctantly compelled is trying to make is that Tolkien wasn’t gratuitous about it. The orcs were probably doing a whole lot of raping and pillaging, but he didn’t have to mention it in great detail like Martin does sometimes.

        I think the whole A Song of Ice and Fire saga will have a happy ending (probably by the skin of its teeth). That is after all what a good story should have. If I wanted some depressing, sad ending, I’d stick to newspapers and not read fiction at all. Good fiction should have happy endings. period.

        • CliveRogan

          In interest of not writing an essay I skimmed over fully analyzing Tolkien’s morality, there is some but on the whole it’s a story about good vs evil, in ASoIaF there’s a couple of characters who are truly good or truly evil but the vast majority of them are just people, doing good or bad things depending on how they feel on a given day.

          Martin does go a bit far with the gratuity though, especially with sex. Dany and Cersei having occasional sex with women was just odd rather than adding anything to the story.

          I like a happy ending but I don’t think they’re important, it’s more important for me for a story to follow through with it’s actions. If you’re telling a dark and gritty story, it should end dark and gritty, it just feels like a cop out if a happy ending’s tagged on.

        • edgar

          If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.

    • glenna

      he is no Tolkien

      • hantoo

        He can finished those books as long as he pleases. More volumes the better. Don’t give a damn about the TV series.

    • vishyg

      Sorry but i disagree with you completely.GRRMs novels are adult novels,in a way they are “graphic novels”.Tolkien’s world was dark as well but the darkness was accentuated differently.
      Having read both of them,GRRM is on par or better than Tolkien.
      That is my humble opinion.

    • Christopher Riordan

      why don’t you read something else? i don’t understand what kind of weirdo would read 5,000 pages of something they find “excruciating to read” – were you assigned to this series?

    • Matthew McAllister

      because a lot of the things that are depicted in this book are based off of real history in one way or another. and i agree with you he is no Tolkien, the realism of martins work cant be found in lotr, the point of all of this ugliness is to show you that the world is an ugly place and the good guy doesn’t always win. martin takes the real world as it has always been and reminds people of how unfair life can be…

    • C-A-N-N-O-T WAIT

      I do agree that the language is Bad, but the plot line and the characterisation is Great and here is a choice suggestion: Just stop reading! Appreciate and stop living in fantasy.

    • Em

      Agree completely about the language and the misogyny. I try to ignore it for the most part, but I know of a few people (including men) who stopped reading partway through the first book because of it.

  • laura

    leave the poor guy alone! geese. THE BOOKS ARE LIKE 1000 Pages. Epic stories take time. i am pefectly happy to wait! life is about the mystery

    • Tim Milder

      Truly, I don’t think many people mind waiting in and of itself. Everyone is more or less worried he is going to go and pull a Robert Jordan on us…. he is not young

      • Hedwig

        I totally agree. That’s what I’m worried about. I started reading Robert Jordan’s books in the mid-90′s, and was convinced that the series would end after book 7 (don’t ask me why). However, I think he ran into the problem of creating too many characters and too many diverging story lines, and then unfortunately died before finishing his series. I’d given up by book 9. I can see the same thing happening with G.R.R. Martin. While I love his detail to both story and characters, his epic has become enormous and I can’t see him finishing it in 2 more books. Thankfully, I only started the series a year ago, but if I had started it when the first book had came out, I might have given up on it too, just like I did with Jordan. It’s hard to keep characters and plot lines straight as a reader when the story becomes overly large, and you end up having to re-read all of the previous books to make sense of the new novel. While I don’t mind doing that for up to 4 or 5 books, after that, it gets a bit tedious. Bottom line, I don’t mind if he takes his time because I prefer quality work, and quality work does take time. However, I hope he contains his story and ends it before it overtakes him and his fans.

  • Dewdle

    There is a silver lining to Martin’s slothy writing pace. He has drafted the contingency narrative sketch for the rest of the books so the HBO producers have something to proceed with if he croaks. That’s fine with me, given that Weiss and Belioff et al have taken so many liberties with the verbose GRRM novels in adapting them to tight television screenplays . Having a sketch of events to come should suffice, and may in fact result in some real creativity in concluding the Game of Thrones epic onscreen.

  • glenna

    i hope 2014..not 2015..that is to long

  • Gee Wiz

    I’m a huge fan of the books and show. Having said that, A Feast For Crows got dull, and the best story line came from Jaime. So I don’t want book 6 to be like book 4. If he threatens us with another Feast for Crows, I will hold out a little longer.

  • Paulo A. Brennan

    to die not knowing is just about right. Maybe we don’t get to know. Maybe we are disappointed. Too bad for us. His art is up to him. If he went off and closed himself in a cabin who would blame him. Let him do his art

  • Heavy D

    I hope the series ends in 7 books. However, it seems like he’s getting each character’s story too involved for it to end so quickly, without some major advancement in the next two books.

    I want everything fleshed out, but I hate when writers refuse to end a story. I want more and more, but at the same time, I want a complete story, not a constant one.

  • A fan

    Personally I think it’s better if he just finish the story on the 7th book. I mean, it’s good to write an epic and long story, but a very long running series is not always a good idea. And while I do hope the sixth book will come out soon, but I also hope Martin gets enough time and not overly rush it.

  • alwayzzcitra

    It’s not that we are pressuring him, but we love the story so much and he left us in cliffhanger. In the other hand, I wouldn’t rush him, let him take his time doing his best effort. Deadline may work for some people, while with others it will only ruin the work.

    Considering his writing pace, I agree that 7 book is enough.

  • Voltair

    Huwattttt???? An eight book is a posibility??? GRRM that is so GRRRRR! Stop toturing us please! >.<

  • dizzybear

    He should definitely not be pressured to finish the book, but he should totally finish the series! Enough is enough. The story is too big, too bulky, and going nowhere. I think he doesn’t know how to end it and is just stringing it along. Which is sad, because I loved the first 4 books. Yeah, I’m the one person who liked a Feast for Crows. :)

    • tkell31

      Well, said. In relation to the length of the books almost nothing actually happened in books 4 and 5. Sure we inched slightly closer to winter finally getting here, but we’ve been waiting for that for 5000 pages now.

  • JonnyS

    Well theres nothing anyone can do about it anyway. The show is going to finish first no matter what so I rather have the man finish them on his own time bc he clearly knows what he’s doing. I rather have the books be great quality as they have been so far then some half ass finish. And theres no way anyones helping by complaining like a bunch of little girls. He’ll get it done on his time and they;ll be great for it. Take ur time GRRM!!!

    • Christopher Riordan

      Uh, they can’t make the shows until he writes the material for the shows – which are the books. most likely they will start doing two seasons per book. you figure one more season will wrap up storm of swords, then 2015 and 2016 will be spent on Feast of Crows, 2017 and 2018 on Dance of Dragons. Pretty sure the last book will be out before then.

      • thewhitetiger

        The show is hugely popular, but there is still going to be a limit to what HBO executives will agree to spend on endless iterations of subplots. The average viewer will get lost and that means boredom and that means declining ratings. For those of us who are hooked because we care about the characters, HBO will almost certainly finish the series before Martin finishes the novels. I just can’t see this coming down any other way. And some of the actors will literally age out of the plot. We have already seen this with Bran’s adolescent self presenting us with a visual shock over one season’s hiatus. While that does not impact his storyline, it might very well impact other story lines. The Onion Knight will be walking with a cane. Dany will be looking more faded than Cersei is already. While Danys plot line can clearly go into middle age without a problem, how compelling will it be from the audience’s point of view?

        Finally, there will be a big flurry of speculation about alternate plot lines in the books, creating a different kind of demand. Some viewers will refuse to read the final book/s because they won’t want their imaginations messed with once their heads have resolved the plot.

        At this point, I am interested in Ayra, Dany and Jon in terms of how their lives go. Once I find this out, I am not going to be motivated to stick around for alternative endings which only mess with my mind even more.

        Martin writes compelling characters and he has created a fascinating world. Don’t confuse that with quality or morality. I find his work disturbing, not because of its realism, but because of its sexism, racism and inherent celebration of perversion and cruelty. It isn’t that these elements appear in the books: it is how they are treated and how they pander to some of the worst of us. Anyone writing against these horrible ‘facts’ will structure his/her stories very differently. Perhaps he will pull out of this spiral, but that would be a miracle requiring a certain kind of enlightenment.

        I am as hooked as I can get, but I can definitely understand that I am not hooked on “Hamlet” or even “Pride and Prejudice.”

        I think Martin has written himself into an impasse. His predilection to embroider has taken over. The embroidery has become his purpose, not the resolution of the story. And if this world is as dark as everyone claims, then how will the story end in any way that satisfies? How will the ‘humans’ prevail over the ‘monsters’ if humans can’t pull together under the threat of the extinction of everything. This is just another zombie story, like ‘The Walking Dead’ — how will people survive this huge threat? Is it possible short of a miracle?

      • Shiser

        Actually, they can – he’s given them his outlines and notes so that the show can finish his saga even if he passes away before finishing the books.

  • Michael Williams

    Don’t you just love when the fans who made this guy all his money and fame are “Pestering” him. I love these faggot hollywood scumbags

    • rjdrennen

      You’re an idiot.

    • Shiser

      Nothing screams “Hollywood” like an elderly, geeky fantasy author.

  • Scarecrow

    End it at 7. He’s getting older and not writing any faster. With how old he is and how slow he writes, 2 more seems like it’s pushing it.

  • Sebastian

    I’m ready whenever Martin is ready. It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. I just hope he gets to finish it; not for me, but for himself. I think he deserves that after all of the great work he has done.

  • nick

    7 gods, 7 books. seems right to me.

    • Christopher cunningham

      Well… If you want to take that route… 482 gods 482 books. Lol. I know where you were going with that, but there are WAY more religions covering way more gods than the 7. Please don’t extend them that far. An 8th book would be fine… Annoying to wait for, but okay for the story, but a book for each god would suck!

  • NR

    Stick with the books and be patient, leave off watching the show until you read first. For once can we get a true to-the-book story without any deviation or adaptation? Why do 10 episodes a season mixing around the story when you can easily do 20 episodes and have 6 or 7 seasons (book 4 & 5 run simultaneously)?
    $ > fans
    Fuck you HBO.

    • Shiser

      Actually my understanding is that there will be more than 7 seasons of the show, and that the stories from 4 and 5 will be woven back together and run simultaneously across 2 or 3 seasons, then 2 more seasons each for books 6 and 7

  • edgar

    I would love to see how he ends it, even if he burns everything, kills everyone, kills Jon, kills daenerys. I’m sick of the happy endings, I understand it’s because we want to scape, but these books have shown us it doesn’t have to be like that. Movies, television, books, always have a happy ending, the bad guys looses, the good guy wins. It is brainwashing, you think it doesn’t, but little by little that’s what we expect from life. Life doesn’t play out like a book, where everything gets resolved, everyone lives happily ever after.

  • deathbyanyname

    It’s simple. Winter will come. Everyone dies.

  • Vanessa lopez

    Does anyone known where i can buy The Winds of Winter online??? I need help please!!!

    • Paul

      I’m not even sure what to say to you……

      • Vanessa lopez

        What is that suppose to mean??

        • thewhitetiger

          use teh google

          i am sure amazon has it amongst quite a few others

  • Matthew McAllister

    GRRM doesn’t owe anyone anything… he can take his time all he wants, a book on this scale takes more time, does anyone actually know how hard it is to write a novel? having to remember little things you wrote three books ago without contradictions or remembering every character minor or main, names, places. A song of ice and fire has a lot of everything and it takes a long time to perfect something so ambitious, i think its incredibly disrespectful to rush someone in their art no matter how old you are or how long you have been waiting, pick up another book there are a million good ones… try the wheel of time by Robert Jordan there are like 14 books in that series and its high fantasy, just not as “game of thrones” and the author actually died before finishing the last book, but the series was still finished by a friend and fellow writer who used the original authors style and original notes, i’m not saying the same can be said of SONG but don’t count out the possibility that it will not go unfinished.

  • Can’t Rush Genius

    If you’re impatient, go back and read all the books again. I have been through all of them now three times and every time I read them I get more out of them. It doesn’t matter what age you are, you might walk outside tomorrow and get hit by a bus, and plenty of people live to be a ripe old age. If the only thing you are concerned about is dying before the end of the series, you should probably spend some time with actual human beings. Plus I doubt you’d be annoyed something terrible while you are six feet under. Maybe you’ll come back as a wight walker and haunt him…

  • C-A-N-N-O-T WAIT

    I’m sixteen now, and I’ll probably have two kids by the time he completes, assuming he is alive until then!
    I really hope he writes fast…his work is amazing and I love Jon, Arya, Jaime, Danerys, Aegon, Arianne and oh my god, I want to read what happens NOW!!! I hope he has a magic quill to write down his thoughts, dumb idea, but it is so hard to wait…

  • Miky

    Why can’t he just give up and pass that books to someone who actually want and know how to write more than 1 book every 6 years. He wrote 1st 3 books in 4 years, and for last 3 it took 11y to finish. Not to mention that 1st 3 are significantly better.

    So it is not about “slow writer”. He simply bite off more characters and storylines than he can chew.

    • Miky

      for last “2″ it took 11y to finish**

  • Karen L Merchant

    I’m not the most patient woman

  • Karen L Merchant

    I’m not the most patient woman and I understand some of the older folks wanting to read the last two books before they leave this earth, but I’d rather the books be great instead of meh, or crappy. Hopefully he’s healthy and if not, on some top notch meds so he won’t pass away before he finishes.

  • 1Patrick_C1

    he should stop being a dick and finish the damn books

  • Eric Newby

    Just keep it at 7 books. Or hire on Brandon Sanderson, he writes so many great books and keeps them coming, he even has a website set up for fans to see the progress of his work and at what stage they are in the publication process. He wrapped up Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” brilliantly. I’m sure he can do the same for “Game of Thrones” as well.

  • NedlyMandingo

    I just finished reading books 1 thru 5 and I feel like everything ended without a payoff. I just spent 3 months reading this series and now I highly doubt I will ever get to see it end. I don’t think authors should write series if they aren’t committed to the reader and are willing to release 1 book a year. 5 or 6 years between is too long. This is a bummer man.

  • Beverley Collins

    I’ve given up. I just catch up with events in Wikipedia. And don’t bother him. He’ll just butcher another Stark.

  • TheNotchyToad

    I’ve read books the previous 5 books twice over since the last release waiting for The Winds Of Winter and am dying to find out what is going to happen in his version of events. Every time you think you get good at anticipating the unfolding of events he does a great job of throwing a wrench in the works.

    The first time I started reading A Dance With Dragons I purposely took it as slowly as I could manage since I knew there was going to be years between releases based on the previous track record and was in no hurry to find myself facing cliffhangers and uncertain futures of various characters.

    I can completely understand with not wanting to be pressured but people only pressure an author that intensely when they love his work. A Song of Ice and Fire could easily stretch out longer than he could write in his lifetime, that’s both a testament to the world he has developed and devastating that there is much we will never be able to see. It’s a setting ripe for well written fan fiction but he obviously finds it distasteful and doesn’t care for it at all.

  • Kyle Norman CSCS, MS

    Rather than tell him to “Hurry up with the book!” I’d like to tell him to eat his veggies. No offense but he looks like he could drop dead at any moment. If he dies w/o finishing those books then we’ll all be suicidal. Take it easy George but get a little physical activity.

  • Randy

    Yes, finish the damned books with A Dream of Spring. The novels are too long as is, and Martin is an incredibly self-indulgent writer who meanders and goes off onto tangents that you know will never amount to anything, (i.e. the chapters on Victarion and Euron: please enough already!). Sorry to say this again, but Mr. Martin you look like a heart attack waiting to happen, and there are those of us who are afraid that you will ben UNABLE to finish a Song of Fire and Ice. Quit doing book and press tours, and get back to work at what you do best: tell a fascinating story!

  • Taramoc

    If ha dies, there’s always Brandon Sanderson

  • Cotillion

    G.r.r.m. Is not your bitch.

  • Ross William Drew

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Ignorant Snow

    Guys, let’s all get to the REAL point why we have come here. WHERE’S THE PEACH?!

    • Jawaburger

      I am more interested in finding out where whores go.

  • Evie

    I hope he wraps it up in the seventh book. The quality has declined in the 4th and 5th books, and I get the feeling he’s just padding the plot to get more books than it’s worth. Dance has too many insignificant minor characters and side plots, and absolutely nothing is resolved. My patience is wearing thin. If he doesn’t want to destroy the series, he needs to finish it and finish it well.

    • John Masters

      Declined in the 4th and 5th? A Feast for Crows was amazing, and while A Dance with Dragons left us hanging, it was every bit as good as the others…

      • ShaoLinKitten

        That is certainly an opinion you are entitled to, but it is not a majority one by any stretch of the imagination

        • Shank

          I can understand why a lot of people weren’t happy with AFFC (I thought it was pretty good, although, admittedly, still the weakest of the five). No Tyrion, no Daenerys, and no Jon Snow. Yeah, that was bound to piss some people off. But I reckon Dance with Dragons more than made up for that. I’d rank them this way:

          5) A Feast for Crows.
          4) A Clash of Kings.
          3) A Dance with Dragons.
          2) A Game of Thrones.
          1) A Storm of Swords

          With Dragons, Thrones, and Swords being among the best books I’ve ever read.

          On the subject of Martin’s race against the TV series, I think we’ve good reasons to be optimistic. Assuming, of course, that Martin sticks to his promise to wrap the saga up in the next two books, the TV show isn’t scheduled to catch up with Martin until 2016. The adaptation of ‘Swords’ concludes this year, and ‘Feast’ and ‘Dragons’ will be adapted simultaneously over 2015 and 2016 (although there is a chance, small though it may be, that Benioff and Weiss might be able to augment the already pretty action packed ‘Dragons’ with enough extra material to make it stretch into 2017, although I concede that that’s pretty unlikely), If Martin finishes TWOW by, say, the end of 2015, and if it’s as large as ‘Swords’, which Martin assures us it probably will be, then it might take HBO 2 seasons to adapt that as well. That means (assuming ‘Dragons’ has fully aired by 2016, and assuming TWOW takes two seasons) that he will have 2016, 2017, and 2018 to complete ‘Dream of Spring’. Three years is, admittedly, pretty tight for a writer as painstaking as Martin, but he’s done it before, and if TWOW is out by the end of THIS year, which Martin has tentatively suggested it might be, then that will give him four years.

          Personally, I just wish people would leave the poor guy alone. I’d rather wait ten years between books than have him give us lesser quality books in his rush to appease some of his more impatient fans.

  • RonPaulForever

    “GRRM reminded us of our duty at a time when all we could think of was our rights”
    That said, I really need to find out what happened to my man Stannis!

  • Pravin Maraj

    He’s been writing AsoIaF for over 20 years now. I love the books and the show, but I hope it ends with A Dream of Spring, or possibly after 1 other book. Martin has a tendency to put off the really big and hyped up events in the story, something South Park made fun of in their parody. I mean it’s been five books and we still haven’t seen much of the White Walkers, we don’t know (for sure) who Jon Snow’s mother is and Dany is nowhere close to Westeros. I love his attention to detail and character development, but I really don’t want him to die before he finishes the series.

  • Rob


  • Me

    I’m hoping the damn things will end before he dies! If not, dibs on Brandon Sanderson’s job…

  • Patrick Rurka

    I suspect that people wouldn’t bother him so much if they felt he was healthy.

  • JennieWrenn

    I am 65 and understand how hard it is to collect one’s thoughts and put pen to paper,but I really hope like Yoda and impatient I don’t die first. Maybe a few less distractions are in order.

  • Skydog

    I started reading this series two years ago not knowing it wasn’t finished. The more I read, the more impatient I grew. GRRM wanders around with his storytelling a good bit more than he needs to. He’s a competent writer with an above average imagination but he noodles around way too much, inventing superfluous characters who add nothing, and then killing off the more interesting ones. Sometimes, he seems to just be vamping till he figures out what to do next: A case in point: The Daenerys story, though initially interesting, wandered around so much, it began to annoy; I found myself every time GRRM wandered south wanting to skip until the story returned North.
    When I realized with the 5th novel (what can I say? I lived in a remote place and was unaware of this series until I came across the HBO show) the story was going to be drawn out, I began to lose patience. GRRM has often been compared to Tolkien, and some want to claim he’s a better writer than Tolkien. I would disagree for a number of reasons, but I will admit that his prose probably resonates better with the modern “reader’s ear” than Tolkien’s does. And, though it may be said that Tolkien’s prose seems a bit turgid to the modern American reader, you cannot deny that he understood the essentials of storytelling: a beginning, a buildup, and a conclusion. LOTR is complete, and doesn’t require The Hobbit or the Silmarillion; they each can exist on their own merit. GRRM could stand some lessons.

  • Fawltyoldboy

    I used to get annoyed with GRRM over the incrementally increasing waits between each book – no more. After waiting something like 3+ years for the last one, it dawned on me (always been a bit slow in that department) that I was missing out on far too many other great reads. So, I have enjoyed Patrick Rothfus, Anthony Ryan, Louis Bayard, David Mitchell, Imogen Robertson, Stephen Donaldson, Kate Atkinson, and numerous others in the interim. As others have remarked, I hope George finishes the series in our lifetime as he has only himself to blame for creating such an outstanding tail and the accompanying clamor for it’s completion.

  • Pickwick2

    Less food; more ink!

  • Arcturus

    Pass the interminable wait for Martin with another little series: I recommend The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. 2 books out of the 3 he says he’s doing are done.

  • Seth

    Forget the number seven. Personally, I don’t see any possible way to bring the scattered plot lines (not that that is a bad thing, in itself) together in a satisfactory fashion in just two more books, considering how much territory he still has to cover regarding only the two MAIN plot lines (i.e., Daenerys, and the Others). There are just too many characters in too many totally different places, both geographically and as far as narrative goes. Take your time, George. I’m tweaking for Book 6, but take your time. Don’t pull a “J.J.” (Abrams) and ruin the entire saga because of “creative stupidity” (i.e., no creativity whatsoever). But since Martin is a true writer, I am confident that he will not fall into the condemnation of señor Abrams. My apologies for the insulting comparison.
    My point is, whereas some writers in Martin’s position may succumb to the pressure and abandon certain “lesser” side-plots, such as Arya’s current position, or Tyrion’s, or Sansa’s, etc. (including pulling some “cheap way out” relative to those characters that lacks logical believability), rendering the last two books utterly useless (*aHEM* señor Abrams), I hope Martin perseveres, not giving in to such temptations, even if it takes 10 books—nay, even if it takes 20 books!

    • John Masters

      At this point, I’m more concerned with him pulling a “Robert Jordan”.

  • Jim

    If he extends this series beyond seven books and makes us wait even longer I’ll personally arrange a faceless man, and as for those who keep saying “show some respect” to martin, maybe he can do the same to us and write faster. People like me and everyone else here fund his house, car, flights and lifestyle plus the millions in his bank account. The least he can do is write at a decent rate….

    • Shank

      Oh, for pity’s sake. Look. When a GRRM book comes out, you give him ten dollars, and he gives you a story. The story is worth more than ten dollars to you and the ten dollars is worth more than the story to him. You’re even. He doesn’t OWE you a regular stream of books. He owes you a book that is worth your ten dollars.

      Ralph Ellison took seven years to write Invisible Man. His second book, Juneteenth, took nearly 30 and he died before it was finished. That was because Ellison was a genius, and genius can’t be hurried. James Patterson, on the other hand, seems to have a book out every two weeks, and they’re all shit. Which would you prefer?

      • RedFirePhoenix

        To Patterson’s credit, the books he USED to write were awesome. Then when he started just throwing his name on other authors’ works, yeah. Crap.

  • ScottishLassie

    Should be happy he has fans! A bit if an ego and I have never read one of his books probably never will. I do read his friend Diana Gabaldon’s books think he could be a bit more diplomatic then saying stop pressuring me. Perhaps he could get advice and tips from Diana her fans too have been waiting for over two years for her next book but she asks in a lot nicer way. I was only looking for my kids who both read his series.

    • John Masters

      perhaps you shouldn’t comment on what you haven’t read…should be happy he has fans indeed.

      • ScottishLassie

        I work with writers every day on a daily basis and I was not saying anything about his work. I know he’s a brilliant writer! Who do you think pays for his books. I was talking about manners and being a bit more diplomatic and nicer is all.

        • John Masters

          I hear ya…probably hard to be nice though when all you ever here is “hurry up ” and “how much longer?” Even the most patient of parents has been know to throw an arm at the backseat if heard often enough…

  • peter2108

    I don’t think it will ever end. It’s like Coronation Street in the UK which has been going on for 50 years and more. I remember Ena Sharples from episode 100 or so when I was old enough to remember. She’s long dead now, both the character and the woman who played her. There is no ending for “the Street”. One day it will stop I suppose. One day the Martin books will stop, because he’ll die. Until then it’s an ongoing soap opera, not a single work of fiction. He lost the plot ages ago!

  • Ana

    Well, he could write faster if his writing was not so focused in describing every little detail to exhaustion. I am a big fan of the story, not such a big fan of him as writer, as I find myself jumping almost entire chapters, yet still I don’t feel I’m missing anything important.

    • John Masters

      Then you’re missing a lot…that detail is what separates him from the pack and makes his books awesome.

      • ShaoLinKitten

        Elmore Leonard said that a writer should not write the parts that readers tend to skip. Martin forgot that rule a long time ago. Cf. the Meereenese knot storyline in the last book, and as stated above, the overly detailed descriptions of food and beverage. YMMV.

      • Swordfish

        That may have been true with the first three books. but not so much after that.

        Unless you’re talking about the vivid descriptions pf people walking around a lot, or the many many times he describes people peeing or crapping.

    • tkell31

      Yes, I feel like I know all the foods, ales and wines in westros. I enjoy his writing style, but I don’t think he has any idea where he is going with the beast he has created.

  • John Masters

    A lot of these comments are just plain dumb. People seem to feel that they’re entitled to the next 2 novels lickity split because they’ve invested time and money into the series…B.S….Martin doesn’t owe us anything…you should be grateful he takes the time to write in such detail…that’s what makes these books so good…would you rather he just pounded out crap as quick as he can, or worse, just loses interest and doesn’t finish? I for one am grateful for what he’s given us and will take the next ones as they come…all in good time.

    • tkell31

      Books 1-3 were great and took 4 years from the release of Book 1 to the release of Book 3. Book 4 was awful and Book 5 while an interesting read, advanced the plot at a snail’s pace and they took 11 years to write. Time to write each book really long, quality decreasing, focus decreasing, and filler increasing significantly.

      I think the only dumb comment is your claim people want the books “lickity split.” 2-3 years is pretty reasonable and is in line with the first three of the series. He’s old and not in great shape. At this rate he will be dead before he finishes.

      • John Masters

        I disagree, both on your comment about book 4 being awful, and about the time required to write. It’s a creative process…his is longer than others, obviously. I’ve been with this series from the beginning, long before most of the people making comments about how he needs to “hurry up” and “he should be grateful he has fans” even knew he existed. I’ve waited patiently for each new book, and will continue to do so. So yeah, I find those comments to be dumb, and that’s putting it nicely. You’ll notice I didn’t single anybody out in my comment and just made a general statement, but thanks for attacking me directly…shows class…he owes us NOTHING. If he finishes before he dies, great! If he doesn’t, oh well, such is life…who are you or anyone but the writer to decide what’s a reasonable pace? You’ll get it when you get it, if at all…be happy it’s in the works.

        • tkell31

          Thanks, I’m pretty classy. I do call a spade a spade and your stupid comment certainly qualifies. Once again, since when is 3 years “lickity split?” So yeah, he will probably die before he finishes which would be a shame since this series was his creation. As for what is reasonable and how to define it, well that’s a discussion for someone who displays some intelligence, and you haven’t shown me you have any.

          • John Masters

            Ha! the pot calls the kettle black…you just proved you don’t have any class OR intelligence…now piss off, I’m busy watching the series on HBO.

  • David

    Face it the first three Books were great. But that was all he had. Winter will never come. Were left to wonder around just like all the characters.

    • tkell31

      Have to agree. He’s introducing new characters and giving old ones second lives, but not moving the story forward at all.

  • Tammy Qualls

    I understand the delay…but I have read the series three times now and waiting with bated breath for Winds of Winter simply because I want to know what happens….I love these books.

  • tkell31

    Rumor has it Vegas is taking odds on how far he will get before he kicks the bucket. Sorry, if that offends, but we all do it and at his age and weight, well, there’s a reason it’s 10 to 1 one he never finishes this saga. To put it in perspective 18 years and 5000 pages ago this started with Winter is Coming…last time I checked winter still hadn’t gotten here. I’ve enjoyed the books, but have no delusion this story will get finished.

    • mm5131

      I would take that bet

  • Shehryar Khan

    what do you say to martin if he is making an excuse “HODOR”

  • Fabyen Robinson

    What an asshole thing to say!!

  • Ranganna

    “Would you like there to be more than seven books in A Song of Ice and
    Fire, or are you hoping the story will have reached its conclusion by
    the end of A Dream of Spring?”

    Honestly, I don’t mind the series extending to a more-than-seven-book-series . But all I want is for the books to come out as soon as possible . The waiting part is horrible . I don’t intend to pressurize the author because I DO want the books to be good and well-written . And he deserves to left alone (on the subject of releasing WOW) as he has given us something amazing .

    “At the same time, he also acknowledges that, “as [Game of Thrones] comes closer and closer, I need to go faster and faster.” ”

    I don’t mind mind the TV show catching up with the books as long as I don’t come across any spoilers because I enjoy reading a book more than watching the book’s film-adaptation .

    On a concluding note , I am a big fan of the aSoIaF books and TGOT show . I’ve enjoyed both of ‘em equally.

  • Holmesy

    The biggest push this series is getting is the speed in which the TV series is moving, i wouldnt be at all surprised if the book comes out just before the series is released so given there at series 4 and were waiting on Book 6 i’d say 2 more years at least, It might even be in his HBO contract to release the book after the series has aired. As we know the books do miss out and differ slightly from the tv show. I would expect an advance snippet released in advance of this coming springs premiere of Game of Thrones season 4 like last year when the Arianne sneek peak was released. I would also expect a pre series book released about before the current time line. All these leave us the fans waiting, wondering and hoping. For how long we hold is up to us, I read lots of other books and has been that long since i read the last am beginning to lose interest anyway. So if he doesnt release soon i wont cry will rank it next to them not making anymore of the Airbender films or Golden Compass series.

  • Michael Thompson

    It’s pretty obvious if you look at the release dates (96, 98, 00, 05, 11) that he reached the zenith of the storyline with the Red Wedding and that he’s had pretty serious problems trying to figure out where to go from there in a way that would keep the story interesting.

  • Outpatient

    Grow up ya bunch of white haired kids! “Wahh I wanna see the end before I diee” if you don’t like how long it’s taking, just read the books again. There’s at least 5000 pages worth of detailed storyteling maybe you could go over something you missed.

  • Fitz

    Personally I’m just adding a year and a book to whatever he says. 2014? Nah, 2015 at the earliest. 7 books? It’ll be 8 if its rushed. Not that the characters haven’t been through more than enough already, but he has so many plot lines to bring to a conclusion and frankly not many of them feel close to any kind of finish.

  • John

    The dude is 65 already. If he writes more books, that’s going to be over 7 years of writing to do. Maybe he’s procrastinating for the same reasons as I.M Banks.

  • Gary Wyatt

    7 books is plenty…..

  • mm5131

    Better get Brian Sanderson queued up. This guy is going to go the way of Robert Jordan. I hope he keeps good notes.

  • mm5131

    Oh.. and the kicker.. He is releasing this book on Feb 11 2014.. Wild Cards III Jokers Wild.

  • Ash

    Nah it’s cool, I want to see him take all of the time that he needs. Quite frankly, it is an amazing series, not something that you can come up with overnight. There are so many characters, events, locations, battles, all of which need to be tied together in a way that is striking and believable. If he starts pulling crap out of his ass just to appease fans, then the thought process will be hindered. I don’t mind the wait, I just read every book again before the release anyway. As long as he takes care of himself, and doesn’t die before he finishes it. I will be happy with it.

  • Gen

    I actually hope there won’t be more then 7 books, I can be patient, but I also think the wait is long enough, lets not make it longer than necessary…

  • Alex

    With such a massive world and so many characters I would love to see the series continue. If he wrote thirty 1000 page books, I’d stick around for the ride.

  • truthhurtssometimes32

    that old fart will be dead by book 9 so he better hurry up!

    • Jon_Sered

      No shit, right? He’s gonna drop dead of a coronary before book 6 is even written.

  • Drew A

    It’ll be 8 books when everything is said and done. Only in a Dance with Dragons does he even begin to tip his hand with how the plot lines are going to be finalized. IMO there’s no way he can finish the story in 2 books… it’ll be 3

  • Whitney Smith

    Not pressuring, we’re just excited. He should be happy that so many people love his books and are all looking forward to the next. I mean it’s not easy waiting around to see how the story continues and ends. I mean he keeps leaving them off with cliff hangers, what does he expect??

  • God

    Just finish the fucking books. He’s now a very rich man, has nothing else to do, just get on with it

    • Jon_Sered

      Apparently he has the time and money to keep filling his pie-hole with sweet treats. No wonder he’s a slow writer with those sausage fingers.

  • Matt Charman

    Okay, this attitude which Martin has displayed on numerous
    occasions really, really rankles me. The man treats his fans as a pest and a
    nuisance. That is offensive because it’s the money which his fans put into his
    work which has allowed him to have a lifestyle where he can afford to not write
    at a sensible pace. We have paid for him to make these dismissive remarks about
    us. And we paid for a series of books which formed a story. He is transparently
    losing interest in that story. He doesn’t feel like doing it anymore and acts
    as if people who want him to finish it are being unreasonable – seemingly forgetting
    that those very fans are the people whose money given on the promise of a
    complete story made him a rich and well known author.

    I noticed an apologist further down this comment chain make
    two arguments which are the standard pro-Martin arguments. In the first
    instance, the ‘he’s a slow writer’ apology
    is trotted out. Okay, fine – but why wasn’t he a slow writer for the early
    books, which he turned out in much quicker order? Was it because, despite being
    a successful screenwriter (a job which he magically always managed to submit
    manuscripts on time for, slow writer or not) he needed to write those books in
    a sensible time to hold interest and generate wealth? He is not a slow author.
    He has chosen to neglect the project which gave him his comfortable life.

    The second argument which Martin himself regularly wheels
    out is the artistic integrity ‘genius cannot be forced’ angle. He used this for
    six years whilst failing to deliver A Dance with Dragons on the pretence that
    he wanted it to be perfect. When the book came out it was by a strong margin
    the worst in the series. Rambling, poorly edited chapters, the total
    abandonment of Dany’s stronger character traits, painfully obvious attempts to
    tread water in storylines which had not been properly thought through. Even the
    diction suffered. The number times he used the phrases ‘little and less’ and ‘much
    and more’ really began to grate. It was hackneyed, poorly paced and at times
    woefully contrived. It felt very rushed and ill-conceived to the point where I
    lost interest. Today (15/01/14) is the first time since finishing that book in
    2011 that I’ve bothered to find out where the book he originally promised for
    early 2014 is in production. My point is, where was his artistic integrity

    Martin has clearly begun to believe his own press that he is
    a ‘living legend’ to quote one of the comments below. Let’s leave aside that
    there are characters and events in his books which bear a suspicious resemblance
    to earlier works by Raymond Feist and Robin Hobb (I can forgive that), what has
    he achieved that puts him in this unassailable position? Written some novels of
    variable quality. I don’t see that as legend status. Brandon Sanderson isn’t
    considered a legend despite a versatile style, quick turnaround times and
    actually finishing a story now and then.

    Thankfully, the last book was so badly constructed that I’m
    not in any hurry to read the next one. I’m just irked by his attitude and his

    • Oddstar7

      I would say Feast for Crows was much worse than Dance.

    • Francis Twirlypants

      Perfect analogy. He won’t finish it because he’s tired of it. It’s not ‘fun’ writing it anymore, hasn’t been for YEARS.

  • Nianmoon

    Oh wahhh- readers want me to actually do my job. I think Martin needs to pick it up, he is no spring chicken, at this rate we may never know the ending.

  • Scott

    Leave the poor guy alone. He still uses a quill, and his own blood for ink. I hear he also donates plasma.

  • Ayrian Smith

    After reading a few pages of this feed, I am very sure of saying this: If George RR. Martin were to read any of this, he would be very upset at his fans. The ignorance that feeds these posts are made by people of all ages. Have patience and you will be rewarded. Think of it this way, the longer it takes him to write, the more that there will be. The plot will go deeper, the characters will have the chance to reveal more. The story grows as time goes, do none of you realize that? They will be finished, but not a second before they are ready. He is a brilliant man, and you people put him to shame. All the Game of Thrones fans are awaiting these 2 new books, and I for one hope he doesn’t end it there. I want him to continue, and if he does die in the middle of writing a book, I hope that they will release what he has written (unedited). Winds of Winter will come when it comes, and until then, all of your bitching and whining will do nothing to hurry it along.

  • HodorHODOR

    Well…I want him to rush and take his time at the same time!! Lol. I want got read the next book so bad! But I don’t want the guy to rush it and have it be sloppy! (Not that I personally believe they could get sloppy…) So I’m between a rock and a hard place. I want to read them. But I dont want to be pushy! Those of you who are older than GRRM and worried about dying first…I see what you’re saying…that would be unfair…but still…it would be impossible to die before beholding such a story!

  • MeowCat

    I’m 2 years old and I want it NOW, NOW, NOW. But seriously, I do wish he would stop at 7 books and make it a priority to get them done. He probably has made it a priority; he seems to be pretty busy. Eight books at a maximum. I’d love to see a bit more progress in the story line. Seven books, please.

  • StarDagger

    He should be abducted, given young women, good food an exercise program and a computer.
    Not allowed to leave until he is done.

  • Bob Shewbrooks

    I Respect the need for time to create a gem but this series reminds of Jordan and Rothfuss. I started Jordan’s Wheel of Time in College, got married, had 3 children and 5 different jobs. Jordan passed away and his series was finished by a sub who did a fine job but hard to say how it would of compared. Rothfuss King’s Chronicles (also awesome) is only a trilogy and we’re 6 years in and unfinished. Huge fan of fantasy and the biggest problem is lack of options. If 5 great books came out each year I wouldn’t care less when these series advance but I can’t find quality substitutes. If others have found good reads I would love to hear about them. Until then

  • Terri M Robbins

    He’s going to pull a Robert Jordan and die before he finishes the series. Brandon Sanderson, start taking notes now. I have a feeling we are going to need you.

  • James Dorwart

    The time is quickly coming to accept a possible solution. GRRM will not finish the series. Instead of waiting until the inevitable, we should lobby him to start working with another Author now, so he/she can finish once GRRM eats his last buffalo wing. Imagine how different the Wheel of TIme would have been (Sanderson did an amazing job, though even he still has questions only Robert Jordan could have answered) had the two of worked together for a months, if not years.

  • amy

    I love grrm as anyone else. I compare him to the surgeon of writing because of his intricate and meticulous plot. His imagination and ability to create a world is superior. With that said, I believe he needs to focus on writing and Finish the series. His age and weight have me concerned as well. If he dies before he finishes the series I will be immensely disappointed and will join in the army those who plan on haunting him.

  • JadeStarrz

    I just want to point out that the guy doesn’t just own the Jean Cocteau theatre, he works in it. He is holding down and managing a job with people and paychecks and paperwork. And then he gets to go home and work on writing. So let us all ease up on the anger here. Let the man live his life and write his books and enjoy them when the come out. He’s not “jerking” us around. It isn’t fair to ask him to do nothing but work. We wouldn’t want to do it and we shouldn’t expect it of him.

  • Kevin Smith

    He’s lost the story and either A) doesn’t know how to wrap it back up, or B) just doesn’t care anymore. He’ll eke something out eventually to keep people sticking around but the book series is already dead. The TV series MIGHT try and wrap a few things up before it’s dead the water too, but that’s only if people don’t lose interest first. At this rate it’s going to have to branch out on it’s own soon. This is the new reality in sci-fi/fantasy, authors stringing book after book together to make massive amounts of $$ rather than telling an actual story from beginning to end. It’s really sad.

  • Malcolm

    I would love for the number of books to go beyond 7, so long as he would draw out some outline of where he wanted the original 7 book series to go. This way, you know us fans could have something to fall back on in case… well, you know

  • Facepalm101

    The man is filthy stinking rich, what else could he possibly be spending his time on. The world is waiting and growing impatient with every day. He has stated that he knows how he wants it to end, apparently he held a (not so) secret meeting with the producers of Game of Thrones to inform them of this in case he dies before finishing. Enough with the excuses George, give us what we want. None of us want your story to have to be finished postumously like the Wheel of Time series did.

    • Shank

      What could he be spending his time on? How about “Getting it right”?

  • Chris2200

    GRRM needs to stop treating readers as dim witted and clueless…there is a huge difference between creating intrigue and dragging things along. Or he needs a better editor. Time to bring things together.

  • dragonsandwhitesnonowaitnotyet

    I’d rather it had only gone on for 4 books.

  • ncr

    i rly hope he doesn’t die before he finishes the damn saga

  • Hussle up, George!

    he’s ruined his own series. Game of thrones started out great, with strong characters and interesting plotlines. Then it became too convoluted; too many characters to follow, half of whom weren’t nearly as interesting as some of the original ones. The narration in both the books and the TV show is too fragmented and episodic; we never stay long enough with any character to give a damn. Not so sure I’m interested any more – this fan here is beginning to lose interest. So yeah, Georgie, hussle up, or if you can’t, hand it over to a better writer who can finish it in style.

  • ksm_mmd

    Jeez, guys! Give poor George a break! It’s hard enough to write even a mediocre book, let alone a great epic of a book like A Song of Ice and Fire. So what if it takes a few more years than you would like? Would you rather he write a thousand pages of crap and call it a day? Okay, I can appreciate that he’s not young anymore and I understand the potential ramifications of that fact. But I also appreciate this:
    1) Martin’s age and experience are part of the reason he is able to write such fantastic book in the first place. He simply couldn’t have written this book any earlier in his career. Frankly, we should all be very thankful that he still has the energy and passion to have undertaken such a project at all.
    2) He knows far more than you do about the level of effort needed to complete such a series and about the particular pace in which he can produce quality work.
    3) The possibility that George R.R. Martin may die before he can complete the series, or that you may die before he completes it, is a very poor reason to rush the process. I am happy to accept the possibility that the series will never be completed when the alternative is 2 or 3 sub-par books to complete what looks to be one of the all-time great epics of the genre.

  • usamomof3

    I think he has just gotten caught up in the celebrity aspects of it all, and he’s having too much fun to do the work. That’s certainly his prerogative, but in the end, his legacy will depend on him finishing the series. If he would buckle down and finish, he would still have the celebrity to enjoy, and a far greater legacy. Right now, the reading community of followers (not the HBO, haven’t read the books followers) are frustrated and irritated at the many years that have already passed since the last installation. His esteem, though high for his work, is falling for his character as a writer and professional. I don’t begrudge the man his enjoyment, I only caution him that he is first and foremost a writer, and if he’s not going to write, he’s going to fade.

  • Bibliophile

    As I agree with several of the posts already on here I also believe that Mr. Martin is the author of these fine books. They are his Masterpieces. It is totally his prerogative on how long he takes to write AND when he publishes his work. I for one would like to see more than the originally planned 7 books. Even if I do not get to live long enough to read them. Though I have every intention on hanging around on this floating rock of ours. Those of you complaining of age shouldn’t give up on yourselves but focus on being here for the next installment. Martin is a writer, he also writes OTHER books. That are VERY good. That is what authors do. Bide your time with those. It is what I am doing. GRRM is one of my all time fave author’s. He has so much to offer. Was a fan BEFORE the show came out on HBO and will be long after it is over. Like someone else said here. This IS a place where we all as fans should be coming together as a group of a GREAT author, even if we are frustrated over the wait, to praise the work we all love so much. NOT to criticize an author whom we obviously enjoy reading so much.

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