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The events of the last episode of The Vampire Diaries season 5, “Monster’s Ball” have fans wondering if we might have our first character crossing over to The Originals. Find out who!

For those that haven’t seen last Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, we suggest pausing right here and watching “Monster’s Ball” before reading further, unless of course, you like spoilers, then, please, read on!

It looks as if the inevitable crossovers between The Originals and The Vampire Diaries have begun and the first contestant is… Tyler Lockwood!! After his and Caroline’s recently tumultuous romance hit a final snag this past Thursday, Tyler Lockwood packed his bags and left her in tears at Whitmore College to go find Klaus and ruin his life.

Michael Trevino confirmed the crossover to EW, but had no suggestion of when we might be seeing Tyler.

Tyler’s quest to ruin Klaus’ happiness stems from Klaus’ need to destroy everything that Tyler holds dear. Klaus has taken nearly everything from him, including: his mother’s life, Caroline, his freedom, and Mystic Falls (before he so generously “allowed” Tyler to return in the beginning of The Vampire Diaries season 5).

It’s hard to fault Tyler for wanting to share his misery, especially since Klaus has made it his mission to keep our favorite non-Original hybrid in a cycle of hopelessness. Basically, anytime Tyler gets something nice, Klaus breaks it.

Michael Trevino, Tyler’s portrayer, had this to say toEW when asked about fans’ negative reactions to Tyler skipping town on Caroline so quickly after returning: “I just want to say everything will be explained, and I think Tyler will make it good once he shows up to The Originals…. I think everybody will be happy with Tyler’s reasoning when they see what he’s been up to and what he has planned.”

Are you excited to see Tyler in New Orleans? Let us know what you think about the first crossover character, and tell us who else you would like to see make the jump from Mystic Falls to New Orleans!

  • Polppa

    Couldn’t. Care. Less. He’s a prick.

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    I’m not the biggest fan of Tyler, but I’m curious to see what’s going to happen. I liked Tyler for a short time because he was a werewolf and I freaking love werewolves, but then Klaus turned him into a hybrid and I didn’t like him much anymore.

  • Tanvi Berwah

    I love Klaus, but the way he killed Mayor Lockwood was shocking af and I don’t see what else Tyler can do except want revenge, given the universe of these shows and all the revenge-anger making most of the plot. So yay for Tyler crossing over!

  • galad4ce

    Please, please leave Tyler out of both shows! I couldn’t care less about him, he is just so annoying!

  • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

    Meh. My guess is that the pack of werewolves he has been helping is the same pack of werewolves going after Hailey. Maybe POSSIBLY her family? But my guess is that it will come down to Hailey.

    While I do think the crossover makes sense for Tyler’s character, I hope that his character changes his approach at revenge or whatever because I simply cannot take Tyler serious as he is. Usually, all I see is need someone acting out of angst without a smart plan…which makes him look ridiculous…I guess we’ll see.

  • CGS

    Cautiosly optimistic, I *kinda* liked him in season one, and then BAM he was one of the best parts of the second season. His transformation episode was fantastic and sad and compelling, he did some great acting in that episode.

    • sam

      … but then after season 2 he became one of the most pointless and annoying characters on the show. You’re right season 2 was Tyler’s high point. But nobody cares anymore…

  • zzedemo

    Really wants to see Klaus with Caroline…..,..

    • hallie24

      join the club everyone does (pretty much) they are one of the biggest fan groups hopefully we will get our wish

  • meichel

    I love Klaus.. Wil love to see him with Caroline.

  • WhatTheGrace

    After watching The Originals, i really really like the show on the whole but i just hate Klaus, even though he killed A LOT, he was a much more durable character in TVD. Thank-God they have Elijah on that show because even Rebekah can be calous… but anyway..

    I really do hope they find something useful to do with Tyler character because i can very easily see him getting there and Klaus snapping his neck and then killing him within the first 20 minutes of the show!

  • hallie24

    To be honest I have never really liked the tyler character or forwood at all but tyler has been absent from tvd so long that i am not sure where they would’ve put him. I think the forwood breakup was for two reason’s one because i don’t think tyler will be back on tvd and two because i think by ending forwood it adds more fuel to the klaus/tyler fued. I have no doubt that the breakup he will blame on klaus as well it could be what will bring caroline there at some point. I am not sure if this is a crossover or tyler will be there for awhile from the sound of it he will be a there for awhile as a new adversary one who unlike marcel doesn’t have conflicted feelings for him. Then there is haley it does seem that they are pairing her with elijah but back when she had her ons with klaus he did mention that haley was in love tyler so we may see a triangle developing there. Also, i didn’t think that tyler was the one who saved haley but it may turn out to be him or he may have already been in new orleans with plan and have teamed up with the witches. Caroline told us that he was in the mountains helping a pack but he could have just said that to throw caroline off because caroline is very conflicted when it comes to klaus. I do have to say i am intriqued we will see what happens.

  • Psycomountainman

    yea i was happy for last weeks episode because i though we were getting rid of Tyler for good.i love where the originals is going and don’t what Tyler to ruin another show. would much rather Caroline go visit New Orleans instead

  • Apeksha

    Which character we would like to see next on The Originals from TVD? Seriously, is that even a question??? Caroline Forbes of course!!! And I would also like to see Katherine too….

  • Shedori

    Would love to see Klaus and Caroline hook up – Tyler’s character is just boring he should really just leave both shows

  • *A*

    I’d love to see Alexia ‘Lexi’ Branson ( Arielle Kebbel ) show up in New Orleans in flashbacks.

    Lexie was born in 1659, became a Vampire in 1680 under unknown circumstance at the age of 21, and didn’t meet Stefan until 1864.

    That leaves 184 years of unaccounted history for Lexie.

    I’d like to see Lexie be living in New Orleans when Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah arrived maybe even having a relationship with one of the Mikaelson boys or being a best girl pal for Rebekah.

    Arielle was so awesome when she began on TVD and Lexie was amazing then BAM before she even got the chance to shine they killed her off. This would be a great way to give the character of Lexie a second chance.

  • Riley Banks

    The minute he walked out on Caroline, I knew he’d show up on The Originals. With no more werewolves or hybrids on Vampire Diaries, there wasn’t really much of a place for him, except as Caroline’s bed warmer.

    Glad he won’t be going to waste, though.

  • Riley Banks

    As for Caroline… I am so over her. Then again, I’m pretty much over them all at the moment. There are only two people I continue to watch the show for. Damon, and Kathryn.

  • Elsa L

    I think tyler going to NO somehow will be good news for us Klaroline shippers, or at least i hope so.

  • hallie24

    Yes, i think it will put a riffle in klaus plan and give him a real adversary marcel hasn’t really been one? These two never really finished their s/l on tvd

  • Smoke

    I think eventually all characters should crossover. Maybe starting with Rebecca needing help from Damon and Alana. Then they need Caroline and her and Klaus becomes close, then BAM Tyler pops up.

    • Smoke

      He’d be more ruined then ever. At the hands of Klaus, his moms demise, lack of freedom, lost of home town, and love of his life.

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