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Dear CBS,

We know Hollywood can be a tough gig, and the risk of being original can seem less appealing than the idea of ‘let’s milk an idea that’s already popular until it’s run dry.’

However as a passionate Charmed fan, I feel you’re making a mistake with the idea of Charmed reboot (revealed on Friday), and here’s why…

We don’t need a reboot

In the words of Rose McGowan, “lame, lame, lame lamertons!” While the idea of more Charmed, anymore Charmed, does make me excited, I think we all know that it is simply too soon for a remake.

The show only ended in 2006, and the later seasons haven’t aged and still appear very modern. The actresses, while older, still don’t look that much older than when they were on the show.

A reboot would make sense in another 15-20 years, or an original movie could even be made as was done with Charlie’s Angels or Bewitched. But Charmed feels like it only ended yesterday.

Fans are still too attached to the original actresses of the show, and while they may tune in out of curiosity, ultimately there is not enough distance between the original ending and this reboot beginning. It will be too difficult to make them separate the two and appreciate the reboot as its own series.

It’s like reading a book then seeing the film adaptation straight away. You can’t help but compare the two when there’s not enough time distance between them.

Furthermore, with repeats of the original series on sometimes twice a day in many countries, why would people want to tune into a reboot over the original which is less than 10 years old?

Conclusion: Fans won’t accept it, and new viewers won’t see the point between tuning into the reboot when the original still hasn’t aged.

Why a Next Generation show wouldn’t work

A lot of fans are discussing the possibility of a “next generation” show, focusing on the children of the Charmed Ones, namely Chris and Wyatt who we got to see develop as characters on the show.

If CBS wants to do a new show based on Charmed, why not a Next Gen show rather than a reboot?

This idea is appealing and fans would like to see it, but unfortunately it wouldn’t work. Why? Because we’re dealing with live action television, meaning we have to deal with real people.

The series finale of Charmed gave us a glimpse of the Charmed Ones’ future, which was a practically demon-free life where they could raise their children and families in peace. By the time the Underworld was ready to start attacking witches again, the next generation was ready to take over.

This means that the Charmed Ones are alive and happy while their kids are in their 20s, meaning for a Next Generation show to make sense we would need the original cast back, including Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan and all of their love interests.

With Alyssa attached to Mistresses, Holly on Pretty Little Liars and Rose stating she won’t sign a five season TV contract again, trying to get the whole original cast back would be a logistical nightmare and one that probably just wouldn’t work from either reluctance from the actors or inability on them to take part.

Unless we are happy to see new actors and actresses take on the roles of Phoebe, Piper, Paige, Leo and even Chris or Wyatt? Yeah… I didn’t think so!

Conclusion: Leave the Next Gen story to comic books, where we don’t need to deal with real people!

Here’s a better idea: A ‘Charmed’ movie

If CBS really wants to cash in on the popularity of Charmed while still providing the fans with something that they want, then a Charmed movie in my opinion would be the best option.

In a potential movie there’s only one logical way to go, and that’s tackling the only storyline they never did: Bring back all four sisters.

The only story Charmed never fulfilled was bringing back Prue, so she could meet Paige and reunite with her sisters.

A two or three hour television movie would suffice. It would also be cheaper to make and be faster to film.

A shorter filming schedule would make it easier to get all four actresses and the supporting cast back to film together for a few months.

While I’m sure Shannon Doherty and Alyssa Milano have no intention of being in the same room again, I have faith they are both mature enough and enough time has past since Shannon’s departure for them to handle filming together for a month or two, rather than spending years together on a television series.

Conclusion: A movie gives the opportunity to present a storyline that no true Charmed fan would miss, is low risk because of Charmed’s popularity. If it’s a television movie, not a huge financial risk.

So CBS, the Power of Three is in your hands, it’s up to you what you do with it, but remember there is no Charmed without the Charmed fans.

MidNightPatronus is a PR professional with a journalism background and quite possibly the biggest Charmed fan you will ever meet.

This article was written by a Hypable user! Learn more and write your own right here.

  • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

    I’m a huge fan and will accept it if done correctly.

    Conclusion: You don’t speak for the entire fandom.

    • A.P.W.B.Dumbledore

      She was not speaking for the fandom, it is just an opinion article, this site is made up of them. I think their points were excellent. Everyone may not agree with them, but they were all true. The truth sucks in this situation, but sadly life is not fair, especially when it has to do with money.

      • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

        Sure felt like she was and I didn’t like it.

        Just giving my opinion too. :)

      • MC

        “I think we ALL know”, “fans won’t accept it”, “no TRUE Charmed fan would miss”, all sound like phrases that attempt to speak for the fandom to me, or at least the “true” fans (whatever that means). And while the author’s points about next generation stories not working may be based in fact, the rest of it was opinion. And opinion is not “truth.”

    • renamoretti1

      The problem is that the “fandom” is irrelevant. It wasn’t large enough to make the original into a real hit anyway.

      As for a remake, what makes you think it will be the one in a thousand that doesn’t blow?

      • Bee

        Then why are you even here at the first place if this fandom is “irrelevant”?????????

        • renamoretti1

          I got here through my Google news feed. I didn’t know you had to have fan credentials… ;)

          My point about fandom being irrelevant to the big picture is very salient in any case. Even in today’s fragmented market, a few thousand fans are really not all that important compared to the millions of non-dedicated-fans you need to please enough to tune in.

          In other words, a few thousand dedicated fans will make for a successful comic book these days, but still don’t make for a successful TV show.

          • Jake Criss

            That is a very skewed opinion. A new show can pick up old fans and a completely new set of fans. Come on, don’t be so petty.

          • renamoretti1

            Of course it can. That’s not the point I’m making. Fans tend to think they’re a lot more important to a show that they really are (and the press loves to cater to that opinion because fans are actually important to them given their small readership).

          • Bee

            yo I appreciated you were trying to be clever w/ your pov bout ‘today’s fragmented market’ blah blah blah, but don’t just threw in your opinion and said that “the problem is that the “fandom” is irrelevant”. Because believe it or not, this (Charmed) fandom would never be irrelevant.

            And so what if there’s only a few thousand fans that would be please enough bout this reboot, as long as they’re making it right and we love it, who gives a freaking care about the “non-dedicated-fans” anyway.

          • renamoretti1

            I didn’t say it was a “problem” per se. It was the “problem” with what was said…

            Fans can do what they want, but the idea that a few thousand people is relevant to the success or failure of a project is a falsehood.

            That said, the creators do appreciate having fans. It’s just not enough to make for a successful show.

          • Jesse Ross

            After reading further I see what your point is more clearly. However I think the hopes is not even to appeal to fans of the original but more to obtain a new following of dedicated fans. There are quite a bit more than a few thousand fans, however a great deal of those fans wont be happy with the reboot any way. Obtaining new viewership is what CBS is most likely hoping for.

      • Jesse Ross

        I think youre mistaken on the shows popularity. It ranked quite high in its time slot for many seasons. Flops dont run for 8 season. I do agree with you that a remake will suck as do most. But sadly people have proven remakes like Dallas can be successful….ewww

      • KJG

        You think it would have ever made 8 years without a strong fan base? There’s no such thing as an “irrelevant fandom” in entertainment. If you mean insufficient by today’s harsh standards, you may be right… but irrelevant; no.

        • renamoretti1

          Yes I do. It had better ratings than most of the rest of WBN and the trend was already starting then to renew flops (not that I’d call Charmed that since I rather liked it).

          Numbers is what counts, and only when the networks don’t have them does the ‘but it has rabid fans” spin become important as executives can’t come out and say “we renewed it because J.J. Abrams agreed to give me a job once I get fired for incompetence”, so they say “I renewed it because it had a logo with a hashtag which pleased the fans” (true story about the ridiculous renewal of super-flop Fringe).

          Super-Fans are nice for creators as they get a kick out of it (at least as long as they not hounded) but its overall audience that counts.

          It’s like at the movie theater nobody cares how big a fan you are if you buy the ticket.

    • MidnightPatronus

      Thank you for your feedback, it is meant to be an opinion piece and not represent the views of a larger fan group as a whole or speak on anyone’s behalf, just my own.

      My apologies if it came across that way.

      • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

        It’s ok. I like that you’re able to take criticism with grace. Kudos to you. :)

    • Jake Criss

      Agreed, speak for herself, not me. I want a reboot.

      • renamoretti1

        No reboots! No remakes! No re-inventions! no Adaptations!!

        How about original content?!!!

        • James Carrielies

          Your just a person thats not in love with charmed, there should be a reboot!!

          • renamoretti1

            Do you really think a reboot would be ANY good?

            I don’t.

            FOX is dying in the ratings (and quality-wise) thanks to a diet or remakes, reboots, spin-offs and adaptations of foreign shows and Kevin Reilly proudly promised more anti-creativity policies…

            US TV is dying from lack a creativity.

    • renamoretti1

      But there are no chances it would be “done correctly”. Not with the current executives calling the shots.

  • Lotte

    Honestly, I refuse to believe there aren’t great scripts floating around in HW, but the studious are too chicken to be innovative and to take a risk. I don’t want reboots especially from source material that is not even a bit over 5 years old (movies or TV shows). Dear Hollywood, stop being lazy by trying to copy material with a dedicated fan base, and just think of new concepts to create new fanbases. Charmed managed it once as many other TV shows did. It really cannot be that hard.

    • renamoretti1

      You are exactly right. There are plenty of original ideas around (and there wold be more if there was a market for them) but executives know they won’t lose their jobs if they do the remake of a show.

      They need to know they’ll lose their job if they flop with another remake and then we’ll get good TV back.

      Do hold your collective breath as the accountants are running the show and they just love those shows with “pre-awareness” and “undrlying rights”…

  • Marie

    I’ve seen Alyssa and Shannon tweet each other, so I’m speculating that the mysterious feud has blown over some.

    I would definitely prefer a film with the originals. Charmed was too big a part of my teenagerhood

    • Simone

      Yeah I’ve heard they made up when Holly got married, seems like they’re all good now.

  • Rachel

    I would definitely love a film with the originals, however I also think that a tv show that is within the same charmed universe but has nothing to do with the charmed ones or their kiddos would be great. The points you made about the reboot or next gen show are somethings I really hope they consider.

  • TheFirst

    I wouldn’t mind a reboot. The original show will always be there, no matter how bad the new show is (not that I’m thinking it’ll be bad, if done properly it could be awesome).

    Also, even though I’m a huge Charmed fan, the show was hardly a masterpiece so the new version could improve a lot of things. I am also sure there are three or four actresses out there who would make excellent charmed ones. They don’t even have to have the same name.
    By the way, did you guys Prue did meet Paige? They met in the comics and even though they couldn’t use Shannon Doherty’s likeness, they thought of a really beautiful story.

    • renamoretti1

      In what universe would a new version be “better”?

      Like the new Kojak was better? Like the new Ironside was better? Like the new Dallas was Better? Like the new Chalie’s Angels was better?

      They don’t know how to do “better” today.

      • TheFirst

        I didn’t exactly mean the new version was going to better, but maybe just as equally good. :) There are very little tv shows out there nowadays that are ‘perfect’, so if this reboot can improve at least some of the flaws I believe Charmed had, I will be a very happy fan :).

        I do understand your point though. Don’t get me started on the Charlie’s Angels reboot… Brr, that thing was awefull!

        • renamoretti1

          Thank you for the laugh about Charlie’s Angels! :)

    • Chris

      Where can I get the comics?! Sorry, I didn’t know there were Charmed comics!

      • MidnightPatronus

        I usually go for The Book Depository or you can get them on Amazon if you’re local comic book/pop culture store doesn’t stock them :) There are currently four volumes out, and apparently there will be another series of volumes coming out next year.

  • mi|kshake

    I’d be interested in a Next Gen show with Chris and Wyatt (although they prob couldn’t or wouldn’t get the original actors back)

  • renamoretti1

    The problem is that Charmed was never that “popular”. It was “popular for a show on WB”, but WB only had flops on its air (that’s why it folded!) except for Seventh Heaven.

    That said, my short answer is “No Remake, No Reboots, No Adaptation!!!!”

    I am sick and tired of the networks hating anything original.

  • ruby

    i would do anything to have cole back

    • http://lauraej.tumblr.com/ Laura Jurgensmeyer

      This. I just pretend that Coop doesn’t exist and that Cole came back.

  • Jnthn44

    if they think it’s soon enough to reboot Charmed, they might think it’s soon enough to reboot Buffy….which is unacceptable.

    • TheFirst

      Actually there was talk about a Buffy reboot one or two years ago. It was supposed to be a series of movies. Joss Whedon was not involved and the script was to be written by a first time screenwriter. Except for Buffy none of the other characters would appear.

      The movie was never made because the script was supposedly very, VERY bad. Also, like with this reboot the original actors (and Joss) made it known in public they didn’t like the plans for a reboot.

      • renamoretti1

        And if Joss Whedon says something is bad, it must be REALLY bad… It’s like Sarah Michelle Gellar saying someone can’t act…

        Sorry to be so negative, but this endless talk of remaking shows that weren’t all that good or successful because there is “pre-awareness” is what’s killing TV and has already killed film as far as I’m concerned.

    • renamoretti1

      Why would you reboot one of the most egregious flops of all time? A series that gave a template to the endlessly unsuccessful yet renewed trashy shows that crowd out real creation today?!!

  • Ryan Dickey

    i personally would love to see a movie with the power of four storyline which also includes all the kids of the sisters as well as there respective partners. There is still a lot of avenues for charmed to explore .I just hope they take time and consideration to the memory of the show to get the script right.

  • Kay

    HUGE Charmed fan here. Just happy to see others are too :)

    • MidnightPatronus

      Huge Charmed fan? Please be my friend! haha :)



  • brooke piggott

    i agree here ^^ a charmed movie would be much better! and plus the charmed set got destroyed in the last season of the original charmed so would they be able to rebuild the manor?

  • Elphaba

    The only way to go is to continue the origianal seasons but that wont work for several reasons… maybe in 30 years it will be a better idea…

  • nathan

    A next gen story wouldnt have to have the orignial cast back for every episode just a few scatered though the season. Put wyat and chris in their early 30s making the youngest kids in their mid 20s. Their parents wouldnt have to be around all the time

  • Justin

    I’d love to see a Next Gen show, and it wouldn’t bother me if they couldn’t have the original actors. As someone else said, you don’t really need the parents around often, so they could just have supporting guest appearances scattered through the series. This is, in my opinion, the best option for CBS, as it’s still a series that they can cash in on, and one I think fans would greatly appreciate. They might have shown a nice future for the Charmed Ones’ grandchildren, but that doesn’t mean that Wyatt’s generation didn’t put a stop to the Underworld the same way the Charmed Ones had.

    As for the movie idea, very recently Shannen Doherty has displayed hostility towards Alyssa Milano on a talk show. So I think that there still is enough resentment between the two that would keep them from working together on that. It’s unfortunate, but true. We might not know what happened between them to turn them from sisterly actresses (everyone said that they were REALLY close for the first couple seasons) into bitter rivals, but it’s obviously pretty deep. Such a shame too.

  • Rene Gonzalez


  • leylaa

    They should really do a movie!!!!! That would be so awesome!

  • PJ

    Very opinionated article.

    a set of women in their early 20s discovering magical powers in 2014 differs greatly from the same plot in the late 90s. That alone, plus new cast, a darker and more serious approach as well as better special fx should provide for a very appealing show about the Charmed universe.

    • MidnightPatronus

      If the show had ended in the late 90′s I would agree and wouldn’t have much of a problem with the reboot. But while the show may have started in the early 90s it didn’t end until 2006.

      As a result the later seasons haven’t aged yet, the show still looks very modern and I agree with Alyssa when she said it feels like it only ended yesterday.

      A reboot may be a great idea in another 15 years (or at least 10 years) but rebooting it now is just too soon.

  • Don Hopkins

    A Movie would definant
    ly be the best plan, Possibly a Mini Series Style, returning the Sisters (all 4) in there later years. Yes it would be different, but (Prue could return like Patty & Gramps in the series did). A plot could include Prue returning to warnof impending Demon action against them and then Prue is returned to life much as Patty was to aide in the battle against the pending doom.
    Wyatt & Chris of course are now involved in maintaining the safety of the innocents from any pending evil and with Leo in charge of Magic School the the whole cast can put on one spectacular Mini Series Type show. Bringing all the ORIGINAL CAST MEMBERS as well as the Next Generation together to fend offf the Demons & Underworld which could then lead into a NEW Next Generation Charmed Series. This would be great.
    & According to Alyssa & Shannon they are both communicating again and things are tolerant,
    It would be Great to have a Mini Series of three of Four or Five nights,or a Made for TV 2 or 3 part Movie. CHARMED FOREVER

  • Andreia

    BUT.. I don’t agree with a reboot, maybe.. i guess. I am thinking along the lines of Melinda Warren’s ancestry.. that there was another “charmed” ones, same line as hers so they would make those 3 far relatives with the Halliwells. Story is like, they have messed up lives, divorced parents, these 3 didn’t get along well even if they became witches, they learn the crafts so slow compared to the Halliwells, they almost die the beginning, they are NOT SISTERS they are cousins, but somehow something happened that made their blood as one. So they were like sisters by blood but not technically. they don’t live together, they don’t have the teamwork of the charmed ones it takes like 2-3 seasons to make them live together. the exact opposite of the charmed ones. they question everything too. existence, grand design. very anti-hero. darker version of charmed.

    • MidnightPatronus

      That is such an interesting idea, and I really like it – however I don’t think that would be called a reboot, that would be classified as a spin-off or at most a prequel.

      CBS at the moment want this reboot to be a remake the original series, such as what was done with the new Spiderman movies series, which is the idea I was more focused on discussing.

      There are some bonus stories about the Warren witches in the comic books which are really interesting, and there is a Charmed novel called ‘The Warren Witches’ which is a collection of short stories about the Warren witches before the Charmed ones existed which I really enjoyed – you might like to look at those too :)

      • renamoretti1

        The idea of remaking the same thing yet again is just akin to saying” we will make trash now.

        It is so depressing for the future of film and TV.

  • Glaciusx

    They should just follow the comics. Reboots are ridiculous.

  • Emma

    Brilliant! Perfect couldn’t have said it better! Wise words! I refuse to watch charmed if it’s new characters !! Xx

    • MidnightPatronus

      Thank you! :)

  • Amanda Corbie

    I fully agree that a reboot just wont work. They gave us a proper send off so much so that we not only got to see the next gen but the children after that. We got to see the book grow and to try and reboot the passion and feels that is Charmed is simply a no no.

    Then again its CBS executives and if my experience with Made in Jersey taught me anything that group got their degrees from cereal boxes and their understanding of what ppl want from ….

  • Simone

    I would be soooooo down and excited for a movie and I don’t know I think a next generation series could work.

  • hidden agenda

    I believe Charmed should return, but pick up where they left off with a whole new threat on the way one they didn’t see coming. Leo get his powers back, piper who I love with all my heart powers evolve along with phoebe embracing her empathy powers, and paige still getting in everything but the right thing. Paige always wants to be the older sister, but that is prue position as she should return as queen B!!! Love prue!!!!! i will see you guys in HW soon!!!! got a meeting there and looking to see you Holly!!!

  • MidnightPatronus


  • SuperSam

    Timelines have always been altered on the series, so I wouldn’t mind seeing a “next gen” show, or even a futuristic one, starring the charmed ones’ grandchildren. The original actresses could appear every now and then, via time travel/flashbacks/etc.

    It could also work the other way around, with a show about the sisters during high school with the older versions visiting from time to time (right, they didn’t have their powers back then… or so we thought).

    A TV movie starring all four sisters would be awesome but too short. If we’re about to get Charmed back, I want it as a series (*with* the original actresses guest starring from time to time, in their origial roles).

  • peper

    It was actually confirmed via Twitter that Alyssa Milano wants to do a charmed movie and asked all the girls including shannen doherty and Doherty wants to do it!!!!! Shocked but ecstatic at the same time. All the girls chatted via twitter and knixed the reboot idea for a series but would love to do a Charmed movie. I hope this is in the works and they are just waiting to surprise the whole world of Charmed fans. We definitly need some clarity with Prue and finally meeting Paige. We also need to know what happened with Wyatt and Chris and Phoebe’s daughters and Paiges Twins and Little Henry. There needs to be at least a prequel series to be able to cover and finalize a lot of the stuff that wasnt covered through the series.

    • MidnightPatronus

      I was very excited when I saw Alyssa tweet my article and say she would do a movie, almost fell off my chair when I saw it! Pity we didn’t get a ‘hell yes I’ll do it’ from Holly or Rose, but I could see them doing it. A movie with all four of them would make me very happy!

  • Charmed

    Movie would be amazing but no lame reboot

  • CharmedFan89

    I wasn’t very happy about the reboot at first, I suppose only because it’s a totally new idea and there are so many ways they could mess it up. But there is one way it could work. and here it is: Angel of Destiny approaches the Charmed Ones at the end of Season 8. Once again they get the offer to relinquish their powers and give up their destiny. Their destiny, the Charmed Destiny gets moved to three other sister witches. They get the book and a whitelighter and there we go. There would always be evil in the world so I don’t understand why the Charmed Ones, the most powerful good witches in the world, get a break in between the time when they fought demons and the time when their children would fight demons. It’s just too big a gap, and the sisters were promised a demon free life so many times, it wouldn’t make sense for them to have to fight any more.

    I think that with good actresses and maybe a better magical community, as in more fairies, vampires, werewolves and demons that actually look like they came from hell, NOT just actors in tacky leather outfits, the show could be good. The original was brilliant, that’s why we all love it so much, but it had a lot of flaws, and they can learn from those mistakes and gives us three more kickass witches to watch for another 8 years. think about it

  • shellyj94

    Im not bashing you or anything but could you further explain how the next generation charmed wouldnt work? I think with the right idea it could be done. Also, I would be interested if they brought in completely different charmed sisters. I know, I know they are “one of a kind” but what if there was some kind of twist? Maybe they werent the only charmed sisters out there? Maybe the originals lose their “Charmed” status or something. Like each generation spawns new Charmed Ones. Just an opinion/idea. No bashing please. I would always love, love, love the originals and no one could ever beat them but I already said goodbye to those characters and they deserve to rest. Give new charmed ones a chance. :)
    P.s A Charmed movie would be such a BIG tease. Lol Great idea though.

  • Daniel Viyah

    I agree with every word you typed. a next generation and/or reboot would suck. I would like to see a CHARMED MOVIE with the original cast and with the creator, Constance M. Burge behind the story. I believe she’s the only one who could understand the dynamic of the sisters and the story of their powers.

  • Zau

    I think that they should use the original actors but not focus on them that much, because if they don’t want to be in it they could come in as guest stars in a few of the episodes for the next generation instead of them being in a commitment.

  • Zau

    Like when the next generation visit home or something or need the parents help or something like that

  • James Carrielies

    Omg i watch like half a season every day i love charmed so much maybe because rose mcgowan dosent wanna sign a contract why dont they make paige be killed and prue resureccted from the dead so rose would only have to be on 1 or 2 episodes od charmed series 2 season 1 but start that off with the movie!!!

  • crystal

    I would to see the Charmed Movie! But I have not seen all of the shows!
    Some one please tell me who the 4th sister is? Were did she come from? Thanks every one!!

    • crystal

      Love to see* sorry for the Miss spell

  • Becca Soulia

    My problem with a remake is the series finale was very well done and very conclusive. I personally believe that a remake would sully the good name of charmed. The plotlines were flawless, and the cast had a chemistry that wouldn’t quit; you cant recreate that.

  • cutie

    Well, why couldn’t there be a movie of the sisters and then a tv series of the next charmed generation children all grown up. I think this would be something the fans would like. They could periodically have guess appearance of the original Charmed Actors. And I fail to see how it would be so hard to envision the Original Charmed actors with their teenage children in a TV series. The original actors are all old enough to have teenage children in real life. If not you could age them a bit with makeup! This is why you have actors. I can see it working both ways and being a success. Think it would be ashamed to wait 15 – 20 years for a remake or tv series.

  • dancedance1

    Yes. With you 100% . Cant do any movie or ahow without the main characters including shannen.

  • Shawndell Rivers

    Shannen Doherty Needs To Return As Prue For The Movie Make It Happen You Guys!

  • Jesse Ross

    I do not agree on a Charmed TV movie, nor do I believe a “reboot series” is going to work. Replacing the Charmed ones with new actresses is a novel and selfish idea on CBS’ part. In reality I think most fans would be too partial to the original cast to truly envelope the concept. There is no Charmed with out Holly, Alyssa and Rose. Hell I would even be ok with Shannon coming back. But remaking and recasting is almost insulting to the late Aron Spelling and to the three actresses who made Charmed what it was and is. Never mind the fact that the show and the fans are still relevant and abundant. Not enough time has passed for the old fans to follow and I doubt enough new fans with develop with reruns constantly playing. This is just my opinion but I am a die hard fan and have been since the shows inception.

  • Rony

    Who the hell is “SHANNON”???

  • Cheryl Sigouin

    Being a huge fan of the show, I do agree that it is too soon for a reboot. But a T.V movie would be a great idea. Then maybe even another one in a couple more years, to eventually (hopefully) lead up to a reboot. Providing all actors are willing and able. You push something like that back in action as a T.V series, it won’t fly as well as Alyssa did in that Halloween ep. (pun intended)

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