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A leaked Allegiant spoiler has many fans refusing to read the final Divergent book. Here’s why you should read it anyway (no spoilers).

This post is spoiler free, please respect this in the comments. You can discuss all those ‘Allegiant’ spoilers with your fellow readers here.

When a highly anticipated book is released, there is always the danger of spoilers. Some people love them, others hate them. And if the book leaks early, you can be sure that you’ll be seeing a lot more of them.

veronica roth allegiant spoilersFollowing the release of Allegiant, some of these spoilers have been confirmed within the fandom. And due to several particular choices by author Veronica Roth, it seems some fans are deciding not to read the book at all.

A lot happens in Allegiant, and Roth has made some choices that will not be universally accepted by fans of the series. However, it isn’t fair to reduce the entire story of Allegiant to one single event, whatever that event may be.

That is the problem with Allegiant spoilers. They are given as a snippet of information, without context or explanation. Everything seems worse when it is condensed in an angry tweet.

Allegiant is the final book in the Divergent trilogy. Part of the joy of this book is the reading experience itself, and knowing that (finally!) all of our questions will get answers.

Some fans will read the book for closure on a series they have loved – some will simply want to know what happens. There is no wrong way to read a book, but to refuse to read it simply because an author made a bold decision is unfair. If you were excited to read it two days ago, why has that suddenly changed?

Other people seem to be forgetting that, as an author, Roth doesn’t owe it to them to wrap up her story the way that they would wish. After all, this is her story, and her series. Really, we’re just lucky that she decided to share it with us in the first place.

Don’t get us wrong – Allegiant isn’t just 500 pages of revelations and curveballs (although there are a fair few of those). As we have come to expect after reading Divergent and Insurgent, there is plenty of action, and some much needed humour.

Roth also gives us some wonderful character moments, including the introduction of new characters, and the developing of relationships between characters we would never have expected. This might not be a book for everyone, but it isn’t a bad book.

Luckily for us, the Divergent fandom does not end here. The highly anticipated film adaptation is on its way, and there are three more Four short stories still to come. And if you didn’t enjoy the way Allegiant ended, there are plenty of ways to tell the story in the way you wanted, including fan-art and fan-fiction.

Just don’t deprive yourself of this closure and this experience simply because you might disagree with Roth. Don’t be deterred by any Allegiant spoilers you have stumbled across.

You don’t have to love Allegiant after you have finished it – you don’t even have to like it. What you should do is give it a chance. Read it, and then form your own opinions about the events that take place – in the context of the story, you may think about them differently.

And if you don’t, that’s your prerogative, just as it is Roth’s to tell her story the way that she wants to.

  • Jeff

    Tris dies? Ewww.

    • Riana-Tiana Menezes

      What part of “no spoilers” don’t you understand!

      • Jane

        People can’t read.

    • http://lauraej.tumblr.com/ Laura Jurgensmeyer

      Wow. Thanks for spoiling.

      • Jeff

        My pleasure, thanks for feeding.

  • Lovisa Andersson

    I never counted myself as a fan of Divergent – I only read the first book and then I wasn’t that interested in the movie (disliked the casting) or the second book.

    But the big spoiler I heard only made me more interested in reading the entire series, simply because it was such a bold decision.

    • Alyson

      Bold decision executed badly.

      • Shouldvereadharrypotteragain

        Bold decision that wasted my time.

  • Jane

    “Other people seem to be forgetting that, as an author, Roth doesn’t owe it to them to wrap up her story the way that they would wish. ”

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. You’d be surprised by the number of comments I’ve seen where the reader expresses the exact opposite sentiment. “We deserved an ending like such and such!” “Tris and Four belong to us and you let us down!” “How could you betray us like this?”

    Um, what?

    • Kris D

      i agree with you. while it wasnt the ending that i wanted, it was still an amazing ending. it was a bold choice and i applaud her for taking that risk. it may not please a lot of people, but it is somethign that we will be talking about for a long time (especially since the movie series is just beginning). i do hope that they keep it in the movie and not change it b/c of the fans

      • Jane

        I have a feeling that’s going to come up, after a couple of months, when “everyone” has read it and it’s fair game to discuss the ending openly. I’m sure that at some point during the later promotion of the movie, someone is going to ask the filmmakers if they will use the same ending for Allegiant, should they get to adapt the entire series, since the fan reaction was so visceral and disapproving.

        • Kris D

          but i think that if Roth has any pull then she probably won’t let them. i watched her on good morning america and it sounds like something she’s ready to fight for. and i’m sure she was prepared for this backlash so it doesnt surprise me that she’s confident with how she ended it

          • WISSAL

            yeah but you have to know selling the rights of your books to a production studio means basically giving up your rights and having no input when it comes to making decisions about the movies ! after all summit and lionsgate are just going to go with the version that will bring them more profit !

          • Kris D

            oh i know but some adaptations involve the writers. i know that harry potter and hunger games did (which might attribute to why they were so successful). i hope they let her in with this series.

          • Mary Mary

            If VR sold the rights for all three books to Summit Lionsgate it’s theirs to do whatever they want. Just like VR did with our emotions. I cant imagine they would only buy the rights to the first book because so many people were fan of the first two books but if they bought the whole franchise they are probable wetting themselves right about now. I happen to like the casting but damn VR did herself and Summit no favors for this goose egg of a book. Even if VR divulged the endgame to them I don’t think they really took into consideration the backlash it may have. Sorry VR Summit this is one former fan that has no interest in watching this movie with stupid ending. Like many have said you only have one chance to write the ending a trilogy and VR didn’t deliver. I know this is VR fan friendly blog but she screwed the pooch on this one. You can praise it all you want but it the masses and the $$$ that Summit will listen too.

          • Jane

            She delivered, she just didn’t deliver the way you expected her to, because you expect certain books to all end a certain way. Don’t do that.

          • dme

            The ending would have been fine IF it wouldn’t have felt so rushed/forced.. I’m sorry but Allegiant missed the hand hold and went off the rails.. The ending is not the only issue with the book..

          • Stephanie

            I totally agree, I think a lot of people are mad about the ending but I also think a lot of people are mad about the book in general. This book was nothing compared to the last 2. It was not believable, with little to no character development. I feel like Roth did herself a terrible injustice with this book. It does not showcase her talents and I’ll be surprised if any of her future books or even the movies will be as popular as Divergent was. I feel like a lot of people won’t even bother with it because they feel like they can’t rely on her to write a solid ending.

          • Carry

            Don’t get me wrong, I feel like the death of a main character in a dystopian setting is much needed in the YA genre. It is realistic and gritty and the truth to books emerged in violence and war. But this was poorly executed. The whole book was a tangle of mismatching plot twists and rushed storylines. Not worth the read

          • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

            No character development? Hm. That wasn’t my impression AT ALL.

          • gb0923

            Never have I been so amazed at a character’s developmemnt. I saw Tris’s character development in Divergent, hugely in insurgent, and maturely and lovely in Allegiant. And not just her. The book is golden.

          • leej

            exactly, waste of opportunity

          • Kris D

            i agree i feel like only tris and tobias were developed but we got nothing on caleb and peter and considering what happened with caleb, i would have hoped more especially in his relationship with tris. if that was developed more i probably would have understood the ending better and appreciated it more

          • gb0923

            I loved the book. I saw the lovely side of Tris, like I got to see with Jacob in Breaking Dawn. I thought the book was amazing and so full of emotion. I have sisters I hate, really, but I would have done what Tris did. Knowing that Caleb was acting positive in face of death I knew she would take his place – It’s Tris – Tobias might have stayed to stop her – I’m surprised but he was rushed to stop the city. This book was not rushed.

          • gb0923

            Also, and this might sound odd, but at least Tris got to get some action before her death. DIdn’t they get down before the departure?

          • Sheechiibii

            If she sold the rights to them then she won’t have an option. Yes, sometimes authors are allowed a say, but it’s the filmmakers who allow them it. If they want to change the ending, they have every right to do so, and nothing VR says can stop them if she sold them the rights.

        • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

          The fandom will settle down. Eventually. They are just reacting as emotionally as they are expected to what they read.

    • lmm

      I agree that Roth doesn’t owe her fans anything, and that “[it's her prerogative] to tell
      her story the way that she wants to.” But I think that a writer has a responsibility to tell a strong and logical story, and I didn’t find Allegiant’s plot twists or its ending very logical. I found it realistic as a situation, but not logical in the larger development of the series. The plot twists and themes in Harry Potter, for example, usually made sense and were clearly expressed; but in Allegiant I thought the plot was contrived (including the ending) and the themes preachy (especially in the epilogue) rather than subtly written.

      Some of the things that made Divergent such a strong piece of writing – Tris’s self-discovery, discovering her strength, power, and capacity for evil, etc. seem to be lost in Allegiant. She doesn’t seem to learn from her mistakes in Insurgent… she’s still making rash decisions, except this time we’re asked to believe she’s acting out of love for everyone rather than out of guilt as in Insurgent; the distinction seems very fuzzy to me. Tris and Tobias’s emotional struggles are well written but overall the plot doesn’t add up, and instead of developing as characters they both seem to be given an abrupt solution to their character flaws. For all its 500 pages the plot and character development is nowhere near as strong as Divergent… and I think Roth could’ve owed it to herself to tell a stronger story, given her talent. In Allegiant it feels like she was too busy building the outside world, and trying to talk about the themes of sacrifice, forgiveness, etc. that there’s limited chance for the main characters to overcome their own issues and grow (ie. Tris and Tobias do grow in their relationship, but in terms of their personal issues there was an easy fix for Tobias).

      • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

        I think the difference between Insurgent Tris and Allegiant Tris is that she finally understood what real sacrifice is. I saw growth. Both in Tris and most of all in Tobias. I thought Veronica stayed true to both as characters with her plot choices.

        And this is Marama’s point. Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation of the book, but everyone should make that call for themselves and that simply cannot happen without reading the book first.

        • Colin


          • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

            You came back to “Shhh” me? Really? New low.

    • Caroline

      I believe Roth did what she had and wanted to do. Yes I was a little sad about the ending but I am happy that Mrs.Roth had such a powerful ending. Long Live 4 & 6 and “Be Brave”.

  • Colin

    Marama, you’re awesome (and Book Hype is far and away my favorite podcast!!) but I have to generally disagree with you. I don’t think Allegiant is worth reading. At all. I think it was boring, and very poorly written. If the spoiler puts people off of reading it, I think they’re probably just better off for that. I have to think the Divergent series is floating from Summit-created hype, and Summit-created hype alone. I really don’t see how the material warrants it. At all. And Allegiant was the weakest bit.

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

      Because, believe or not, some people disagree with your opinion. And that’s OK. That’s the point. I loved the book as a whole. I thought it was moving and a very powerful exposition of what’s bravery, self-sacrifice, what it means to move on and carry on. The book spoke to me. I’m sure it did the same for other people.

      • Colin

        Okay. My only guess is that you and I read two different books.

        • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

          Might as well have. *shrug*

  • Caroline J.

    this is exactly the reason i’ve been staying away from anything allegiance-related until i finish reading it. i had no idea there was a huge spoiler going around and i’m glad the details of it haven’t reached me yet. i shall continue to do so by avoiding all allegiant coverage like the plague (this article being the obvious exception… lol… it said no spoilers… and i only read the top 2 comments).

  • zara

    There is nothing about allegiant that makes it a good book, so i won’t even bother trying to encourage fans to read it.

  • guest

    I havent read this yet…but it is sounding like a new Mockingjay.

    • Colin

      Except Mockingjay was a good book by an author made some very controversial, sometimes odd decisions, whereas Allegiant hardly deserved to be published, and then had an ending that was bafflingly dissatisfying.

      • Pipwig

        This sounds really saddening, given Mockingjay was pretty much the most disappointing of ending books for me. Btw, I haven’t read the Allegiant yet, but there seems to be a trend of dystopian endings that suck…

        • Alyssa

          You mean in imperfect societies things don’t always end up happy… Shock! I wonder how you all would feel about the Uglies series? Or A Song of Ice and Fire?

        • Barb

          @Pipwig I think you realized that dystopian can sucks jajaja Seriously I was telling my book buddies I will never get involved in another dystopian, ever. I’m a cry baby. Yep. I admit it. The possibilities of suffering are high with that kind of books. If I ever read another dystopian series I plan to wait for my ratings of the final book!

      • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

        Dude, chill out. Really. Some people DO hate Mockingjay with as much passion as you seem to hate everything Divergent. Don’t do this to yourself.

        • Colin

          Everyone, and I do mean *everyone*, understands this whole “everybody has their own opinion” thing that is such an annoyingly common internet comment. There is a certain point, however, when something is blatantly amateurish, for example, and is celebrated for no real reason other than movie studio-created hype. And at that point, At that point, I’m not going to waste time qualifying my Hypable comments with the requisite “I know it’s just my opinion” sentence.

          • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

            LOL! My comment was mostly in reference to dramatic tone that comes with the opinion, not necessarily the opinion itself. It was merely an observation based on what I’ve seen in other Divergent-posts as well. It’s OK. Your prerogative. Again, it was only an observation on my part. I think I’m allowed those, too.

  • Chris

    Ok, I read the book and it was worth it, but like in The Hunger Games series, I was so disappointed. Yes it is the author’s story, but had I known how it was going to end, I wouldn’t have read it in the first place. Now I really don’t even think I will go see the movies. :(

  • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

    I’m currently on Chapter 40 and have heroically avoided spoilers so far. I won’t risk looking at the comments, but I just wanted to say “Heck yeah, Marama!”. There’s really nothing to add. You said it all and you said it perfectly, Happy reading, everyone!

  • Beth

    I’m one of those people who read the last few pages before I finish reading the book (I know… gasp!). And though I knew how it ended, I read it anyway, and I grieved and cried right along with the characters. Ultimately, I feel that Roth was bold in her choice. But, more importantly, I feel that, unlike most post-apocalyptic authors, she was true to the nature of the world in which her characters live. So few characters in the series were spared from devastation; it’s unfair to expect that anyone, even the people we like best, would survive it. The book is totally worth the read if for no other reason than it challenges our senses of order and entitlement as readers.

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • Disappointed Reader

    WHAT THE HELL! Can’t believe I wasted my time over the last three days reading Allegiant for it to end like that. There is nothing to feel good about and there is nothing that makes me want to see any of the movies now. I have wasted enough time and money on this series. What a let down. Huge disappointment. I was a Veronica Roth fan until I read Allegiant, but no more. The plot was weak, the book was boring, and the ending sucked. My daughter is excited to read the book, and I want to tell her not to waste her time because I know she is going to hate it and be upset. So, I have that to look forward to. :( As of today, I will no longer recommend this series to anyone.

  • Gaby

    I understand she doesn’t owe us anything, it is her book. Just as it is my choice if I want to finish the book. I think I will finish it maybe in a few years when the movie comes out. What would be great is if they change the movie just like “My Sister’s Keeper.” For now it isn’t a book that I cannot stop reading like Divergent and Insurgent. This one I am about 12 chapters in and it doesn’t appeal to me, and now that I know a bit of what happens, it is going on the bottom of my to-read list.

  • Mira

    An amazing book with a great message……. It had an amazing ending but I hated it! I literally cited for like an hour

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

      Me too! Cried my way through the last 5 chapters and Epilogue….and even a little bit more after I finished. :(

  • annr

    No, Roth doesn’t owe the readers anything, but the same is true to the for us, the readers. We don’t owe her our business or loyalty either. Threatening her is completely wrong and uncalled for. It’s a book. You can make up your own ending and go with it. What I will do in the future is no longer purchase any of her books or get myself involved in her story-line until the entire series is finished and has proven itself worthy of my time to read. Also, It’s not really fair to compare her work to JK Rowling’s. JK Rowling intended to kill Ron but decided not to because she listened to feedback and realized people cared about the character too much. Plus she never killed the main character. Her story was well written, had full closure at the end and each character’s personality was different. I understand Roth is a new author and developing skills takes time and practice but as an amature and first written series is it wise to have this kind of twist? I was willing to overlook some writing flaws for a beautiful story. You have the power to create some happiness and hope in people’s lives, why not go with it. The world we live in is a fallen world with death, violence, sadness, crime, and broken hearts, why not close the series with hope? Even though there were a lot of deaths and sadness in the hunger games series, it had a broken, yet joyful and hopeful ending.

    • Alyssa

      I haven’t read this series, but no author has an obligation to give you the themes you want. Their job is to tell the story they want, and hope that it resonates the way they want. Obviously, this isn’t resonating the way she wanted with a lot of you fans, but she doesn’t owe anyone “hope,” especially if the characters followed reasonable, understandable paths as the plot proceeded.

      • Sheechiibii

        Of course not. It’s not a question of owing though, it’s a question of what would make a person choose to cause suffering when they could have caused happiness. I can’t understand it.

      • annr

        Sheechiibiiannr, that’s exactly my point. The feeling I get from the writer is that she loves to cause sadness and hurt her readers. She has the power to influence people especially teens and left them with hopelessness that was not neccessary. It actually doesn’t even make sense that it happened if you follow the storyline. If the end was justified and made me think, wow, that needed to happen, then ok but add some kind of other hope. It was like she thought of some quick afterthought situation to end the series sourly without hope.


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        Exactly my point. The feeling I get from the writer is that she loves to cause sadness and hurt her readers. She has the power to influence people especially teens and left them with hopelessness that was not neccessary. It actually doesn’t even make sense that it happened if you follow the storyline. If the end was justified and made me think, wow, that needed to happen, then ok but add some kind of other hope. It was like she thought of some quick afterthought situation to end the series sourly without hope.

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  • Sheechiibii

    I won’t be reading it because I can’t deal with main character deaths. I’ve seen enough death in my own life, I will not subject myself to reading about characters I love going through that too. I don’t think it’s unfair on anybody, least of all the author. She knew what she was doing when she chose the events that were written in the book. No book is worth reading if it’s going to put me through that type of pain. So don’t tell me I’m being unfair on an author by choosing not to read her book. It’s my money, my time, I’ll spend it in ways that give me enjoyment, not torment. Thanks.

  • gb0923

    When Veronica Roth wrote Divergent, Tris didn’t just belong to her, she became a part of the readers and belonged to them. Forget sales. All things aside, I would have done the same thing if I were Tris which is why it hurt, but I accept the book. I accept that Tris was the only person who could have stopped it all. She is a female, she is the first one to die in a love story in this fashion possibly. I would have rather had the entire city blow than Tris. Everyone as long as she lived. But she saved them. They all would still have been under the Compound’s influence. People have to accept that this trilogy is about an amazing person who dies tio save the city in the end.

  • Dom

    The ending actually raised my admiration for the whole series. For much of these books Tris is shown as being “special” (because of her bravery, selflessness, being Divergent, etc.), and this ending proved that while she is a remarkable heroine, she is not invincible; ultimately, she is still human. Idk, it just always bothers me when various supporting characters in books are killed off while the protagonists, despite being in the thick of the action, always seem to miraculously survive. But I guess that’s just what the fans demand – to the point where they feel cheated when the author ends a series another way.

  • Atleemirakle

    I personally really liked the ending. I felt like she really developed on Four more, recognizing that his fear landscape is an obsession not a gift. The ending really seemed to help Four grow as a character, to let go of his past and become a better person. Just like mockingjay I think it’s really important for the reader to experience loss in a dystopian novel. I felt personally more connected because I lost an important part of the novel that was really close to me. I love that the main message that I got from the novel was that bravery and self sacrifice are closely related to one another and it important to be brave even after a loss. I would defiantly recommend this novel to fans.

  • Marianne

    My issue with these appeals is that so much of the attention is focused on the ending and the reactions to it. While that is a beast in of itself, and imo deserves all the attention it’s getting, for better or worse, I don’t understand why the writer of this article didn’t touch the other aspects of the book that is much ore problematic and imo, why the ending was received so negatively.

    The failures of the book began with the indistinguishable voice with dual POV, the introduction of a new plot and dropped the plots of the previous books without resolution, the unrealistic decisions characters made throughout the book, and the underdeveloped characters that were simply plot devices to Tris’ and Four’s melodrama. Why aren’t all that addressed in here, when there are as many readers if not more, have problems with the book overall, not just the ending?

  • Barb

    Good argument. In my case I won’t feel deprived and I don’t need clousure. I do understand we should experience things for our selfs. But if we don’t like something and don’t want to try it, thats not a problem either. Well…maybe for some it is. Veronica Roth wrote her books and ended them how she wanted. Is her right. And readers who don’t like those kind of endings have the right to save themselves of the heartache. Even if it was done in a beautiful way. Loss is NOT beautiful. JA! many arguments and facts…and this is so easy. Let go. Let the authors do their thing. Let readers express their opinion. And the ones who wont read the book…yeah, left us alone too jaja

  • miicoufck1984

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  • Mackenzie

    There is literally no point in reading it though! I don’t know anyone who has heard the ending before they read it and is actually still reading it (including me). Like I’m so pissed off right now. Especially at Veronica Roth. I’m not watching the movie. And typically I reread series over and over and over again, but I just can’t with Divergent.

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