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Big News

Star Wars 7 has carried with it more hype than anyone could have reasonably expected, and everyone, including Hugo and Ender’s Game star Asa Butterfield, wants in on the action.

star-wars-7-han-solo-jr-asa-butterfieldIn an exclusive interview with Hypable for his upcoming film Ender’s Game, we asked Asa if cast-mate Harrison Ford has tried to Jedi mind trick the young actor into joining the cast of Star Wars 7.

According to allegedly leaked casting information, there are plenty of young roles available in the upcoming Star Wars sequel, but Butterfield doesn’t need Ford to use the force (as if he believed in all that force mumbo jumbo) to get him to accept a part.

“I’m trying to slip a word in,” said Butterfield at his Beverly Hills suite. “I’m writing him little notes and whispering into his [Harrison Ford's] ear when he’s asleep.” He cupped his hands around his mouth and mock-whispered, “Asa Butterfield…Han Solo Junior…”

Although it would be nice to assume that Butterfield has inside information about whether or not Han Solo Junior will appear in Star Wars 7, the actor also mentioned that he would like to portray James Bond in the future as well, so consider that as you’re preparing your salt for consumption.

We’ll have more from Butterfield on interpreting the science fiction legend, Ender Wiggin, as we grow closer to the release date for Ender’s Game. The film was screened for critics on Friday evening, and even though we’re currently being gagged, we can tell you that there’s plenty to be excited for as November 1st grows nearer.

More ‘Star Wars 7′ casting news

Aside from Asa Butterfield’s own personal ambitions, several rumors, leaks, and general discussions have exploded across the net as Star Wars 7 quickly becomes the most hyped film of all time. Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron have been rumored (and quickly debunked), as have the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch and Saoirse Ronan.

We won’t know for sure who has been cast and who hasn’t until at least Christmas, only two years from the film’s rumored release date.

Would you be excited to see Asa Butterfield play Han Solo Junior in Star Wars 7?

  • Aaron

    Yes…just yes.

  • Jay

    Any role he plays, he nails it! Seriously, he can become whoever he wants to be.

  • ElinaBfb

    Yes, I would!!!
    He’ll be a perf Han Solo Junior.

  • wellspring

    …he literally looks like a tiny sherlock in this photo…

    • Shelly

      That photo is so adorable!

  • Rob Buck

    Han Solo Junior? You mean Anakin Solo? or Jacen Solo?

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Louie Schuth

      The new sequels are reportedly all-new stories that basically ignore the expanded universe, so nobody really knows the names of any new characters.

  • Castinghub

    He would do a great job :)

  • Colin


  • ArgyleShmargyle

    Hamish! :-)

  • Trent Taylor

    “Star Wars 7 has carried with it more hype than anyone could have reasonably expected”

    No. I am pretty sure we all expected this much hype.

    • Brandon Engelman

      Yeah seriously, if not more.

  • wildcard

    i say no cause he already made a film with Ford. Plus he looks like the twin brother of Emma Stone that was in Easy A. as a Star Wars fan since the start, i say no. Go with someone thats new. I dont want to see too many well known faces in hollywood for this. Because then you would have another Oceans Eleven….

  • secure214


  • Matt Walker

    Way too young to play Han Solo’s kid. They will cast someone in their late 20′s, early 30′s.

  • Rebecca

    You know what I think would be a great twist? If Han and Leia did marry, but had only daughters. Yes, I know it’s likely they wouldn’t be much younger than nineteen if Star Wars biology matches our world’s, but why not have Ann Solo instead of HSJ?

    (This coming from someone who read and loved the SWEU books involving the Solo kids.)

  • GnatB

    If they play their cards right, any of the solo children (though at this point there’s only one surviving) will be late 30′s early 40′s.
    That would let them skip the books. Give people who haven’t read them incentive to maybe find out some of the backstory to the characters, while not invalidating what occurs in the books.
    More money for Disney that way.

    Then center the story on Luke’s son, who would be around 20.

  • Bailey

    There is no “Han Solo Jr” but Asa would make a good Jacen Solo

  • pj

    would make a great percy jackson

  • Marinique

    Well the kid better be named either Jacen Solo or Anakin Solo or I’m going to have fits. Hans Solo Jr. indeed….

  • Kylie Prescott

    He can pull off any role, imho. He’s one stellar young actor.

  • Jarnunvosk

    I wouldn’t half mind him playing Anakin Solo. But if they try to cast him as “Han Solo Jr.” I will be furious.

  • NotCool

    It’s a new story with a male in his early twenties and a female in her late teens. A fried of mine auditioned for it. The name of the male currently is “Thomas” but its bound to change.

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