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New intel on Glee season 5, episodes 5 and 6 indicates what songs will be performed in the coming weeks.

Glee season 5, episode 5 titled “The End of Twerk” (title confirmed by creator Ryan Murphy) will have the following songs and appears to catch up on several new and old pop hits:

- “You are Woman, I am Man” from Funny Girl
- “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke
- “If I Were A Boy” by Beyonce
- “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus
- “On Our Way” (unknown artist)

No word yet if any characters will be riding wrecking balls naked or dancing with oversized teddy bears. The episode airs November 14.

Episode 6 appears to be a Billy Joel tribute titled “Movin’ Out” and will include songs solely by the legendary piano artist. It airs November 21.

- “Movin’ Out”
- “Piano Man”
- “My Life”
- “Honesty”
- “An Innocent Man”
- “Just the Way You Are”

In recent weeks we learned that Glee season 5′s fourth episode will be a Lady Gaga and Katy Perry face-off just in time for their new albums. Songs set to be performed include “Applause” and “Marry the Night” by Gaga and “Roar” and “Wide Awake” by Perry. American Idol contestant Adam Lambert will have a guest role on the episode. You can learn more about this storyline in our previous report.

Before these episodes, Fox will air its Cory Monteith tribute this Thursday at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific. All six songs from the episode are now online for your listening pleasure.

Creator Ryan Murphy noted that the cast and crew needed a break after filming the Monteith tribute, so the show will go on hiatus after this Thursday and return on November 7.

Thanks to MJs Big Blog for the song information.

  • Megan

    Get ready for an awful, auto-toned Blurred Lines.. but Billy Joel doesn’t sound too bad.

    • Gary65

      I’m less worried about that and more worried about the explosion of sexist nonsense the performance will bring up.

  • Mike

    Whelp. Guess which episode of Glee I won’t be watching! (Hint: It’s the one with the annoying summer song about using women).

  • http://kaywinnnet.tumblr.com/ Sasha

    This isn’t a surprise, but I still made the kind of face you’d find on Rachel Berry when she finds one of her peers’ solos distasteful.

  • Dasher

    Enough with the themed weeks!!! How about they have songs that are relevant to the plot and characters

    • I<3Books

      I bow down to your intelligence.

      • Dasher

        Thanks for the ego boost!

    • Allison L.

      you are reading my mind! how about finding songs that fit the plot, rather that creating (poor) plots to fit the songs!

      • Dasher

        Unfortunately I don’t see that happening any time soon. They’ll just make some meta reference made by Kitty or Artie saying “another themed week? Haven’t we done that enough?” Rather than actually addressing the issue

    • alexa


  • Jack F

    “It’s My Party” by Jessie J and “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke is the reason why I HATE modern pop music and pop radio. Blurred Lines absolutely awful it’s not a good song and the random WOO in the song is so stupid and annoying.
    Thanks, Glee. Nothing is officially confirmed though so i can only hope…
    However I am a major fan of Billy Joel so that should good be good.

  • Steph

    I am absolutely sick and tired of ‘Blurred Lines’ propagating rape culture. Just kill it, please!

  • Marie

    I thought Ryan was trolling when he said episode 5 was called the end of twerk, but I guess not. I don’t know if I can watch this. . .Like, this is only going to mess up their sinking ratings even more.

    • A Person

      Why do you comment on every Glee post with practically the same negativity all the time? Your opinion doesn’t over ride the vast majority who watch the show because they enjoy it. It’s like you watch it to talk crap about the plot lines on here.

      • Marie

        Vast majority? The vast majority I see also talk crap about it.

        If you think an episode with Blurred Lines and a Miley song is a good idea (and it’ll probably involve twerking), good for you. I’m as entitled to hate on the show when they mess it up, as you are entitled to like it.

        I’m really over this debate on the Glee posts over here. Everyone has their right to express their opinion, whether it’s positive or negative (and there were times in season 4 I actually was pretty positive). And I actually liked the opening episode, and I don’t forsee myself saying anything bad about the Finn tribute.

        If my negativity bothers you, just ignore it. Talk to the other people who are enjoying the show, or present me with an argument as to why this is a good idea. But I can voice my opinion about the show however I’d like.

        • Kristin

          I understand you 100%. I have been a faithful Glee viewer since season one but am almost always disappointed. One of the more frustrating things, to me, is that I know the writers pay attention to what we write on sites like this. It seems like they don’t take our advice on how to make the show better because they don’t want us to like it. They want it to be a “cult” show so they’re pushing away viewers. I know this because they are constantly making fun of themselves in the show by expressing our opinions. Maybe they think they’re being funny, but they’re not. It’s like they’re saying, “Oh, you’re a loyal viewer with a valid opinion on how to make the show better? That’s sweet, now go play and leave the writing to us.” It’s condescending but, damn it, I can’t stop watching!!!

          The thing is, I thought season 4 started out really strong. There was so much potential! I fell in love with Marley right away and the NYC scenario seemed like a great change of pace. However, after a few episodes, I was back to asking, “Why???” The NYC plot stayed consistently awesome to me, even the Brody storyline. It’s the Lima plot that I have trouble with. Sugar and Joe deserved more lines (by the way, where did Joe go?), Rory deserved a place in New Directions much more than Unique, and what is with all of the recycled characters? There are so many untapped personalities out there that the show could write in to keep us interested, but they choose to give us a half-assed version of what we had before. Also, with all the PSA episodes with Marley, I’ve lost interest in her character. I thought the bulimia storyline seemed out of character. In the first episode, she was the one with confidence. She didn’t care that her mom looked the way she did. Then, she gets bulimia because she doesn’t want to look like her mom? What? I feel sorry for the actors that are in New Directions now, it’s going to be hard to get directors to take them seriously after this.

          • Marie

            I think I was on-board with season 4 until the bulemia storyline, then I was on for Dynamic Duets, and then I stopped caring, largely. :-P

  • Guest

    I watched the glee pilot today and I cried so hard for what it use to be and what it meant to me.
    I’ve said this before; I’m hanging in for the Cory tribute and I’m done with it for good.

    • Marie

      Props to you for being a more determined person than me. Glee is my crack, and I just can’t kick it, no matter how much I want to.

  • Marie

    Also, they already did Piano Man in season 1 with Neil Patrick Harris and Will. . .?

    • Jack F

      that wasn’t a proper recording of the song, they barely sing it and it was just them in a bar.

      • Marie

        Oooh, ok. I wasn’t watching in season 1 at the time and I never bothered to look for a proper recording. Still, they’re going to try to beat NPH? Shame on them.

  • Tomboy

    remember the time Ryder confided in the glee club that he was raped/molested as a child by his babysitter and the glee boys laughed it off and literally suggested it’s every teenage boy’s dream?
    yeah… G.L.E.E.

    • http://kaywinnnet.tumblr.com/ Sasha

      I didn’t watch last season, but, ICK, that happened? Fox should just do humanity a favor and ax this show.

      • Marie

        You did yourself a favor.

        • me

          Marie, if you don’t like the show, why do you watch it?

          • Marie

            Attachment to the cast, a sense of completion, and they sometimes have a good moment.

          • me

            That seems fair. But please do remember that some people actually enjoy this show, and it can be really upsetting as a fan to see certain people consistently and reliably bashing the show online. Obviously, the show isn’t going to please everyone, and I’m not asking you to enjoy it, but just try to respect the fact that other people do enjoy it. :)

          • jen

            Someone else not liking something that you like or not liking it to the same extent that you do shouldn’t ruin your experience of said thing. It might be equally as upsetting to her to hear people constantly praising something in the show that she found to be offensive or hurtful.

          • me

            I get that, but saying “you did yourself a favor” by not watching the show is different from saying “I personally don’t care for it.” I think it’s important to recognize that some people do enjoy the show and not try to pin your dislike of it on everyone.

          • HausGaga

            Don’t pin your like of it on everyone.

          • Me

            I’m not asking anyone to like it, so I’m surprised you are saying I’m pinning my liking of it on everyone. I’m asking that people speak just for their own opinions, which I don’t think is too unreasonable. The part I took issue with was the “you did yourself a favor” a comment, as it attempts to speak for others than the author.

          • alexa

            the internet (especially a website like this) is an open forum.
            that person has as much right to bash the show as you have to praise it. it’s unfair to say “please dont post your opinion cause it offends me and people who feel the same as me”
            if seeing criticism is “upsetting” than the internet might not be the best place for you,

  • ComeAlongPond

    Because offending your already declining audience is totally a good idea Glee.

  • DrWho-Glee-HP-Fan

    If this was season 1, I’d hope and pray that them using Blurred Lines was to point out the terrible messages behind it….but alas 5 years later it’s just whatever matches the headlines. If this show had always been terrible I’d shrug and say whatever, but the writers have just gotten lazy. They proved that they were capable in all of season 1 and a few good episodes throughout seasons 2-4, but overall it’s become about iTunes sales and I don’t even know what becuase it’s obviously not ratings….Frankly it’s just disappointing.

  • Klaine Is On Fire ♥

    Why do they have to sing Blurred Lines!? It’s a horrible song! Message-wise and song-wise!

  • Megan Slife

    Turning away from Blurred Lines for a moment.. Glee needs to stay away from Beyonce unless they’re going to give it someone who can actually sing her music.
    Halo/Walking on Sunshine was fantastic but it went downhill from there. Girls (Run the World) was atrocious vocally and Diva sounded like a Kidz Bop ripoff.

    I love Queen Bey, do her justice and give If I Were a Boy to one very vocally talented person.

    • Mike

      Naya Rivera.

      • alexacadia

        i just got chills, this would be a good breakup song to send dani/demi off too…. ooooooh

        • jen

          How so? The song is about a girl telling her boyfriend that it is easier to be a guy because they can act/say/do what they want and “never get confronted for it”, and that she would treat a girl better than he treated her and be “a better man”. I don’t see how that could relate to a lesbian relationship, breaking up or otherwise.

          • alexacadia

            i’ve seen it used as a breakup song in a fanfiction called “eyes closed to fingers crossed”… santana sang it about brittany, and i know that it’s probably just that context that i’m taking it from, but since i read that story i’ve always heard it as santana missing brittany and expressing her regret that (as compared to artie) she couldn’t be enough. it’s totally biased because of that story, i know, but i guess the song could be interpreted as just a general regret? i don’t know, they could easily go with it. i’d rather hear naya sing it as a slightly out-of-context breakup than say, a sectionals performance or whatever. plus, i know they’re writing off demi’s character, and this would be a good song for her to sing (same with wrecking ball, i suppose, but oh well).

    • Cathy0001

      Unique has the pipes and it would be great from a transgirl. Yes, it would have been great for Santana if they had used it right after Brit choose to stay with Sam if you only go by the title, not by the words. Since the song is about how boys get away with sh*t that girls get called out on maybe Bree will sing it after having to do a walk of shame after her hookup with Jake? No, dream on.

  • Will

    On Our Way is most likely by the Royal Concept. It’s a Mumford and Sons/fun. type song.

  • Ultron

    Kill yourself Glee.

  • Tomas

    Am I the only one who thinks Glee is getting much better since season 4?

    • Binny


  • littledamnhero


  • ZofTheTwiHard

    Oh, wow. Finn’s tribute really should be the last episode ever. This is getting worse and worse.

    • alexa

      Lea has said she didn’t want it to be. She said it’s really helpful/thereputic for her and the rest of the cast/crew to be together and doing what they love in this hard time.

      also, do you really think Corey would want to see the show he loved and put so much work into cancelled?

      i don’t see how canceling it does anything for anyone

      • ZofTheTwiHard

        It’s my personal opinion. No one else has to relate to it.

  • Carolyn

    I don’t usually get pissed about these types of things, but I am pissed Glee is (most likely) doing The Royal Concept. Especially in the same episode as Blurred Lines. Which is truly just the most heinous song.

  • glee fan

    I thought hypable didn’t post song titles in headlines… I’m really trying not to be spoiled before episodes. Maybe I’ll just have to stop visiting hypable :(

  • hymax11

    Can I just say glee is totally screwing up the space time continuum. In the glee world it is still spring of 2013. Both of these songs wouldn’t even be out yet.

  • Baylee

    Are you kidding me? Glee used to be so full of heart, not only that but it actually had, uh, I don’t know, reason behind their music and meaning? The actors are amazing, I mean just look back on seasons 1 and 2. And we know the writers have the capability to make this show the ground breaking, inspiring, amazing show it used to be, but it seems like they just want to stick with society, to be in the media and all that crap. But it never used to be about that. It was about following your dreams and overcoming all of your obstacles. Now its about singing the latest summer song or mentioning the latest scandal in pop culture. I’m always going to continue to watch, I have too much of an attachment to the characters and actors, considering everything they’ve helped me through. But these new charcters don’t help me through anything. Even Marleys eating disorder. Thats something I should have been able to realate too, after all I went through the same thing. But nothing, it didn’t help at all. Glee used to make me feel good about myself. It made me feel special. I wish glee could make us feel like that again. And singing blurred lines isn’t gonna cut it, ryan. Nothings relatable anymore.

  • Kadma Sixx

    So this is simple: I’m hangin on because I’m attached to Rachel, Santana, Sam, Blaine and Kurt. I’m gettin sick of the themed weeks brining nothing to the already uneisting plot. I never thought they would use such an awful song like Blurre Lines, everything about it is wrong, doesn’t matter that they change the lyrics maybe so it doesn’t say “I’ll break your ass in two” (or something like that…) it is still WRONG.

    Honestly, since last season I even skip the parts where the ‘new kids’ sing, is boring, is predicatable and UGH. They need to do something about it other than try to make a ridiculous remake of the first three season’s plots. Writers whould really get at it, and fit the songs into the show, not the show into what’s hot this summer, like they used to.

  • Liderc

    Anyone else hate Blurred Lines? It is literally one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. I’m not talking about the controversial lyrics, I’m talking about the song itself. Anytime I hear it on the radio I have to turn it because it’s like the worst thing I’ve ever heard. I have no idea why so many people love that song.

  • Tasha

    Blurred lines isnt about rape? Read the lyrics.

  • lizzy

    i love the show but i am sad that they are ending at season 6 nest year in 2014 :)

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