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Glee’s Cory Monteith tribute episode will kick off a season-long struggle for the character of Rachel.

Speaking about this Thursday’s Glee season 5, episode 3 “The Quarterback,” Murphy says that Finn’s death will be a small part of future episodes in that Rachel will be trying to cope with the departure of her boyfriend. “She struggles with it [the loss] all season,” he says in a new interview with TV Week Australia, adding, “It’s not just done, buried and goodbye.”

The series creator says that actress Lea Michele (who dated Monteith in real life before his death in July) was very involved with filming the entire episode. “She was actually deeply in it [on set] – her story kicks in during the last half,” Murphy says. “It was very brave of her to do, because there were some cast members, who we won’t name, who didn’t want to do a grief episode, didn’t want to do a memorial episode. So, Lea really put herself in the bottom of the heap and soldiered on.”

Murphy also revealed that Michele personally selected the song she would perform in tribute to Monteith. That song is “Make You Feel My Love” and you can listen to it in our previous story.

“It was a very personal one for her and Cory,” he said. “She’s ultimately the person who approved and chose that song. She wanted to do something personal. I don’t think she’ll ever share why she chose that song. It was very sad; everybody was wrecked. It was really hard.”

“The Quarterback” airs this Thursday at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific on Fox.

  • Marie

    She better struggle with the loss all season, or I’m going Lima Heights Adjacent on someone.

    • Marie

      Which, btw, I don’t mean in a “I want her to suffer” kind of way, but in a “that is the logical thing” way. It doesn’t mean I want her crying all the time, or being sad all the time. Seeing her move on is important, but it doesn’t happen in an episode.

  • Julia

    I feel like not wanting to do a tribute episode for an actor who played the lead on that show is the most asshole move. I get way some people didn’t necessarally want a Cory tribute at the Emmy’s, but a tribute on Glee just seems natural and obvious.
    Whoever that was, shame on that person.

    • nahte91

      I think Ryan’s choice of words, “not wanted” can be easily misinterpreted. I would guess it was more that Lea happened to push for one, which surprised Ryan because he thought she might be too devastated to want to go through that on-screen, but some others who you might expect to struggle less struggled more, rather than they pushed NOT to have a tribute ep. There’s a difference between a.) pushing to not have one and b.) not feeling you’re emotionally ready to do it. Point is, they all ended up putting on a brave face, especially Lea.

      • RamblingBabbles

        A reason why Ryan Murphy should just keep his mouth shut because it’s starting to feel like he’s milking this episode way more than he should. He shouldn’t have said that about the cast because he has no right to judge how this said person is dealing with his or her grief. For all we know, that person just couldn’t do it because it woulld be too overwhelming. At the very least, he should have chosen his words more carefully.

    • Guest

      A reason why Ryan Murphy should just keep his mouth shut because it’s starting to feel like he’s milking this episode way more than he should. He shouldn’t have said that about the cast because he has no right to judge how this person is dealing with his or her grief. For all we know, that person just couldn’t do it because it woulld be too overwhelming. At the very least, he should have chosen his words more carefully.

  • http://kaywinnnet.tumblr.com/ Sasha

    Shine on Lea. <3 Love to you.

  • Simone

    Ouch, that is going to be hard on poor Lea. I like this because it means Finn’s death isn’t something that just be dropped but the poor girl probably just wants to try and get back to some normalcy.

  • Lotte

    Shame on Ryan Muprhy for throwing some actors under the bus. Yeah, he didn’t name anyone, but everyone has the right to deal with grief differently. All the actors have the right to say they don’t want to commercialize Cory’s death. They don’ t need to explain it and Ryan Murphy has no right to blame them for thinking differently.

    Judging from songs, the tribute will be done right. But Ryan Murphy should just stop giving interviews. Everyone, even non-fans will watch this episode. He should care about saving the rest of the season, as currently the ratings are a disaster, then to promote the one episode they really do not need any promotion at all.

    I am not a Finchel shipper (never have been), but I’ll be pissed if she gets a new love interest soon. Later during the next season, for sure, but hopefully they focus on her career and ambitions for now.

    • mezzalenko

      Totally agree with everything you said. It seems to me that by “some people” that may include Diana Agron. There’s so many rumours flying around that “one of the directors” and a “key main character” of the show didn’t want her to return for it because they felt “she wasn’t a team player” and didn’t want her “profiting from the hard work put into the tribute episode”. It really seems to me that Murphy is starting to milk this a bit, which is terrible because all the cast are going through real emotions. He has no right to judge them for not wanting to be a part of it. I have a strong feeling Diana refused to be a part of the episode for that very reason – that she didn’t want to be a part of what she felt was wrong.
      I really want to believe that not only (and especially) Lea but all the cast truly within their hearts wanted to do this episode and felt it was the right thing to do, and not because Murphy and the other directors convinced them to do it for ratings purposes, etc. But he has no right to be so pointed in his comment about certain actors not wanting to take part. He had the decency to not name names, but in making that comment it’s almost as bad as naming and shaming someone/ some people for feeling what they felt and not wanting to take part. It’s a bit awful.

      • Sparkly

        I believe I read somewhere that Dianna wasn’t even invited. Apparently, she and Ryan never got along.

        • Teranel

          Yeah, I was under the impression that she wanted to be a part of it and wasn’t invited. I wonder what the real story is there.

        • mezzalenko

          Yeah I’ve been reading those rumours too. It’s weird… There’s been rumours that Lea Michele also campaigned to not have her included in this episode and “sharing in the glory” of the tribute. I always thought they got along. I don’t get the whole “not a team player” thing. She is always in contact with the cast of Glee, she was at Amber’s first night of DWTS, she wrote that beautiful piece after Cory’s death….

          First Ryan Murphy came out and said people approached him to be part of the episode, seemingly in response to Dianna saying she wasn’t asked back in an interview and now this rumour? It’s all a bit smelly to me! I’m not sure what I think.

  • Me

    I just need Lea to say something. That she supports this whole heartedly. I’m not judging it, I’m just a little uncomfortable.

  • missxsteph21

    I think it makes sense that Rachel continues to deal with Finn’s death after the tribute episode. She did love him a lot and a death of a boyfriend isn’t something you can just forget that easily. Plus Lea is going to be dealing with it in real life too. I think its a good move, and hopefully means Rachel will throw herself into broadway and trying to make it as a struggling broadway actress…and not focus on not having a love interest. I doubt she will have one this season, maybe at the end, but definitely not right away.

    • Katherine

      I agree – also I think it might be healing for Lea as well and a way to work through her grief.

      She’ll certainly be “acting what she knows.”

  • Daisy

    So, basically Lea has to “relive” her agony, pain, and trauma of losing her boyfriend throughout the season every single day – even if she herself may be WANTING to get back to some sense of “normalcy” in real life. I’m not sure how I would look at that. On the one hand, “reliving” the pain does seem cathartic to a certain extent (because you become “immune” to the loss after being repeatedly exposed to it). But, being reminded about it throughout the ENTIRE season? I just wish Rachel could get back some kind of normalcy towards the end of the season. Yes, grieving is important, and we all have our methods of expressing grief. I’m not denying that. But, for how long? I apologize if I sound insensitive, but you cannot keep grieving forever. I just wish they made Rachel as strong as Lea herself is.

    I just hope the folks at Glee look after her properly on set. I can only imagine how traumatic it must be for her to go through something tragic like this in real life, and then be reminded of her loss over and over again, and “relive” it all over again – almost kind of exposing her “private” emotions on screen.

  • Stephanie Evans

    A part of me is glad of the effect this will have on rachel, a part of me worries for Lea. Her acting seems a bit forced right now, and I noticed that when she’s on screen she moves a bit faster than she used to. Like she’s trying to get it over with as quickly as possible. Maybe once her on-screen counterpart is dealing with the same emotions she is, it will come across more natural.

    But I can’t help but worry about the effect this will have on Lea. At the very least I hope they give her some say in what happens with her character in terms of that.

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