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As they plan the Boy Meets World spinoff’s Girl Meets World full season, Disney Channel has decided to drop Cory and Topanga’s older son from the show.

The role of Elliot was to be played by Teo Halm (above left) who appears to have shot a few episodes but was then dropped, the actor revealed this weekend:

As you can see in the thread above, co-star Danielle Fishel (Topanga) voiced her support for the young actor who was to play her and Cory’s son.

The character was described as being dedicated “toward using Riley as his wrestling practice dummy” and a “good-hearted teenager who may have inherited the ‘Eric Matthews Algernon’ gene, so his parents worry he might lose intelligence as time goes on, much like his uncle did.”

The duo’s daughter Riley, who the show centers upon, will now have just a younger brother played by August Maturo. Riley is played by Rowan Blanchard (pictured above right)

Disney Channel is currently shooting a full season of Girl Meets World and plans to premiere the show in early 2014.

It is typical for a show to drop a character when going from pilot development to full season development, but the news is surely sad for the actor who thought he was about to be a part of a big new television show.

  • PabloRuiz7

    But…If he was the Eric of this show…there won’t be an Eric character? I certainly hope there’s a Plays With Squirrels character then.

    • Daniel Stuart

      Can we just have the Plays With Squirrels manifesto appear in the library or in a bookstore window. It would be an awesome easter egg.

  • Sarah Gilligan

    I can somewhat understand changing up the dynamics of the family. I mean if they made Girl Meets World with an ‘Eric-like’ older brother and a ‘Cory-like’ middle child it would be almost the same exact show. Making Riley the oldest child brings up new challenges and situations.

  • Connor

    At first I thought that guy looked like a girl with a short hair, then realized its a guy.Whoops.

  • Riana-Tiana Menezes

    *crosses fingers while chanting: please don’t turn this into a stupid Disney show please dont turn this into a stupid Disney show please don’t turn this into a stupid Disney show*

  • guest

    I feel bad for the actor. Maybe they can have him guest star in a different role for a couple of episodes or something.

  • Slytherinhero01

    Why not make him Eric’s kid then? There’s so many characters from the original show, just make him the kid of one of them.

  • Glaciusx

    Disney….I keep saying this but – DO. NOT. FUCK. THIS. UP.

  • Paige

    That’s a shame, I was kind of hoping for a Eric/Corey dynamic with them but with the brother and sister twist. Guessing with the addition of the younger brother, that they’re going the more Corey/Morgan (younger years) dynamic route? The fact that this was Disney’s decision and not really the creator’s makes me worry more that Disney is gonna screw this up.

  • jude

    Well, I’m losing hope for this show. I can tell this is going to be another show that will appeal just to girls (I’m a girl myself, but I watched reruns of BMW as a kid and rewatched all the seasons it a year ago, I’m 16 aha) but I liked how they focused it on a boy’s perspective, but also had plots for the girls like Topanga. The dynamic between Cory and Eric was also something everyone enjoyed, not to mention Eric was hiliarious. Now, this just feels like a cross between Shake it Up (main character also had a little brother and they have crazy outfits), and Icarly (one of the plots is that Riley’s best friend is a troublemaker and is constantly fighting with her other nerdy friend Shamus, and they even resemble the cast). And Topanga running a pudding shop? Ridiculous. Without that older brother kid in the show, it’s just going to be another annoying girly show and I was hoping he could be the next Eric Matthews. I think the only Disney Show that was okay was Good Luck Charlie because it had a 90s sitcom feel to it, and there was an older brother, the main character was the girl, a younger brother and a cute baby – it worked because there were equal plots for everyone and it was hiliarious. This show is disappointing…

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