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Fans of Orange is the New Black were shocked to hear last month that Laura Prepon will have a severely reduced role in season 2, and for the first time the actress is speaking out about it.

Talking to Variety on a recent red carpet, Prepon spoke highly of the hit Netflix show which received rave reviews from critics and spectators alike when it debuted earlier this year. She also confirmed that she would be back for season 2 but didn’t say in what capacity.

“It depends. Scheduling is kind of intense,” she said, “But I”m definitely coming back for the second season. I love the show and my character is a bad ass. [Series creator] Jenji Kohan, I love her, and all my girls, I miss them so much. I’m definitely going back.”

Variety’s interview with Prepon was heavily edited so it’s difficult to understand the full context, but she may be implying that it was due to scheduling conflicts that she couldn’t return as a regular for Orange is the New Black season 2. The interviewer failed to ask her directly how many episodes she would appear on and what exactly was the reason behind it.

Watch the brief interview below to draw your own conclusions:

Word of Prepon leaving Orange is the New Black season 2 first surfaced in August, and at last check she is only scheduled to appear in just one episode to wrap up her character’s storyline. The show has been filming in New York for several months without her.

Netflix has not set a season 2 premiere date.

  • http://kaywinnnet.tumblr.com/ Sasha

    I’m calling lots of time in the SHU for Alex. Hopefully they get this scheduling thing worked out quickly. They had next season’s plot lines involving her set up so well, it’d be a shame to drop them.

  • Mark

    Vause, we need you. So you need to come back for season 3..full cast

    • GRACE

      Yes, yes we do

  • Nikki

    Oh God, we need Alex until the end of all OITNB seasons. :(

  • grapes9h5

    They really ought not to write her off, and they need her for more than one episode at least.

  • Lotte

    Scientology, the unofficial version. Enough said.

  • Jill

    I heard she will be only in two episodes of the new season

  • jim

    she wanted too much money.

  • Nope

    Scheduling, yeah right. This is a huge roll in a likely emmy award winner and she was great in it. You make room in your schedule for your biggest role (potentially much bigger than that 70′s show). The most likely explanation is a contract dispute where she wanted more money than they wanted to give her.

    • Sterling O’Neal

      I heard Scientology had a problem with her playing a lesbian.

      • Nope

        That would be strange since both Tom Cruise and Travolta are both gay Scientologists.

    • AddNewComment1

      oh yea..you know .. maybe she should call you for advice……. stop speculating….it only inflates your ego and creates a false sense of superiority which will inevitably lead to your demise. just sayin.

  • Poop

    we need vauseman


    Alex is the hottest on the show :D

  • Tina Robbins

    Can’t say I won’t watch without her, because I will,
    however she will be missed she is great in her role :(

  • Angie ♣

    :( I already miss her a lot

  • http://awesomeartadvice.tumblr.com/ Vivian V

    Nooooo she was my one of my favorites!! At least the rest of the cast can stand without her though.

  • Debbie Niemeyer

    wheew…..I actually thought she left the show all together. just viewed the entire season after much apprehension about it….some of the writing is down right corny, but great series so far. thinking about reading the book. YOU CAN NOT GET RID OF ALEX. she has to stay through out the series.

  • J

    The show will be hell without her. That voice and body, god damn.. don’t go Alex.

  • Jesse Thunder

    Writere have a lot of things to seriously improve. They failed to have the Creepstache fired and arrested instead of suspension w/out pay. They fucked up by removing Red from her kitchen and writers didn’t know how to have Red and all the gurls to confess/testify against Creepstache. Hopefully better improvements next season. Needs better writing. Too many words left out per episode. Too many things went wrong. They need to fix the characters. Larry is a fucking moron, but its the writers’ fault. Season 2 needs to come out on January 1st!

  • Lisa Clark

    She probably gets released from prison for serving her time. She narced people out so probably got a short sentence then probation.

  • Tamara

    bring her back you idiot! show is good but lots of fan love her more than show.

  • Medusa

    In the video she said she working on a project and after that she’ll go back to orange is the new black. So if they are already done filming season 2 and she will come back when shes done with what ever she’s working on than more than likely she will continue to be on the show.. That was very clear in the interview!!!

  • Marlo

    If she leaves Piper, I’m not watching anymore!!!

  • TaterTaughts

    The rumor all over the place is it’s all Scientology’s fault. They don’t like her playing a gay character. This is really bad PR for Scientology. Not that they don’t already have enough bad PR, but seriously, one of the very few decent shows on TV loses a major character because of this? Lame.

  • River lee

    OMG this series is great BEST i ever seen so far.. I have boxset of Prison break & OZ, but just this first SEASON beats them both in my opinion I wish Laura Prepon Wouldn’t leave, I don’t think id want to continue watching :( She makes the Series! Not just because im a lesbian LOL

    I’m excited to watch as many seasons as put out &b hope (Alex) Prepon is in them. River

  • Krystal

    Maybe she’s hiding something? Or she’s afraid of something. Or she could be confused with her sexuality at the moment? I don’t honestly know. All I do know is that you can’t have relationships with people at work its really frowned upon in a work environment. But, I’m all up for the show to continue, hate the fact that she made an excuse. Its certainly not my life nor is it any of my business what actors or actresses go through on a daily bases.

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