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A shipping error caused copies of Allegiant to arrive in the hands of some readers a month early, and now the author is asking those who receive it to remain tight-lipped.

Publisher HarperCollins and Divergent trilogy author Veronica Roth confirmed the news this afternoon in separate statements. Roth took to her official Tumblr to inform fans of what happened and requested that those small number of people who received it don’t spoil it for others.

“If you are one of the people who received Allegiant early: I would love it if you wanted to wait to read it until October 22nd alongside your fellow Initiates,” she writes. “However, I can’t blame you if that’s just not going to work for you. I do ask, no matter what you decide, that out of kindness and respect for your fellow Divergent readers and their reading experiences, you do not post spoilers or quotes anywhere. I know I can count on you to preserve the mystery with me— I may be biased, but I think I have the best readers ever.”

Allegiant is set to be released on October 22, and the shipping error was blamed on a Canadian-based distributor. It’s unclear how many copies of the book leaked and if they were shipped or on-sale in any specific area.

One user shared a copy of the book on Instagram, which proves the leak and the fact that it’s in the hands of some readers. The video is spoiler-free:

As anticipation for Allegiant grows, the book continues to have strong pre-order sales. The third and final tome has been sitting towards the top of the Amazon Best Seller list for weeks and will likely continue to ascend as we inch towards late October.

  • PrisonerZero

    Someone should take a hint from Steven Moffat and offer something in return if the fans go tight lips for a month

    • KCP467

      Or people could just be nice… which unfortunately, there’s always that one person who has to spoil things.

  • Jane

    If you were one of the folks who got a copy already: Please, for the love of all that is dear in this world, do NOT post anything about it anywhere on the Internet, ANYWHERE, until October 22.

  • Jasmine

    Crap. I knew I should have preordered it sooner. If anyone sees spoilers lying around out there on the internet, send me the link. I <3 spoilers.

  • Gary65

    I dunno if Hypable knows any of the people who got it early but, if you do, do you think we could get an early review(spoiler free obvsly)?

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

      If anything, we would save a review until release day. But no one I’m aware of has it.

  • embre

    SPOILER ALERT! Dumbledore dies!!!
    (sorry…I couldn’t help it)

    • Caroline J.

      aww you beat me to it. LOL i was gonna say
      [HARRY POTTER SPOILER ALERT] Snape kills Dumbledore!

    • Jay

      Sigh. I’m having major flashbacks when this actually happened to me in an online chat right when it first came out. Some IDIOT spoiled it for me as soon as I entered and I let him have it. Another fan actually had to contact me and convince me the person was lying (I believed it) Then I read the book for myself. OH.

    • Georgia Lyness

      Awwww DAMN why did you say that OMG allegiant is ruined

      • DivergentAmityForever

        That is in the Harry Potter series that Dumbledore dies. Not the Divergent series!

        • Georgia Lyness

          that was a joke……of course I know the difference between harry potter and divergent :”)

    • Sarah

      dumbledore doesnt come in this book you idiot….. this is allegiant not harry potter stupid

      • maddy

        It’s called ‘sarcasm’, hun.

        • Danny

          Sarcasm isn’t in Allegiant either… Dumb dumb face.

  • A.P.W.B.Dumbledore

    Andrew, I beg you, if any spoilers come out and you post an articles about it use the headline “ALLEGIANT BOOK SPOILERS.” I will never forgive (okay maybe thats a lie, but I will be very upset) whoever writes the article that says what happens in the book. Just litter the headline in ‘SPOILER’ please so I stay far clear of it. Thank you!

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

      We definitely will NOT be posting spoilers! We love Veronica and the Divergent fandom.

  • zara

    apparently, retailers don’t know the difference between september 22 and october 22. I’m so annoyed by this.

  • m

    I got it.
    It’s really good.
    Haha, just kidding.

  • m

    I GOT IT!!!!!
    IT’S SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!
    Haha, I’m just kidding. I wish I had it.

  • Liam Floyd

    I got an email a couple days ago saying my copy shipped but I didn’t think anything of it and thought it was a mistake or something. Omg.

    • Aani01

      Omg would you consider posting the first chapter I’m dying waiting for this book.

  • Megan Slife

    I WANT :(

  • Catherine Lai

    If no one spoils it, it’ll be a miracle.

  • Anjali

    I’m going to try to wait for a month…AHH so difficult! Hope no one posts any spoilers

  • Jane

    I’m gonna be honest — if I were one of the people who got it early by accident, and I knew that it was a mistake and only a handful of people got it, I would put a lock around the book or give it to a friend to hide it from me until October 22. (I don’t mean I think that’s what these people should do; I’m saying it’s what I would do if I found myself in this position.) Here’s the reasoning: I’m DYING to read this book, but I’m equally dying to be able to come on the Internet and discuss it with all the other fans who have read it and want to gush — and I won’t be able to do that if no one else can read it, and I certainly wouldn’t put any spoilers out there. So if I can’t immediately talk about the book with the entire world, I don’t want to read it yet, because it would be torture to know everything and not be able to talk about it.

  • Moi

    Ugh.. I wish I got mine early! So not fair for the rest of us. I feel like they should just release it earlier!! :)

  • Carissa

    I’m sure Miranda Priestly was one of those people who got a copy. That biotch

  • Aani01

    Will there I’ve a book 4 or is this the last one?

    • Natalie

      Last one, but there should be a fourth!!!

    • Natalie

      It should legit be called “Four” and it should be about Four’s life before he met Tris. omggg i am brilliant :P

      • E

        lol that’s already happening. i mean, it’s not a whole book, but four 30-50 page short stories aint too shabby.

    • Abeer

      Theres a book called the transfer which is fours perspective of everything even before he met tris

  • Georgia Lyness

    SPOILER ALERT. Bella gets knocked up.

  • Divergent trilogy fan

    Sorry but I wish I was one of the people who got it early when I finished insurgent I knew it would be a few weeks but I can’t take it the last sentence of insurgent “my name will be Edith prior”. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • Natalie

      That’s not the last sentence of Insurgent. Shouting starts after that ;)

  • DivergentAmityForever

    I really want Allegiant!

  • Spoils

    Four dies. They go into the real world and he gets shot. It’s at the end of the book!

    • Goober_Pyle


    • Abeer

      Thats not true…..

  • Spoils

    Just kidding! I honestly dont know what happens! hahahaha lol if you thought i was serious!

  • nazareth

    I want that book!! I’m dying to see someone please send me this book!

  • Bob

    Cough* tris dies *cough

  • kayla abane


  • Nicole

    damn you veronica roth. you bitch. I HATE THE ENDING

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