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All bad things end this Sunday when Breaking Bad‘s series finale airs on AMC at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific.

Breaking Bad season 5, episode 16 is the final episode in the critically-acclaimed series and will hopefully send off Walt, Jesse, and others in a blaze of glory.

This past Sunday’s episode did not include a trailer with new footage, but AMC did release two photos from the final episode to give us very, very small glimpses into the series finale. The pair of previews depict bearded Walt, who has been off his regular chemo.



Reads the synopsis, “The story of Walter White, his family, and his associate, Jesse Pinkman, arrives at a close to conclude the series.”

The Breaking Bad series finale trailer released at the start of this week shows clips from episode 15 and some classic moments from the series. Watch it again below. It’s pretty emotional:

Between now and Sunday, AMC is airing every single episode of Breaking Bad back-to-back. It all leads up to the grand finale at 9 p.m. eastern on Sunday, September 29. Immediately following the episode will be a special, hour-long episode of Talking Bad.

So what could happen in Breaking Bad‘s series finale? Walt appears poised to take out Jack and his team for killing Hank and not following through with their promise to kill Jesse. He also seems to have a new mission: Take out his former partners at Grey Matter who denounced him during an interview with Charlie Rose.

Walt is bitter about their comments and still enraged over the fact that. because of his research, the company went on to be worth over $2 billion. Of that worth he didn’t see a penny (unless you count the $5,000 he got from selling his shares before Gray Matter succeeded).

In short, we hope to see Walt take out all of his enemies and somehow find peace in life. We would hate to see him or any members of his family die, but that’s another likely scenario.

  • Megan

    Does it have to end?

    • Jesse

      Yes! it does! I love this show but I also love that it is going out good and not out staying its welcome. As a fan of Dexter the series finale was so bad, and they could have tied things up better a few seasons ago if they hadn’t milked it the way they did… Much rather have a good ending than a milked ending.

      • Megan

        I know it has to end and I’m more than happy it’s ending they way it is, but what am I going to do Sunday nights?!

  • johalieb

    Do not kill Jesse, show!

    • Walt forever

      If Walt kills Jesse he should tell him, “YEAH B*TCH!!”

  • heisenberg

    I’m happy and sad it’s ending only because I have seen what pre longing a show can do Dexter, Sopranos, ex. ex. .. But I do believe the finale 8 should have been the full 16 just to show that the first 8 ep. were going way to slow leading into nothing cause no one had an idea how they would turn it out. Then u got your final 8 that went way to fast … My final opinion is that it wasn’t like old attention to detail breaking bad fashion, but NONE OF US have seen the Series Finale so I could be talking sh*t and thats it. But thats how I see this season (NOT that it wasn’t excellent but just weirder than any other season)

    • Cleverly Named Prod.

      I feel its clear from the way things are ending that there was a great deal of setup in the first half of the season for what we are seeing now.

    • Randy

      Pre longing? God your an idiot.

      • glittering

        Surely that should be ‘you’re an idiot’?

      • baldric

        Do you mean YOU ARE an idiot or possibly YOU’RE an idiot. “Your” is the possessive determiner which you have used incorrectly. I suggest that you, in fact, may be a bigger idiot than Heisenberg.

  • Cameron Fucile

    The Breaking Bad Insider Podcast for 515 told us that the actors for Gretchen and Elliot were only available for about a day of filming. He’s on a new show and she’s in a Broadway show that was written for her. There’s no way that they’ll be in the season finale. That scene just seemed like something to push Walt over the edge and stop him from turning himself in.

  • Gidgetsurf81

    I think it’s gonna turn out that Walt started “Breakin Bad” behavior after the cancer diagnosis not because of the psychological impact of such a diagnosis but because of a physical one… I think the cancer metastasized to his frontal lobe… Hence the complete change in personality… The cancer was after all already to the lymph system upon diagnosis… There will be some trama to walt’s head and a CT scan will be done showing us that Heisenburg and Walter White were 2 different brains.. Just my guess but it would make sense… Walter’s family could forgive him and move on and society may forgive him also… Cancer is the bad guy… Can’t convict someone with a tumor growing in the brain…

    • David Gray

      AMAZING IDEA!!!!

    • minn

      Nice! I think you might be on to something!

    • heisenberg

      That’s F@CKING BRILLIANT!!!!

    • cuban305

      I’m pretty sure he has lung cancer and not a tumor growing in the brain.

  • Richard Van Huizen

    Walt wakes up from passing out in the class room to find everything was a dream. Hank then invites Walt to go for a ride to a suspected meth lab and voila it all begins

    • David Gray


      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=34201368 Jean Claude Van Kickinthenutss

        what’s the matter with you?

      • Bill

        You seriously think that’s an amazing idea? How can someone with such pedestrian tastes like such a sophisticated show like Breaking Bad?

        • Hank forever

          Richard. Will all respect that would be the lazy way out.

    • pizan܍amore

      Except instead of accepting the invitation, Walt runs screaming from the room. Everyone laughs at his crazy antics. Freeze frame on their smiling faces. Roll credits.

  • David Gray

    I am so sad that the show has to end…I would give anything for 1 more season but then of course that would come to an end someday and I would just feel the same way I do know so it’s better to just end on a SUPER HIGH note and go out in a blaze of glory!!! I can’t decide if there’s going to be a huge twist at the end like Walt’s really was dreaming this all OR that the cancer was the #1 reason that made him break bad in the first place because truthfully both of those ideas would be shocking but I know when that episode ends next Sunday night all us true fans will be left with tears in our eyes and goosebumps over our entire bodies…I get goosebumps just thinking about the final episode….Walt…it’s time to end this thing you started. We WILL remember your name, HEISENBERG!!!

  • wademan

    Breaking bad is just so amazing best tv series in the world carnt find s05 ep 16 anywhere

    • Wademan is an idiot

      You can’t find it because it hasn’t aired yet you friggin doofus.

      • Hank forever


    • wesley thompson

      That because it airs this sunday “9-29-2013″ @8pm on amc!!!!!!!!!

  • Hank

    I think

  • Hank

    I think Jessie will cook with the kid and find a way to cause a chemical reaction that will kill the kid, ala. Walt in season 1. At the same time Walter will come in blazing with the 50 cal and kill the rest of Jacks boys leaving him and Jessie to face off. Somewhere along the way Walt will take out Garry and his wife. I am not sure what will happen with Walts family. A good twist will be for Flynn to kill him.

    I have not look forward to a series finale as much as this.

  • Caged Rat

    3 more days, BITCH!!!

  • pizan܍amore

    “He also seems to have a new mission: Take out his former partners at Grey Matter who denounced him during an interview with Charlie Rose.”

    I highly doubt Walt’s “new mission” will be Gray Matter. Their words may have hurt, but it was hearing that the Czech-grade blue meth is still out there – and therefore that the Nazis have kept Jesse alive to cook for them – that sends him back.

    • wesley thompson

      Dam you could be right. I don’t think he goes after gretchen and grey matter I think like you said hearing that his blue colored meth is still out there as far as the chezh republic really pissed him off since uncle jack and crew were suppose to kill him. I really realky think he goes after jack and the anyans.

  • alexa

    i can’t imagine both Walt and Jesse surviving… PLEASE LET JESSE LIVE

  • Dominic Savage

    In their 5 (6?) seasons, Breaking Bad has rarely had a bad episode. I know that whatever the outcome is of the finale, people are going to complain but nothing from the previous seasons would lead me to believe that the ending will be anything but spectacular.
    As a tangent here, I was a Dexter fan too, and I actually enjoyed the finale. For those of us who wanted him to be get away with what he did, he did, and for those of us who wanted him to be punished for what he did, he was. I can’t imagine a harsher punishment than having to live out your life away from the one you love AND your own flesh and blood kid. It was a creative ending, plot holes notwithstanding, and brought it to a resolution that I think most people didn’t see coming.

  • John Dunnegan

    Larry David shows up and turns out he is the big boss and shoots everybody. Then they play the curb music…. duh da duh, dada da dada…

  • Mike Ehrmantraut

    I pray walt’s first word to jesse if they come into contact again is just “yo”

  • Juan White

    Watch Breaking Bad Season 5 episode 16 The Series Finale


  • WalterWhite

    epic finale..

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