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By Andrew Sims (@sims) at 7:45 pm, September 20, 2013 | Reviewed by Karen Rought

Apple’s iOS 7 update has nice changes, but if you’re running into some issues, these quick-fix tips will help you have a better experience.

iOS 7 is nauseating or makes you dizzy

Apple decided to make the system feel like it has more depth, so iOS 7 makes your home screen and lock screen background move slightly when you tilt your phone.

This effect can cause you to feel dizzy. How can you fix it? Go to General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Motion, and turn the setting on. The backgrounds will no longer twist.


iOS 7′s text is too thin

iOS has a new font which can be hard to read, especially when you’re outside in bright light. To make iOS 7′s font larger, there are three routes you can take.

1) General -> Accessibility -> Bold Text. You will have to restart your phone for it to take effect. All text will be thicker, and thus easier to read. Below is what text looks like before and after it’s activated:

ios-7-not-bold  ios-7-bold

Is that not enough for you? Try these:

2) General -> Accessibility -> Increase Contrast. This will make text less see-through and, again, easier to read.

3) General -> Accessibility -> Larger Type. This will let you make the font bigger, meaning it will take up more room on the screen. You should try routes 1 and 2 first, then resort to route 2 if necessary.

iOS 7′s Control Center is too easy to activate

If you find yourself accidentally pulling open the Control Center drawer from the bottom of the screen too often, you can go to General -> Control Center and turn “Access Within Apps” off. If off, you will only be able to access Control Center from the home screen. On this same page there is an option to not allow it to be activated on the lock screen.


I don’t want Notification Center accessible from the lock screen

For extra privacy, you may not want your notifications to be viewable from the lock screen (meaning viewable without a passcode). To turn off Notification Center on the lock screen, go to its section in Settings and turn off “Notifications View” under “Access on lock screen.” For further privacy, you can turn off the Today View on the lock screen.


My battery is draining quicker than it did on iOS 6

There are a lot of changes under the hood of iOS 7, but one of the more prominent changes is the addition of the “Background App Refresh” feature. This setting allows apps to update themselves while you do not have them open, meaning they are running more frequently whether or not you’re using them.

Apple claims that this feature is intelligent and will learn your usage methods to optimize how often each app is running in the background, but it’s still eating up extra power you may not want it to use.

We do not recommend turning off the feature entirely because, for example, it is used by maps applications to continue tracking your location while you’re driving. In other words, if you turn it off entirely and you are using turn-by-turn directions, your maps app must be open the entire time for it to continue directing you.

In short, you should go to General -> Background App Refresh and disable the ability for as many apps as you can that you don’t need running all the time. Apps we recommend disabling in here include all games, all food apps, all weather apps, and Foursquare. You will continue to receive notifications from these apps like you did in iOS 6.


I miss the old iOS sounds

Yearning for the old ringer? The old text message alert? That classic mail chime? Go to “Sounds,” select the alert you want to change, and scroll down to the “Classic” folder. In there you can find all the old songs and sounds you may miss.

  • luuiii

    Thanks for the “Background App refresh” tip. I totally forgot about that!

  • Arialle Wein

    Does anyone else find that ios 7 is ridiculously slow opening up apps?

    • Laura Jurgensmeyer

      No! I was so excited about how fast it was at opening apps compared to what it was on my phone before!

    • Harshita Lawania

      Thank-you, that’s exactly what I thought!!! I actually thought it was just mine…….

    • snokb04

      Mine is definitely much slower opening and refreshing things like Weather Channel and Facebook!

  • Cguy

    I don’t like the new layout when viewing a video in landscape. The status bar is too damn big.

  • redsulucup

    Anyone else unable to scale their background when they change their wallpaper?

    • xosnowangel

      Yes! i cannot do this either and i find it very frustrating.

    • Megan

      Yup. Ugh. And then it freezes on me. I heard new update coming soon though!

    • TheRealAppleFanboy

      Easy to scale background, Simply Turn On “Reduce Motion” in Accessibility options. Then you can scale as you always did.

      • redsulucup

        Still doesn’t work for me… hm.

        • sheng

          yep, it still doesnt work… so pissed off

      • Juliet Julz

        Yup still doesn’t work. It’s WORSE

      • Kathryn Ann Meow

        im not even seeing that option in my settings.

      • † кι∂яαυнℓ †

        thank you for posting this.. i was getting so pissed off

      • Anna

        I tried this and I’m still not able to scale the background. My original homescreen and set lock screen pics are permanently super-sized :(

    • Penis

      Only on the iPad it will be fixed

    • Jamie

      If you take a screen shot of the image you want, you can then scale the image how you want it for your background.

      • Oconnorh4

        You are the genius I needed to clarify what I was thinking. I just told myself I needed to somehow zoom out my photo so once it zoomed in it was the size I needed, then I read what you wrote and realized I was idiot for not realizing that! Thank you!

    • Chris

      It’s a glitch with the dynamic backgrounds. if you go into your general settings, then to accessibility and check the “reduce motion” option, it should let you use backgrounds the same as in iOS 6.

      To get them to actually scale properly, I had to also restart the phone afterward. Otherwise, it would just turn the nauseating motion off, but the background would remain zoomed in and blurry

  • Allison L.

    I literally did these as I read them!

  • Katherine

    I honestly think I almost had a panic attack when my alarm went off Thursday morning. I was so surprised by the change (I actually like it and am keeping it I just didn’t even consider the fact that it might be different).

    Also a note for anyone who has Apple TV: With iOS7 you have to manually turn off airplay when you are done. Just shutting down the app doesn’t disconnect you anymore. I discovered this this morning when I accidentally blasted music throughout my apartment.

  • Les

    As an Android noob who does NOT own an iPhone and has NO IDEA about how to work with an iPhone, even I could’ve easily figured all this out by myself (IF I was the owner of an iPhone).

    For once, instead of downloading apps, if you actually spend some time tweaking with the settings of your smartphone, you’ll actually discover things that’ll help you in saving your phone’s battery life, and whatnot.

    I got my very first Android 12 days back (ICS 4.0.4). And tweaking with the phone’s settings – so as to increase the phone’s battery life – was the VERY first thing I did, WITHOUT anybody’s help.

    • Megan

      Hey, so Andrew posted these as some tips for the new update that we’re getting use to. Sure, we could have figured it out but it helps that he created two guides already. Would be great if you didn’t rain on our update parade.

    • Marie Squyres


    • Bec

      Well done.

  • Ty

    Don’t like the neon colors. Also the return bar on browser is hard to access without pulling up the control center instead. The blue color for text messages is tacky and dislike the way browser pages have been organized. And yes, it’s super slow to browse. The more I play with it the more I realize it looks like a droid.

    • Elizabeth

      Do you mean the bar with the back button, bookmark ect? If so, if you tap the bar up top, like you’re trying to get to the top of your browser. Just once. It’ll come up.

    • Eric Nielsen

      It’s like they developed the thing in Java as well.. slow and clunky. It’s actually now just an expensive crappy Android phone.

  • guest

    is anyone else havinging issue keyboard: Typing? Major delay!!!

    • Vicki Dallas

      Yes, on the iPhone only, can’t seem to fix it

    • Pork Pie Hat

      Yes!! Any solutions posted yet??

      • Jeremy Michael Hobbs

        Yes. Android.

        • stove

          wow you’re so helpful!

        • bethy

          unfortunately iphone takes better pictures android looks so fake and oversaturated colors

    • Jcody911

      General>settings>reset all. You won’t lose any data or anything

      • AvionicsPro

        Fixed it perfect Thx

        • Estelle

          I reset all and it worked all ecxept for the keyboard,that is still white and black. :/ thank you

      • Suze

        Brilliant thanks that worked!

    • mad

      Yes!!!!!!! Does anyone know how to fix this????

    • Bob

      Settings – icloud- documents and data off

  • mistikallas

    I can’t get my control panel to ever open by swiping up. I have checked my Settings > Control Panel > nothing is turned off. Is anyone else having this issue?

    • guest

      Do you have a case? If so, try taking the case off. the case may be covering the bottom edge of the screen.

    • Bagboy

      I have the same problem, And I was wondering if Control Center is available on iPhone 4?

      • sakuraNoMaeNie

        same problem here on an iPone4

        • Ibrahim

          Some of the apple devices do not have control centre even when updated.

      • Augustus Gupta

        it is on my 4s.

    • Tom

      Yes, it was driving me nuts.

      My guess is that you, like me, have a protective case. It’s the case that doesn’t allow you to swipe from low enough on the screen.

    • Lizo3300

      I’m having the same problem with the Control Panel. I’ve taken the case off and tried with no luck. The Notification comes down very easy but I can’t work the Control Panel with any kind of consistency.

  • chris

    THe new update has messed with my Bluetooth in my car. I am not able to switch songs at all unless i actually go into my music app and switch, which causes me to look at my cell. Not safe! How do I fix this?

    • Gee

      just dont listen to any other songs. You don’t want to be playing with your phone while driving.

  • Juliet Julz

    I am unable to scale the full picture when setting wallpaper. It is annoying I can’t get the wallpaper scaled to my liking

    • TheRealAppleFanboy

      Easy to scale background, Simply Turn On “Reduce Motion” in Accessibility options under Settings. Then you can scale as you always did.

      • marie

        that does not fix the problem. what it DOES do is make it so that the wallpaper looks as it did prior to the update (so yes, it scales the wallpaper you already had). BUT if you try to change the wallpaper and scale it, it does not scale smaller. Even after turning “reduce motion” on

      • William B. Howard

        That doesn’t work you idiot. Quit saying it does

        • Chris

          It worked for me, but I also had to restart the phone in order to actually scale the background properly. Otherwise, the motion would stop, and the background would remain scaled up like marie said.

  • David

    I cannot play all song in a genre group. It looks like its just a search method an then you just play specific song, so there is no All Songs selection anymore?

  • Brian

    Is there anyway to go back to the old system or are we stuck, how do we unconnect my home computer from my phone.

    • Fugg

      Yes, General>setting>unconnect from home and go back to old stuffs

      • Steven

        No. There is no downgrade.

      • Latest Ex-Elle Customer

        Unconnect is not a word.

  • Kelli

    The white background is blinding!! How to I change the background color??

    • KK

      General > Accessibility > Invert Colors

      • Eric Nielsen

        Downgrade to iOS 6, iOS7 sucks in so many places it’s like a bozo designed it with a can of bright white spray paint and a crayon. Bring back Scott Forstall.

        • Steven

          There is no downgrade. You cannot go back.

          • Anonymous

            Apparently there is a way, but Apple doesn’t make it easy.

          • Goober Mcgoobs

            restore from previous backup?

          • Juliet Julz

            How do I do that coz the inver color sucks and the can’t make scaling of image. It’s horrible for iPads

          • Kev

            restoring from previous back up will only load your date not the OS

          • dolan

            ya u can , u can do it through i-tunes. look it up . its easy

          • betty keenan

            I thought if you were backed up in the cloud you could restore your phone back to the ios6

        • Derek

          You’re just old and you clearly don’t have an eye for design. I’m sure the designer is a real bozo…

          • Chris

            I’m 23 and also a graphic designer. iOS 7 is a perfect example of terrible design. Whoever is responsible should seriously stick to designing business cards or something, and stay far away from GUIs.

            Form should follow function; not hinder it. If I wanted something that cheaply imitated the look and lack of functionality in Windows, I’d have bought a cheap Windows phone.

          • appleiphoneuser

            I hate this graphical interface. It hurts my eyes and make the whole iPhone system unusable as I can’t read my Email at all with this horrible background color

          • Sammy

            ios7 is the biggest blunder from Apple.

        • Kid Charlemagne

          How dare you call it a “design.” There is no design, that’s the problem with it. It’s totally ANTI design. That is not “cool,” that is simply stupid. They sacrificed usability for minimalism. They are lost without Jobs, adrift at sea with no North Star , err except Microsoft evidently.

          Ps: dear Apple: there is nothing wrong with tastefully applied skeuomorphs you idiots.

          • Barb

            I totally agree with you. I’m less upset about the ugly, garishly colored icons than I am about the fact that all graphics were stripped from all the apps. What we ended up with was blindingly white background, text and lines. With the exception of the calculator, but even though there is color (albeit an ugly color pallet) all there is are lines and text.

            Apple is the industry standard when excellent graphics are required. Why the heck would the new iOS be totally devoid of the thing that always set Apple apart? You can use graphics and still have a clean look.

            For me, though, it’s not just about not having a personal liking to the new look. It is physically painful to use. The brightness of the apps and icons gives me migraines. And the color scheme of the chat and message makes my eyes feel like they’re going to bleed after a while. I did bold the text, but that change does not carry over to the default font in the safari browser. Typing this was very painful.

          • penelope

            I completely agree. Hideous. Painful. Poor Steve is spinning in his grave!

            but what do we do??? I got the first iphone..even paid for overnight shipping! This is the first time I have been disappointed…..and that is an understatement! Apple is dead for me.
            Tacky hideous……ugly……problematic. Not one improvement!


            Who knows??

          • Android Apollo

            I love my DROID. So glad I chose to NOT purchase anything that starts with a i

        • hailey

          how can you downgrade back to ios6? i really dislike 7, what’s the point!

        • Kakora

          Too late to downgrade or do you know how–all that’s on line do not work

          • Chris

            I’ve been told by Apple’s customer support that there isn’t away to go back to iOS6.

            I’ve never done it before, but I’m currently waiting on a jailbreak to become available for iOS7. I’m hopeful that will fix some, if not all of the problems I’ve had since the “upgrade.”

        • Chaz

          Really? Bring back the maps fiasco guy?

        • MP

          I agree, my friend and I were saying it’ like a kindergartener designed it. iOS7 is very bad.

      • SB

        This made mine turn black – not

      • Juliet Julz

        Yea worse option

      • Sophia

        Inverting the colors will also invert the colors of all photos in your camera roll.

        • tobyintampa

          Yeah! And everything looks like an X-ray

      • GA

        Yep…but that messes up your wallpaper!

    • Carolyn

      I know, it’s horrible and hurts the eyes! If I can’t get this fixed Im seriously going to consider a different phone. Ive never been so down with an update!

      • Justin

        Moto X

      • ‘Living Doll

        agreed…white background is just horrible

      • Scott

        So it’s been 6 months, did you change your phone?

    • Kay

      I absolutely HATE the text background. It’s so damn difficult to read now.

      • songbirdgone

        Could not agree more TY for posting your input I thought I was alone :-)

    • richmond212

      Completely agree from dayglo appearance on the first page to no contrast in the calendar. No consistent design here. Change for change’s sake…You want to reduce the crime rate of apple products-fine but changing an appearance that many of us liked was arrogant.

    • chirpy_dragon

      Right you are! It is not design change – it is philosophy change. Shame on you Apple. You have been caring about user experience. Now there is this blinding, difficult to read, difficult to look at GUI. Non intuitive, unpleasant. I tried to understand what was behind changes – and only answer was – change for change sake. Is it the way you are going to walk? If yes, we will soon part.
      For helpers – yes I tried every possible setting, bold, better contrast, motion off …. And… and it is inconsistent through the OS and does not solve all the minuses (does not solve white background, wrong contrast in many apps, tiny letters at the keyboard, difficult to read fonts, tiny icons in the apps (like in mail app for example). There is harmony missing.

    • SamIamLax

      I know, I can’t stand all the white. There is nothing to differentiate the screen. it’s just one big white blob. It’s hard to see things in a glance, it’s all just white space with text… nothing draw the eye. I

    • Noob

      U can go to General – Accessibility – invert colors

      this makes it darker but you pictures you look at will be inverted .

  • James Durkin

    Does anyone know how to clear apps that were used in the past. I used to double click and then linger on them at the bottom og the screen.

    • Dee

      Swipe up with all fingers. Then you can fling an app window up to close it.

    • Mac

      Double click the home key. Place a finger on each picture, not the icon on the bottom, and swipe up

  • Rob

    It’s crap !!!

    • Justice

      Can you please tell me why. Like Im still debatin heavily whether I should or not. I hear a lot of pros and cons but what I really am concern with is lagging and batter life.

      • Fugg

        You should be worried about your grammar

      • Meg

        I would not upgrade. You cannot go back. Jobs must be rolling over in his grave. They must have a deal with a reading glasses manufacturer. This is going to destroy peoples eyesight. I have been using since day 1 i will not be upgrading my ipad and since I cannot go back I will be getting another phone not an iphone wtf were they thinking?

      • Augustus Gupta

        wait until, at least ios7.0.3

  • Stephanie

    i’m setting up my iphone after the update and I can’t get past the terms and conditions. Any ideas? I’ve agreed to the conditions so many times and it won’t let me proceed.

    • laura

      SAME, please tell me you have figured it out??????

      • Aadarsh Kadambi

        same issue here…has anybody figured this out yet??

  • Jack

    The update does not work it is not downloading its dum

  • Chris

    I hate the update. My twitter is too slow!!!!!

  • disqus_Pb08cMVY2B

    This article doesn’t help with the SLOW speed of iOS7… Fully 10 seconds to choose another background and then another 3 seconds to wait for Settings to close. The new GLAM is NOT WORTH THE TRADE OFF in SPEED.

    Very disappointing. After Jobs departed and they updated the App Store, it was dramatically slower than before and really glitchy. It looks like this is creeping into their iOS as well. The snappiness of their iPad is what sets it apart from competitors like Microsoft, so I am left wondering: WTH, Apple?

    Edit: I am on an iPad 3rd Gen 32gb

    • Eric Nielsen

      They fired Scott Forstall, he was the one that brought us iOS, the appstore and all the amazing textures, fonts and GUI design. Yea. Tim Cook needs to send out an apology letter.

      • http://twitter.com/fillwe Filippus Johansson

        Scott Forstall was actually against the Appstore in the beginning. And are you calling fake leather in apps where it dosent even make sense “amazing textures”!? Good move to fire him!

  • MMM

    how do i close running background apps now?

    • James Durkin

      Double hit like before, then slide up on the screen on the app you want cleRed. Easy.

  • Carmen Roundtree

    Dies anyone know how to shut down the apps running in the background, doesn’t work like before

    • Nae1212

      Double hit your home button like normal, then slide up on the screen on the app you want to turn off

  • Prerit

    to close running apps double click nd den just drag the larger icons upward …. its easier than the last tym and faster

  • Douglas Riley

    I now need to log into every bookmarked site that used to be automatic.
    How do I fix that?

  • Emily Tosatti

    My name comes up as my moms email when I text someone with an iPhone… HELP

    • Meg

      Settings -> Messages -> Send & Recieve -> unclick the email (your moms email) and have it only show your phone number as checked off

  • Lucas Colvara da Cunha

    I HATEEEEEEEE this update!!! Die iSO7!!!!

    • Disappointed

      Me too! It doesn’t feel like an apple anymore. It looks and feels like a crappy android. The colors are blinding and ugly. It’s so lame. Boooooooooo.

      • Lucas Colvara da Cunha

        Exactly!! U said everything! It isn’t a apple anymore, it is a fuc.. android… Steve Jobs is shaking six feet under in his grave…

        • Augustus Gupta

          it’s as though Apple hired a bunch of Microsoft’s programmers.

      • Justin

        Android 4.3 looks good compared to iOS 7, and 4.4 is copying iOS 7!! WTF?! Now I have NOTHING! Screw Apple, Google, and not Microsoft just yet, they pioneered the flat design (and it’s not half bad looking)

  • Kyle

    In the lock screen, how to i get the messages to say ‘iMessage” or Text message instead of being able to read it on the lock screen? Isn’t that the point of a lock screen?!

  • Kristine

    Whenever I update my apps in the App Store, the apps stay there. Cannot get rid of them! How on earth do you get your updated apps to disappear! At this rate I will have dozens is pages of updated apps!

  • James Durkin

    I can’t find the list of my bookmarks. Help

    • thermion

      Io7 7 gets safari’ slower tool bar out of your way when you scroll down. Simply scroll up and it will re appear. The icons and interface for bookmarks looks different, but they are all there

  • BronzeSparks123

    So I only have a 6.2 GB, and I cleared out enough space for the required 1.1 GB update, but it is telling me that I need to clear out to 3.7 GB for the update. Is it always going to need this much space, or is there something wrong with my phone? Please help! I really want to update, but I don’t want to give up over half my space

    • thermion

      I believe it has to have a working operating system in place at all times. So ios6 is still on your phone as you download ios 7. Only after ios7 is running will the phone discard the old operating system… So, during the upgrade process there needs to be enough room to accomadate 2 systems.

      • BronzeSparks123

        Thanks so much!

    • ConnorF42

      It’s temporary.

      • BronzeSparks123

        Thank you so much!

  • brenda

    Cannot down load gettag.mobi app, since the ios7

  • brenda

    Can you reverse the update if you do not want it?

    • Fugg

      Yes, General>Setting>I fugged up

  • mistymed

    you can drag across a message or email to delete it anymore?

    • thermion

      Drag towards the left and you get a couple options including delete

  • Jamie Lynn Willis

    I lost all my ringtones when I updated to iOS 7 where do I find them???

    • thermion

      Settings> sounds > ringtones. There are more to choose from… They are all mostly mediocre. IMHO

      • Jamie Lynn Willis

        I lost all the ones I purchased :(

        • Kiara Rubin

          did you back it up before you updated the software?

          • Jamie Lynn Willis

            No :(

          • Kiara Rubin

            thats why :(

        • Ibrahim

          Go to iTunes click on purchased and they should all be still there. That’s what I do, and I have nothing backed up.

    • alexa

      under sounds click the “Classic” folder and it has all the old ones :)

      • Jamie Lynn Willis

        I want the ones I purchased off iTunes

        • ConnorF42

          They should still be on itunes under purchases or something similar, all previous downloads are linked to your account

  • Jenna

    I just wish I could get rid of the hideous neon greens and gradients they have for some of the icons now. I like flat design but I really can’t stand the new color schemes they’re doing, the new iphone C (i think?) case colors are so garish.

  • Jo

    How do you get rid of entring your passcode every time you use your phone

    • alexa

      Settings > General > Passcode Lock

  • HNK

    In ios6, I could close an app by dbl clicking home button and then holding down on app until an X appeared and then deleting. This saved bat life. What’s the equivalent in ios7?

    • alexa

      double click home button, and it’ll give you a preview of open apps. swipe them up to close. it’s actually faster than iOS 6

    • HNK

      Thx Alexa!

  • alexa

    why can’t i scale my wallpapers that is actually one of my biggest complains :

    • TheRealAppleFanboy

      Easy to scale background, Simply Turn On “Reduce Motion” in Accessibility options under Settings. Then you can scale as you always did. You’re welcome

      • That’s right

        Ok dumbass. You comment this on every single complaint for background issue and it doesn’t help.

        • izzy

          agreed. if someone else’s asked, it obviously means it’s not working for us.

      • John

        thanks for the help!

  • Gilad Winogron

    I get an iCloud message that I need to read something and approve it but when I click OK it sends me to “Settings” and nothing happens. The message is popping every half minute, it drives me crazy!

  • billyh

    I get a thin blue bar across the top of the home screen as a background to the status icon set (connectivity, time, location services, battery). Can’t click on it like the thicker green bar that takes you back to your phone call. Not sure what it’s notifying me of. AirPlay, perhaps?

  • Naveen

    Hi.. I want to have my apps on the screen as in previous version. Now I have to go App store to open any app I want to use and then using it by double clicking on the home button from next time. Is there any way to get the app icon on out of the app store icon?

    • kell0ee

      Check you dont have multiple pages. When I updated my Mums it seemed to have our first page of apps, then 2 blank pages then all my other apps and she couldnt work out where they had gone.

  • Serena Runyon Farmer

    When I post a pic it posts 10 or more as an album. I hate it!! Is there a way to prevent this?

  • Jen

    All my crappy music I bought as a ten year old is on my iPod now and I’m really embarrassed that Itened to it in the first place. Is there any way I can make it not show up anymore?

    • ConnorF42

      Yes, sync with itunes, delete the music you don’t want.

    • Ryan

      Go General > Music > Show all Music and turn it OFF. You won’t see your purchases in the music app anymore.

  • Not Impressed

    Thought things were supposed to be headed to 3D, now were back in flat mode just like MS & Windows 8, looks like preschool. Apples stock went up because of this? that alone shows what is wrong with the stock market…

  • jes

    when i try to text or type anything in it takes forever!!!! and it doesnt pop up til after i finish the word. it is so annoying is been like this since i updated it! any one know how to fix it?

  • Linda

    Thanks very much for these tips. I installed iOS 7 and immediately began searching for help! I used just about all your suggestions and it’s a bit better. But I really do feel cheated (as many others do) that my very expensive iPhone now looks more like a small screen android. It just made an android look more appealing.

  • Joker

    Cant watch videos in landscape what a dumb effort want steve jobs back

  • tb

    its a lame iOS update….. not happy.

    I find it hard to read the text messages with white font in a light blue pastel bubble… apple, let us have the choice to darken the color palette in the OS.

    Also, my calendar dates do not show up in the notification center page….. what gives?

  • David Kelly

    Leave it to Apple to screw up a good thing by trying to GUESS what we want. What was the purpose of making the damn screen gray and white? Just stupid!

  • bgbg001

    Finally improved mine!


    I am getting big boy pants next week.

  • Jk-James

    Any fix yet for not being able to scale wallpapers, the most irritating thing about ios7. The rest is good.

  • Kid Charlemagne

    I think iOS7′s look sucks, as does the way it behaves. If it was a person, I would smack it upside the head as I asked it rhetorically “wtf were you THINKING?!” And then I would kick it in the nuts and tell it to go change into something decent and stop acting like a damn fool if it ever wanted to leave the house in one piece again

    Seriously. Who thought it would be a good idea to have low contrast UI with skinny little girly fonts and transparent pastel colors like we are at an f’g baby shower ? I call this update the FEMINIZATION of iOS. The chicks and metrosexuals have taken over Apple. I am f’g praying Steve Jobs was cryogenically f’g frozen and will be coming back to life to fix this fuster for iOS8. If not, I am dumping this sex in the city phone and getting something else

    Long live Jobs and skeuomorphs.

  • Carolyn

    I hate ios 7! Ive been down all day. HATE!! Stupidest thing Apple EVER did! Looks like it was made for a two year old and I had a headache within 10 minutes of looking at those hideous new icons and texting with that horrid stark white background! Give me back my Dove Gray background!!!! Arrgh!!

    • Meg

      I totally agree its aweful and I want my old ios6 back altogether they have totally wrecked a great phone

  • luke

    is there anyway to make my text messages a different colour on my iphone after this stupid update

  • Pharohbender

    Hmm window phone almost looks tempting to buy now. Thanks apple, thanks for fucking up all the good work jobs done.

  • Merry

    How come I dont have a Reduce Motion option? =(

  • Bob

    Since installing 7 my text writing has gone crazy ie typing with no letters appearing and then they appear after 15 seconds in a rush same thing happens when i type in password very frustrating!

  • Jayne

    My saved videos no longer have text names I’d applied. I save course vids and label class and session. Now they are just a “bunch” of videos with pic icons and no name!

  • Jennifer

    HELP somehow I have salmon colored icons. when I tried the ‘invert colors’ suggestion, all my photos used for background also inverted colors. What were they thinking? How can I change just the icon background color?

  • Kara

    I dont have the reduce motion option and my phone is making me feel really sick. I have the iphone 4 can anyone help??

  • candide08

    ios 7 is a nightmare for people that need the accessibility settings. First, the settings do not affect everything, like the thin lines on icons to save photos in a text conversation. The general “flat” look lessens contrast and makes everything more difficult (or impossible) to see for people with vision problems, like many older people – who can afford an iPhone.

    6.1.3 was far superior, ios 7 is a huge leap backwards.

  • Sobbing over IOS 7

    What an ugly surprise! I hate IOS 7 with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns. Now my beautiful iPhone looks cheap and it’s harder to use. Apple copied the worst features of the loathsome Windows 8 interface and gave me nothing in return. P-L-E-A-S-E tell me how to downgrade this upgrade and return to the previous OS!

  • Brrrrrrittni

    Does anyone know If there is a way to not have the bubble colors change as you slide up and down in messages totally hurting my eyes

  • ChrisJF

    i had 2 things i dident like about the new update one was the scaling in of the wallpaper but i have found a fix for that thanks to some of you on here and 2 is that you cant tilt the screen for landscape photos and stuff is there a way to turn that on?? thanks for any help

  • Anonymous

    When will this update come for iPod touch 4th generation?

  • Anonymous

    Will this update come for iPod 4?

  • SP

    Quite upset updating to iOS7. My iPad seems significantly slower and locked up. chrome takes much longer to load. Should not update. Aplle is going down hill, unfortunately.

  • Adam

    After I updated my phone the phone will not ring if I get a call or text. How do I fix it

  • Courtnea Niccole Taylor

    Is anyone else having issues with the notifications not giving you any options to select, and then freezing, causing you to restart the app? (Look at the image for an example.)

  • Dennis

    After the upgrade, I’m not able to turn on the speaker when talking to someone over the phone. Also, the phone can only vibrate and cannot ring. Read from a website that by vacuum or suck from the bottom of the phone where the sound is coming out can resolve this. It does make the sound comes out but just temporary. Not sure if anyone encounter this and any solution to it.

  • Irish15

    I heard that ios7 can change the bubble text color? Is that true? Can it also work on iphone4?

  • Irish15

    I heard that ios7 can change the bubble text color? Is that true? If it is, does it work for iphone4?

  • Paul Australia

    Please help, I upgraded my system on an Iphone 4 to ios7, for the life of me and trying all of the settings changes in Do not disturb and Sounds cannot get a ring tone when somebody calls me only a buzz from the vibrator.

  • Jojomews

    Major problems texting & emailing:( so slow to type & erase…any ideas folks??

  • Jeannie

    If someone texts me a picture how can I save it to my camera roll?

    • kell0ee

      Click the image and in the bottom left corner there is a box with an arrow pointing upwards, in this is an option to ‘Save Image’

  • Ciminder87

    Does anyone know how to disable the flash going off with the alarm or receipt of new messages?

    • jeannie

      settings -general- accessibility LED flash

      • Ciminder87

        you are a saint!

  • Slb

    When you receive a message in ios7 it shows the message on the lock screen – does anyone know how to get rid of this and keep it private so no one else can see whats been said?

  • Jon

    Anyone else having an issue with changing all of the sounds of push notifications? I have selected different tones for facebook and twitter in settings but when ever I get a notification from them it plays “Tri Tone” and I can’t seem to change it.

  • Andrew

    To change the white background go to settings -general- accessibility- invert colors- ON

    • Count Zeppelin

      Bad thing though, it inverts all colors, not just the white background on the phone dial pad.

  • Andrew

    Also everyone stop being a pussy!! All of the things that suck will get patched! And no u cannot go back unless u want to totally fuck up ur phone

  • Brianne

    How do I close aps that are running if u hold ur finger an wait for them to wiggle it doesn’t happen just reopened it?

    • kell0ee

      Holding your finger on an app and waiting for them to wiggle is just to rearrange apps and delete them. To shut down a background running app you need to double click the home button. You’ll then get small windows of all your open apps that you can scroll though. To close them you need to swipe them upwards. or you can use this to swap faster between apps, bypassing the home screen.

  • Rebekah Summerhill

    I wanted to have my lock screen as this really nice picture of me and my dad but it won’t let me have the full picture⁉️ It did on ios6 but now it won’t let me zoom out it will only let me zoom in!!!!! Help plz

  • mad

    Anyone know how to fix the slow response time on the keyboard

  • Erin

    When I update to the new iOS my husband began receiving all my texts on his cell phone. What setting will change this back? I don’t want to receive his texts nor does he want to receive mine.

    • frustrated!!

      This happened to us too on the prior upgrade!! Both of our phone numbers are on both phones!

  • tharmendra

    My fren has iPad 4 and I have iPad 3, I updated go IOS on 18 abd he did it today, now my notification centre is black and very less translucent where as he has complete one, I tried everything possible to change it from black to full translucent, butni couldn’t is there a way out!!!

    Thanks in advance

  • dmalinowski

    I hate the OS7. My text messages are such a bright color, it’s difficult to read. Calendar is way different and difficult. Notes is way different and difficult to read. Cannot sync iTunes to my new MacBookPro as my Mac can’t read it. Timing opening apps is SLOW. Same issues as many other users are reporting. PLEASE FIX!!

  • AesTechie

    Feel like Apple and the tech sector is yanking our chains. Screw them, and the new wave of punk designers who push their no talent, NO AFFORDANCES “flat design” BS on customers who bought their devices for what they loved about them already. #flatdesignsux

  • Only_States_The_Obvious

    Get a droid you life will be easier. Just dont buy the cheap shitty ones buy the nice HTC Or Samsung Galaxy line.

  • Lone Wolff

    I like many things but I DON’T like the ‘grouping’ icons which appear grey, particularly when small, rather than the intended transparent look. Still looking for ways to adjust or change colour/transparency. Any ideas ?

  • richmond212

    Hate the appearance of the new Apple operating system. Looks like an acid freak from the 60′s designed it. The calendar is hard to read, it uses up power much faster than ever before. GIVE ME BACK the sophisticated appearance of the iOS6!!! Someone fix this please. I’ ready to trash this device.

    • Silverminers

      That’s exactly the problem, the Acid head from the 60′s didn’t design it. He’s dead and rolling in his grave right now.

  • BigBuck

    I can’t read the screen, these pastel colors are crap!

  • Jamie

    Since updating iOS7….my phone does not ring when i get a call, only shows a missed call…same with texts. yes my phone volume is up and i have checked the settings

    • Amanda

      I am having this problem too. It makes the alert noises if I’m using my phone, but if I lock it d set it down my phone won’t ring for calls or texts.

    • Amanda

      Ah! Never mind, Jamie, I figured it out. Is there a little moon on the bar at the top of your screen? That means do not disturb mode is on. Swipe up from the bottom to bring up the menu and click the moon button to turn it off.

    • Kate

      I am having trouble with this as well. Unfortunately I have tried checking the ‘do not disturb’ mode and still nothing. I finally had to set to vibrate so I could be alerted some how that I had a phone call or message. Any other suggestions?

  • Lost N Time

    Bring up camera place lens flat on a piece of cloth take photo
    Change background and choose photo that you took
    This will give you a black background a lot easier on the eyes

  • Mini

    How can I change the alarm ringtone

  • Rebecca Fritch

    i feel like i’m the only one who’s NOT pissed about ios 7! maybe that’s because i only got my first ipod two months ago so i wasn’t overly familiar with 6 when they changed it. really the only thing that annoys me is that i can’t use my “i am SHER locked” lock screen anymore (and scaling issues with the wallpapers, etc).

  • John

    My diary won’t open after upgrading to iOS 7. Help.

  • Pk

    I’m changing the phone! White background pisses me off, plus foto view with the same white background looks awful. You cant even get foto in full screen. Bye-bye apple – going to get Galaxy Note II or something similar.

  • Barb

    it’s made for toddlers who like cartoons. my phone looks like a child’s toy.

  • sherry

    Is anyone having trouble opening the game ‘Bubble Safari’ on the new ios7 system?

    • Ranger

      Yes, I can’t open it at all! Tried uninstalling and reinstalling….?No luck!

  • Silverminers

    Man what a terrible “update” ios7 is. Steve is rolling in his grave.

  • Brook

    I hate everything about this update. Everything. The texting gives me a headache, even if I make it bold with added contrast. The app closer is stupid slow. Apps take forever to open and constantly crash. The control panel is ugly and inconvenient, I actually enjoyed double clicking and swiping to the left for music.. it was so much more simple, worked faster, and had the music app icon right there. The new notification area is terrible. The apps updating to “match” ios7 are making me sick, especially the new Facebook. My screen feels like it’s reading area has decreased by a mile. And of course, like everyone else has said – It looks like a child’s toy, terrible. The texting reminds me of PAPER MARIO. If you haven’t already updated, DON’T DO IT. Everything about the update SUCKS. I want the old version back, BAD! I can’t even use my phone now without getting a migraine!!!

  • Lea Kelly

    Often, my phone doesn’t ring. Instead, callers hear 1 ring & it goes to voicemail. Any fixes?

    • mckapple

      Lea – I could kiss you! I am a REALTOR, am in the middle of several big deals, and have had a phone that wouldn’t ring for 2 days. You gave me the answer. THANK YOU!!!!

  • Steel On Target

    This update completely sucks. The reasons are too many to list.

  • Joboo

    I dare these 3 year olds at apple to make ios 6 available. Thanks for trapping us. CrApple.

  • Kuki Bili

    after upgrading ios7 i cant access my photos to upload any picture on facebook

  • helphelphelp

    I’m stuck on the terms and conditions page of the iOS 7 update, have agreed numerous times and a next button does not appear :(
    I can’t use my phone…

  • Monette Gardner

    I do not want the white OR black background! I can I go back to grey? The white is too bright! Need sunglasses!

  • Monette Gardner

    I type faster than iOS 7! How do I make it keep up? I hate iOS 7!

  • Zac

    How do I fix delayed keyboard actions? For example while I’m typing now I am getting very delayed responses from the keyboard.

  • KS

    I can no longer hear texts or calls when my screen is locked. Any ideas?

    • mckapple

      Having same problem. No audible or visible notifications of ANYTHING when my screen is locked. I am a REALTOR and I have a phone that doesn’t ring. Wonderful. I’ll be out of business soon.

    • mckapple

      Oh my God, KS, read Leah’s comment below. I just looked at my Do Not Disturb settings and that was indeed the problem. Can’t even FREAKIN’ believe that installing IOS7 would have changed such an important setting. My phone is ringing again! Try it!

  • Count Zeppelin

    The ugly flat white phone dial pad is horrible. I want the old one back.

  • Amanda soutter

    For sale 1 iPhone 5 , 1 IPad 3. Not downgraded yet to IO7. Will exchange for any adult Samsung units. Shame Shame Shame on you. As an over 50 user of an expensive product, I have looked at my partners upgrade and feel quite cheated by you. Disney as a permanent part of my search engine. Neon pink writing for my music app, I can’t see it and the iPhone 5 would be unusable with the motion sickness app you have added. This unit will be sold on eBay along with my phone. That’s it last straw. Childish interface real backwards step, beta android looked better. Jobs is spinning in his grave right now, in fact Apple is worm food.

  • StrongIsland

    My battery life is fine it’s the same as before iOS 7 on my i5. Also people complaining about the little lightning bolt while it’s charging is to hard to see have seriously got to be kidding me. Like seriously give me a break.

  • Leigh S.


  • Jeremy Husserl

    the update just deleted a shit load of my fucking music what the hell apple and it says i cant download it i have to repurchase it

  • Rubin Chen

    LoL, people are so funny. They ask for change but when change happens they can’t accept it. There’s nothing really ” wrong” with iOS 7. Maybe other than the fact that I can no long jailbreak. However I see this as a marketing scheme to get people to buy the new phone though. I don’t know if any of you tried the iOS on a Iphone 5s, but it actually runs very smooth. As for design, many say its crap but for everyone person that thinks so there’s another person that likes it. If you think about it @disqus_fTVrzs97RW:disqus is and can’t see it from all perspectives maybe you are not as good as you say you are. However over all, even though it’s a fresh look with some major improvements to its ease of use, it doesn’t justify means, sacrificing iphone4s iphone 5 ipad ipadmini user experience for a bit of change in the grand scheme of things.

    Side note: reason I am picking on you @disqus_fTVrzs97RW:disqus is because you stated your qualifications and fail to own up to it. I’ve read 6 days worth of comments you are the only one.

  • paul

    ios7 sucks the internet on the phone is super slow after upgrading.need to go back to ios6 it is way better than this ios7 crappy operating system.ios7 is a downgrade not an upgrade.

  • Jerseygirl

    I cannot updates my apps on my ipad since installing ISO 7. Use to be a number on the apple store indicating there were upgrades, now there isnt any number and when i physically go to upgrades there are plenty of apps there but no “upgrade bar” please advise

  • anon

    Thanks for the tips. They helped. A few cool features in ios7, but overall, blows. Disappointing.

  • farhmas

    how do I increase the volume as it is very low after upgrade to ios7 on my I phone 4. My volume level is currently full.

  • nicole

    i dont want a lock screen at all how do i get rid of it?!

  • MJ

    How do I turn my screens now sideways . I use to just turn my phone…..:P

  • Princess Verdillo

    I hate the sounds of my Ipad now.. sounds like Crashing glasses, the bass and all are ruined

  • Adrian

    when i try to change my wallpaper it says to move and scale it dosnt let me do the whole picture only like the very center…come on apple

  • Moussakay

    What is the name of your home screen wallpaper

  • loveios7

    f()ckin love ios7

  • Carol

    How do i sync my Apple TV to my iphone, it was automatic before, now it won’t find it?

    • kell0ee

      When your iphone picks up the the Apple TV an option for Airplay and Airdrop appear in the Control Center. (The swipe up menu).

  • Bethany

    Has anyone figured out how to make just the alarm louder?

  • DB

    When I choose one of my pictures to set as wallpaper/ lock screen on the preview they look fine but when I set them they are blurry? How do I fix this?

  • the77alliance

    What is really confusing and totally sucks, is AirPlay. I have a 2nd Gen iPad and when I swipe up I rarely if ever can get the settings to come up for Airplay. anyone have a fix for this?

  • Kitty

    How come my phone no longer only sync’s “cheeked” songs from my itunes? i DONT use icloud and have made sure my settings are ok with “show all music” off please help!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    Very helpful information , thankyou so much . Jay

  • monami

    Maybe..all of us petition with APPLE to protest how much we hate new IOS7…I really really hate new IOS 7 enough to cancel my contract with APPLE..

  • Christina

    When someone sends me a text it doesn’t make any sound so I miss all my text ,,,,how do I get sound when someone sends me a text?

  • Zelda

    I do not like the new calendar set up. Much prefer the horizontal action and the boxes on the calendar. Not all updates are helpful.

  • MH

    7 wiped out my notes app. Anyone know how to restore it? Maddening!

  • Sean Schaumburg

    Why can’t I watch videos in music player in landscape???

  • IOS7frustrated

    I could get used to change as long as there is an alternate option but the fact that home page badges are set on a colored backing instead of transparent just ruins the wallpaper image

  • Beauty princess

    Should I update to iOS 7?

    • NYGiants4246


  • JennyLee

    Some of my Apps don’t worked correctly…Monopoly Millionaire…acts like it is turning on then shuts my whole system down. This Sucks!! I wish I never downloaded it! :(

  • betty keenan

    I preferred the old calendar. I would like to know how to change back to the previous calendar.

  • Sam

    What about google images? I can’t slide to the next picture anymore!

  • Patrick

    This operating system sux. It’s like Obamacare, i dont remember anyone suggesting they stop regulating our medical insurance, what a success! Opps, my bad, somebody already has! Apple I want my old op. system back.

  • http://www.spicymagazine.com/ Spicy Magazine

    Photos app is broken. Any image that isn’t the aspect of the iPad screen gets cropped in to fit width of screen. Can’t view my full photo. Retarded testing dept gets an F.

  • anon

    Guys try this: settings>General>Textsize
    it might help, but I agree about the terible design!

  • Brandon

    I can’t get instagram or whatsapp to locate my camera roll. My privacy settings for my photos don’t pull up any of the relatable apps that require access. How do I change this?

  • Sabrina Loubert

    PLEASE TELL ME A WAY TO GO BACK TO IOS 6 .. 7 is so ugly that it hurt my eyes! it look cheap. I hate it!!!!!!! please if you know how to go back to IOS6 tell me!!

  • ee

    how do i upload multiple photos to facebook?…

  • NightFlight

    Well, I got my first iPhone (5 – not S or C). I played with iOS 6 for about a day and then opted for iOS 7. I don’t miss iOS6, as I don’t know it well. I like iOS 7 just fine.

    My only complaint is font handling in HTML emails when the phone is turned horizontal. The text goes from readable to HUGE when turned.

    As for the minamalist icons… meh their fine. They do the job, I just hit them with a finger. Don’t much care what they look like, so long as they are unique and functional – which they are.

    What a bunch of whiners!

  • Rob Jenkins

    Idiots- the founder dies and all the new creative staff can do to continue making a profit is add bells and whistles with no new technology. Here’s an idea- don’t change anything that’s not broken. The background color, the note pad color, the text, the notifications, the battery, the icons were great and NOW YOU BROKE THEM. My entire family has stopped using our Ipads because of the notepad glaring white color. Your updates just made the windows tablet an offer my family is now considering. Here’s another suggestion go find some bright technology inventors. Pretty soon I pad users will grow tired of your bells and whistles and wake up to the fact that you are not introducing new technology just adding ugly glitter.

  • Clare2904

    Not sure If I am going crazy here but when I woke up today the URL bar and the bookmark tool bar in Safari now has a black background with white tabs. Yesterday it was white/greyish colour after the upgrade.

    What the hell has happened! I have performed no upgrade since the original move to iOS7 a few weeks ago.

    • Clare2904

      I have cracked my problem. If you switch on Private Browsing the background turns black. Turn it off and bars are white.

  • jaju

    my ipad 2 is saying screen locked and it wont open up on the screen

  • AlienFabrik


  • AlienFabrik

    Design by Sesame Street! Garish! @&%#$*&!!!

  • D Sloane

    Thanks so much! I HATE the new display and text -it looks cheap, and is impossible to read. What were they thinking????At least with your tips I can alleviate some of the aggravation.

  • HELP

    My ipad is stuck on a big freeze im starting to hate it I tried hard shutdown method but once its on it keeps freezing please help it started when i was on my settings it asked me something I did it it froze and now its looping on a endless reboot help!

  • george

    My original ringtone is not listed under classic…everyone says it is..I am looking for “old phone” which made the phone ring…if it is there, I sure don’t see it…

  • sally

    How do you remove red eye from photos? When you tap the screen “did not find red eye to correct” appears on the screen.

  • DJ

    Is anyone having trouble sliding the bar to answer a call? It sticks for us and we are missing calls…

  • MP

    I hate the fact now the screen won’t automatically turn off anymore. I want to go back to iOS6. It’s a shame they send out updates that are so filled with problems.

  • Mindy

    If the new design is the “worst” thing to happen to you, your life is pretty darn good. Perspective, people.


    07 SUCKS EGGS!


    When did it become manditory that upgrades must fk up everything that was just fine before!!!??? I mean – maybe pay these people so they do their Jobs, or send them back to wood shop — I mean who’s bright idea was this useless “upgrade”. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! yuck

  • Nicolaos Mousios

    It’s so so bad…My iPhone 5 has been rendered useless since the update. My Wifi stopped working and now it is in a constant apple logo loop. I am unable to use my iPhone… WTF… No apple support… No iPhone… I have paid a lot of money for a product that does not work. I am surprised that they are still selling devices..! Buying anything Apple is like buying a car and parking it in your garage because it doesn’t start..!!

  • Jeff

    Apple Blew it with the new IOS this new system is PROBLEMS!

  • pxlenvy

    The new design is so flawed from a UX and accessibility standpoint. Ridiculous.

    bright white background is so painful on the eyes. My mom is also
    complaining about how she can’t use her iPad as much as she used to. One
    of the wonderful things about tablets was that it was easy for all age
    groups to use. It was intuitive and took all it’s users into
    consideration. It was well designed from a beauty as well as a
    useability standpoint. ios7 fails miserably. It looks like it only
    belongs in the hands of the 13 – 24yr old crew.

    As a Designer I have used Apple for my entire career. I am now seriously considering getting a Droid when my contract is up.

  • Rj

    Ios7 Sucks……….

  • sammy

    My assigned ringtones keep reverting to default since updating to ios7

  • veryupsetperson

    so fed up that I will dump my iPad and switch to another tablet…. apple have killed it!

    Apple take note… you have lost a customer….

  • Guest

    Yea, the new look introduced by ios 7 is the worst thing apple has ever done. it totally sucks, looks like Microsoft did it, and I seriously wouldn’t have bought this ipad, nor would I update, had I known it becomes this. I hate everything about white plain poor design, and love everything about the elegant silver. It seems Apple is lost without jobs. I’d not recommend any friends to buy an apple product now after this terrible user experience. I feel so cheated by this. Tim Cook sucks. Fucking asshole, he must have gotten a big sum on top of his paycheck for sabotaging apple. I don’t believe it is an accident. Somehow, Microsoft is involved. fuckers! I ll revert to ios 6 now and tell everyone to forget apple and buy google android now. Once again, ios 7 is the worst apple has ever looked, and whoever paid a lot of money for silver elegant design should fucking have it, and get poor naked plain white. I can as we’ll grab a hammer when this piece of shit it now gonna be stuck at ios 6 while all apps will want ios 7. It’s a fucking sabottage and my device is now a brick. Fuck you all, whole apple is fucked, and fuck you once more, I’m gonna return this shit cause I want my money back to buy at least an android which is now ahead of apple. Saboteurs

  • truthfffff

    apple just sucks now period

  • Sarah

    Hi,I want to delete some of data in my iPad 3 .I used to do it very easily before but after iOS 7.0.3 I don’t know how to do it!?

  • Sonja Sharp

    Change the BLINDING white background!!!

  • Bonnie K Hunter

    I can not read white text on a dark background. The new text messages with white text are HORRIBLE. Give me my BLACK TEXT back!!! (*&#@$(*&!

  • SarahV

    I hate the new update. EVERYTHING IS SLOW. Safari is so excruciatingly slow. Back on the iOS6 I can switch between apps like less than a second and multi-task everything. Now, I can’t even close one app and trying to open another without my ipad freezing up. Also have any of you tried to close an app and it just KEEPS popping up? Thats my issue right now. UGH. I did not want to update because I wasnt a fan of it on my phone. I can just kick myself.

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