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According to the latest Star Wars: Episode VII rumors, we can add Saoirse Ronan to the list of actors who may be in the film. There’s also an “update” on both filming locations and Benedict Cumberbatch’s involvement.

Once again, the most recent rumors come from Latino Review. Recently, they’ve accurately nailed other major casting announcements, including Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

According to their sources, Saoirse Ronan has gone in to read for a part for Episode VII. They say they’ve known this for two weeks, but they’re finally releasing the information now because they’ve gotten it confirmed from several different sources.

While nothing is set in stone, the number of the sources they have suggests that Ronan probably has gone in. However, that doesn’t put her in a role.

It’s also unclear what role Ronan went in for. While it would be easy to guess that she could play the part of Han Solo (and assumedly Princess Leia)’s daughter, Latino Review also heard that there’s a female villain part too.

They don’t give any specifics, but Latino Review also strongly believes that Cumberbatch saying that he’s not in Star Wars: Episode VII is false, much like how he often denied playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness.

They say that not only will he be in Episode VII, but he’ll be in the next two installments as well. His part is apparently very small in the 2015 installment but will be much bigger in Episode VIII and Episode IX.

They also say that while 90% of the film will be shot in London (as assumed earlier), the remaining 10% will be shot in Las Cruces, New Mexico, along with Los Angeles, CA.

Latino Review has had some scoops recently, but they’ve also had some fall flat, so we certainly don’t know if these will turn out to be true or not.

Do you think Saoirse Ronan would make a good fit for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’?

  • PabloRuiz7

    I was dreaming of Jennifer Lawrence as the lead but oh well, with a script written by Arndt, I’m sure anyone could do a great job =)

    • Gary65

      Give Saoirse Ronan a chance. The girl is just stunning. She’s hilarious on Ellen and has knocked it out of the park on a variety of roles(we’re just going to sweep that Host disaster under the rug).

      • Nathan

        I actually didn’t mind her in the Host, it was the voice over that I found cheesy haha

      • stryder

        There’s not many actresses that would of been capable of the playing the dual role of Melanie/Wanda in The Host. While the overall movie might have been disappointing, her portrayal of the protagonists was excellent.

        • Gary65

          True enough but that movie is a blot on her CV that’d we’d all rather wasn’t there. She’s amazing :D

          • stryder

            All actors, and most especially A-listers have had movies that have been panned by critics and that have lost money at the box office – it’s par for the course.

    • Ananya

      I think Jennifer wouldn’t do it. She must be tired of franchises by now :)

  • Cguy

    Aww, come on! I loved Cumberbatch in Star Trek and The Hobbit, but he’s in freakin’ everything these days! As long as Harrison Ford is in it, I don’t care who else is cast, lol.

  • Heather Martin

    I’d love to see Saoirse Ronan in Star Wars! She’s an established actress but she is not a household name or anything. She has a bit of an other-worldly look so I think she’d be great.

  • Connor

    LatinoReview is known for fake news. So you guys posting stuff from them is a waste of time and news. You guys need to get the facts straight before assuming.

    • http://www.korracast.com/ Fravit

      I do not think that posting this scoop is wrong, partially because most other major movie news outlets are reporting on it (making it irresponsible of them not to,) and because it’s fully acknowledged in the article that these are rumors and that they come from questionable sources. Reporting on rumors and speculation is what fandom news sites are supposed to do.

      • Lyle Weaver

        plus they beat all the other sites! :D

  • Caroline J.

    for a film coming out in 2 years… im not going to hold my breathe on casting news until it’s confirmed by the studio. though any excuse to see saoirse ronan on screen is a welcome one.

  • Tomas

    I loved Saorsie Ronan in the host, such an amazng movie and she’s a great actress!
    Hope she’ll be cast!

  • HalloI’mObsessed

    I think Saoirse would be perfect, she is an amazing actress in all. Even if I wasn’t interested in this movie, and they cast her, you can’t go wrong with Saoirse Ronan.

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