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Teen Wolf season 3 news keeps trickling in, and this time we’ve learned that we’ll be getting another flashback involving Chris Argent.

This new flashback will feature Chris Argent younger than we’ve ever seen him. According to E! Online, Chris will be 18 years old when we see him in the past.

The flashback involves “a heated battle with a kind of evil not yet seen on the series.” They go on to say that we’ll also be seeing a Yakuza warrior. Interesting!

The Yakuza are members of organized crime groups in Japan, although their members exist around the world. While not all of their business is illegal, they do seem to have less than stellar reputations. They’re also known for strict codes of honor that even the Argent family would probably be proud of.

There’s no indication as to who the Yakuza warrior in the flashback will be, or if he or she is part of the evil that Chris will be fighting.

However, we do know that new student Kira is of partially Japanese descent and is tied to the Kitsune myth. Executive Producer Jeff Davis and his team are staying quiet about whether or not Kira will actually be the Kitsune, leading to many speculations about the direction of her character.

Perhaps Chris seeing Kira will have warranted the flashback about his past. Could the Yakuza warrior and the new evil be tied to Kira or her family in some way? Is it possible that Chris had spent time in Japan and knows about the Kitsune?

Need more ‘Teen Wolf’ in your life?

Do you have the hiatus blues? Teen Wolf won’t return until January 6, 2014 but in the meantime you can check out Hypable’s exclusive Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast, which will be doing bite-sized episodes every other week talking about different aspects of the show and the fandom.

  • George

    I can’t wait till the day that you post an article about Sterek becoming canon.

    • Romina

      Omg you’re telling my thoughts! Every day I come here with the hope to see that article. That’s the main reason why I’m coming here anyway ^^

      • George

        haha nice :)

        • Romina

          And it’s probably totally stupid. (x But Sterek is worth it haha ^^

          • George

            Not at all lol, sterek is my god.

          • Romina

            Aww mine too! :)

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    A Yazuka warrior! Sounds interesting! And no, I had no idea what that was before reading this article! :) I can’t wait to see a teenage Chris Argent! I hope they cast someone hot to play him.

  • Meg

    I’m excited to see more of Chris Argent’s past! I find their family’s evolution fascinating!

  • Geneva

    Hey Im with u guys. Im hoping that we get even a hint of Sterek for the last part of season three. Considering they barely had any scenes together. Hell I would be happy with anything at this point.

  • Kendra Poznanski

    omg so many stereks fanss!!

  • Malik Myers

    I’m really excited for this storyline. Especially since Chris Argent is one of my favorite side characters because he has always followed a moral code before he even started working WITH the werewolves. And he’s not perfect but I think he’s the most likeable hunter in Allison’s family besides Allison herself.

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