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It has been widely assumed, but a Disney official has seemingly confirmed that the Star Wars solo films will be origin stories set around particular characters.

Back in April, Disney confirmed that while the episodic Star Wars films would be released every two years, after the release of Episode VII in 2015 there would be a new Star Wars film released every year. This left the door open for live-action Star Wars films that were not set in the Skywalker saga, something that had never been done before.

When news of these films first hit, it was rumored that they would be origin stories centered around popular characters. It was rumored that these films could potentially revolve around Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Yoda.

Until now, there has been no real news about these films. While nothing official has been announced, Disney chief financial officer Jay Rasulo has hinted that these movies indeed will be origin stories. According to Variety, Rasulo referred to them as “origin story films.”

While it may be interesting to look back at how particular characters got their starts, it may not be what every fan wants. Many fans would be interested in seeing a film set in a period of time unconnected to any of the characters we’ve seen on screen. Many fans would also like for the certain characters’ origins (particularly that of Yoda) to remain mysteries.

Are you glad the ‘Star Wars’ solo films will be origin stories?

  • CliveRogan

    The Star Wars universe is huge. Thousands of planets, millions of possibilities. I’ll be incredibly disappointed if all these films only revolve around the few characters that we know.

  • sarahd15

    They could literally do anything with this. I’d love some KOTOR stuff, or Starkiller even! Anything that doesn’t suck basically :)

  • ConnorF42

    Yoda’s origin will be very different, considering he is like 900 years old.

    • Trent Taylor

      I’d genuinely consider not going to a Yoda movie on principle.

  • Amir Khan

    I don’t want Yoda’s origin. Or boba fett cause that was technically already explained. I want new planets with COMPLETELY different characters

  • Ultron

    I would really like a yoda or boba fett movie. Maybe even starkiller or Shaak ti!!

  • Cguy

    First Harry Potter, now this?! What the fuck is up with all of these origin stories??

  • guest02

    they really should focus on new stories. Part of the excitement of developing a character is not knowing their future or the choices they will make. That’s what makes it much more suspenseful for the audience. We know what happens to solo, yodo, etc. And we knew what happened to anakin. So if you’re going to dip back into a universe, try something new!

  • Vader’s Flagship

    I really just want more Star Wars, so long as I can return to the galaxy far, far away on the big screen, I’ll be more than thrilled. That being said, I would really like to see something before the prequels, like the Darth Bane saga.

  • Trent Taylor
  • Andy

    Yes, finally a Jar-Jar Binks origin story!

  • Janikan

    I don’t think that I could stand an entire movie about Yoda….

  • http://www.facebook.com/liammozz Liam Morris

    Go look up yoda’s history there is none he’s always been kept a mistory and it should be kept that way

  • justaguy

    A Knights of the Old Republic Revan movie would be the greatest movie of all time. A Boba Fett one would be super cool too

  • Jeffrey Alexander

    Han/Lando buddy film. Fett is main screen villain, but have Greedo and other bounty hunters around as well. Jaba sent them all obviously. Show everyone how Lando lost the Falcon, maybe the Kessel Run. Hell, maybe Dash Randar (or whatever) can make an appearance as a young stow away. Basically end the movie right before they try to lay low on Tattooine.
    (I’m not spell-checking any Star Wars names, sorry)

    • http://www.isights.org/ Michael Long

      I’m tired of origin films and backstory films that feel that they need to check off every single event. Scar on face? Check. Fear of snakes? Check. Kessel Run (to switch genres)? Check.

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