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Warner Bros. has announced a new Harry Potter-related film series based in the world of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie will be an “original story and will mark Rowling’s screenwriting debut. It is planned as the first picture in a new film series.”

What’s more, the series will focus on the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Newt Scamander. According to Rowling, the first film will be set 70 years before the first Harry Potter book in New York.

Complete coverage

- David Heyman tells Hypable why Rowling “needs to do it.”
- MuggleCast Episode 270 discusses the series’ possibilities
- 6 actors we could see taking the role of Newt
- 5 Harry Potter characters that could feasibly appear in the movie
- Why J.K. Rowling writing the spinoff is a brilliant idea

Here is J.K. Rowling’s full statement about today’s announcement:

“Although it will be set in the worldwide community of witches and wizards where I was so happy for seventeen years, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ is neither a prequel nor a sequel to the Harry Potter series, but an extension of the wizarding world. The laws and customs of the hidden magical society will be familiar to anyone who has read the Harry Potter books or seen the films, but Newt’s story will start in New York, seventy years before Harry’s gets underway.

It all started when Warner Bros. came to me with the suggestion of turning ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ into a film. I thought it was a fun idea, but the idea of seeing Newt Scamander, the supposed author of ‘Fantastic Beasts,’ realized by another writer was difficult. Having lived for so long in my fictional universe, I feel very protective of it and I already knew a lot about Newt. As hard-core Harry Potter fans will know, I liked him so much that I even married his grandson, Rolf, to one of my favourite characters from the Harry Potter series, Luna Lovegood.

As I considered Warners’ proposal, an idea took shape that I couldn’t dislodge. That is how I ended up pitching my own idea for a film to Warner Bros.

I particularly want to thank Kevin Tsujihara of Warner Bros. for his support in this project, which would not have happened without him. I always said that I would only revisit the wizarding world if I had an idea that I was really excited about and this is it.”

“We are incredibly honored that Jo has chosen to partner with Warner Bros. on this exciting new exploration of the world of wizardry which has been tremendously successful across all of our businesses,” said Kevin Tsujihara, Chief Executive Officer, Warner Bros. Entertainment. “She is an extraordinary writer, who ignited a reading revolution around the world, which then became an unprecedented film phenomenon. We know that audiences will be as excited as we are to see what her brilliant and boundless imagination conjures up for us.”

In addition to today’s movie series announcement, Warner Bros. and Rowling have also agreed on distribution deals related to The Casual Vacancy television miniseries as well as a continued theme park partnership.

  • Omfg

    What?! This is crazy!!

  • Emily Bryan

    OMG OMG OMGGGG!!!! I CAN’T! This is amazing!

  • Maj Elisabeth
    • PabloRuiz7

      New Mugglecast episode? Yes? Please?

  • Kyle

    The title NEEDS to be changed, very misleading.

    • Helen

      I mean technically it IS harry potter related since the world of harry potter doesn’t really have a name other than, well, earth? Trying to think of a succinct title that clearly says “New WB movie set in wizarding world of harry potter penned by JK Rowling.” Harry Potter spin-off perhaps?

      • http://manunited.blog.nepsport.hu/ DrRudeboy

        potterverse films?

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

      You’re very right. We adjusted.

    • Lucy Hopko

      it also happened so fast and probably when the info was first released there was little information so adjusting the title afterwards I think is acceptable in this case

    • PrisonerZero

      what was the original title

  • ahappyhippogriff

    This makes me a happy hippogriff

  • Michael Vartanian

    Please tell me this is not a joke! How exciting!

  • 7Starrchasers

    AND THE FANDOM EXPLODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’D

  • http://geekdahlia.tumblr.com/ Ashley Davidson

    I can’t

  • Guest


  • Gavin Walsh

    Just wow ….

  • Eloisa Louceiro

    This title is a big NO no.
    On the other hand, I almost fell off of my chair.

  • Antara Chowdhury

    When I first saw the headline, I thought it was an April Fool’s joke, and then remembered that it’s September.

    • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

      I’m glad I’m like the only one! That is exactly the first thing I thought when I saw this, but I saw it on facebook first, not here.

    • anakinjmt

      I had the EXACT same thought. I had to double check the date. And I guess MuggleCast will be doing another episode after all

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

      I was in denial too. My messages to the Hypable staff were borderline incoherent as we tried to confirm.

      • PabloRuiz7

        If you guys do a “reaction” post, can we see those messages? Hahaha

      • Isak

        Especially after 2 days ago the April Fool’s joke about Jo writing an eighth novel reemerged – I was like “Yeah, how much more can I take?”. Then I read the article.

      • Jake

        So, uh…Mugglecast?

      • Cguy

        And you just ended MuggleCast! Oh, the irony.

      • Phoenix07

        Hahaha! I just find it so ironic that this is announced just a few days after Mugglecast ended. it was like a sign of the universe saying, “Listen, I’d rethink that whole ‘ending Mugglecast’ idea through. Just a little bit.”

    • Ciminder87

      I actually rolled my eyes at first…until I looked at my calendar.

    • Sarah

      I literally just had the exact same thought. My brain is going haywire right now.

    • Michał Krawczyk

      This could be great or very miserable. But I have such huge confidence in Jo… Let’s be HAPPY!

    • Zeyu

      Have to agree with everyone here, totally thought it was a April fool’s joke. xD

    • Ellie

      I first saw it on Yahoo, and I figured some idiot had just found a fan site April Fools joke and thought it would get a lot of hits.

  • nowplease


  • Miniryu-Ninja

    Okay now gimme a minute to get back on my chair…. okay em OMFFFGGGGGGG!!!!

  • http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/17665563-victoria Victoria

    I hope there is more characters that connect with HP besides Newt

  • Gregory Carpenter

    I am an absolutely huge HP fan and have read the books and seen the films more times than I can count on my fingers and toes. But in all honesty I don’t feel that excited about this, I don’t know what to think. Just have to wait for more details about the plot.

  • xiku

    Am I the only one who does NOT want this??? I just… I can’t see how a GUIDE can be translated into a MOVIE… It’s… no… I don’t like this…. I don’t………. Let’s see how this develops, and give me time to fully digest this… Not sure how I feel right now…

    • Guest

      Jo’s statement on her facebook page says that she has a full back story for Newt Scamander, so I’m sure it will be more about him than the animals. I am all for more backstory, no matter how its given to us!

      • Minna

        Plus Newt’s a pretty fascinating character himself! I’m excited to see something like this. I’d read it in a heartbeat as fanfic, and to have JKR herself penning it – yes yes yes please.

    • Lew

      World War Z

    • Sarah

      Jo pitched it herself, which means there is going to be a fantastic story there.

    • Lindsey

      I think it will be more about how Newt Scamander came to write the book. All his adventures and things.

  • Ariadne

    A Harry Potter spinn-off seriers that J.K Rowling will pen?Give me this movie already…i can’t wait!
    The world that she created is just amazing and there are infinite great possibilities now that it won;t be limited in UK.I hope there will be some cameos from the original cast.Didn’t she said that Voldemort’s ideas were spreaded outside UK?

    aorry for my english!

  • Julie Bresnahan


  • darnheather

    Surely this is awesome enough to break out a new MuggleCast!?!

    • darnheather

      Nailed it! MuggleCast 270 already in my iTunes. Thanks guys!

  • Connor

    This sounds promising…considering I’ve grown up away from HP and I’m not an obsessed fan like I used to be. I do miss the film series and I’m excited for this.

  • Lucy Hopko

    So when is the next episode of mugglecast coming out?

  • Violet

    Hey MuggleCast remember that final show thing…..? What about now?

    • Caitlin Bauer

      Right?!? Just when you think they’re done, JKR goes & pulls something like this :-)

      • Lucy Hopko

        Haha.. Excellent timing really

      • potterjay

        You’d think she did it on purpose ;)

        • http://such-a-tragic-thrill.tumblr.com/ VBFan

          Micah, do you have anything to say about this? ;)

  • hpboy13

    I can’t even process this right now. I thought for sure it was April Fools, before realizing that it’s mid-September. But… how? why? huh? yay!

    Anyway, the gist of it is that we get a ton of new material from Jo, so SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

    • Angie

      lol I was thinking the same thing! “…what day is it. Mugglenet April fools?… No?”

  • Anna

    I literally CAN. NOT. BREATHE.

  • ailbhe

    So… new episode of Mugglecast lads? ;)

  • Gavin


  • Wynona de la Calzada

    Also, Mugglecast should come out of retirement, yes? There’s going to be lots to talk about now!

  • natalia


  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    I, personally, would’ve rather seen a series of short film adaptations of the stories in The Tales of Beedle the Bard… But this is rather interesting. I’m kind of excited for it. As long as Jo is writing it, I’m behind it. :)

    • Sarah

      Just give it time, man. Just give it time. I’m totally OK with the WB milking this fandom for all it’s worth.

      • Mel

        We could also get a Quidditch Through the Ages documentary at some point, just wait :)

        • A. Rodriguez

          That would be amazing. But unfortunately Jo has said so reherself she isn’t that fond of quidditch which is why we never saw much of it in the later books.

        • DianaLadris

          I’m thinking 3D Quidditch. Just so we can all have mini heart attacks when there is a Bludger flying towards our heads.

    • http://such-a-tragic-thrill.tumblr.com/ VBFan

      I would like to see all of the “side novels” be turned into movies, to be quite honest. haha

  • Matt


  • goldensnidget92

    Just saw this on her official Facebook page and ……………….. [trying so hard not to fingirl] THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!

  • kali


  • https://twitter.com/#!/HP4eva121995 Ally


  • MuggleCast Now!

    So you guys really thought you could end Mugglecast?

  • hpboy13

    Thinking about which characters might make a cameo, we could see Fridwulfa or the Gaunts (since 70 years ago is when Hagrid/Voldemort/McGonagall were born). I suppose Dumbledore, Grindelwald, and Bathilda Bagshot are also possibilities, but other than that I don’t think there’ll be much crossover.

  • Rachel Whelen

    This sounds too good to be true. I’m so excited! :D

  • Therese

    1) YEEEES!!!
    2) If we learn more about Newt Scamander we do kinda learn more about Luna’s in-laws, and that is so cool, I’m so excited!!!
    3) I agree with the rest. We need Mugglecast episodes.

  • Gavin Walsh

    john williams to compose ?

    • Tygridia


    • http://such-a-tragic-thrill.tumblr.com/ VBFan


  • Urooj

    This can either become something incredible or fail miserably. I don’t think I know the direction it’s heading in right now…

  • Jessica

    Is it 70 years from the movie’s 1991+ timeline, or the films’ 2001+ timeline? Because that’s the difference between a post-war, pre-depression setting and a post-depression, pre-WWII setting. Which is a pretty big difference, thematically.

    • Amy

      Because JK Rowling is writing it, I’m going to say it’s c. 1921, so post-war pre-depression

      • Jessica

        Today I learnt that the Great Depression lasted beyond 1932 for a lot of countries. So really anything in the 30s would be during the depression. My bad. Ignorant Australian here.

  • KayJayGee

    This is amazing! I can’t breathe right now! I love you JKR!

  • why

    Please don’t do it! Let it rest!

  • EJ

    A link to this story on Variety’s website was sent to me by a co-worker. I, too, thought it was a joke, and immediately turned to Hypable to verify its veracity. Thanks for having such great, trustworthy reporting!

  • w


  • Han

    I just…I can’t even, like, process this right now. It’s too much for my mind to take!

  • anonymous
  • Kat

    Childhood not over yet!!!!

  • Troublesome Pete

    I guess that Castle Playset thing she made in her backgarden end up costing more than she thought it would…

  • Elphaba Thropp

    I am in shock. I can’t even jump up and down and celebrate right now…I am sitting here in complete shock. I don’t think ANYBODY was expecting this!

  • rh1127


  • http://manunited.blog.nepsport.hu/ DrRudeboy

    awww yisss! mother. fuckin. potter. verse!

  • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

    Let me guess – this movie is coming out in 2015 to add to the onslaught of RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING MOVIES coming in 2015?

    • Alicia V. Perez

      the screen play isn’t even written yet, right? Jo seemed to be speaking in the future-tense, i expect more 2016-2017, especially since HP movies took so long to make.

    • A.P.W.B.Dumbledore

      I need to save like $300 just to see half the movies i want to in 2015

  • Me

    I legit teared up. I couldn’t help it.

  • B.

    Love the fact that we’ll see the Wizarding World in America. Very cool!
    Many thanks to JK for continuing to surprise the fans. This is awesome.

  • Aisling Fallon

    Im so exciteddddddddddddd!

  • Ajeet Singh

    This is simply fantastic news! I’m so excited!

  • Ciminder87

    I find it highly amusing that this news breaks barely 2 weeks after the last Mugglecast episode aired…it’s like Jo was plotting this ;)

    • Ellie

      This… news of the Cuckoo book breaking the day after Hank releases his “Write more things!” song… Jo/the universe likes messing with HP fans.

      • AHawk

        I can’t wait to see what Hank says now…I hope it is on the Friday video!!!

  • Izzy

    Everyone wins here: Warner Bros. gets to make bank and Rowling and Potter fans get to return back to their favorite universe. It can kind of be hit or miss when an author adapts their book into a screenplay, but usually it’s pretty successful. After all, who knows the universe and characters better than the creator? I am honestly more excited to see the adaption of “The Cuckoo’s Calling.”

  • Minna

    This is amazing. So excited – and they couldn’t have picked a better story for the new film to pique my interest. <3333 Newt, and I'd love to see JKR's take on other places and times in the wizarding world! (I always knew Newt had epic adventures – hee).

  • ZofTheTwiHard

    How do we learn that Hollywood’s out of ideas? When they have to make a spin-off of one of the biggest franchises of our lives.
    I guess they’re going the fan-fic road now…

    • Amy

      How can it be fan fic when THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR is the screenwriter? I’d say this is one of the more original films to be thought up in a while. It is neither a sequel, prequel nor re-make, and because the time-gap between this film and the Harry Potter series is so large, similarities won’t necessarily be really obvious I don’t think.

      • ZofTheTwiHard

        Stuff like guides and spin-offs, in my mind, are just the same as fan-fics. It doesn’t matter who writes them. Still, if WB is already planning to make this into a franchise, it’s obvious that they will put similarities in so audiences connect codes and convections of HP and this. Just by putting out big news that Rowling is writing this supports that, because Rowling is an icon. It’s cool, but also sick in a way.

  • Therese

    Do we know if it’s animated or live-action?

    • Stoenk

      I think when Rowling gave the rights for the Potter films she said she didn’t want it to be animated, so it’s unlikely

  • Michael

    It looks like its already time for another Mugglecast! Woohoo! It’s almost like Ms. Rowling waited for you guys to record your “final” episode to make the announcement. Haha!

  • Michael

    It’s almost as if Ms Rowling waited for you to record the “final” show before making the announcement. Haha!

  • Michał Krawczyk

    Apparently J.K. decided she can’t deal with Mugglecast ending… Sorry guys, when can we expect new episode?

  • Jordan

    AIR WHAT IS?!?!

  • SonickedYou

    I’M SO READY TO LIVE THIS LIFE AGAIN. The casting, the rumors, storyline crackpot theories, film premieres! Gahhh. I’m alive again.

    • http://such-a-tragic-thrill.tumblr.com/ VBFan

      It has been wayyy too long hasn’t it? haha. I needed this too. :)

  • Zemmer Galpaz

    YES! It finally happens! I always wanted a mocumentary with “commentary” by Harry and Ron, but this is better because JO’S WRITING THIS!

  • http://how-i-met-your-mother.wikia.com/ Babar Suhail

    Wouldn’t it be great if they made a Dumbledore/Grindlewald film as a part of this series? Their duel would be of epic proportions.

  • AHawk

    Am I the only one who wants this as a TV Series? I would love to see how Newt learns about the animals and his adventures. I really don’t want like 7 movies over this, because the are making more then one. Either way, I am on board!

  • Phantomfluteplayer

    I love how most of the top comments are about bringing back Mugglecast. Just when the Mugglecast gang thought they were finished and moving onto other projects, this news gets released. :)

  • http://rikustark.tumblr.com/ Ashley

    What. wHAT. WHAT. I’m so shocked right now. This is the best news I’ve heard all year.

  • Echoreyn

    OH JO, I DIDN’T KNOW I WANTED THIS SO MUCH UNTIL I FOUND OUT IT’S HAPPENING! I’ve been laugh-crying with joy for the past 30 minutes and liking everything in sight related to this news. So glad no one’s here to witness my meltdown of feels!

  • annie

    Benedict Cumberbatch for Newt!!

  • Molly

    Since it’s set in New York, will they film in New York/Toronto?!?!?

  • Angie

    …what… What!!!… WHAT!!!!!!!!

    • a guest


      • http://such-a-tragic-thrill.tumblr.com/ VBFan


  • SofiaCalista

    Okay, honestly I had to look at the date on my phone just to make sure it wasn’t April, then I read the article and I had this huge grin on my face and I was tearing up and was laughing out loud and then, and then I died.

    Did not see this coming!!!! Soooo Happpyy!! :)

  • heidi8

    I JUST CANNOT EVEN. So much joy for the new series and for the creative fanworks it will inspire.

  • Kristine

    Beyond euphoric.

  • WhatTheGrace

    This is so exciting!!!! I don’t think J.K Rowling wanted Mugglecast to end either to be honest!!!! *cheeky grin* ;D

  • theaterboy1

    Really looking forward to this!!!!!

  • Marlo


  • http://daydreamsandwhispers.tumblr.com/ Hermione Granger

    WHAT. IS. AIR.

    When I first saw Andrew’s tweet I had no reaction beacuse I was sure he was joking…but then I realized it wasn’t April. The more I think about this, the more awesome it sounds. I know some people weren’t too into these “side” books but to be honest they were some of my favorite things about the Wizarding World, because it showed how much this story went beyond just Harry and his experiences. Like are we going to see the Hairy MacBoons, and the Lethifolds and maybe all the different kinds of dragons? EEEEEEEEEE

    • GinnyWeasley002

      I know! Me too! I’m like… haha. April Fools to you to. BUT WAIT. IT’s NOT APRIL! Especially after all the recent rumor control!

  • DianaLadris


  • Ahmed Tarek

    The article misleading. Jo did not say that whole new series will be about him, She said the new movie is a part of a new film series. That’s it.

  • http://www.eigakanthemovietheater.blogspot.com Jenny Leigh

    This is the best news all day! What a way to wake up :)

  • http://shanadebusschere.tumblr.com/ Shana Debusschere

    The funny thing is that this brings back Mugglecast. Already! :)

  • Angie

    Seriously… every time JKR speaks all work productivity shuts down…

  • redsulucup


  • Ultron

    My life is literally amazing right now. Could not be more happy!!!

  • Jeff Dodge

    I wonder if they would ever do a Quidditch Through the Ages type movie–a film all about Quidditch.

  • lorepottter

    Im gonna die, this are awesome news!!!

  • Newt Scamander

    … Who the hell are all you people? But anyway: buy my book!

  • potterjay

    I stopped breathing when I first saw this on BBC news. Like, I was actually hyperventilating.

    Does this mean Mugglecast’s coming back? :)

  • Robert Monkman

    I’m expecting something along the lines of Indiana Jones. Bit of gold ol’ fashioned period adventure

  • Lauren D


  • Shelly

    This sounds amazing. I can’t wait.

  • http://twitter.com/eiVega eiVega

    I actually first heard the story early in the morning on the news radio introduced by the Hedwig theme so I knew they were serious but I was still in shock. I couldn’t believe there was actual legit current Harry Potter news. I knew I had to check Hypable asap to get the rest of the details. This is totally a concept my family has joked about in the past. With Warner Bros. hungry for more Potter films, they’d turn her auxiliary books into film projects. We’d imagine them trying to convert the encyclopedia into a movie. I can’t believe they actually figured out a way to keep the franchise alive! And just when all the podcasts and websites thought they were about to retire! My mind immediately went to them. This isn’t just JK Rowling news, this is Wizarding World news! Though I do wonder how she’ll do as a screenwriter. Looks like we’re all still going to be busy for awhile. I wonder if Evanna Lynch will come back at the end as an older Luna to marry Rolph? May the speculations resume!

  • Vanja

    I am crying

  • A.P.W.B.Dumbledore

    AHHHHHH so happy *has nerdgasm.* Literally just made my week a gillion times better

  • Musician

    The Guide to Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them may actually be my favorite of her books (so creative!), so I am razzed. Also, New York? New York + Wizarding World? We’re totally going to have a new appreciation for the back alleys and weird shops of the Big Apple.
    Also, MuggleCast will never die. I look forward to episode 3000 when the fifteenth remake of HP comes out.

  • Tygridia

    5 words: I think we’re going back

    • greg

      back to witches and wizards and magical beasts, to goblins and ghosts and to magical feasts. its all that we love, and its all that we need

      • DianaLadris


    • Winkyxx


  • Darbear

    I literally almost fainted when i saw this i got so excited.

  • Shadowstar

    Writing a new book about the wizarding world…
    And it starts in New York….?



    I can’t….I can’t…Wow.

  • Shadowstar

    Writing a new book about the wizarding world…
    And it starts in New York….?



    I can’t….I can’t…Wow.

  • Erika Potter Cullen

    Totally losing my mind right now!

  • Sia

    Can’t wait ! I’m a huge fan of the series JUST NOT the die hard fans who think their so much better then the world.

  • Michelle

    Am I the only one disappointed that her first endeavor back into the wizarding world is through film instead of books?

    • DianaLadris

      To be honest, I think most of us are so grateful the wizarding world is returning, that they media she uses doesn’t matter.

  • Catherine Lai

    Mugglecast is back! That was fast! :D

    • GinnyWeasley002

      PleasepleasePLEASE! :)

  • Jose8180

    The fandom returns!!! :) can’t wait for more news

  • Catherine Lai

    This really blurs the line between book canon and movie non-canon, since Jo will be writing it.

  • Slytherinhero01

    Going back to the movies to see a Potter related movie?……*runs off and cries tears of joy*

  • slutmonkey69boobs

    Im so fucjing excited!

  • Winkyxx


  • GinnyWeasley002

    Finally! We get to learn about AMERICAN WIZARDRY!

  • Paula

    This is exciting news, though I have no idea what “Fantastic Beasts” is. Glad to hear the Wizarding World keeps on living!

    • Jeff Dodge

      I’m curious, are you only a recent Harry Potter fan? I only ask because it surprised me to hear you haven’t heard of Fantastic Beasts.

      • Paula

        I read book 1 before it was cool! And kept reading the series, each book as it came out. I was 11, now I’m 24. I enjoyed the books, enjoyed the movies, but I’m not an obsessed fan… At least not obsessed enough to know about Fantastic Beasts. I can only imagine it’s a text book they use in Hogwarts.

        • Jeff Dodge

          Yeah, it’s a textbook. And it’s mentioned in the HP series, same with Quidditch Through the Ages.

          • Paula

            Was it published like The Tales of Beedle The Bard?

          • Jeff Dodge

            Yeah, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages were both released at the same time in 2001. Beedle the Bard is obvious not a big book or anything, and FB & Quidditch are even smaller, yet they’re still fascinating because of how much info is in them.

          • Paula

            Oh well that explains it! I only read the seven books. As I said, not a fan, just someone who enjoyed reading the books. I wasn’t interested in the shorter “appendix” books.

        • Lindsey

          But it was in the book haha so it must be somewhat familiar to you.

          • Paula

            It was, as a text book that’s mentioned. I didn’t know it had been published, that’s why I didn’t understand how everyone seemed to know so much about a book that’s only mentioned! =P Now I know it was published and I didn’t read it.

  • njandro625

    If this is the first in a new series of films, perhaps Quidditch Through the Ages and Beedle the Bard will be part of this series, and I will never leave my room while I feverishly check the internet for updates about said films. I feel like a drug addict right now

    • Jeff Dodge

      I’m wondering that too if they would add on the other books. It sounds like the series is only about Fantastic Beasts, but if it does well, I would love to see the others made into films as well.

  • hp481516

    I am so excited!!!!! This doesn’t feel like real life! I can’t even form a coherent thought!

  • Simone

    Ekkk! What nice news to wake up to :D I’m happy. Can the next to be a Hogwart’s founders and marauders spin off please?

  • Mandie Lenar

    I just keep reading it, and then reading it again. Pinch me. Just pinch me.

  • Jonathan kunitsky

    I’m sitting at my laptop reading this article and I still can’t believe it. My insides hurt a bit… This ultimately means more harry potter and I had fully accepted the fact after the eighth movie was out that it was the end. But now all this…. Its all just extraordinary. It almost feels like a dream, ya know?

  • Ande Anderson

    So, who else wants to cry from happiness?

  • Amalia

    This is great, of course, but I wish it were a book instead of a movie. In the beginning, Harry Potter was all about getting people excited about reading. Nowadays it seems it’s more of a computer game/movie thing. Makes me a bit sad, as a diehard book fan.

    • Droppo

      You are right about movies but the games are just an afterthought to tie in with movie releases. They are cheaply and quickly made and few people notice them for long. As a fan, I hoped for a game to put me in a potter interactive world but they really just stunk except for the Lego game.

      • Amalia

        So I’ve heard. I was mostly thinking of Pottermore and the Book of Spells (both of which I’ve missed out on since I’m really not a computer game person).

  • Sofia Malik

    Is this for real? Like, really real? I feel like crying now

  • Zack


  • Pipwig

    I just died.

  • Jasmine


  • Karalissa

    I had so many JK Trolling jokes set up in my mind before I read the article. But its really happening. IM SO PUMPED.

  • Kat Basahin

    Fandom who lived. Still, a book would be better.


    No way no way no way no way no way NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!

  • Fer Mars Urie
    • http://such-a-tragic-thrill.tumblr.com/ VBFan

      I had been waiting to see this GIF. THANK YOU!!!! haha :)

    • Winkyxx


  • sarahd15

    This better than my birthday, Christmas, and after semester finals!!! Oh my Rowling….THE QUEEN IS BACK!!!!

  • m

    Everyone: Its not even going to be about Harry Potter or anyone related.

  • http://codeforconfession.com/ Kristen L.

    Ohhhhh yeah! I definitely plan on seeing this!

  • Evelyn

    Best news ever, so excited for this!!!! Can some of the HP actors do like little cameos as a shout out to the other films? That would be a nice little added bonus.

  • Diana Caroline Poma

    me muero :)

  • Katie

    does this mean mugglecast is back on (haha)

  • Amir Khan

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. I HAVE THIS BOOK AND IT’S A FUN READ!!! :D it’s INCREDIBLY short tho. The book is basically a guide to the creatures in the wizarding world

    • Lindsey

      Hahaha I think the title is self explanatory :)

      • Amir Khan

        Sorry I just wanted to make sure people know :p

  • Plat

    Whoa! Well this definitely took me by surprise. I’m excited to see what becomes of this. Hopefully the story is just as strong as the main one.

  • ladybirds

    It is a very happy day for all Potterheads. My eyes got a bit watery when I read this news. I am definitely getting old but my Potter love will never get old. :-)

    I hope one day we will read the news about Rowling’s desicion to publish the Scottish book and it will be about 1000 pages. :-D

  • BlueBronze

    This came out of absolutely nowhere. I wonder how long they’ve been talking about it. Has she even worked on the script? Is it actually already done? I’m way, way too excited about this.

  • Tyler

    I have just one thing to add: midnight premieres.

  • Danika


  • Alison

    Omg best birthday present ever thank you Warner brothers

    • Liderc

      Happy birthday =P

  • m

    Just release it in 2015 and the film business will absolutely explode!

  • S.K.Hansen

    I hope this means we will see a younger Dumbledore or McGonagall! In New York during the roaring 20s no less!

  • ediblepixels

    Back to witches and wizards and magical beasts~

  • Laurelin

    When I was 12 I worried that when I’d be 20 I wouldn’t like Harry Potter anymore… genuinely worried for my future self.
    Now I’m 23 and NEW HARRY POTTER NEWS!!! I like where my life has gone :D

  • Cguy

    Holy JK! This just blew me anyway! Sure, Newt Scamander is a bit of a random choice, but this is new freakin’ Harry Potter news! I can’t even.

  • Just Sayin


  • Greg

    Now we just wait for Ben Affleck to be cast as Newt Scamander…

  • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

    Holy fuck my world is exploding just like the internet right now. my mind. cannot comprehend. holy. oh my god. I’m…. the FEELS

  • Sarani

    This is more than I could have ever hoped for…

  • Brain

    New York in the 20s? I’d love to a wizard version of the mob, maybe involved in some illicit dangerous creatures activities that Newt gets caught up in.

  • kaitlin

    Friday the 13th is officially lucky!! (its friday night in Australia)

  • danny

    Milk the cow of crowds

    • Frogmore


  • Lucy

    I was hoping the movie would be about the next generation of Harry potter children.

  • MindPalace


  • H

    I am trying to breathe normally here

    J.K. Rowling and WB, I love you all so much. *cries*

  • Meadow

    Harry Lloyd would be perfect as Newt Scamander!

    He has starred in Doctor Who, Robin Hood, Great Expectations, Jane Eyre, Game of Thrones and The Iron Lady, but is still fairy unknown. He is English, has the right looks and age for the role, is a great actor and has played older men in Jane Eyre and The Iron Lady which worked great as well. :)

  • Amanda

    Too bad they’re not doing Quidditch Through the Ages. I would have loved a documentary-style film on that. I’ll take what I can get though

  • Christian

    it’s amazing how many peoples’ reactions are simply ‘mugglecast? Mugglecast?? mUGGLECAST???”

  • ♥♥Crystalove♥♥

    Is this really true???pls tell me~

  • tom

    i dont know if im reading this wrong but it says that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie will be an “original story and will mark Rowling’s screenwriting debut. It is planned as the first picture in a new film series.” does that mean its a fantastic beats series or is it part of something bigger? Quidditch through the ages? something else…

  • Frogmore

    With the original cast members being grown up and having children setting off to Hogwarts, she has a brilliant beginning for a continuation of the original HP series. I don’t know why she thinks it’s over. Surely she can dream up perils and shenanigans for their progeny to face and fight – for generations to come, I’d say.

  • Biggest Harry Potter fan


  • PotionWillow207

    I must be the only person who’s not 100% on the bandwagon with this one. Even though Jo’s attaching herself to it, it still feels like Warner Bros. attempt to rake more money from fans. Don’t get me wrong, I love HP. But this doesn’t feel like a good idea to me. I would rather be done with new HP stuff and have it as a happy memory to look back on than to have this project crash and burn and tarnish the whole thing.

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      I thought the exact same thing… people just went bat-shit on me… glad to know I’m not the only one ;)

  • Jasmine

    The more I read about Newt Scamander’s life and achievements, the more excited I get about this movie. I hope JKR does some awesome fan servicing by doing character name drops. If I hear any of the surnames Malfoy, Potter, Weasley, Prince, Black, etc I will fangirl squel so hard. Sirius Black (II) and Newt are only two years apart. They would’ve gone to Hogwarts together. So many possibilities!

  • sumon miah


  • Joao Aurelio

    it’s funny how i’ve been goodgling: new harry potter movie/book.. and it really will, also entered in denial. She can tell about the beasts, the boring history classes that only Hermione knew about. Hell she can write about fundation of Hogwarts, go outside London…the world building is so vast, there’s plenty things to go spinning-off. Hope it’s really good. The hardest part is having charismatic characters to bring us to the story, because i believe it will be a good story

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