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After months of speculation, we finally know what role Sherlock star Mark Gatiss will be playing in the upcoming Game of Thrones season 4.

Winter is Coming has discovered that Mark Gatiss will be playing the role of Tycho Nestoris. This information was revealed on the actor’s official CV.

Tycho Nestoris is a banker representing the Iron Bank of Braavos, who travels to Westeros in the A Song of Ice and Fire saga in order to reclaim the money which the bank has lent King’s Landing.

Nestoris will presumably not be a major player in Game of Thrones season 4, which explains why Gatiss was able to complete his scenes only a few days after filming started at his location.

IMDb has the actor listed as only appearing in season 4, episode 1, which has been written and directed by series creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

Game of Thrones season 4 will premiere in the spring of 2014. It spans the second half of A Storm of Swords, the third book in the George R. R. Martin series.

Mark Gatiss will also reprise his role as Mycroft Holmes in Sherlock series 3, which premieres later this year on BBC. Check out an official teaser trailer for the new series here.

  • Pete.

    Huh…okay, that was a disappointment

    • Lan the Clever


      • Pete.

        Was hoping he could have a bigger role

        • Kate

          His role could still grow. He’ll return again in a later season, at least.

          • Leonard D. Anthony Ufer

            no spoilers :P

            SPOILER SECTION:
            Yes, he will return. He will travel to Jon at the Wall and support him and SUPER SPOILER: Stannis to fight the White Walkers and re-take the Iron Throne to ever get his money back.

          • Gary65

            Or a future book. We don’t know what George has planned for him in WoW & DoS

  • Caroline J.

    aww i was hoping it’d be David Robert Jones. get a little cross-over action! ;-P

  • Kathryn

    They are bringing a lot of Dance with Dragons into the earlier seasons…

    • KFC

      Not really, seems like they are just going to introduce the character earlier, I doubt we’ll see mush of his DWD stuff this season

    • korina davies

      He does make an appearance when he hits cersei up for the money they owe

      • Malachy

        That’s Noho Dimittis, not Tycho Nestoris

        • http://www.eigakanthemovietheater.blogspot.com Jenny Leigh

          Maybe they are planning on a character-merger.

  • Castinghub

    Wish he had a bigger role, but still can’t wait to see him.

    • That Stark boy

      He has.

      he saves that ironborn dude who is being tortured on the X this third season.

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