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Is The Vampire Diaries love triangle not going your way right now? See what Nina Dobrev has to say about Elena and Stefan’s “cosmic” connection.

The Vampire Diaries season 5 begins airing in exactly one month, picking up a few months after the season 4 finale.

Last season, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) found their way to one another despite sire bonds and other complications, while Stefan (Paul Wesley) found out he was the doppelganger of Silas – who then proceeded to trap him at the bottom of a lake, assuming his identity.

However, Stefan won’t stay in the lake forever, and we can expect Elena to have a hand in saving him.

“She has this weird feeling something is going on,” Nina Dobrev tells TV Guide.

And even though Elena is now with Damon, Stefan and Elena still share, “this cosmic connection you have with someone that you’ve spent so much time with, and I don’t know if that will go away.”

Dobrev also hints that Stefan will be freed from his underwater prison sooner rather than later. “And when she finds out what he’s been through, it’s not easy for her,” she says.

Do you think Elena will go back to Stefan in The Vampire Diaries season 5? Or will she stay with Damon?

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, October 3, airing at 8/7c on The CW. The first episode is titled “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

  • Karen E

    she is going to stay with Damon, I mean, they´re supposed to be endgame

    • csgx0

      Shut the fuck up.

      • Vikki Bazzano

        hey why don’t you stop telling other people to ‘shut up’ and shut up yourself!

  • Lori

    Urgh, not again.

    Stefan/Elena HAD their time. The Delena ship needs some couple time too! Onscreen, not this “they were happy over the summer stuff that we don’t film”,

    • anybodyfamous

      i agree. even though i ship stefan and elena, it would really only be fair to every one if we let damon and elena’s relationship play out a natural course. i do want to draw some attention to the fact that stefan and elena were together for three years and even though she is with damon and her and stefans relationship isn’t romantic anymore, because of the love they shared that used to be very strong, and all they went through, and fought for each other through, they will always have a relationship. they are two different things, damon and elena or stefan and elena. not elena and damon or stefan. and i think both relationships should be acknowledged as whatever they are.(i do want to say as well, that if, in the far future, stefan and elena get back together there need to be more sex scenes… cuz they were together for 2 years and we only ever got one sex scene? damon and elena were together for 2 days and we got two, and now more… so… if we’re bein fair)

      • Sierra

        Damon and elena are end game yes she will have that “special connection” with stefan but do acknowledge that damon and elena have a connection that stefan and elena will never have and thats called true love because damon and elena hated each other then they were semi friends then they were friends then closer friends than something more now lovers but stefan and elena just started dating there was no so thats why i think damon and elena will forever be together as a couple and end game. DelenaForever

        • anybodyfamous

          Um… Sorry but I was being very polite, and giving my opinion honestly. It’s a little out of line to tell me that I should acknowledge that Damon and elena are true love. Especially when I previously stated my opinion as the otherwise.

        • csgxo

          Shut up. You know nothing.

          • Vikki Bazzano

            Stelena…..is like watching paint dry on the wall! Ponderous……look the word up in the dictionary, It’s a little book that i’m quite positive YOU have never picked up in your life!

        • Chris Salmon

          The only reason Elena ended up with Damon is because she’s a vampire now and through that sire bond and it’s not true love they’ve got, it’s lust. Stefan and Elena had true love, and right now Elena seems more bothered about Stefan than Damon. All I can say is the writers need to make there mind up and stop teasing us fans of SE or DE.

    • csgxo

      Shut the fuck up!

  • Marie Squyres

    I’ve always been a Stelena fan, but beyond that, I just miss the days (brief as they were – they were SO brief) when there seemed to be a wonderful, mostly platonic, and very strong friendship between Damon and Elena.

  • Vikki Bazzano

    she will stay with Damon <3

    • csgxo

      Please shut up.

      • Vikki Bazzano

        Are you freakin serious??? Who the hell are you? I’ll say what i want, whenever i want! Don’t like it……TOO BAD!!!!

        • Heaven Chan

          lool calm down XD
          ignore them

          • Vikki Bazzano

            Yeah i realized i was arguing with an obvious idiot lol

  • Lupita

    I can’t shake the feeling that Delena might have been endgame but since Ian and Nina broke up the writers need to adjust to the situation by making Elena go back to Stefan.

  • teegs

    Stelena all the way. :)

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    To be honest, I don’t Delena or Stelena over the other. I like them both them both equally. So I really don’t care which one Elena is with.

    • Brittny Stelena

      Stefan and Elena are meant to be, they are better together! Stefan Isny selfish like Damon is and he never has been! He also doesnt put her or her friends and Family in danger! He cares about Them and Damon doesnt! The Good Guy should get the girl, Thats Stefan! I will never Watch this again and neither will my friends if Stefan and Elena dont get back together and Stay together!

      • csgxo

        Finally, someone who knows what they are talking about!

      • Melissa

        I agree. The STELENA have been through so much that I think they deserve to be together. Damon never cared about the people Elena love. He just cares about Elena alone and doesn’t care who he have to sacrifice for Elena’s sake. Unlike Stefan, who tries to protect not just Elena but also those she cares about. THAT’S TRUE LOVE! Elena should realize that! I also stopped at season 4 since I can’t take watching Stefan being hurt that way. I’ll just continue watching it once I hear news of them finding their way to each other again! FOREVER STELENA!

  • Ina

    i hope she will come back with stefan together. because he was her epic love and he do good things for her and doesn´t kill her brother or her friend or someone other that she liked.

    • TheFirst

      Stefan isn’t exactly a saint either, though..

      • Epic Love Stelena

        Compared to Damon he is.

  • arianagrandefan

    stelena is endgame delena is mostly doing it not romance like stelena. how can she be with damon forever if stefan will always be there in her heart forever . he is her soulmate. she is happier with stefan. or she might not choose either in the end who knows

  • Stelena

    I want Stelena to be together. I wish Elena was human, her and Damon were friends, but she is still with Stefan. Obviously, she will be with Stefan sooner or later. Like Caroline says, a lot of times, their love is epic.

    • Heaven Chan

      their love is the purest

  • rachelle

    i hope they get back togeather they have a better connection in my opinion…. stelena yesss plz

  • loveaubrey

    It wouldn’t be right if elena and damon stayed to gather. Her & stefan are met for each other. & in what world do one brother wants his brothers girl?????!!!????


    i vote DAMOLENA

  • Melissa

    STELENA forever and always!!!

  • cherelle

    stefan and elena has the best connection. they are perfect for each other. elena is beautiful and stefan is handsome. their love just make me more interested. i want them to be together forever

  • StelenaAllTheWay

    Stefan and Elena always ad forever!!! They are meant to be, soulmates, their love is TRUE AND EPIC!!!!!! There are so many reasons for them to be together and then damon steals his brothers girl!!!???? All I’m saying we are not watching anymore because the show is already different I mean like not just about the love triangle. So WE ARE NOT WATCHING UNTIL IT HOES BACK TO HOW THE SHOW IS. And STELENA BACK!!!!!!!!!

  • mrose

    stelena…its her best choice…true love…I can really feel the chemistry of stefan and elena…beyond words…even if they just look at each other…its phenomenal…

  • krstinnaa

    in my opinion, damon and elena are the hottest couple, ahah and yes people do they they have that connection were stefan and elena will never have, but also stefan and elena have that love that damon and elena will never have being together. damon only ever cared about elena only, not that there is anything bad with that but then again he never cared about elenas feelings towards her friends and family and instead he had gone against her feelings in a way and damaged alot of elenas friends and family, while stefan has treated elena friends and family with respect and is willing to protect them and risk his own life, for elena mostly..?
    like what caroline had been saying all along, stefan and elenas love is epic.
    and remember..
    The only reason why Elena ended up with Damon is because she’s a vampire now and through that sire bond and it’s not true love they’ve got, it’s lust.

    i wouldnt mind elena and damon to have a few more episodes here and there of them being together, like its fair to see them together, but i will always want and believe that at the end elena will realise that her love for stefan is like no other and they will end uo together again.

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