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The Fifty Shades of Grey movie has cast Dakota Johnson in the lead role of Anastasia Steele.

UPDATE: We’re all set! Actor Charlie Hunnam will play lead character Christian Grey, James announced on Twitter a hour after announcing Johnson’s role. A photo of the actor is below:


Hunnam is best known for his role in FX’s Sons of Anarchy and most recently starred in Pacific Rim. He will be in Del Toro’s Crimson Peak which is slated to begin shooting early next year.

In the book series by E.L. James, Anastasia is the leading lady who falls for Christian Grey. Now that the two leads have been cast, all eyes turn to the start of filming.

Last year, Johnson starred in the Fox comedy Ben & Kate in the titular female role, but the show was quickly canceled. She also had roles in 21 Jump Street and The Social Network, and will appear in next year’s Need for Speed.

Fifty Shades of Grey will open in theaters August 1, 2014 and will be directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Reports of Johnson’s involvement with the film first surfaced two weeks ago. The same report with insider knowledge of Johnson also said that Charlie Hunman is up to be cast as Christian Grey.

Anatasia Steele cast! What do you think of Johnson in the role?

James’ successful Fifty Shades trilogy went on to make the author the top earning writer of 2013.

Production on the film must move swiftly now that a lead is set. Filming is expected to begin in the next few months so that they can meet their August 1 release date.

  • LB

    This is horrible! I bet Christian is going to be just as awful. Dakota looks NOTHING like EL James described Ana. She doesn’t even have big eyes, an innocent look or even remotely attractive. I’m shocked by this tbh.

    • Caroline J.

      have you not seen her in anything else? cause the first two of your three critiques i can strongly (but respectfully) disagree with. as for how attractive you think she is, that’s your opinion.

      • A_carter

        I have seen her work, and I agree w/ LB.

        • LittleMissSunshine1

          Movies are never and should never be cast based upon looks alone – especially movies like this where chemistry is crucial. They apparently had really great chemisty and looks can be changed and altered and made better. I mean I’d much rather them have two actors who have incredible chemistry in these roles that are just okay (although I think Dakota is very pretty especially as a brunette and Charlie can clean up very nicely when he has shorter hair and is clean shaven) than to have two really hot actors whose chemistry completely sucks.

          • LittleMissSunshine1

            She does not look like Ana when she is blonde but I’ve seen pics of her as a brunette that she really does. Both of them will eventually look the parts. They just need to use the hair dye with both of them as well as the haircutting scissors and razor on him and I am certain they will do exactly all of that. I honestly don’t know why people question that they won’t.

          • Helen

            For all who have commented negatively on the book and upcoming film Fifty Shades….have you even bothered to read it?
            It is indeed well thought out, creative, erotic and very artistic and leaves nothing to the imagination. In my opinion… you all need to read it before commenting. However, I am a bit upset at the choice of actor they have chosen to portray Mr Grey as for me Wentworth Miller would have been a much better choice than Charlie and a deliciously more gorgeous Christian Grey….and Keira Knightley would have been a very beautiful Anastasia Steele….but that is only my opinion….but well done Charlie and Dakota

  • barb

    fuck no

  • Glaciusx

    i don’t really care.

  • Amber

    Well we will see.……………

  • Grace

    I just want it to bomb so badly. I will never understand how this badly written, abuse-glorifying “book” ever became so popular.

    • Marie Squyres

      Completely agreed! And yet sadly I think we all know it will still kill it at the box office for completely incomprehensible reasons.

    • Obee

      Yet you somehow end up on this article by choice..

      • ZofTheTwiHard

        I don’t like 50 Shades… but oh, man! LOL :D

        • Jason Anderson


          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Sorry. I have a strange sence of humour.

        • sphl

          Warm water first then cooler and cooler and conversly for frozen fingers and toes, don’t tick them in hot water, but first warm.

      • Grace

        Yes…to cement on the atrocity. Because some how disliking something means not joining in on the discussion? You seem to be new to the Internet. Welcome.

        • Grace


    • sphl

      I think despite all the sexual and s&m stuff and poor writing there is a valid point to be made the is over and above all the racy stuff for your abused children.

  • Ultron

    Congrats on tarnishing your career!

    • Sia

      At least they have one and have a job ! People need to stop complaining about peoples roles and be thankful they even have a job.

      • Ultron

        If a job is being cast in a movie where you have to shoot mom porn sex scenes and basically glorify being in an abusive relationship, then I would rather be unemployed.

  • FR

    how can she pass off as a 21 year old? She has wrinkles under her eyes..

    • jkredwine

      Oh, come one, she’s only 23! That’s just her look. Not unlike her parents’ eyes.

    • Jessica

      I have those and I’m 22. And I look about 15. It’s all relative.

    • jkredwine

      For reference, here’s a photo of her father in his early 20s. It’s the best I could find, but you can still see how the lines below her eyes are a family feature and not a sign of age.

  • thejirehscope

    I have nothing against Dakota Johnson and I think she’s beautiful, but I’m still appalled that this “book” is going to be a movie, so yeah no.

  • Jnthn44

    ermm…on what earth does she pass as a 21 year old?

    • Kaley Eryn

      This world, in which she’s 23 years old.

      • Ellis

        But she doesn’t look 23; she looks way older.

    • Megan

      You know.. Jennifer Lawrence is 23 and she plays a 16/17 year old.

  • jkredwine

    It’s quite telling that 50 Shades couldn’t land a major name for Anastasia and isn’t likely to land one for it’s male lead either.

    I’m sure the films (at least the first one) are likely to be successful either way, but any household-name actress/actor knows this kind of empty sexual content isn’t worth their time and credibility. There isn’t one meaningful theme in the 50 Shades novels; at least, not one that is explored in a worthwhile manner. Who’s going to commit to 2+ hours of lack-luster and under-informed BDSM porn that doesn’t have a shred of artistic merit? Just another addition to the prolonged joke that is this poorly-written erotica turned international phenomenon.

    • Jen

      Actually they didn’t want huge names for the movie. Still Charlie Hunnam is a big actor and success. There were a lot of big name actors who wanted the role which surprised me. Dakota is considered one of the it “it” girls so it makes sense. Still a bad book though…we’ll see what they do to the movie. Maybe they will improve it?

      • jkredwine

        I never bought that line. Fifty Shades is purely a money-making machine. A lot of actors showed interest (i.e. kept their options open), but I think that if legitimate stars had ever pursued the parts they would have been snatched up immediately.

        Not to belittle Johnson or Hunman’s careers, because I happen to like them both, but they aren’t even recognizable faces for a good majority of people. It miiiiight be of benefit to the film. But I very much doubt that.

      • nessa

        Actually I think they offered it to Emma Watson. She turned it down because she just didn’t want to do this type o movie. I mean even if Dakota did look like Ana, which she doesn’t her experience is very limited. She has been in one show that got cancelled and was a next to nothing character in two other films. Honestly of the two of them, Charlie is the one with the actual talent.

  • M

    If you read the book, you would know that Dakota Johnson is NOT Ana. Why would you cast someone that has blonde hair for someone who is supposed to have brown hair? It doesn’t make sense. come on now. at least be true to the book. ugh this was the stupidest decision they have made.

    • Kaley Eryn

      You do realize there is this brand new invention called hair dye, right?

      • jkredwine

        Right!? By those standards, casting Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games was “the stupidest decision” they could have made. I do think in that situation they passed up an opportunity to cast an actress of more ambiguous ethnicity, for whom roles are harder to come by… but I digress.

        Honestly, it’s as if a blonde could NEVER pass for a brunette. Here’s Johnson looking quite stunning (and natural) with darker hair:

        • Jessica

          Oh wow she looks like my 16-year-old self’s head canon for Bella Swan. Which is surprisingly apt, considering.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Sorry, but I just don’t see it. I, for one, love Kris as Bella…

        • A_carter

          She is not attractive at all. i know that’s an opinion, but it seems to be the majority opinion! Ana is described as having huge eyes, and very sweet and delicate features, she is also petite, and Dakota is quite tall and model-like. Emilia Clarke, Felicity Jones, Alexis Bledel…the type of women with the right features for Ana. Just saying.

          • Rocio Valenzuela

            Alexis Bledel would have been perfect!! and Ian somerhalder. I wanted it to be him!! he looks exactly like I pictured grey in my head!

        • sassygurl

          But the thing is, Jennifer Lawrence is a good actress and Dakota is NOT!

          • jkredwine

            Too true. But something tells me there isn’t going to be much legitimate acting in this film to begin with. Her skill set probably matches the story’s demands pretty well.

          • sassygurl

            Lol. You are so right about that. Everyone knows, between Charlie and Dakota, she is the weak link as far as acting goes.

            Now, for the physical aspect of the leads, Charlie has awesome abs, so no problem there. It’s his face that is so not Christian Grey. The hair is not curly, are they going to curl his hair everyday of the shooting? Color is no problem, there is hair dye. His face is not classically handsome, he doesn’t look like God’s gift to women–no square jaw or chin–more like pointy chin. Charlie’s eyes are too close together, but he does have kissable lips and great smile. However, the one thing that bothers me the most when I look
            at him is the mole near his lips. It’s huge!

    • Kaley Eidson

      Hair color is such a big deal! I totally hated Amy Adams’s portrayal of Lois Lane because of that pesky red hair. Lois is a brunette. Her awesome portrayal of one of my all time favorite characters meant nothing all because her hair was the wrong color. It’s an outrage of the highest proportion

      PS:I can’t believe I actually brought Lois Lane up in a conversation about Ana Steele

  • Kaley Eryn

    I still don’t understand how this is going to make it to theaters. The only way this can be called a FILM rather than porn is if they change the entire book, in which case most of the repressed older ladies who like the book won’t be getting off to the movie, and since that’s really the only thing it has going for it…

    P.S. Really hoping the film at least doesn’t depict the relationship in the incredibly abusive and manipulative way it exists in the book. What is in the book is not BDSM, it’s an abusive relationship. The author could at least have done some research or talked to actual BDSM practitioners before publishing such garbage. Then again, it’s Twilight fan fiction, so the relationship was bound to be abusive.

    • Jen

      She did do thorough research and delved into the the BDSM world and it’s people and replationships. Maybe you should do your research.

      • Kaley Eryn

        Obviously she didn’t. She doesn’t know the first thing about BDSM. If she does, then for some incomprehensible reason, she didn’t use any of that knowledge when writing the story. It’s not BDSM. It’s abuse. Considering I have done my own “research” and am close to people who are deeply involved in the BDSM scene, I’m well aware of the differences between people engaging safely in BDSM and people who engage in dangerous, abusive, and manipulative behavior. Christian Grey is an abuser, period.

        • sgylok

          I just think its funny how, you call him an abuser when in real life this Christian Grey isn’t real. Its a book, and peoples choice to like it or not, or to go with the scene, this book is way different than real life.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Same with Twilight. They call it abusive, but what everyone forgets is that it isn’t real…

        • Whisper 2A

          by calling it a “Scene” it shows you really know NOTHING about the BDSM Lifestyle. Your friends are in it, not you, so let your friends comment about it being “abuse”.

          One of the main focal points in a BDSM relationship is Safe Sane Consensual interaction (SSC), Did she do anything against her will?No. Did he rape her? No. Was she insane or mentally incappacitated in any way during these interactions? No. Did he make sure all they were doing was safe? Yes. In fact, as soon as she said STOP, he stops IMMEDIATELY.

          As a submissive in the lifestyle myself, i appreciated the fact that E.L. James committed to these rules and made sure those lines were never crossed. Again its a book and its fictuon, but clearly you shouldn’t talk about things you don’t understand.

          The only thing i didnt enjoy was how they made him seem like the bad guy for craving release in that manner, its doesnt make anyone a bad person if its done with SSC and properly trained. If he was going around beating people at random without consent, thats abuse.

          Ohhh but what do I know.. this is the interwebs right? :)

          • Kaley Eryn

            “Oh, look at me, I’m so convinced that I understand this better than literally everyone else that I’m going to tell other people that they’re lying about their experiences.”

            Oh yeah. Really reasonable argument there bud. Grats.

            If you don’t understand the flaws in their relationship, then I’m very concerned for your safety as a sub. You should probably do a little more research before putting yourself in the truly dangerous and abusive situations in which Anastasia finds herself.

          • Whisper 2A

            I never said you were lying about your experiences, considering you never said you had any kind of experience. You stated your friends did. And i wasnt saying i knew better than “everyone else” just YOU.

            Way to fail at making any type of sense in your lackluster rebuttal, and showing me your comprehension skills are sub-par at best. No point in continuing a debate with a vanilla ( and yes thats the actual term we use when referring to non BDSM Lifestylers) who thinks shes a know it all when shes not even in the lifestyle herself… talk to your supposed friends in the “scene” as you put it, and see what they have to say about what i’ve told you.

            For the record, the book itself is nothing more than kinky sex. It broaches the realm of BDSM but never actually gets there to the true D/s (Dominant/submissive) aspects, because of the fact that its not what Ana wants in the end. Sigh.. you’ve managed to annoy me with your ignorance and apparent ability to feel comfortable arguing with someone ( myself ) who clearly knows more than you about the topic.

            Have a nice evening young one!! :)

      • jkredwine

        Even in the very interviews where she’s discussed her “research” she has proven time and time again that she has a VERY superficial understanding of the BDSM world and what consensual play looks like.

        She knows some buzzwords and learned about a few forms of kink. That does not make her representation anything healthy or accurate. It’s erotica, so generally I’m willing to give a pass. But not when your representation has given so many a false impression, and you still insist on its veracity.

      • KleppMelk

        People who are into BDSM doesn’t even call what happens in FSoG BDSM. I’ve heard of quite a few folks from the community say that what happens in the books is really vanilla actually, that is if it was entirely consensual. Which sadly often in FSoG it isn’t, and that’s why we call it abuse.

  • Jessica

    I’m just so curious how they’re going to do this. Are they cutting out all the porn-y stuff to get a decent rating, therefore cutting anything resembling a tiny shred of plot from this fanfiction? Or are they going for softcore porn which will practically destroy their chances at a wide release and box office gross? It doesn’t matter how popular the source material is, anything NC-17 or higher is profit killer.

    • jkredwine

      Idk, the MPAA’s highly sexist ratings board often gives a pass to sexual content that is degrading to women. Since most of the BDSM content isn’t explored in a healthy or realistic way in the books, it seems likely to get a pass in many areas for an R-rating. I think they have more potential to push the envelope the less agency they give Anastasia, which is troubling and does not bode well.

      • Jessica

        As long as she doesn’t orgasm, really.

        • jkredwine

          Tragic but true. =/

    • Colin

      Have you ever watched an R-rated movie? There are sex scenes in them. Frequently. As long we don’t see his penis, or her vagina, it’s all clear. Why don’t people understand that?

      • Jessica

        It’s not so much sex as BDSM. Also R-rated where I’m from is a little more lenient on the vaginas.

    • LittleMissSunshine1

      I’ve heard they are going for an NC-17 rating.

  • kali


  • awkwardjenny

    Huh. Can’t imagine anyone other than Ian Somerhalder as Christian, but am glad he isn’t going to tarnish his career with this role. Good luck new guy and girl, you have your work cut out for you in so many ways… this barely passed for a good book, so I’m expecting a horrible movie

  • thisistrickery

    Yeah…no! Not happy with either choice, but specially not happy with the choice for Christian Grey. He looks nothing like I pictured Christian to look like. They passed on Ian Somerhalder for this guy?

    • Antara Chowdhury

      Was there ever any confirmation that Ian Somerhalder auditioned to be Christian Grey?

      • thisistrickery

        Not that I know of, but I know he really wanted it.

        • AJ

          I saw all his interviews on it. He didn’t say he really wanted it, he made one quote that was taken out of context that basically said it’d be such a great opportunity to get cast, but with Ian, that could have easily just been being polite after the rumors began about him.
          In fact, as time went on, it became very clear Ian was getting annoyed at the misquoting and embellishing of his desire to be involved.

          • thisistrickery

            It seems to be that he was being diplomatic, but it appeared like he really did want it. Did you see the video at the LAX airport when he was asked about who he thought should get the role of Christian Grey and he Jim Carrey? He seemed a little bitter about it, this was after he was shot down as a possible candidate for the role by E.L James.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Jim Carrey? He was obviously taking an utter mick of the whole thing.

            But that would be so funny… 50 Shades of Ace Ventura… LOL :D

    • LittleMissSunshine1

      Ian Somerhalder had scheduling conflicts from taping TVD. He wasn’t available.

  • Alison Evans

    Nooo its should off been Alexis Bledel not dakota to old and no where near innocent looking not happy with Christian either way to old looking and not hot enough not sure I want to pay to watch it now and was soo looking forward to it

    • Katherine

      Not even going to comment on how this was going to be an atrocity from the get-go (except whoops I just did) but you realize Alexis is in her 30s & Dakota is 23, right?

      • Alison Evans

        She looks so much younger then dakota tho

    • jkredwine

      Bledel aged out of this role a while back.

      • Jasmine

        Like a decade ago

    • Jessica

      I’m really glad I don’t have to be reminded of this movie when thinking about Gilmore Girls, thanks.

  • nita

    Wow i was gonna watch this movie but the lead actors , ummm no thanks, now i can never read the books again

    • A_carter

      That’s how I feel! It’s even tainted my FSoG book reading! ugh.

    • sassygurl

      Read Jane Eyre instead…that book is the original storyline she copied from. Just use your imagination for anything sexual. Or go to Fanfiction.net and choose Jane Eyre.

  • Rita

    NO!!!!!! That’s not right! She doesn’t even looks like how EL James described Ana in the book…. And she doesn’t has that innocent look of her face.. As as for Charlie…. Just no. I’m not happy with the choice they made.. I just hope that the movie doesn’t ruin the great Fifty Shades’ trilogy … Once i started reading Fifty shades of grey, i imitatively thought about Matt Bomer as Christian and Alexis Bledle as Anastasia. Let’s see if they don’t screw on choosing the rest of the cast…

    • Rocio Valenzuela

      I know…me too!!

  • TakeItSnape

    Anyone have the link to the fanfic? Oh, wait, she took it down to “rework” it. in 2010.

    So, they’re going to to give her contacts, right? Since she IS Bella afterall…I WANT to see this movie just to see the train wreck. Oh, I won’t pay though, I’ll be a pirate, because ain’t no way I am supporting this travesty, book or not.

  • A_carter

    Such a disappointment. If EL James hadn’t put so much emphasis on their physical appearances this wouldn’t matter so much, but Dakota looks too old, too tall, too model-like, doesn’t even have boobs or a pretty face or big eyes. Charlie isn’t too bad but he fits more of Elliot to me than Christian and I wanted Henry Cavill, even though I knew that was unlikely. I’m more disappointed with their choice for Ana. They could’ve done so much better. I don’t even understand.

  • Chickwhocancook

    both are horrible and plus she doesn’t even look close to being 20….

  • jean

    UGH, he isn’t handsome, Christian is suppose to be a heart stopping gorgeous guy…this guy is rough looking to me. So, they have to be careful in casting Elliot, he will have to be average, if he is good looking he could over shadow the star in looks.

    Don’t even start me on Dakota, she is PLAIN PLAIN PLAIN and her face is puffy, Ana is too thin…her eyes are too big in her head…there were plenty of actresses that fit in that respect, which beautiful BIG eyes. The only thing Dakota has is the thicker lips and on her they look like her mother’s…fake.

    I love love love the books…don’t know if I can do the movies. I guess I will live in my world of C&A.

    • CliveRogan

      Shallowness is such an endearing trait…

  • Nina Lively

    I will not go see this movie and I’m not the only one feels this way. James I thought you at least would make the right decision on who Christian and Ana would be.

  • ubanni123

    Spencer Pratt, anyone? Just no.

  • Dawndrea Daly

    they’re gonna cast this movie wrong like they did the Twilight ones-you have a image in your head after reading the books and so far…ya no bueno

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      Well, they will never cast your dream cast. It’s just a matter of opinion – e.g. I LOVE the Robsten. Seriously do.

      They can’t read minds, you know.

  • Angela


  • Samma

    This is hilarious. 50 Shades haters are saying “Why is this even a movie? Terrible plan, make it stop.” 50 Shades fans are saying “Terrible casting! I hate this, make it stop!”
    FINALLY, we’re all getting along! :-)

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      I can’t even…

      • Jasmine

        This was so good I took a screenshot and shared it with my friends

        • ZofTheTwiHard

          Thanks for the publicity, LOL :D

  • Doris Castro


  • Chi

    Lame… As was the trilogy.

  • Stephanie

    I am completely disappointed. These characters look NOTHING like Ana & Christian. My Christian was Matt Bomer, but I could have accepted someone else. ANYONE but Charlie. They better really change his look, or this could be a complete mess & a major disappointment.

    • JenG

      I couldn’t agree more. Matt Bomer was ALL I pictured while reading the books, and the ONLY one I hoped would play CG, if a movie ever came about. I absolutely adore Charlie, he is amazing in SoA and was just as fantastic in Pacific Rim, but he was the last one I though they would consider for this. As you said, they better make him look the part or it’ll be ruined.

  • Ananya

    Why are they ruining their careers?

    • Jasmine

      Because YOLO? xD

  • Ady

    Must say at first I did not agree of Charlie Hunnam being Christian BUT just watch Pacific Rim and you kinda get the feel. As for Dakota Johnson WHAT THE FUCK!!??? she does not potray innocent beautiful and not that skinny Anastasia. GET A NEW STEELE ASAP. haha ugh…i wish

  • Susie

    NO, NO, NO!!!! What are you people thinking. We lived through three epic novels of getting to know these characters and their building relationship, and your casting choices don’t even begin to fit. THEO JAMES or Ian Somerhalder would be far better choices for Christian!, ALEXANDRA DADDARIO, Emily Clarke or Lucy Hale, or, frankly, any one but Dakota Johnson would be better choices for Ana. PLEASE RETHINK YOUR CHOICES!

    • Souffle Girl

      Have you even considered the fact that maybe some on your dream casting choices may not actually ever want to associate themselves with this piece of horse shit that would surely spell career suicide for them? Yeah, be grateful that these two somehow decided to say yes to the roles so that this dream could become a reality for all you…

      • ZofTheTwiHard

        Thank you. Seriously.

  • Martina Osley

    I hope these two young talented actors bring the book to life I for one cannot waite congrats!

  • Sarah a uk

    I am sad there is not at least one big name in the leads. He is meant to be drop dead stop people walking down the street gorgeous. I don’t see it.

  • Riana-Tiana Menezes

    If I ignore it, it’ll go away. . . .If I ignore it, it’ll go away . . .If I ignore it, it’ll go away. . . . .

    • Jasmine

      I’m afraid that the more you ignore it, the worse it usually gets. lol

  • ZofTheTwiHard

    Someone’d either have to be totally unfamilliar with the materal or a bit messed up to want to be in it, I think. Still, congrats! Could be a great career starter (or ender, it really depends on the decency of the movie). Still, I do not plan to watch this – I value my innocence too much.
    On the previous note, however, I do not care about the casting at all – I just thank God that no one from Twilight got cast. Praise the Lord for that!

    P.S: I have a feeling that after the movie comes out, you fans will probably fall in love with Hunham as Christian, despite the initial disgust. He’s not too bad-looking to be honest… but you people do realise that people like Ian Somerhalder wouldn’t want to be associated with ANYTHING like 50 Shades?

    • Jasmine

      Some people are under the impression that Somerhalder was interested in the part, so who really knows?

      • ZofTheTwiHard

        I sincerely doubt it. He’s already got girls hanging off him because of The Vampire Diaries, so he doesn’t need this as well. Also, I doubt he’s that hardcore.

  • Colca

    I don’t think it’s possible for this book to translate to film well. So I suppose I shouldn’t care who is cast.. but yuck to both.. Not my version of either character.

  • Ramen

    I never thought that I would actually be agreement with people who liked the fifty shades trilogy. Folks if you don’t like the casting? I IMPLORE YOU. go to the mattresses. Write your local theaters, write the studio, issue a boycott to this film. Demand your perfect cast. Stand up women, stand up fans of Ana’s inner goddess. Take charge! If this is not your Ana for the love of god tell someone. You love these books. These books are your passion. You adore them. Take to the streets and tell them no, recast this. I beg of you, make a stand. Make your dreams a reality just as Christian made Ana’s dreams a reality. Be Christian, to this movie. Stop it from happening until the perfect actors come along. Please. You can do it. They will listen to you, they want this to happen.

    And then I can just – not have Charlie Hunnam’s name attached to this book series. Please please. Fight for your right for a dream cast for the love of god. And get these two people away from this inevitable piece of crap.

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      LOL :D And to just annoy people a bit…

  • Riana-Tiana Menezes

    In all fairness, you should have posted this picture of Charlie.

  • Lana

    Charlie Hunnam shy? Ok, i’ll just imagine that it never happened.

    • Lana

      Sorry, I meant WHY lol

  • Jake

    Those poor actors.

  • wut

    Honestly though, this is basically a full movie-length porno that will appear in theaters…

  • Mayra Nicole Huizar

    Im excited for this movie.
    I loved the books.

  • Joyce

    I am surprised by the amount of negative feedback by people who don’t like the book and wish for the movie to fail. Why do you care? Anyway, first I wanted Chris Hemsworth to be Christian Grey. But he did a poor reading. Then I wanted Aaron Taylor-Johnson. I never thought about the very talented and extremely sexy and senual Charlie Hunnam. Thank for surprising me.

    • Sofia

      How did you know Chris Hemsworth read for the part? Were you there?

    • jkredwine

      There are lots of reasons to care. Not wanting a terrible writer to continue raking in undeserved $ for really sub-par erotica, not wanting inaccurate and unhealthy representations of BDSM perpetuated more broadly, not wanting decent actors like Charlie Hunman losing credibility…

  • Ana Figueroa

    Is it so hard for the director to listen to the fans!!! They just ruined the books with bad leads:(

  • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

    The FSOG fans who are downing Charlie Hunnam are seriously clueless – the fact that they got an actor as good as him to be in this piece of crap is astounding to me. This will be the first big movie that American audiences will see him play the lead in (SOA not being well-known to everyone) and I can’t think of a worse career move. All he will ever be after this is the actor who was in the movie adaptation of a trashy BDSM novel. A real shame since he is a very good actor, but clearly has extremely poor taste if he has attached himself to this. So disappointing.

    • kali

      100% agreed. I don’t understand how his agents/managers convinced him that this would be a good idea. All I can think of is this quote: http://violace.tumblr.com/post/60092985439/it-could-be-my-downfall-but-i-dont-think-it-is

      • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

        Haha how ironic! My husband was saying how he heard him talking really passionately on the Nerdist about wanting to do a historical take on Vlad the Impaler and it’s like no one will let you do anything serious ever again!

        • Liderc

          Ben Affleck was in Jersey Girl and Gigli, and now he’s winning Oscars and playing Batman. Never say never.

          • Sofia

            BUT he already won an Oscars way before Gigli and Jersey Girl. I don’t think Charlie Hunnam have that to fall back on if this movie bomb.

          • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

            Being in a flop is a lot different than being in what is going to be borderline pornography. I see no comparison.

  • S.K.Hansen

    Ian Somerhalder is not Christian, so I won’t see this movie. Probably. Okay, well, I might see it out of curiosity. Maybe. I don’t know.

  • KIMA


  • GT

    Funny seeing so many people against the making of the movie and being so sexually repressed lol.. and still the book made it to No. 1! My only disappointment is the leading man.. Henry Cavill would have made the perfect Christian Grey.

    • Annie

      The fact that you assume people who are against making this movie are sexually repressed is just so ridiculous. Most of the complaints have to do with the one-dimensional characters, pathetic writing, and paper thin plot as well as abusive aspects the frequent the main pairing.
      It has nothing to do with sexual expression, why else would the BDSM community hate it so much?

      • Jasmine

        Do you have a link to something I could read about this issue. I’m intrigued. What about it has that particular community disgruntled? I keep reading they aren’t happy from third parties, but I haven’t seen any actual facts about it.

    • Kaley Eryn

      I assure you, most of the people who have a problem with the books are not sexually repressed. Valid criticisms:

      1. The author took Twilight fan fiction that was available for free online and that used someone else’s characters, changed the names, and made loads of money off of it. That’s really fucked up from an ethical standpoint. I don’t like Twilight and don’t think SMeyer is a particularly good writer, but I’m pretty pissed off on her behalf. Not to mention…even the Twilight characters were less one-dimensional than the sex dolls in FSoG.

      2. Whereas the Edward/Bella relationship was emotionally abusive, the Christian/Ana relationship is physically abusive, as well. What is portrayed in these books is not BDSM. I have no problem whatsoever with BDSM. I do have a problem with abuse. The behavior Christian exhibited toward Ana was disrespectful and dangerous. BDSM is neither of these things. BDSM, when done right, is completely safe and respectful of both parties; both the dom and the sub have ultimate control of what is happening to them, and are able to stop at any point that they feel uncomfortable. Ana doesn’t have that agency. Christian takes advantage of her innocence and her attraction to him and abuses her, period.

      3. It’s really horribly-written erotica. There is so much more erotica available online (for free!) that is very well-written and enjoyable to read. FSoG is garbage. Ana can’t even say any more than ‘down /there/’ over and over. SHE’S the sexually repressed one. Who wants to read erotica about a girl who’s sexually repressed? Lame.

      4. How is this going to be an actual movie? Either they have to cut out all of the sex scenes, which are numerous and very hardcore, in which case there will no longer be any story. Or they have to keep them in somehow, and get a really high rating, AT LEAST R if not NC-17. Even if the movie has the potential to bring in a lot of profit, a lot of theatres won’t show it if it has a high rating. And a lot of the older, sexually repressed women who read the book to get off will be too embarrassed to see the movie – why do you think so many women bought ereaders so no one would know what they were reading? And even for those who DO work up the courage to go, it’s completely different seeing it than reading it. Women usually read erotica while men usually watch porn. This will no longer appeal to the crowd that enjoys reading about sex, but it probably won’t transition over to the crowd that enjoys watching sex, because 1. they’ll probably think their masculinity is threatened if they see a movie made for women, 2. it’s still a stereotypically feminine story, outside of the sex scenes, and 3. the internet is full of porn that they can watch entirely for free, with the ability to jack off without dozens of other people being in the room.

      • Jasmine

        I liked point 1, didn’t agree with point 2, agreed with point 3, as for the last point I see your perspective, but I don’t think any of that will be too much of an issue.

        One of the things I’m actually looking forward to in this movie is how it will, in a way, remake the story, possibly (hopefully) make the plot better, but still do it under an R-rating, keeping it sexulaly explict without being pure pornographic. I’m interested in how it will get adapted for the screen since, as you said, most women prefer to read it, not watch it. I don’t know if the studio is bold enough to take a NC-17 but they might as well go for it, because at this point, why not. I also think it will still get plenty of viewers. The controversy over the whole casting is evidence that it’s still on everyone’s minds. People will go because they’re fans, and people will go to judge and ridicule it.

  • Kay

    I’m just here for the comments.

  • dawn

    I don’t think Dakota is good for ‘fifty shades of gray” due to the fact that Anastasia has brown hair and I have read the book about four times, i have the trilogy.

  • dawn

    They really don’t need to put it in a movie. They just need to leave it in a book where it belongs cause do to the fact that book is very xxx rated and it doesn’t need to be in movies

  • Franny

    I’m sorry but I’m very disappoint with both choice.

  • Disappointed

    I can live with Charlie H. as Christian G. ….scrub him up and ok, especially that he has a heart stopping smile, but Dakota Johnson as Ana what the hell!!!!!!………what about cute innocent and the large blue eyes. She just looks too old even though she is 24 she looks really old and too tall. How is she going crawl into Charlie’s lap!!!……..believe me a lot of actress would have kill for this part.

  • WhatTheGrace

    Why is this film still happening?

  • mary

    she’s horrible and looks too old…terrible choices

    • CliveRogan

      Horrible? On what grounds?

      Also, she’s 23, how much younger would you want her to be?

  • Lupita

    OH NO CHARLIE WHY!? Charlie is so much better than this ugh say it ain’t true Hypable! This movie better not mess with his Sons Of Anarchy time!

  • dee

    I have been reading all of these comments. You people are so mean and judgmental. Yes everyone has their opinion and these two were not the ones I would of pick but I think they will be able to pull it off. If you don’t agree with the movie don’t go watch it. But their are people out there that don’t feel the same way.

    • Jasmine

      Agreed, I’m willing to see what Dakota and Charlie can do. But I can understand how passionate fans can be over their particular fandom. If I were the actors, I wouldn’t take it too personally. As a recent example, look at Mortal Instruments. No one liked Jamie for Jace. Now, after the movie (despite how awful the adaption was) fans love Jamie as Jace, even going as far to make him a book of apologies and love notes called Jamie is Jace.

      • ZofTheTwiHard

        I think that will happen, too – that Shaders will fall in love with Charlie. I mean, on a related example (just top throw mine in), Twihards were rioting when Rob was cast as Edward, and now he’s one of the most loved of the whole cast…

  • Nina Lively

    Go back and change it please because Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson are no Christian or Ana. Please make this right before you start making the movie if not I will not go see it. Only Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel should play Christian and Ana.

    • Jasmine

      I disagree. I don’t think either of those actors would be good choices.

  • alexa

    Jax from Sons of Anarchy is playing Christian Grey?!?!
    nooo SoA is SUCH A GREAT SHOW and he was soo damn good in it why is taking this role??? :

  • Sia

    If your not even a fan why are you even commenting ? Damn annoying.

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      Cause. My fav actors’ career was on the line.

  • CliveRogan

    If this discussion must solely be about looks I’ll throw in my own two cents. If someone’s described as a heart stopping gorgeous guy literally everyone reading is going to see something completely different. Some will see Brad Pitt, some, Christian Bale, some Will Smith, some Russel Brand, some shockingly enough, Charlie Hunnam, the list is literally endless.

    Beauty is so much in the eye of the beholder that it renders any argument about looks moot.

    Also, what happened to people caring about people’s acting ability? Surely there’s something about the books and in these films to talk about other than what the characters/actors look like.

    • Jasmine

      I think when it comes to any book-to-film adaptation, people get angry that small details like hair and eye color are ignored since they are, after all, easy remedies for such issues–contacts, wigs, hair dye, CGI, etc–so at this point it’s just aggravating for a reader to continue to put up with it. As far as finding exact look a likes, you’re definitely right with the different perspectives issue, so I really do think there needs to be some leeway when casting. Everyone sees something different, and it becomes tricky to really capture a look that everyone will enjoy. I personally don’t mind Charlie for the part. He’s not too old (still would have preferred a 30 yr old to a 33 yr old), he’s easy on the eyes, and I enjoyed his performance in Pacific Rim. Charlie is a bit bulky compared to how I imagined Christian and he also needs to dye his hair copper and use grey contacts to look more like his character. Dakota is also older than her character but not too old, and she’s willing to dye her hair. The shape of her face and other features aren’t what I had in mind for Ana either, but I’m not going to start a petition about it anytime soon. Because guess what? (And as a diehard fan of many books made into films, I can’t believe I’m saying this) It is not that serious.

      • ZofTheTwiHard

        Copper hair? Wow. I guess similarities between Twilight and 50 Shades don’t stop atthe superfcial…

        • Jasmine

          I don’t think it’s superficial to want the visuals on screen to match up with the ones depicted in a book. Hollywood makes such a big deal about how books and movies are different because a movie is a visual medium, but it continues to disregard the visuals the book creates. With book-to-film adaptations, I think it is important to get character visuals right because so many people already have a basic idea of what each character should somewhat look like, and to take any of that way is a visual break in character that will diminish the audience’s overall enjoyment of the movie.

          Much like breaking character on stage during a play, these little details really pull the fans in the audience out of the world they are watching, losing the atmosphere of being immersed in a story, and forcing them to contemplate why a character doesn’t have at least the appropriate hair or eye color rather than focusing on what is actually happen on screen. It can also cause audience members to disbelieve the actor’s portrayal of the character, and undermine any genuine acting ability the actor may have. And since hair color and eye color are such simple issues to fix nowadays, any excuse Hollywood can come up with is really a load of nonsense.

          Whether it’s Harry Potter’s lack of green eyes, the Twilight’s cast ever changing hair colors and hairstyles, Katniss’s out of character blue eyes and pale skin, Jace’s non-gold eyes, Clary’s strange dark red hair and hazel eyes, or Tris’s strawberry hair and non-blue eyes to name a few–the list goes on and on, evidence of the constant and complete disregard for character descriptions. So as a reader wanting to see stories come to life on screen, it’s just ridiculously annoying. Due to time constraints, I know not all the subplots and even some of the plot details are not going to make it into a movie, so I think it is important to get the little details in there correctly, no matter how superficial it may seem in the grand scheme of things. The little details add up and can make or break a well made adaptation.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Yeah. I personally don’t mind the changes in hair in Twilight, but you’re right nevertheless. But what I meant whith my statement was that it’s even more obvious now that 50 Shades is based on Twilight when the lead male resembles Edward physically.

          • Jasmine

            Given that you have Twihard in your name, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and assumed you knew that 50 started out as Twilight fanfiction and took a great deal of its characterization from Twilight, thus inferred you disagreed with my hope for the actor to dye his hair as a superficial thought like some Twilight fans wanted to see Edward with specifically bronze hair. My mistake. From Christian’s reddish hair to Ana’s inability to walk in a straight line on a flat surface, it’s all painfully obvious where the story originally started. It’s all quiet hysterical actually. Ana even has an old family friend who’s tall, tan, and well built named Jose. As a very overt Team Jacob fan, let’s not talk about how disappointed I was that Ana didn’t sleep with Jose at some point in the trilogy. Again, it was all very comical.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Sorry. Everyone knows that 50 Shades is just a really twisted version of Twilight (what was James thinking?) – that’s why I’d rather have it not compared – hurts the dignity. Oh, the plagiarising. LOL…

  • Maria Wang

    and so it begins…

  • Mandy

    The casting definitely sucks! WTF?

  • Alex1901

    This will just hurt the actors career. It’ll be a total bomb. This book cannot be turned into a mainstream film.

  • Angela de Huarte

    I heard that Robert Pattinson was the first choice for the Christian Grey roll. Did anyone else hear that… not that it matters now. I have to say that the picture they posted of Charlie Hunnam in this article, looks so much better than the ones I’ve seen. Don’t care for the Anna choice at all.

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      I heard that, and I praise the Lord he didn’t get involved. A big stone fell from my heart the moment I read that he’s not Christian, but I kinda feel bad for Charlie now…

    • Jasmine

      I think the source that idea was pulled from is unreliable. I remember reading about ELJ herself saying she didn’t want Pattinson or Stewart involved because it would be too weird.

      • ZofTheTwiHard

        Yeah, it would. “Oh, my fanfiction based on Twilight is being made into a film, so let’s have the two leads from Twilight play the leads here…” LOL :D Total plagiarising.

  • Barbara

    don’t do this
    don’t involve yourself in this
    you were good in Pacific Rim
    don’t tarnish that
    (for the love of god drop out of this film PLEASE)

    • Riana-Tiana Menezes

      It would be golden if he’d say “Elbow Rocket” some time while he is “acting” . xD

  • Toma

    Charlie, what were you smoking?

  • JJ

    Haven’t read the book and will surely never read the book..as for the movie…well I’m a 22 year old guy in University…I’ll watch the movie..its very rare to see good looking male and female that can act in a porn..Im sure both of them will look good without clothes

    • raya.de

      Exactly my thoughts. For the first time in history – porn with good-looking actors xD.

  • jkb


  • Winnie

    I don’t think she fits the role for one reason: Ana Steele is a brunette. Dakota Johnson as a brunette…not that attractive and not someone who can turn a billionaire’s head. So either keep her as blond and re-write the character description or change her to brunette and make her unattractive. Either way…not feeling it.

  • KStew9

    Think Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart should have been cast, although that would’ve been awkward as they are exes… or maybe nikki reed and kellan lutz???

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      If they were professional about it, like they should, then it wouldn’t matter. But I would riot if they would do it. So I’m glad they’re not doing it.

  • Carolyn

    Since a lot of people are bashing the idea of this movie, whether it will be a movie or more so porn, I have a question, did anyone see the movie Secretary with James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal? And I for one love Charlie Hunnam as I’m an avid fan of SoA. I think he is a good enough actor, even if people didn’t picture him as Christian Grey.

  • JenG

    I had something a little more like this in mind…

  • Chandra Robertson

    Makes me nauseated to see cast choices! I will NOT pay to see this movie because it is obviously going to be LOW BUDGET due to choice in main characters.

  • rosaline Pruitt

    never read it,but i think hunnam is hot.

  • mschivus

    You all need to get a life, stop arguing and take some spelling and grammar lessons. You have obviously all read these books, despite your abhorrence of them, so just don’t bother to see the movies. Simple.

  • Guest

    I can go with Charlie but Dakota…The makeup artists are gonna have a hard time.

  • Serah

    Wow, they sabotaged their careers.

  • upper_westsider

    I had to laugh when I read the filmmakers preferred “lesser known” names for this film. Does that mean if Emma Watson or Liam Hemsworth had wanted in, they would have said NO?!

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      LOL… what do you know? Maybe they actually about people’s well-being.

  • xoxoKellyLee

    Personally, I have no real stance in either direction. I read the Twilight books and saw the movies. I read the original 50 Shades fanfiction and the books and just take it for what it is. It’s a fantastical story. Both Twilight and 50 Shades are VERY different from anyone’s perception of real life. If you’re a part of the BDSM community, the book is clearly incorrect. If you’re not, it’s socially unacceptable to treat people the way Grey treated Ana. And in what universe does a young girl have to choose between a vampire and a werewolf and then ultimately gives birth to a demon baby? Yes, people might say it’s true love, but how many times in a girl’s life have we heard that an abusive relationship isn’t love?

    The best part about this article is the comments. Whether you’re for or against the movie/book/premise/whatever, the comments sure are passionate about their stance. That’s what I like best about this article.

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      You know, it doesn’t exactly matter whether you might call Twilight abusive, or sick, or twisted, or wrong. It really doesn’t – because it’s not real. Stuff tends to work differently to real life in books, so we shouldn’t be overthinking this. And Twilight, in the Twilight universe, isn’t abusive. As long as you can separate the two, you’re fine. It’s just the problem of those media-influenced dimwits who can’t think for themselves that are at danger.

  • Bethany Brocaille

    Dakota Johnson is an awful choice. She’s like what? 23? And could easily pass for early thirties? Does not have this sexy innocence about her. I know Anastasia isn’t a 10, but I mean come on. Johnson just seems far too aged in my opinion. Never really enjoyed her. But I guess we will see. As for Charlie Hunnam I’m hoping for the best, I think he could pull it off even though he is older than the books describe, but in reality he’s prime in his mid thirties and what billionaire is really under 30? Not impressed by this casting, but like I said, we will see. Can’t suck worse than Twilight right?

    • Jasmine

      I just remembered who Dakota played in The Five Year Engagement and now I’m less concerned about her. I think she’s very capable of pulling off Ana, even if there are things about her face that I find strange, but that’s something I’ll get used to over time. I have no concerns with Charlie. Having watched Pacific Rim, I remember thinking he was in his late 20′s and was surprised to find out he was older. I also enjoyed his performance. I think the casting choices are solid, maybe not a dream cast, but a decent one. Give it some time. I think this movie is going to surprise us. Hopefully in a good way but even I can’t be certain of that. Here’s to crossing our fingers.

  • Corfu58

    For all who have commented negatively on the book and upcoming film Fifty Shades….have you even bothered to read it?
    It is indeed well thought out, creative, erotic and very artistic and leaves nothing to the imagination. In my opinion… you all need to read it before commenting. However, I am a bit upset at the choice of actor they have chosen to portray Mr Grey as for me Wentworth Miller would have been a much better choice than Charlie and a deliciously more gorgeous Christian Grey….and Keira Knightley would have been a very beautiful Anastasia Steele….but that is only my opinion….but well done to both Charlie and Dakota…once this film is released….it will definitely spark up your acting careers.

  • sphl

    Please let him keep his hair cut and beard shave and in great suits. I don’t know what you can do for her accept plastic surgery, hair color (Ana is a brunette) and get her acting lesson and mental help.

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